True Facts: Stinkhorns

  • Published on Nov 19, 2019
  • Gleba.
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    Dr. Kathie T. Hodge - Dr. Hodge was kind enough to spend time with me on the phone walking me through the incredible complexity of these creatures. She also granted me permission to use the Cornell time lapse footage.
    Stephen Thornton - - Stephen has captured amazing time lapses of the stinkhorn and it is very worthwhile to go to his channel and see them in their full glory.
    @freymanbg - freymanbg - amazing instagram featuring all sort of fungus and mushrooms.
    Gio Lopez - - Gio has a channel called Myco Gio on which he goes into lovely detail about mycology. His explanation of the stinkhorn was extremely helpful - as was the amazing footage.
    Cathy Whitfield - - Cathy is an amazing photographer and happened to train her eye on a stinkhorn egg!
    Rudi Langer - - Also a wonderful collection of colorful photography!
    Björn S... - - a wonderful collection of microscopy and wildlife!
    @mugrooms - mugrooms - Pictures of mushrooms and other fungi, as well as the occasional slime mold.
    Kent Loeffler - Kent was the original photographer for the Cornell timelapse!
    Jason Hollinger - - Incredible images of Lichen and other wonders.
    Arne Christensen - - wonderful collection of biology time-lapse and human anatomy.
    David Noble - - a traveler and wonderful videographer
    Bernard Spragg - - incredible photos, some of which Bernard has offered into the public domain
    Peter Kuttner - - channel featuring all sorts of biodiversity!
    @bealeiderman - bealeiderman - a collection of images that show the magic in your backyard!
    @myceliummagic - myceliummagic - adventures in the Australian rainforests!
    @mushrooms_inigo - mushrooms_i... - featuring the mushrooms of Spain!
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  • Keyboard
    Keyboard 2 years ago +1135

    "Or a person with a sinus infection put an m-80 in his nostril"
    I swear all of Zefranks analogies are pure gold

    • asshole9191
      asshole9191 2 years ago

      If loudness were silence they would be the loudest birds

    • Satriyo Aji
      Satriyo Aji 2 years ago +2

      i must say i agree with u

  • dr. Tim H
    dr. Tim H Year ago +4183

    an adult voice with the humor of a 13 year old. my kind of guy. lol

    • Fiona Walker
      Fiona Walker 3 months ago

      So true 😂

    • Anti - Ethnic Cleansing
      Anti - Ethnic Cleansing 6 months ago

      @Lilly Aarhaus
      Did you catch my edit? I was editing while you were writing me (damn, you fast girl! lol).
      Did one of you guys blow the other off, or did shit just happen? I hope you joyously reconnect again.
      heh. heh.

    • Lilly Aarhaus
      Lilly Aarhaus 6 months ago

      @Anti - Ethnic Cleansing we haven't talked in awhile but I still think about him and hope hes doing well

    • Nik Kingman
      Nik Kingman 7 months ago +1

      You two should get a room and kiss each other all over ur bodies

  • Screaming Sheep
    Screaming Sheep Year ago +2348

    The biology teacher every student dreamed of. 😂

    • Zach Steiner
      Zach Steiner 7 months ago

      I had a really cute Biology teacher in high school. If she was saying this, I wouldn’t have survived.

    • TheLordOfToast
      TheLordOfToast 11 months ago

      @Melle Mellowski . Thanks for the information but I find it sort of funny that you tell me to not take everything a stranger says on the internet seriously all the time...after you took my comments seriously. I was partially joking with my comments ;-;

    • Melle Mellowski
      Melle Mellowski 11 months ago +2

      ​@TheLordOfToast u seem a bit prudish, or very young, but heads up! because it's not everything l i t e r a l l y about sex, it's more like almost (see i already don't just say "everything") everything can be broken down to sex. evolution? ye more like what does help you to have more sex than everyone else in your species. bacteria - well ye they reproduce by cell division, but even bacteria sometimes extrude parts of their cell to other bacteria and exchange plasmids (have a read and google "bacterial conjugation", the pictures are hilarious), so yeah even bacteria might have "sex" at some point of their existence. you like fruits? well newsflash pal, you're eating genitals of plants. the white, eatable tissue of a coconut is called endosperm. btw we are discussing this below a video displaying a variety of fungae genitals. a chemical you use in DNA extraction is called spermidine (take a wild guess how it smells). if you want to study biology, go for it, it's fun. but don't expect to earn your living by looking at some plants of delving through the ocean. you'll most likely end up in some kind of super lame lab where you will do the same sh*t day in day out. i've seen phds doing analysis of drinking water. and for my closing words, don't take everything some stranger on the internet might say so serious

    • TheLordOfToast
      TheLordOfToast 11 months ago

      @Melle Mellowski would you not suffer spending every biology class learning about y o u k n o w w h a t ?

    • Melle Mellowski
      Melle Mellowski 11 months ago +2

      @TheLordOfToast why would you suffer?

  • Talia Sloman-Moll
    Talia Sloman-Moll Year ago +92

    I finished a whole bowl of chili watching this video and I didn't even hesitate for a single bite out of sheer willpower. I just want you to know I'm really proud of myself for succeeding at that.

    • Tacchi
      Tacchi 3 months ago +1

      @pimpasskilla281 bro what??

    • pimpasskilla281
      pimpasskilla281 5 months ago

      why would you said that bro that's racist

  • Selena the Abyssal Witch
    Selena the Abyssal Witch Year ago +3865

    "It's in the tip of both of our tongue."
    "If it comes to you first, just spit it out."
    "I just can't put my finger on it."
    "You can't put your finger on it all day, and when you're in bed at night, it just pops up out of nowhere."

    • Wiwaxia Silver
      Wiwaxia Silver 3 months ago

      It’s a geoduck

    • Anonymous Simp
      Anonymous Simp 4 months ago

      a pen is good for that 😂

    • Miki Mau
      Miki Mau 7 months ago

      A pen that never runs out would be genius 🧞‍♀️

    • I. VA
      I. VA 7 months ago

      @RRios0027 yes

    • RRios0027
      RRios0027 7 months ago +1

      @I. VA a pen is it

  • Tara Merryman
    Tara Merryman 2 years ago +5675

    I never get tired of hearing him the word “babies”.

    • Empr4evr
      Empr4evr 3 months ago

      Bebes and biurds

    • Tanya Queen
      Tanya Queen 3 months ago

      bebes. I love it too.

    • Fiona Walker
      Fiona Walker 3 months ago

      Me too babes

    • Dr. Limbo
      Dr. Limbo Year ago

      @Nick C
      To be fair, he does pronounce that last one correctly

  • tangent
    tangent Year ago +274

    2:09 is so funny. The little "oof, im sorry" gets me every time

  • Frater Contendunt Occulta

    I am both fascinated by and love the look of fungi. I love going out and looking for them and have many guides that i read. My favorite is “North American Mushrooms” by Dr. Orson K. Miller. Of all the species, the stinkhorn to me looks the coolest. Definitely not the smell though! I like the look of the white latticed veil.

  • Jonathan Smith
    Jonathan Smith Year ago +2

    Can we just talk about how the actual body of fungi are a bunch of strands, and the actual physical part we all see (mushrooms) is just their fruiting body!?! Like that has always astounded me for some reason.

  • Damian Silvers
    Damian Silvers 11 months ago +256

    "Can break through concrete"
    A few seconds later
    Buckles under own weight*

    • Chris Manuel
      Chris Manuel 2 months ago

      @YouNeedHealing Too and two are two different things too

    • C.J.M. 1997
      C.J.M. 1997 7 months ago +2

      It snagged on whatever that background is when it was growing. It kinda proves it's strength rather than disproves it. Certainly didn't break from It's own weight.

    • TSRM Mercy
      TSRM Mercy 10 months ago +1

      @YouNeedHealing yeah but they mostly CORRELATE

    • TacitIron Hav
      TacitIron Hav 10 months ago

      Some species can

    • C V
      C V 11 months ago +1

      Sounds accurate.

  • aussiebloke609
    aussiebloke609 2 years ago +1912

    Loving all the innuendo and double entendre...and just to finish it off, the colloquially-named stinkhorn is more correctly called _Phallus Impudicus._ Which is a bit of a, that didn't sound good at all. :-P

    • J.R. Caldoon
      J.R. Caldoon Year ago +4

      As the common man might call it -- the Sassy Wang. It is high on my list of Great Scientific Names, just for the humor value.

    • Levi M
      Levi M Year ago +1


    • The Funkosaurus
      The Funkosaurus Year ago +2

      @aussiebloke609 Thanks, mate! ( Good thing funny never gets old! )

    • aussiebloke609
      aussiebloke609 Year ago +3

      ​@The Funkosaurus Wish I could give more than 1 thumb-up - that's been a favourite joke of mine since I was a kid (a _very_ long time ago!) You win the interwebz for today! :-D

  • horsegranola
    horsegranola 10 months ago +9

    My very first college professor showed us “true facts about the owl” back in 2013. It calmed me down a lot and made me laugh! Thank you ☺️

  • J A
    J A Year ago +835

    A "pen is "useful to have next to your bed
    Just got that joke took me almost a year

    • Caston Young
      Caston Young 10 months ago +2

      I've never heard it before.
      What kind of friends do you have?

    • Earthcat
      Earthcat Year ago

      @Amy Smith same

    • DeRicco
      DeRicco Year ago +9

      @Amy Smith lmao i dont feel like ill understand it bc i think its not told correctly, or its just not funny. the pen is joke has been told so many times and this is the worst way ive ever seen it executed. "a pen is useful to have by your bed" sounds more like hes talking abt a pen than not

    • Amy Smith
      Amy Smith Year ago +8

      I'm picturing you sitting there and then randomly a year later out of the blue--- "ohhhhhhhhh now i get it, hahahahah"

    • Amy Smith
      Amy Smith Year ago +8

      @DeRicco i never get it. I used to, but then we got married so now i don't.

  • cornycogwheels
    cornycogwheels Year ago +526

    "A pen is...useful for you to write things down... Y'know, so you don't forget it."
    That subtle hinting xD

    • Khanh Hua
      Khanh Hua Year ago +1

      You write down your DNA with than pen. Yes. You know it. My wife knows it. My son has not known that yet.

    • bean boy
      bean boy Year ago +14

      I dunno why people try to quote things from videos on TheXvid and still manage to entirely misquote the whole thing

    • Luke Thompson
      Luke Thompson Year ago +4

      Yes, he said pen is

    • B. Lonewolf
      B. Lonewolf Year ago +4

      Hehe, yeah

  • Princess Mercy Goetia
    Princess Mercy Goetia 8 months ago +12

    See, if this is how they taught all subjects in schools, the lessons would stick with us a lot longer.

  • Genetics80
    Genetics80 2 years ago +6554

    "True facts is not appropriate for children, or adults who don't act like children." -Zefrank

  • Add-in
    Add-in Year ago +11

    He never fails to make me laugh while watching each of his videos

  • Jason Stough
    Jason Stough Year ago +1

    As always, well done. Love the videos, very educational, and the narration is superb. True facts about the Aye Aye and true facts about the sloth are still my favorites. Absolute gold!!! Thank you

  • 171apples171
    171apples171 2 months ago +1

    I found some stinkhorns growing near a tree when i was playing outside, probably 8 or 9 years old. The first thing i did when i saw it was lean down and smell it. It was actually so horrible to me at the time that the rest of the memory is blocked out in my mind. I remember actually getting scared hahahahahaha

  • Miri Kira
    Miri Kira 5 months ago +2

    I love stinkhorns! I picked a ton of eggs this summer. 3 of them literally came out of their eggs in my house. Jesus Christ, the smell! I mean I already knew the smell is bad because I touched one and smelling my fingers made me gag and the smell went away after 3 days. The eggs are delicious though. Slice, salt generously, add pepper and fry in abit of oil. You can keep the gel to use as a face mask. It's amazing. My favorite mushroom ever.

  • Jewels breaks the Rules

    If I was hopelessly stranded in an apocalyptic armageddon, I'd start watching this channel and gladly forget about everything else.

  • Jimmy Hamm
    Jimmy Hamm Year ago +860


    • Scott Perkins
      Scott Perkins 6 months ago +2

      I am unable to fathom why this needs to be in app caps but I'm glad it is godspeed sir.

    • Grammar Nazi
      Grammar Nazi 7 months ago


    • KrotowX
      KrotowX 9 months ago +2

      Stiffy is already from OzzyMan's lexicon.

    • C V
      C V 11 months ago +12

      That's just Tuesdays.

    • Prophet of Greyism
      Prophet of Greyism Year ago +42

      And this is why I read the comments section ☕️ For this quality gold. Thank you.

  • Rocco Fitel
    Rocco Fitel Year ago +2

    I can't....😂This *entire* video is brilliant. And yes a pen is useful.

  • Greg Gaynor
    Greg Gaynor 10 months ago +2

    This guy is so funny bro!!!
    I love his sense of humor,

  • Cherry
    Cherry 2 years ago +8171

    The only man with a voice that makes me WANT to learn something gross

  • Fred
    Fred Year ago +4

    His videos always make me laugh and you learn something new.

  • Marble's Animal Care!
    Marble's Animal Care! 10 months ago +1

    i have a massive phobia of mushrooms.
    thanks elsa, what you showed me was insanely cool.

  • kurt jones
    kurt jones Year ago +2

    Had these growing in the garden and I tell you now they really do stink I would say a 6-10 meters is how far and how strong the smell is

  • _An Lim
    _An Lim Year ago

    this man is genuinely making biology looks like a fun thing to learn... And I... am totally into it now

  • Sreekanth Narayanaswamy
    Sreekanth Narayanaswamy 2 years ago +1349

    Me: "Oh mushrooms, my dad likes mushrooms, he will enjoy this one"
    10 mins later me : "Jerry spit it out"

  • Nick Poenisch
    Nick Poenisch Year ago

    This is so cool!! I love plants/fungi that manipulate insects for their own needs!

  • Lotharian Empire
    Lotharian Empire 6 months ago

    I saw such fungi in the wild this week. Thanks for the interessting explanation. 👏

  • Allison James
    Allison James Year ago +2

    Ah Frank. You just never really grew up did you 🤦‍♀️. Lucky you’re hilarious & impart some science at the same time as giggling about naughty bits

  • Rachael Hudson
    Rachael Hudson Year ago

    That was really cool and genuinely informative! Thank you

  • The Warlocke
    The Warlocke 2 years ago +1139

    I was not prepared for how horrifying and hilarious this turned out to be

  • jenmash99
    jenmash99 Year ago

    I had one of these in my garden the other week. We couldn't figure out what was giving off the smell of rotting flesh right until there was barely any of the slime left.... we were not happy about the existence of the mushroom

  • Dr. Limbo
    Dr. Limbo Year ago

    May I request more fungus related videos?
    Fungi are basically like plants, but way more fascinating, like how worms and mollusks are more interesting than insects in most cases.
    In my humble opinion anyway.

  • Allyson S.
    Allyson S. 7 months ago +1

    I love this so much & learned some neat things -- explains why some of the stinkhorns I saw today had gray on its cap while others were white. Gleba!

  • MaryANytowl
    MaryANytowl Year ago

    I ran across one of those horrid smelling things one November, while out looking for where the local deer were passing through or hanging out during the afternoon. I first thought something had died and was decomposing there in among the little Sumac bushes. Surprised me a lot when all that stench was just from one little weird looking fungus. Looked like a bleached, half-dried Morel mushroom, but one could never get those two confused for very long! Whew, what a powerfully nasty odor!

  • Dennis W
    Dennis W 2 years ago +551

    True story: I was walking in the forest, blissfully unaware these things existed, and ran into an octopus stinkhorn. The smell and sight were truly creepypasta material, let me tell you

    • Nino Nieman
      Nino Nieman Year ago +2

      @Dennis W Great, factual and interesting observation @ Dennis W! You hear this often about the odor about these fungi.

    • Arctic Dino
      Arctic Dino Year ago +17

      Imagine someone unaware of these, walking through the woods. All of a sudden they smell rotting flesh, see this alien looking thing, and to top it off an elk starts screaming in the distance.

    • A Passionate Nerd.
      A Passionate Nerd. Year ago +2

      Just Google those, I would've thought that was an alien or something

    • I'll let you finish but first
      I'll let you finish but first Year ago +18

      For the last month, my daily covid hiking trail goes through a colony of common stinkhorns. It smells like the vegan version of a rotting carcass but what gets to me is the black goo on the tip.

    • Dennis W
      Dennis W Year ago +20

      @Lauren I could smell it from several meters away. Kinda like a cadaver but not really. Made me expect a dead animal anyway, maybe the size of a rabbit. It wasn't exactly a jump scare when I found it but I definitely gave it a weird stare for a good few seconds :)

  • KaZoDa Three
    KaZoDa Three Year ago

    You are by far the funniest dude ever...I love you and this channel so friggin much. Please upload more often, we are all deprived of your genius. I actually crave your videos...please end my suffering!

  • Dragon Slayer
    Dragon Slayer Year ago +1

    One grew in my garden some years ago and I was so confused like I wake up one day and see that and my mother just laughing in the backround
    But hey my cat liked it since she was smelling it all the time so there is that XD

  • Sam Beanland
    Sam Beanland Year ago

    when you find the eggs in woods they re gelatinous and unpleasant ; supposedly edible at this stage but I ve never been tempted.As he said they stink once grown: the files cluster on the shaft and when you chance on them the flies take flight, so you re smelling horrid aroma, whilst being swarmed .

  • Ginger From B'more
    Ginger From B'more Year ago +1

    This guy is soooo funny.... I can't stop watching these videos!

  • ArcaneAzmadi
    ArcaneAzmadi 2 years ago +761

    This is both the grossest and most innuendo-laden episode of True Facts ever.

    • Iain Mawhinney
      Iain Mawhinney 2 years ago

      more like the more clever innuendoes

    • betty boop
      betty boop 2 years ago

      But really witty😂

    • Kyle Stubbs
      Kyle Stubbs 2 years ago +4

      It’s a new genre he’s starting: nature documentary erotica.

    • Don't Feed The Trolls
      Don't Feed The Trolls 2 years ago +2

      Disagree on the grossest. How koala babies eat. Didn't need to know that.

    • Adrienne Figueroa
      Adrienne Figueroa 2 years ago +2

      The duck one is a favorite for sure!

  • Muhammad Alva Reza Fannani
    Muhammad Alva Reza Fannani 11 months ago +32

    if you never seen an stinkhorn before, heres a clip of a kitten an puppy
    best quote of the day

  • SirJoshtheFirst
    SirJoshtheFirst Year ago

    A great, well edited, highly informative and fantastically comical video as always! Now with the pleasantries out of the way let's talk serious- where the hell did you get that 0:18 puppy/kitten clip from, and what did you do with the rest of it?

  • Saul Goodman
    Saul Goodman Year ago

    Just found this channel. Can’t get enough. Keep them coming!

  • Ebola
    Ebola Year ago

    My school's field would have these puffball mushrooms that eject 'smoke' when squished. Strangely they were not connected to a stem or anything, they were just balls chilling out in the field

  • Kyle Stubbs
    Kyle Stubbs 2 years ago +5578

    zefrank1: The world's first writer of nature documentary erotica.

    • CrunchyFrog
      CrunchyFrog Year ago +2

      @Quenry I assumed he meant 'Das Kleine Kreuterbuch" (1543) by Renaissance botanist Leonard Fuchs. Merely because the herbal by famous medieval nun Hildegard von Bingen talks a lot about plants used for abortions, but not a lot about parties.
      Also of note, the steamy "flowery language" (pardon the pun) in the botanical writings of Joseph Banks, the botanist who accompanied James Cook on his first voyage to the Carribbean on the ship Bounty in 1768-1771.

    • Megan K
      Megan K 2 years ago +2

      Ooof, there's definitely a market for this. Rule 34 anyone?

    • Matt Dursse
      Matt Dursse 2 years ago +1

      The national heritage of Japan is really interested in showing you something.

  • april bagwell
    april bagwell Year ago

    I freaking love your content! You're so awesome!

  • TryMyMartini
    TryMyMartini 2 months ago

    I love that he apologized to the one that broke at 2:08. It felt like he legitimately pitied the poor thing.

  • Pawl13 Itsme
    Pawl13 Itsme 7 days ago +1

    This disturbed me very much. Thank you & please make more videos. It soothes me to know there are people more kooky than I.

  • Cingy VonBrock
    Cingy VonBrock 11 months ago

    Easily one of the best videos you’ve made, ever!

  • Monty Bishop
    Monty Bishop 2 years ago +2352

    I could have gone my whole life not knowing these existed

    • OpalescentRoses B.W.
      OpalescentRoses B.W. Year ago

      @スノーハッピー Really!? The ones i find in my mulch covered driveway smell like week old sun baked roadkill!

    • スノーハッピー
      スノーハッピー Year ago +1

      @OpalescentRoses B.W. Had a bunch growing out of the permaculture garden at my university. And it smells like... like semen, left out for a couple days to rot. So actually that shape is very fitting.

    • Kicks
      Kicks Year ago +1

      These things stink. we get them in in georgia every spring.

    • typacsk
      typacsk Year ago

      Sure, if you call that "living" :P

    • Erik Rüder
      Erik Rüder Year ago +1

      The fungus rabbit hole goes deeper, friend

  • Vincent
    Vincent Year ago +231

    when he said Glebur, I had a feeling he was advertising a Plumbus.

    • Wraith
      Wraith 10 months ago

      Gleba* smh

    • Russell Reilly
      Russell Reilly Year ago +2

      Just commented it sounded like they were making a Plumbus haha

    • Michael Gossman
      Michael Gossman Year ago +8

      This is what happens when God spends Edible Sunday binge-watching Rick & Morty and retconning evolution.

    • Susel
      Susel Year ago +6

      Saaaaame 😂

    • guy on the couch
      guy on the couch Year ago +6

      I died

  • Jordan Zazulak
    Jordan Zazulak Year ago

    The commentary just made it all way to good. 10 out of 10 😂

  • Puffer TV
    Puffer TV Year ago

    The dialogue in this video is beyond excellent, also the chronometer interrupted cinematography is a pleasure to allow my rods and cones to interpret the reflected images along my optic nerve. The sensations my brain feels as it adjust my serotonin levels reminds me of something pleasurable. I HIGHLY recommend this collection of 1 & 0’s

  • TheNightmareWizard Cat

    You made my day, man. I love your videos

  • Xiquarius
    Xiquarius 2 years ago +828

    The genuine "Oof, I'm sorry" as the mushroom broke apart broke me.

    • Jonathan Donley
      Jonathan Donley 2 years ago

      Yeah. That's about when the tears started in the middle of laughing so hard.

    • Fandom guy
      Fandom guy 2 years ago +1

      We all have bad days, even mushrooms.

    • Adrienne Figueroa
      Adrienne Figueroa 2 years ago +2

      That was one of several parts of this video that had me in tears! So good 👍😂

    • Joshua Rorrer
      Joshua Rorrer 2 years ago +26

      Same here! It took me a minute to realize this man said "oof". I'm still laughing!

  • Omnipubg Mobile
    Omnipubg Mobile Year ago

    As a mycologist I love this content.

  • Robert Powell
    Robert Powell 2 years ago

    Just too funny! Great job keep up the good work.

  • One_Bad_Mofo 86
    One_Bad_Mofo 86 Year ago +50

    "Well if it's on the tip of both our tongues, i'm sure it'll come to one of us sooner or later Jerry." My god, i'm done. DOOONNNE! *holds guts laughing*

  • Sean Wilkinson
    Sean Wilkinson 11 months ago +1

    Fungi are equal parts horrifying and amazing, have a mix of eye-pleasing and repulsive features, like the lacy tendrils dangling from the stinkhorn's penile head, and you'll want to preserve the structures and colors for posterity, all the while wishing God would drop an old flammenwerfer full of fuel onto your lap to flash-fry those mycelium threads before they wake up Cthulhu.

  • Sassy Ghost
    Sassy Ghost 2 years ago +493

    I love how right after he says “Oof, I’m sorry.” a third mushroom rises in a way that makes it look like it’s checking the other mushroom to see if it’s okay. 😂

    • Gaby
      Gaby 2 years ago +8

      It looked very concerned.

    • Brianna Cavazos
      Brianna Cavazos 2 years ago +7

      😂 I had to rewind to that part and you're totally right lol hilarious and slightly adorable 😆

  • Donald Brown
    Donald Brown Year ago +1

    Omg! I haven't laughed so hard in ...forever! Thank u so much for sharing! Lmfao!

  • Aquabreeze
    Aquabreeze Year ago

    I had a stinkhorn in my backyard once. Weirdest thing I've ever seen

  • FalconB8t
    FalconB8t Year ago

    Everyone needs to watch this. Please. 😂 educational and fun. That is all.

  • Shadowpastcool
    Shadowpastcool 11 months ago +24

    For a moment the stink horn "fruit" looked like a Graboid, personally

    CJLinOHIO Year ago

    When the steam corn is growing from the soil and ejects it slime the innuendos are very comical.
    I'm sure it went over many people's heads.

  • 邹捷
    邹捷 Year ago +73

    "It's in the tip of both of our tongue."
    "If it comes to you first, just spit it out."
    "I just can't put my finger on it."
    "You can't put your finger on it all day, and when you're in bed at night, it just pops up out of nowhere."

    • Owen Cole
      Owen Cole 10 months ago +3

      A pen is use to have by your bed side

  • Juci Shockwave
    Juci Shockwave Year ago

    I would love for this guy to narrate the whole Planet Earth series. 😂

  • Dragon Slayer17
    Dragon Slayer17 Year ago +60

    "Fleshy origami" I will never see that the same way again

  • Gabi
    Gabi 2 years ago +592

    “If it comes to you first Jerry, just spit it out.” I laughed so hard omg

  • BG Goodwon
    BG Goodwon 2 months ago

    Love the combination of flippancy and fearlessness of big words.

  • AmyLynne
    AmyLynne 10 months ago

    TRUE STORY Half an hour ago I happened upon this video (I've seen it before, but it came on after something and I love ze). Fifteen minutes ago I hauled in some stuff from my car and walked around the outside of the house...and found a ?outbreak?, ?stand?, ?village? right up against my house. Serendipity or Synchronicity in my life is a real thing.

  • Ayesha Fly-High
    Ayesha Fly-High 3 months ago

    What an amazing design!

  • Craftykit
    Craftykit Year ago

    I want the round planet series continued with zfrank working on it

  • AJtheGritic
    AJtheGritic 2 years ago +76

    Only Zefrank can eloquently make a sexual reference in his vids while still sounding like it wasn't.

    • Joe_Penus
      Joe_Penus 2 years ago +1

      I liked your comment the 69th time. Nobody like it now or you will be assassinated using 0.06% of shrek's power.

    • Devin Gates
      Devin Gates 2 years ago +2

      And he's not a dick about it, either.

  • Max Spencer
    Max Spencer Year ago

    All of us know where he was going with that joke and personally I found it hilarious

  • Fried Mule
    Fried Mule 11 months ago

    I am glad you raise the problem, sometimes can you be afraid to blow it especially if it's at the tip of your tongue but sometimes do you simply have to suck it all in and bite the bullet, on other times can you maybe grab the root of the problem and with a stroke, let it all come to you. :-)

  • D Oceans' Deep Woo

    You are a freak, Frank. Good job, keep it up!

  • ElizLikeTheQueen
    ElizLikeTheQueen Year ago

    I got a load of firewood from a different guy last year. All of a sudden in the summer the outside of my house smelled like ROTTING MUSHROOM ASS. I had no idea what those things were until this video!! And they came up crazy quick, every day there was a fresh rotting mushroom ass at my door. I sprayed them with vinegar. Never again.

  • Daira Yepez
    Daira Yepez 2 years ago +3864

    I thought Elsa was an injured turtle at first, would’ve been horrifying if there was no audio

    • ValdaXD
      ValdaXD Year ago


    • Atsushi
      Atsushi 2 years ago

      It was horrifying...I left my headphones connected and forgot about it...

    • ElDoRado1239
      ElDoRado1239 2 years ago +2

      ~Teenage Mutant Ninja.. * *hurls* *

    • Chaotix Fox
      Chaotix Fox 2 years ago

      @Stephanie Logan Those are tortoises.

    • Raquel Logan
      Raquel Logan 2 years ago

      I did to ;-;

  • Luka_Unleashed
    Luka_Unleashed Year ago +2

    these shrooms look like something out of "the thing" one of the good ones tho, with an 18 year old with the most gorey mind making the practical effects, not the one with bad CGI.

  • Kyle B
    Kyle B 10 months ago

    "Some are strong enough to push through asphalt." Reminds me of an old X-FILES episode. The mushrooms would pop out of people's chests, and anyone nearby would inhale the spores. Then the cycle repeats... It's been a couple decades. My memory could be off.

    • DashedEuthanasia
      DashedEuthanasia Month ago

      You're correct, that's how it worked in that episode. It was one of my favorite episodes because of how horrifying it was.

    JOE SOMEBODY Year ago

    He Without a doubt makes LEARNING FUN and EduFuckincational... love it to the Core wish i had him as a Teacher

  • MakerOfTheBlackSword

    This man has voice of a National Geographic narrator and the satire of hugbees

  • lord Seelenfresser (demon king of crime)

    The fact this guy did the research on this proves he has a strong stomach

  • Seth Myhre
    Seth Myhre Year ago

    I like how birds are completely unrelated however "byurd" analogies are always relevent and unforced whilst unexpected.

  • Count Shaman
    Count Shaman 11 months ago

    I can't take this mushroom seriously when one of them snapped in half as it grows.
    The rest I took seriously enough though.

  • P Ashes
    P Ashes 27 days ago

    The level of genius nature embodys, and we just destroy it.

  • Ilikepies4887
    Ilikepies4887 Year ago

    I have these around my house, and didn't know what they were. Thought it was dog poop then noticed it was a mushroom

  • Garrett Berry
    Garrett Berry 5 months ago

    My wife and I love your commentary! You put our faces everyday!. Beebies!

  • otscheeey
    otscheeey 7 months ago +1

    “A pen-is useful to have at your bedside.”
    Wordplay at it’s best.

  • Tys C
    Tys C Year ago +1

    Mutinus Caninus in the family Phallacaea. That is the scientific name of the dog you know what looking one. The funniest etymology I've ever come across, the naming scientists either were in on the joke or were complete you know whats...

  • Vada Vada
    Vada Vada 10 months ago +3

    "A person with a sinus infection put an M80 in his nostrils"...Oh man that phrase *CRACKED ME UP!*

  • Ze Mocha
    Ze Mocha Year ago +3

    A "pen is" useful. Clever play on that, Ze. Haha

  • Dithrick's War Room
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    Thanks for leveling me out with kittens n pups, Frank

  • Vishal Kumar
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    Finally I got to learn about gleeba...looks like Emma became a scientist after all
    Ross must be so proud