McDonald's New Apple Pie Review

  • Published on Jun 8, 2018
  • McDonald's has a new apple pie with a lattice top crust, and larger apple slices. How does it compare to the previous pie? Let's find out!
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Comments • 65

  • Jimmyjohns Official
    Jimmyjohns Official 4 months ago

    Taco bell empanadas are the bomb

  • D.MYST
    D.MYST 5 months ago

    I don’t remember the fried ones but the pies right before these new abominations were so good. Even the fries at McDonald’s are terrible now. They don’t even salt them!

  • Daniela Mootilal
    Daniela Mootilal 6 months ago +1

    Bring back the fried apple pie 🤗🙌🏼

  • lilacshine9
    lilacshine9 6 months ago

    This TheXvidr is creepy af!

  • low bridge
    low bridge 7 months ago +1

    I am old enough to remember the fried pies. Not only were they superior in taste to the baked pies, but they were positively stuffed with apple filling. My problem with the latest baked lattice apple pies is that they are so devoid of apple filling.
    Weeks ago I bought a couple of them from mcdonalds and the pie was mostly crust and incredibly very little filling. Yesterday, thinking that was a fluke, i bought a couple of their apple pies again. And again it was all crust, almost no filling. After taking a bite and feeling nothing but crust inside my mouth, i looked inside and i could see only a couple of tiny apple chunks or so with a small smear of apple filling. Its like 98 percent crust and 2 percent apple filling.
    Apple pies, whether they are mcdonalds or anyone elses, are SUPPOSED TO be stuffed with apple filing. There is supposed to be way more apple filling than crust. Mcdonalds is the exact opposite. Its almost all crust and almost no filling.

  • Pizza Lord
    Pizza Lord 8 months ago +3

    This pie makes me uncomfortable like my skin crawls while looking at it

  • pulptarantino
    pulptarantino 8 months ago +3

    These new pies suck. Yet another reason I’m not going back to McDonalds.

  • Aldansa Official
    Aldansa Official 8 months ago +6

    The new pies are 🚮 I wont be buying ever again...

    VENEBOSTON 8 months ago +8

    I just ate one and it is worst pie I have ever tried.... #MCDBringbackoldapplepie

  • Webmaster Top Hip Hops
    Webmaster Top Hip Hops 8 months ago +4

    I'll make my own because they really are bad

  • Paul Autry
    Paul Autry 8 months ago +12

    The new apple pies really suck and it looks like my days at McDonald's are over. In fact we sold all thousand shares of our McDonald's stock in after-hours today, and we are now going to start shorting the stock. When the pies changed that's a major red flag that the company is going to go to hell. Likely the older male farts got an erection when some young girl working for McDonald's suggested changing the pies. But yeah if this could happen then certainly the old farts are taking Viagra and more change is coming. But that's the way it is in the United States. In time the good food just disappears.

    • Belinda Cooper
      Belinda Cooper 8 months ago +1

      Paul Autry yep we ordered some about 2 weeks ago and they suck big time

  • Sparksterfu
    Sparksterfu 8 months ago +1

    The new pies only taste good fresh, the old pies wouldn’t dry out as bad as this new variation.

  • Black Knight pro
    Black Knight pro 8 months ago

    U look slow

      WHITE AFFLICTION 8 months ago +1

      Black Knight pro I don't care if he looks slow or not because he is certainly on the money about the pies

  • Joshua Howell
    Joshua Howell 8 months ago

    When I tried the new pie it was horribly dry.

  • Jayden yonkers
    Jayden yonkers 8 months ago

    Keep it up!

  • Ottsel King
    Ottsel King 9 months ago

    Dark meat yuck might as well eat pigeon I like the white meat nuggets

  • Nick k
    Nick k 9 months ago

    The new apple pie is very good much better than the old one. But it was a surprise when I got one because mcdonalds never advertised they were changing the pie.

  • Brad Gray
    Brad Gray 9 months ago

    I just want a McDonald's apple pie period. Most of the McD's around me are always out of them or they don't have them on the menu at all!

  • Ramblequist
    Ramblequist 9 months ago

    Is it better than one previous? That thing was like eating cardboard.

  • bigj2637
    bigj2637 9 months ago +1

    Halloween 2018 is a flagrant move by the deep state to demoralize and brainwash our youth. Keep fighting robert!

  • First of all
    First of all 9 months ago

    robert i love youuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • Xavier Guerreo
    Xavier Guerreo 9 months ago

    Is the tax 15 cents off the dollar or 15 cents for the whole order?

  • Cawk Sucker
    Cawk Sucker 9 months ago +7

    I miss the old pies

  • Tel Stack
    Tel Stack 9 months ago +1

    @Robert Dyer The date of this video posted is now my 5th Year of being subscribed, and am still watching! That’s a long time... 2013!

    • Robert Dyer
      Robert Dyer  9 months ago +1

      Thanks for your longtime support! It will be even more satisfying when we achieve world domination.

  • Brandon M
    Brandon M 9 months ago


  • TheSpock23
    TheSpock23 9 months ago +4

    Nobody goes to McDonalds with healthy eating in mind. Bring back the fried pies.

  • SuperNintendoZach
    SuperNintendoZach 9 months ago

    Robert they're putting stuff in our food!

  • William Ruppert
    William Ruppert 9 months ago

    Another strong video, Robert. You make me almost want to get a pie from McDonald's, almost. I too miss the fried pies, they were far superior. Tarnation is out of control, in a good way.

  • WilsonEatsASMR
    WilsonEatsASMR 9 months ago +11

    the fried pies were the best. bring them back or No Buenos!

  • Tyler Joseph Smith
    Tyler Joseph Smith 9 months ago +1


  • Chase The pup
    Chase The pup 9 months ago


  • Richard Gray
    Richard Gray 9 months ago +7

    Who is to blame for no more fried pies? Liberals, that's who. You are too stupid to know how bad fried pies are for you, so our liberal friends, who always know best, put pressure on the evil McDonald's to ban fried pies from their restaurants. Thank you, my liberal betters.

    • heather lee
      heather lee 5 months ago

      You mean when they quit frying them in 1992 and George W was president? Quit being a useless troll or at least know your facts. Idiots.

    • Richard Gray
      Richard Gray 9 months ago +1

      Now yer talkin'. Bring back the beef tallow for potatoes AND pies!

    • WilsonEatsASMR
      WilsonEatsASMR 9 months ago +2

      don't forget the fries fried in beef lard! those were the best

    • AceSnoopz
      AceSnoopz 9 months ago

      Richard Gray wut

  • kxng_Naki
    kxng_Naki 9 months ago

    Okay tarnation bob got the Halloween jokes 🔥😂 but what was with that long pause at the end. Bob your a character

  • inputfunny
    inputfunny 9 months ago


  • TheycallmeNade
    TheycallmeNade 9 months ago +5

    Havent tried this new pie, but I feel like I will still prefer the old pie

    • Casey Dobzanski
      Casey Dobzanski 8 months ago

      I miss the old pie

    • AVI
      AVI 9 months ago

      TheycallmeNade The new pie is better.

  • hallerd
    hallerd 9 months ago +3

    Trump sucks

  • Kenneth_Thegreat
    Kenneth_Thegreat 9 months ago +1

    I'd fry my pie thousand times oh I'm getting nervous BC it's airfryed

  • ~(Rogue Jedi)~
    ~(Rogue Jedi)~ 9 months ago

    I really liked the Peach pies they used to have

  • Ralph Barbagallo
    Ralph Barbagallo 9 months ago

    They brought back the fried pies briefly 3 or so years ago. In California, at least. But they’re back to baked.

    • Allison Anderson
      Allison Anderson 9 months ago

      I’m kinda almost surprised that California hasn’t banned McDonald’s yet. (Just teasin’!)

  • jason callan
    jason callan 9 months ago +1

    I wish they would bring back the McDLT back too. I loved the sandwich.

    • Robert Dyer
      Robert Dyer  9 months ago

      Yes, I never understood why the McDLT was considered a "flop." It was one of my favorites.

    • drosh413 david
      drosh413 david 9 months ago

      jason callan you eat veggies? lol. now that's funny..

  • FLexxxtreme
    FLexxxtreme 9 months ago +2

    The McDonalds’ in Europe still sell the fried pies.

    • Selajh Soulh
      Selajh Soulh 8 months ago

      Yum....remember Arthur Treachers fried pies?

  • Walter H. White
    Walter H. White 9 months ago +10

    I too miss the fried pies - so dangerously hot they'd burn ya freakin' lips off!

  • Bradley Tenders
    Bradley Tenders 9 months ago


  • Mr. Graves
    Mr. Graves 9 months ago

    Hi Robert. How are you doing.