Making a Ring that Subscribes you to PewDiePie & UnSubs T-Series using NFC


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  • Patrick Adair Designs
    Patrick Adair Designs  13 days ago +6310

    Hey guys, I'm doing a raffle for the ring in this video where 100% of the proceeds will be donated to CRY (the charity)
    If you'd like to join, click here:
    Edit: we’ve already raised $3,000+ dollars! :)

    • Andrew Markhus
      Andrew Markhus Day ago

      this only works on android phones

    • s times
      s times Day ago

      Patrick Adair Designs you sir are a nerd and i wish i was this smart

    • Random Someone
      Random Someone Day ago

      You Absolute Madlad!!!

    • Maxwell Hannan
      Maxwell Hannan Day ago

      But if u have two how are you gonna sub 2 times

    • Jack Ortiz
      Jack Ortiz 2 days ago

      Patrick Adair Designs

  • Sudarshan Sanecha
    Sudarshan Sanecha 42 minutes ago +1

    All will be in vain!

  • DannThePotato
    DannThePotato 49 minutes ago

    Dislikes are tseries fans

  • wolf Gamer
    wolf Gamer Hour ago

    I would cop 20 of those

  • Max Panichi
    Max Panichi Hour ago

    you should put this in mass production

  • steven wagner
    steven wagner Hour ago

    you toke ali-a songs

  • red leader
    red leader Hour ago

    I will by 19999999999999 plz

  • chosptix chris
    chosptix chris Hour ago

    The war ended a month ago

  • Bellsouthman
    Bellsouthman Hour ago

    Can I have the file on the chip

  • RiCkY Leon
    RiCkY Leon Hour ago +1

    Go to india and unsub everyone from tseries

  • MysteriousGrimReaper

    I'd want to have this as a wedding ring

  • Hoax
    Hoax Hour ago

    jeses imagine walking around in india

  • burnt mellow
    burnt mellow 2 hours ago +1

    10:17 I got u

  • ThrustFrom Behind
    ThrustFrom Behind 2 hours ago

    dont mind me, just skipping to the end

  • Tex Hodge
    Tex Hodge 2 hours ago

    every body sub to pewdiepie!

  • Midnight-Storm
    Midnight-Storm 2 hours ago

    sees video titled "making a real lapis lazuli glowstone ring" says "you've got a new subscriber"

  • DHCuber
    DHCuber 2 hours ago


  • belmin sagliydcjywdakgbkyuewjds

    Where can I get one

  • sheila terry
    sheila terry 2 hours ago

    hero goddamb hero

  • Huntter2323
    Huntter2323 2 hours ago

    keep fighting the good fight soldier

  • LulzBoat
    LulzBoat 2 hours ago

    All of the dislikes are from T-Series

  • PWepIE
    PWepIE 3 hours ago +1

    All this work when you can click one button but it’s cool tho

  • -Rory Edits-
    -Rory Edits- 3 hours ago

    the best part is that he looks rather similar to idubz

  • United States of America

    Shut up and take my money

  • TheMinecraftEmerald
    TheMinecraftEmerald 3 hours ago

    is this legal like i am a pewdiepie fan but you know your messing with peoples acounts

  • Buteteng Laot
    Buteteng Laot 4 hours ago


  • Jerome Williamston
    Jerome Williamston 4 hours ago

    Lmaoo tf is goin on in youtube world

  • jason segovia
    jason segovia 5 hours ago

    Go pewdiepie

  • Hayden Rodarte
    Hayden Rodarte 5 hours ago

    man you cheating like feel good for t series

  • Najeeb Yusuf Lawal
    Najeeb Yusuf Lawal 5 hours ago

    I came here to see the programming but oh well

  • Ivan Nava
    Ivan Nava 5 hours ago

    One of the infinity stones

  • Meliodas Muffinz
    Meliodas Muffinz 6 hours ago

    Golden intro

  • NPC #1776
    NPC #1776 6 hours ago

    Ill buy it for 1000 dollars

  • Jz yt
    Jz yt 6 hours ago

    Can you buy this???

  • N.m
    N.m 6 hours ago

    13K Indians disliked this video

  • Eneko Sanchez
    Eneko Sanchez 6 hours ago

    i thought this was fake lol

  • ItsInvis Something
    ItsInvis Something 6 hours ago

    Assuming they have NFC enabled

  • A Noob
    A Noob 6 hours ago

    Nine-year-old army unite and make a bunch of these

  • Huey Freeman
    Huey Freeman 7 hours ago

    This is sabotage. Low-key 007 spy technology lmao

  • RaLLyKaTz OoO
    RaLLyKaTz OoO 7 hours ago

    This is so cringe

  • Sawmar King
    Sawmar King 7 hours ago +1


  • Hyperz089
    Hyperz089 8 hours ago

    omg this is crazy

  • doggo
    doggo 8 hours ago

    we need a mass production of these

  • doggo
    doggo 8 hours ago

    fair enough

  • Swapnil Paws
    Swapnil Paws 8 hours ago +1

    Now we all know who really uses sub bots ...that is pewdiepie the racist

  • King Kayan
    King Kayan 9 hours ago +1

    should've made it dislike their vids swell still cool tho

  • Jm3
    Jm3 9 hours ago

    If your gonna jump on the band wagon this is how you do it ahaa! Well done

  • MapMemer
    MapMemer 9 hours ago +1

    "Not really anything scientific, just experimentation"😂, that got me. Amazing build tho

  • Rafael Guimaraes
    Rafael Guimaraes 9 hours ago

  • SukkaLepa
    SukkaLepa 9 hours ago

    but what does it unsub if i dont even sub to T-Series?

  • DestruxandExploze
    DestruxandExploze 10 hours ago

    Oh, and another thing, your first mistake, WAS BEING SUBBED TO T-SERIES! 11:13.

  • DestruxandExploze
    DestruxandExploze 10 hours ago

    The problem is "an unsuspecting T-series subscriber" All it did was bring you to pewdiepie, and then T-series. So... you're telling me, IT DOESN'T unsubscribe from T-Series FOR YOU. All it does is take you TO T-Series, which makes the ring, basically useless. In fact, it may prompt a unsuspecting youtuber to look at T-series and they may look at the content AND DECIDE TO SUBSCRIBE. So, you are actually doing something horrible. Just make it so they can go to pewdiepie, because even if the subscirber subbed to BOTH, pewdiepie would either be 50/50, or still have MORE subs.

  • Ben Noble
    Ben Noble 10 hours ago

    We need more of these. Everyone who can, make as many of these as you can, ship them to India claiming they do the opposite, and the war will be won

  • Dziki Kot
    Dziki Kot 10 hours ago


  • barbarian world
    barbarian world 11 hours ago

    can i get one

  • JayAyTee
    JayAyTee 11 hours ago +1

    I made 2589 accounts just for subbing to PewDiePie!

  • SungLauChi
    SungLauChi 11 hours ago

    pure click bait

  • Magmapug 11
    Magmapug 11 11 hours ago

    When did you put the nfc chip in?

  • Ramzi Ghalem
    Ramzi Ghalem 11 hours ago



  • for You
    for You 11 hours ago

    you are forcing ppl to subcribe to an youtuber they may or may not like WTF your spreading the bad word :(

  • cool dude time to play
    cool dude time to play 11 hours ago

    whos here while he has 222k likes

  • illuminati
    illuminati 11 hours ago

    the mother fucking into love it XD

  • xd bot
    xd bot 11 hours ago

    everyday, we get closer to god.

  • jensj56
    jensj56 12 hours ago +1

    im so proud of this community

  • ShibeSnoop
    ShibeSnoop 12 hours ago


  • Gàmér RS
    Gàmér RS 12 hours ago +1

    This is the definition of badass*😎🔥

  • Winning Fails TV
    Winning Fails TV 12 hours ago

    does that mean that tseries has a huge ring around india?

  • Ruel Lindsay II
    Ruel Lindsay II 12 hours ago

    That's some Savage shit

  • Prakash Pandey
    Prakash Pandey 12 hours ago

    जितनी देर में तुम एक ring बनाओगे उतनी देर में india में 1 लाख बच्चे मोबाइल खरीद के t series पे गाने सुनना शुरू कर देते हैं

  • Prakash Pandey
    Prakash Pandey 12 hours ago

    जितनी देर में तुम एक ring बनाओगे उतनी देर में india में 1 लाख बच्चे मोबाइल खरीद के t series पे गाने सुनना शुरू कर देते हैं

  • Prakash Pandey
    Prakash Pandey 12 hours ago

    जितनी देर में तुम एक ring बनाओगे उतनी देर में india में 1 लाख बच्चे मोबाइल खरीद के t series पे गाने सुनना शुरू कर देते हैं

  • Prakash Pandey
    Prakash Pandey 12 hours ago

    जितनी देर में तुम एक ring बनाओगे उतनी देर में india में 1 लाख बच्चे मोबाइल खरीद के t series पे गाने सुनना शुरू कर देते हैं

  • Prakash Pandey
    Prakash Pandey 12 hours ago

    Whatever you do..we india we win

  • rrarn 2265
    rrarn 2265 12 hours ago

    Make more sell the more then get money and give pewds subs people get cool ring then its a win win win

    LE BOTAK GAMING 13 hours ago

    I unsb t series i sub pewdiepie

    LE BOTAK GAMING 13 hours ago

    PewDiePie is the best pls delete your channel t series

  • Eric L
    Eric L 13 hours ago doesn't actually sub or unsub? it just brings up the page, then you have to tap sub/unsub/confirm? 11:02

  • Vigyan Insaan
    Vigyan Insaan 14 hours ago

    He is a pew supporter bcz he is already subd to t series

  • TeddyBearPlays
    TeddyBearPlays 14 hours ago

    if you put sub-confirmation=1 at the end it leads them to the page and makes them sub by the way

  • Snow Hound
    Snow Hound 15 hours ago

    One ring to rule them all!

  • PZ 13/Noahyboi58#2
    PZ 13/Noahyboi58#2 15 hours ago

    Pat are you team T-Series Or team PewDiePie

    MASK MITO 15 hours ago

    Why is everyone hating on t series I don’t like either but they just produce music what’s wrong with that

  • Mr. Lap
    Mr. Lap 15 hours ago


  • SnoZZu Fin
    SnoZZu Fin 15 hours ago


  • nguyenhoang long
    nguyenhoang long 15 hours ago


  • Ebi Sreenivas
    Ebi Sreenivas 16 hours ago

    great work. you too just earned an unsub 🔥

  • Mishari Al Saleh
    Mishari Al Saleh 16 hours ago +1

    send it to pewidipie!!

  • Éx oV
    Éx oV 16 hours ago

    Affordable ring for my wife

  • The Bois
    The Bois 16 hours ago

    we need these mass produced asap

  • YoYohansoloYT
    YoYohansoloYT 16 hours ago

    I need one I'm going to every person and tap their phone

  • Flejko
    Flejko 16 hours ago

    *This 13000 dislikes is from t-series fans*

  • Renjiro Kho
    Renjiro Kho 17 hours ago +1

    Your doing your part

  • Edgars
    Edgars 17 hours ago

    Is it possible to see programming behind it?

  • Jayden the void gamer
    Jayden the void gamer 17 hours ago

    The ring looks better then it's use....

  • Ryan Toys Review
    Ryan Toys Review 18 hours ago

    T series is the best

  • Jeffy Jeffy
    Jeffy Jeffy 19 hours ago

    Where can I buy 1

  • Comb hair
    Comb hair 19 hours ago

    you all are chutiya lol

  • tpsy
    tpsy 19 hours ago

    We should raise a gofundme so he can make those rings alot and give them out in india for free so pewdiepie will be at 100 Million real quick and T-Series will lose xd

  • Topi Lehtovaara
    Topi Lehtovaara 19 hours ago

    I unsubcribed (to pewdiepie)

    BIG BRAIN MUSIC 20 hours ago