Katharine McPhee - Night and Day

  • Published on Mar 29, 2018
  • Katharine McPhee
    “Night and Day”
    Director: Emma Holly Jones
    Producers: Jamee Ranta
    Composers: Cole Porter
    Copyright: (C) 2017 BMG Rights Management (US) LLC

    I FALL IN LOVE TOO EASILY. The new album. Available now!
    iTunes: apple.co/2xhOj0Y Amazon: amzn.to/2xmWPYx

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Comments • 284

  • J Margaret Fernandez

    Excellent video! Done in one shot....bravo!!!

  • jsphotos
    jsphotos 11 days ago

    Good voice, but I don't get her "oversouling" interrupts. Don't like the way she styles songs - maybe cool for the younger crowd, but I'm more into classic renditions of these tunes. Oversouling dilutes the intensity of Porter's stuff. Also, all the "airy" and "breathy" pauses and raspy ends of phrases. This woman can sing, but her styling does not appeal to me AT ALL. None of these pop singers can sing a song STRAIGHT.
    Want to hear the difference?
    THIS is a song - no breathy air-space where you can't understand th ewords; no oversouling ruining the line of the melody. Get real and learn how to STYLE a song!

  • Andersson Hernandez
    Andersson Hernandez 13 days ago

    Hermosa!!! Saludos desde Colombia. Te amo!!!!

  • RG Emiliano
    RG Emiliano Month ago

    5 temporada

  • Any Almanzar
    Any Almanzar Month ago

    Paige ❤❤😍

  • lao yin
    lao yin Month ago

    Her song let me felt night and day.
    I wish I can sing with her

  • Jose Juan Martinez Ramirez

    En verdad ame tu actuacion en scorpion. Ahora te escucho cantar y soy tu fan numero uno. Te mando un gran abrazo desde mexico con mucho cariño hermosa mujer

  • Linda Holmes
    Linda Holmes 2 months ago

    People are still talking so disrespectful ,typical crowd

  • Анатолий Семенов

    Katharine McPhee нow does it feel to sing in harmony of jazz chords?

  • Deborah Schwartz
    Deborah Schwartz 2 months ago

    I too have been a fan ever since american idol!

  • paulaptre
    paulaptre 2 months ago +1

    What a beautiful voice ❤️

  • Ashton Mcphee
    Ashton Mcphee 2 months ago

    your amazing

    MC GURKEN WaSSeR 2 months ago

    Go back to scorpian

  • Joelle Borja
    Joelle Borja 2 months ago

    i just want scorpion back please

  • Diego Salamank
    Diego Salamank 2 months ago

    we want a scorpion back

  • Stefano Zanetti
    Stefano Zanetti 2 months ago +1

    beautiful woman...i love scorpion and your song...a hug and a kiss from Italy

  • Rocco Muscarello
    Rocco Muscarello 2 months ago

    she has it all

  • Jamie Murrell
    Jamie Murrell 2 months ago

    oh my...

  • The Accidental Druggist

    This rendition really sucks balls. There’s no life in the melody. It’s a rendition you fall asleep to. Maybe it’s on purpose as it relates to the creeper Katherine is singing to.

  • Karen Brandwein
    Karen Brandwein 2 months ago +1

    Excellent. Wow.. That was fantastic.. I don't particularly like this song. But Katherine Mcgee rendition is fantastic. Love it. Perfect. Not only does she sound Great. She looks Great. Love that Dress too.
    Best rendition of Day and night I've ever heard. Does anyone know what year this was done?

  • Don Kaveen
    Don Kaveen 3 months ago

    you may not kiss the bride.

  • TheWonderfulWorldOfAiden C.

    If you know her from American idle you’re a real one

  • gerhard sochor
    gerhard sochor 3 months ago +5

    Lyrics :
    Night and day, you are the one
    Only you 'neath the moon or under the sun
    Whether near to me or far
    It's no matter, darling, where you are
    I think of you day and night
    Night and day, why is it so
    That this longin' for you follows wherever I go?
    In the roarin' traffic's boom
    In the silence of my lonely room
    I think of you day and night
    Night and day, under the hide of me
    There's an oh, such a hungry yearnin' burnin' inside of me
    And its torment won't be through
    Till you let me spend my life makin' love to you
    Day and night, night and day
    Night and day, you are the one
    Only you 'neath the moon or under the sun
    Whether near to me or far
    It's no matter, baby, where you are
    I think of you day and night
    Night and day, why is it so
    That this longin' for you follows wherever I go ?
    In the roarin' traffic's boom
    Silence of my lonely room
    I think of you day and night
    Night and day, under the hide of me
    There's an oh, such a hungry burning inside of me
    And its torment won't be through
    Till you let me spend life makin' love to you
    Day and night, night and day

  • yozpay ozpay
    yozpay ozpay 3 months ago +1

    Sing pop

  • Waltkat
    Waltkat 3 months ago +1

    After watching this video I immediately jumped on Amazon and ordered her CD, "I Fall In Love Too Easily", Lol. This song is on that CD along with eight other great classics. Sultry doesn't even begin to describe this CD.

  • Hidenori Ogata
    Hidenori Ogata 3 months ago


  • heizl tubog
    heizl tubog 4 months ago

    Underrated voice!! Gosh!

  • K R.
    K R. 4 months ago +1

    The way she does her riffs/runs is so unique. Love it.

  • Bud Jeansonne
    Bud Jeansonne 4 months ago

    I'm sorry, but she just doesn't sell it to me. This is a sultry song about deep love. It is to be interpreted with a smooth legato line. First of all, she looks like she sees Dracula and frightened out of her wits, and the line is too jerky. The song isn't about her voice. She displays an effort to bring attention to herself and knows little about the meaning of the song and makes no effort to give us its' feeling.

  • Ginger D
    Ginger D 4 months ago +6

    Wow, Katherine as a fan I
    would like to see you do
    a CD. With the blues, a variety
    of soft jazz and a lot of soul.

  • Yves Laurant
    Yves Laurant 5 months ago

    The emotions in this video is so amazing it hurts. To all the hopeless romantics we will all have our day where we get that feeling in our hearts.

  • Saundra Kielborn
    Saundra Kielborn 6 months ago

    Just beautiful 💕

  • DANIELX _284
    DANIELX _284 6 months ago

    You and elyes gabel they made a good couple

  • Caelan Mclaggen
    Caelan Mclaggen 6 months ago +2

    Make a cover of Can't take my eyes of you
    Loved your cover on scorpion

  • Casa Entertainment
    Casa Entertainment 6 months ago +1

    Great job with this song. Kudos

  • mervatmqal
    mervatmqal 6 months ago

    i like you .. all waybfrom Yemen

  • EC S
    EC S 6 months ago

    She has a lovely voice. But her rendition of this Cole Porter classic is stiff, lifeless, boring.... makes me want to go to sleep ...........

  • John Peasant
    John Peasant 7 months ago

    Frank Sinatra's version is the standard as far as I'm concerned, but then Frank didn't sport cleavage like this either

  • Lesamel Bañares
    Lesamel Bañares 7 months ago

    I may be late , but i still want to say this to you. Katherine i'm in loved with you :)

  • Kai Alexandria
    Kai Alexandria 7 months ago +5

    Why isn't she bigger!??!?! Been in love with her since 'Love Story'
    Ugh my heart

  • Augustin
    Augustin 7 months ago +1

    Nice cleava... cough-cough dress

  • AdmrlLocke
    AdmrlLocke 8 months ago

    Wow! What a stunning, talented singer!

  • Fred Wallin
    Fred Wallin 8 months ago

    She look very much like Mia Malkova.

  • Paul
    Paul 8 months ago +5

    Everyone who knows Katharine from scorpion like xD

  • DearAbbeyLouise
    DearAbbeyLouise 8 months ago

    This song is amazing!!

    ZACKY X 8 months ago

    Paige is love ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Crafterbabo 3000
    Crafterbabo 3000 8 months ago

    When is Scorpion Season 5, 6 ...?

  • Crafterbabo 3000
    Crafterbabo 3000 9 months ago

    Will Scorpion Season 5,6 ... be there?

  • Miguel Chavez Gomez
    Miguel Chavez Gomez 9 months ago +1

    hello katharine is a very beautiful person I love your performance in scorpions I love your way you cheer my life with your smile I love you and I would like you to send me a greeting I am from Mexico and I am fascinated with your performances and you have a beautiful voice

  • Nanook of the North
    Nanook of the North 9 months ago

    sounds great but looks terrible...is she the next Whitney ?

  • do or die
    do or die 9 months ago

    her voice,,,,man im speechless

  • Odie Martin
    Odie Martin 9 months ago +2

    Should have won on American Idol

  • BuilderOneClick Chile
    BuilderOneClick Chile 9 months ago +4

    I love you Katharine, I love you since your first presentation on American Idol ... Saludos desde Chile!!

    • PokerHostal
      PokerHostal 7 months ago

      otro fanatico de chile por aca...

    ROMAN PERFILOV 9 months ago


  • Ashanti Jones
    Ashanti Jones 10 months ago

    Her voice is amazing lm gown of this way of singing

  • Betty Bean
    Betty Bean 10 months ago

    What is a beautiful talented woman like this doing with that old piece of shit david Foster

  • Ana Camara
    Ana Camara 11 months ago

    Sensacional, essa moça é um fenómeno. Canta com o ÚLTERO, canta como gente GRANDE. Parabéns Katherine McPhee.♥🌷🙏☝☝☝☝

  • Gaming Facile
    Gaming Facile 11 months ago

    Beautiful crazy Song

  • Gaming Facile
    Gaming Facile 11 months ago


  • Katharine McPhee
    Katharine McPhee 11 months ago +1


  • Tthom2
    Tthom2 11 months ago

    did this dude really say his name is . . . "Chase Manhattan" ? ? ?

  • Endy Radityo Hendriadi
    Endy Radityo Hendriadi 11 months ago

    Ralph must be so proud!

  • Alfredo Toscano
    Alfredo Toscano Year ago

    So perfect

  • Kelly Ta
    Kelly Ta Year ago +3

    discovered her from smash

  • Shine the Light
    Shine the Light Year ago

    Looks and a good voice.

  • Beth Valdez
    Beth Valdez Year ago


  • Alex_ Ribel
    Alex_ Ribel Year ago +1

    This voice is so amazing i love the voice ❤

  • Ron Krupovich
    Ron Krupovich Year ago

    This version of that Cole Porter classic is unforgettable.

  • senorkaboom
    senorkaboom Year ago

    Yeah. She’s OK.

  • Liquid bend
    Liquid bend Year ago +1

    wow......never ever heard this singer and I have to say I'm captivated .....spellbound....she is amazing

  • KP11520
    KP11520 Year ago +1

    David.... You DAWG! Not that I can blame you!

  • Linda Pixton
    Linda Pixton Year ago

    Super, superb version, maybe the best version I've ever heard of this song---Katherine ,you knocked this one out of the park!

  • Eisen J Eisen
    Eisen J Eisen Year ago

    She sounds very sexy and she has a lot of feeling

  • Megan Castle
    Megan Castle Year ago

    Man, this girl is making me cry! So much depth. She didn't have to change this song inside and out to make it her own, as so many artists do, she simply felt it. And every moment of this song I felt her presence, both her pleasures and pains. Thank you, Katherine. And PS. Hot video

  • Janice Murphy
    Janice Murphy Year ago +3

    People who want to see and hear a living goddess hear is she.

  • michael vainer
    michael vainer Year ago

    BRAVO !

  • Say When
    Say When Year ago +3


  • Kevin Scott Hall
    Kevin Scott Hall Year ago

    From day one on American Idol, I had hoped she would do an album of standards. Someone out there heard me! Thanks, Katharine!

  • Roger Davis
    Roger Davis Year ago +1

    Mighty fine on all accounts...and drop-dead gorgeous!

  • Laura Zeller
    Laura Zeller Year ago


  • A Doozer
    A Doozer Year ago

    I look at this woman....drop my load.

  • Nichts schlägt einen Astronauten!

    Nice dress...
    Greetings from Germany!

  • oneclickaway1
    oneclickaway1 Year ago +6

    Never heared of her, just accidentally saw her performance for frank sinatra’s “iv’e got you under my skin” with chris botti and immediately fell in love! She deserves the fame and glory of big stars, i wish she would be more known ❤️

  • Francesca Quastana
    Francesca Quastana Year ago +1

    I luv u I luv soo much your songs... it’s wonderful and you too McPhee ❤️ congratulations

  • Marianne Harbo
    Marianne Harbo Year ago

    Beautifull interpretation 🌷

  • Carlos Schvartzman

    OMG!...Sooo beautiful, sexy, talented, unsurpassed voice... With a soft subtle arrangement. Gorgeous musical video clip alltogether.

  • Tony Phillips
    Tony Phillips Year ago

    Baby you're my dreamboat

  • Carmen Farine
    Carmen Farine Year ago

    Date someone your age. You look horrible with that old man

  • Cheryl Johnson
    Cheryl Johnson Year ago +1

    she needs better management. how come she isn't doing albums

  • Al Albertini
    Al Albertini Year ago

    Between the voice and the dress I'm I'm I'm I just am speechless.

  • Pat Doyle
    Pat Doyle Year ago +1

    As one of the American Idol experts (Barry Manilow, if I recall) said - she is born to sing the standards.

  • Pat Doyle
    Pat Doyle Year ago

    I absolutely love this girl. She could sing ANYTHING and I think I would like it.

  • cholak
    cholak Year ago +2

    It's a shame that kids do not embrace the standards until they mature.

  • waynerjson
    waynerjson Year ago

    Extremely easy to fap to.

  • Zhn Yvsca
    Zhn Yvsca Year ago


  • Music Icon Web Blogger

    I love this singer! She is very talented!

  • emir feizal
    emir feizal Year ago


  • Rayphid
    Rayphid Year ago

    Scropion love 💪😽

  • βud Small
    βud Small Year ago

    just saw her do this on PBS...black dress slit almost up to her waist...sexy af! 🎤😍