Making a Ring that Subscribes you to PewDiePie & UnSubs T-Series using NFC

  • Published on Jan 5, 2019
  • In this video, I make a ring out of a custom block of micarta that I made to look like PewDiePie's red and black swirl pattern that he uses frequently. I integrated an NFC chip into the ring and programmed it to subscribe you to PewDiePie and unsubscribe you from T-Series. This video was mostly for fun and to support the C.R.Y. charity, I hope you enjoy it!
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  • didżej aleks
    didżej aleks 32 minutes ago


  • Importantbeagle 2035

    How much would it cost?

  • Min Yoongi Gummy Smile

    How about deleting t series TheXvid channel 😂😅😁
    Since t series is ahead to pewdiepie 😭

  • bossmaster767
    bossmaster767 6 hours ago +1

    He should run around at just pop it on everyones fingers, just boom boom boom subscribed

  • Mystery Animation
    Mystery Animation 7 hours ago

    How much for the ring???!!!?!?!

  • BushDid911
    BushDid911 8 hours ago

    Traitor you didn't add a link to pewdiepies channel

  • Ghosty_play Z
    Ghosty_play Z 8 hours ago

    Sub to pewd or i will call the fbi to open up

  • Ghosty_play Z
    Ghosty_play Z 8 hours ago

    T series are a b**ch lasagna

  • Jenson Burmeister
    Jenson Burmeister 10 hours ago

    what if they dont have an account and what if they have multiple accounts

  • Michael_TV
    Michael_TV 10 hours ago

    thats lot legit to hack people
    cheating people is not nice

  • Алексей Закаблуков

    Now give this to some indian

  • Awesome Guy
    Awesome Guy 10 hours ago +1

    This is what PewDiePie proposed with...

  • tyrone's hugots
    tyrone's hugots 11 hours ago

    BTS means beat t series

  • Merjun Amoncio
    Merjun Amoncio 12 hours ago

    It did not

  • Little Chady
    Little Chady 12 hours ago

    Go to india so that would make use because tseries is 2 thousand subs ahead of pewds

  • Fresh Avocado
    Fresh Avocado 13 hours ago

    I wish PewDiePie will react to this.

  • Mini Superheroes
    Mini Superheroes 13 hours ago

    The intro doe

  • Angel Squad
    Angel Squad 15 hours ago

    Where can I get that

  • アレクシアAlexiaUwU

    *He cares to put a meme at the end*

  • Jen Jimenez
    Jen Jimenez 17 hours ago

    Wow people actually paid attention during tech class

  • another piranha for smash???

    A true hero has risen

  • Fortnite Noob
    Fortnite Noob 19 hours ago

    You should make millions of these

  • Connection
    Connection 19 hours ago +1

    dont let T-Series get a hold of that

  • Tech Tube
    Tech Tube 21 hour ago

    Man, GO TO INDIA

  • Sušenka s nutelou
    Sušenka s nutelou 21 hour ago

    It's not bad to subscribe to t-series
    It's bad to say that t-series should be the number one

  • Fat Letterman
    Fat Letterman 22 hours ago +1

    Where can I buy?

  • ModernCain TV
    ModernCain TV 22 hours ago

    if they dont have nfc?

  • oliver brown
    oliver brown 22 hours ago

    Saurons ring is used for good purposes :-)

  • Victoria Lepingwell
    Victoria Lepingwell 22 hours ago

    This company are ridiculous. Took my money start of December told me 4-6 weeks. After multiple emails and excuses it is nearly April and no rings. Had to open a PayPal dispute to get refund. Don't be fooled by their Facebook they delete and ban any unhappy customers.

  • Edward Tomlinson
    Edward Tomlinson 22 hours ago

    Anyone else here after pewdiepie was overtaken

  • Sol Guendogdu
    Sol Guendogdu 23 hours ago

    Damn you’re a genius

  • Jacob Roberts
    Jacob Roberts Day ago +1

    Where did he get the nfc chip from

  • Nico06 · Nicodoff

    0:01 pewdie-a is born

  • Derpy Citron Ball

    Give it to mrbeast and PewDiePie will win

    GOD KID Day ago

    We need Mr.Beast to mass produce this and Ship it to India and so the real battle will begin

  • Itz Kasper! meow

    I just unsubscribed to you . I am from India

  • arborne17
    arborne17 Day ago

    goddamn hero

  • Gigglecakes :D
    Gigglecakes :D Day ago

    Pewds need this

  • Arham AKH
    Arham AKH Day ago

    it is fake

  • Mohammed Hussain

    So this is how pewdiepie gains subs

  • Rizwan Khan
    Rizwan Khan Day ago

    T series subscribers are only in india while Felix have all over the world.

  • Julija Vodanov
    Julija Vodanov Day ago

    Intro: meme meme review meme meme meme meme review

  • Shashank Naik
    Shashank Naik Day ago

    I am sure u go to hell

  • Ian Nordlund
    Ian Nordlund Day ago

    A new kickstarter!!!

  • Fesh 228
    Fesh 228 Day ago +2

    Step 1 : Go to India
    Step 2 : Find people
    Step 3 : Attack their phones

  • Wabnb _
    Wabnb _ Day ago

    go to nyc with it lol

  • ツHidTheBush
    ツHidTheBush Day ago

    Sell that ring for free boi

  • Fleuche
    Fleuche Day ago

    T gay

  • Harry Carr
    Harry Carr Day ago

    Hey, can you supply me with the code for this?

  • sarthak srivastava

    This is cheating btw. I will be expecting a plethora of hate and racist comments by 9 yr olds.

  • Flame_fighter 382
    Flame_fighter 382 Day ago +2

    All the dislikes are just Indians. Don’t worry.

  • Aziz _
    Aziz _ Day ago

    Could u try making a ring which could unsub from tseries ans sub to pewds from a distance bcoz I live in India I could probably go to the largest most populated place and could make ppl unsub from tseries from a distance

  • HAPPY walek
    HAPPY walek Day ago +3

    I'm a samsung person I have the s10+

  • Jason Blooey
    Jason Blooey Day ago

    Send this to T-Series!

  • Max Willemse
    Max Willemse Day ago +1

    you should go to India with that ring

  • Wolfy Does Stuff

    Dislikes are from Indians

  • maracrossite YT
    maracrossite YT Day ago

    Dude make 90MIL NOW

  • Lightning Jake
    Lightning Jake Day ago

    We need a hacker to delete T series account.

  • The Man Who stopped racism Skipper

    I wish I could have it. I want to use it to propose if the 1% chance I have to get a wife in the future happens.

  • just4fun
    just4fun Day ago

    go India?

  • Goku Plays
    Goku Plays Day ago

    why would he sub to t series?

  • Nabil Dahir
    Nabil Dahir Day ago

    Does it do the opposite if you are subscribed to pewdiepie

  • Juliana Isabelle Cortez

    Now go to India.

  • Goop Aloof
    Goop Aloof Day ago

    mr. Beast!!!!' Where u at????

  • JC Young
    JC Young Day ago


  • GUfuk SEst
    GUfuk SEst Day ago

    Wait so this is a sub bot

  • TK TK
    TK TK Day ago +2

    Send several to India to kill them from the inside

  • Soryucchi
    Soryucchi Day ago

    Tseries won

  • Heavian Brassell

    How much are these rings

  • 10000 subs with no videos ?

    Nice intro

  • ThatSaltyBoii
    ThatSaltyBoii Day ago

    What if there already subbed to Pewdiepie what if it unsubbed and subbed to t series


    Can I have one

  • Dark FrostYT
    Dark FrostYT Day ago

    Can I use it and go to India lol

  • DJ Silenced
    DJ Silenced Day ago

    Send me one

  • pikadeku
    pikadeku Day ago

    ThATs lEGiT amAziNG!! .0.

  • Doomgel
    Doomgel Day ago

    Deus Vault

    LØRD JØSHUA 2 days ago

    I like the intro❤

  • Jamshed Jehangir haleem

    Then start making for t series

  • Mr Dalu
    Mr Dalu 2 days ago

    MrBeast would buy that

  • мне нужно лечение!

    it should direct you to pewd's channel FIRST, now it just gives free advertisement for Tscrubs.

  • SilVEReYe [YT]
    SilVEReYe [YT] 2 days ago

    Comment on this comment and tell me on how many times he said “resin”

  • Sarcky
    Sarcky 2 days ago

    Give it to indians, so when they hold their phone...and go to india and brofist everybodys phone

  • Jhian Atregenio
    Jhian Atregenio 2 days ago +1

    9 year old army where are you??

  • THE ANIME മലയാളി

    That's cheating dude real cheating. The number one position should be earned by the hard work of the creators. The subscribe that getting by the support of the others is not a clean or true wing its real cheating

    • Flumpers
      Flumpers Day ago


  • Brilliant Bronze
    Brilliant Bronze 2 days ago

    give the ring to pewdiepie.

  • Anasashi and Haruka animate

    You did it wrong you did the poppy Harlow thing

  • Blaze R1
    Blaze R1 2 days ago

    Make more!

  • Gaming Royal
    Gaming Royal 2 days ago +1

    This is the only reason pewdiepie is still alive else he ws dead......
    T- series is against the world. And then u all say that t series uses sub bot.... Actually continue with it bcz pewdiepie need this to stay alive.....

  • Wolfy Anime
    Wolfy Anime 2 days ago

    0:12 *Holy War?*

  • Kuraki
    Kuraki 2 days ago

    Intro song?

  • Gulag General
    Gulag General 2 days ago

    Lets do a crusade!

  • shweta kranti
    shweta kranti 2 days ago

    Bhai an tere ko T-series se Kya problem hai?? PewDiePie Kya kam hai usko pareshan karne ke liye? However thinks the same, give me a like please.

  • [ Content ] [ X ] Rainbow Quartz 2.0 fangirl

    Great ring for my roblox pewdiepie hoodie

  • Cappy TGS
    Cappy TGS 2 days ago +5

    Quick ADD THIS FOR MERCHHHHHHHH we’re do we buy it tell us

  • Cappy TGS
    Cappy TGS 2 days ago +3

    T-series gets tricked into wearing it but covers over with T’s and doesn’t notice a thing until checks channel has 1 million subs T-series:OOF

  • lol man
    lol man 2 days ago

    I salute to tuis man

  • ToxiTT DaGamer
    ToxiTT DaGamer 2 days ago

    I want that ring :/ when i go to india

  • Dunera
    Dunera 2 days ago +1

    what a legend

  • WeGa W.
    WeGa W. 2 days ago

    Use in india

  • Sean O'Malley
    Sean O'Malley 2 days ago

    How about a ring that automatically writes “tgay” on the Flare TV subgap chat