Would Headlights Work at Light Speed?

  • Published on Feb 25, 2015
  • If you were driving at the speed of light and turned on your headlights, what would happen?
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    Sources and extras below!!
    Thanks to Jude for asking me this question on twitter! twitter.com/stefanikj5/status/550865272895447041
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    a different perspective from Sixty Symbols about light slowing down: thexvid.com/video/cihn0zwe5bk/video.html
    Why is “c” the speed of light?
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    Light speed is the same in all inertial frames of reference:
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    animated drawings by Guy Larsen twitter.com/guylar
    rocketship animation by Eric Langay twitter.com/ericlanglay
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  • Ricarda Due
    Ricarda Due 6 hours ago

    Multiverses make no sense. Than there would also be universes who destroy ours

  • Kingslay989
    Kingslay989 14 hours ago +1

    Irrational numbers: Keepin’ it real since the beginning of time😎

  • SerDrinksAlot/Acana Garrow

    I mean can't the simulation use a random number generator to constantly generate additions to Pi that don't repeat?

  • javier aguilar
    javier aguilar 22 hours ago

    Watching this at 2 am. Now I won’t be able to sleep.

  • Alex Mason
    Alex Mason Day ago

    Fuck off we both know Earth is flat and the fastest thing is the speed of sound

  • Hector Nonayurbusiness

    Simulated Universe would explain all the NPC's

  • Greta finz
    Greta finz 2 days ago

    Check out The Number of the Beast - a science fiction novel by Robert A. Heinlein
    ...Or IS it science fiction?

  • DriveJapan
    DriveJapan 2 days ago

    I hate these videos that take a hypothetical and treat it like a theoretical. "Impossible, cars can't travel at the speed of light." No shit Sherlock, that's why it's a hypothetical question. It's a statement that doesn't need to be made and sounds pretentious. But then turn around state some concession as if you doing some favor.

  • Brandon Ottosen
    Brandon Ottosen 3 days ago +1

    the reality is the great attractor is a giant planet and we are orbiting around the sun orbiting around the Milky Way orbiting around the great attractor (and we and the other galaxy's are just sum little dust cloud that the Giants (not the football team but aliens) have been investigating for life) which is orbiting its own sun orbiting around its own galaxy and...

  • Bazooka Llama Productions

    Castle Crashers music.

  • Gayatri Chitale
    Gayatri Chitale 3 days ago

    do you think i understand this
    i don't
    are you happy now

  • Paweł Sadecki
    Paweł Sadecki 3 days ago

    Wait it is key to teleportation
    Loosing mass and travelling with the speed of light
    How to turn humans into fotons and undo that later ?

  • Plenus
    Plenus 3 days ago

    8:34 God.

  • Karma Loop
    Karma Loop 3 days ago

    we live in a black hole i dream about it i hear from you about it my eyes are literarly a black hole the only thing this universe cares is attracting energy to give it back on some other end if we look at physics we can tell that if we look the chemist way every amino attracts another amino to build and preserve energy and at death to give it away again its so simple and yet not truly to understand as a being

  • Huy Hồ
    Huy Hồ 3 days ago

    If you're traveling faster than the speed of light and turn on your headlights, you will create a light-nicboom

  • Cade Carlson
    Cade Carlson 4 days ago

    By like 10 minutes i completely forgot what this video was about

  • Josiah Peters
    Josiah Peters 4 days ago

    Vsauce... always good stuff! It's an interesting thing though... that people can flirt with the idea that they were created by intelligence as part of a simulation that gives their life no purpose. But as soon as you tell them they were created by Intelligence WITH a purpose, ah well that's impossible!

  • Ekiri Dream
    Ekiri Dream 4 days ago

    Even if we're in a simulation, we're real enough.

  • breakdanc3
    breakdanc3 4 days ago

    Vsauce does movement correlate to time?
    if so would a moving vehicle begin to slow its forward movement due to time dilation?
    What is the point of slowing of time if it does not have an effect on movements.
    Also, If there is no absolute frame of reference, Then what is the determining factor for a body at rest to not time dilate, and then what is the determining factor which declares a time dilation to occur? Are you suggesting there is an absolute frame of reference for light which determines time dilation?
    please i need help with this.

  • RandomWhiteGuy56
    RandomWhiteGuy56 4 days ago

    Nothing better than watching vsause stonned

  • Melkior Wiseman
    Melkior Wiseman 5 days ago

    Irrational numbers are only irrational because we insist on using the base ten number system.
    As an example, consider the value one-third (1/3). In decimal, that's 0.3333 repeating endlessly.
    But only in base 10. If we switch to base 3, then one-third becomes 0.1 exactly.
    So if we chose the correct number base, Pi and the square root of 2 would be rational numbers.
    So what's the correct number base for each of these? I haven't a clue. I only have a guess that the "base" would have to be a decimal number itself... which is kind'a weird!
    Which also describes me very well. ;)

  • Ogre Onion
    Ogre Onion 5 days ago

    What if we are in a simulation, but they just put us here so we could solve these irrational numbers

  • John Rich
    John Rich 6 days ago

    Yea, unless PI is just a number that we created, while in a simulation.

  • WhoistheJC?
    WhoistheJC? 6 days ago

    Pi repeats at the Graham's Number digit. Change my mind!

  • WhoistheJC?
    WhoistheJC? 6 days ago

    Irrational numbers... Keeping it real. That is one multilayered joke! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Lukeamania
    Lukeamania 6 days ago

    Light speed is too slow. We're gonna have to go right to.... LUDACRIS SPEED!

  • Daniel Bojidarov
    Daniel Bojidarov 6 days ago

    Iuhuhuhuheeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuuuuuihhuuhuhu vvvvvvssssssooooaaase

  • Stephen Ritger
    Stephen Ritger 6 days ago

    We live in a strange universe...

  • BabaDka
    BabaDka 6 days ago

    8:30 Didn'y Fry ask this question to Dr. Farnsworth?

  • Selva Hechicera
    Selva Hechicera 6 days ago

    Most people believe they live in a simulation. They just call the programmers "God." Bipeds are weird.

  • Alexander p
    Alexander p 7 days ago

    I'll t-bone a photon with a proton

  • Mahmoud Maguid
    Mahmoud Maguid 7 days ago

    Mind blown.

  • Alexander p
    Alexander p 7 days ago

    So no resistance to photons, let's smash photons head on or at 90 degrees

  • Zachariah M. Baird
    Zachariah M. Baird 7 days ago +1

    What if a God created a universe that created a simulation that created another universe that has us in it.

  • Legacy J Discord
    Legacy J Discord 7 days ago

    Yes but not very useful, In empty space .....awesome brain teaser though best ever........it would shine but not any faster than its light sorce.

  • Shubham Agrawal
    Shubham Agrawal 8 days ago

    Irrational numbers make us real, while irrational behaviour is seen as illness.

  • Coco Bonkers
    Coco Bonkers 8 days ago

    schrodingers universe

  • georgi genov
    georgi genov 8 days ago

    i imagine after 500 years someone watches this video and says hold my beer with his light speed car

  • Yuhyun Kim
    Yuhyun Kim 8 days ago

    If this life is a simulation by another smarter beings wouldn't they have put infinite things in their simulations to fool people? How do we know that smarter beings didnt already came up with infinite storage

  • Annoying Guy
    Annoying Guy 8 days ago

    1:44 that representation is so wrong. You need to watch the sixty symbols video on why light travels slower in glass

  • Robert Hess
    Robert Hess 9 days ago

    If photons have no mass then light wouldn't be sucked in by a black hole since gravity only affects mass....

    • Ali Mert
      Ali Mert 8 days ago

      A black hole also sucks in time. So time has mass. Where is my nobel?

  • Sumanta Adhikari
    Sumanta Adhikari 9 days ago

    We already had built thing that can travel at speed of light. Bulb 💡 of course the light of bulb travel at the speed of light 😂

  • Reinnemann2
    Reinnemann2 9 days ago

    Did Michael make this video which scared the shit outta Elon about how slim our chances were of living in the one true universe or did Elon get scared first and then inspire Vsauce to make this video?

  • Raymond Jones
    Raymond Jones 9 days ago

    As far as the simulation goes, maybe there is an end to irrational numbers and that's when their computer breaks, our simulation crashes, they throw their computer away and buy another one.
    BTW why cant irrational numbers be simulated?

  • Raymond Jones
    Raymond Jones 9 days ago

    Can light photons slow down and coalesce, becoming matter?

  • Chris P Bacon
    Chris P Bacon 9 days ago

    dose that mean we could be travelling at the speed of light?
    serious question.

  • Narfeded
    Narfeded 9 days ago

    Soooo, we time travel all the time???

  • KuroNiCiK
    KuroNiCiK 9 days ago

    So... will the back lights dont move? Because we are adding distance to light

  • I Don't Know What I'm Talking About

    I think I'm real, but aren't.

  • RayVitoles
    RayVitoles 10 days ago

    what a joke.Every1 knows we have 3 suns in our solar system *pff*

    FLAVIOCERZ 77 10 days ago +1

    You already confused me Michael I just came to see what would happen and now I'm more confused than before watching the video you look like Neil De Grace Tyson ,That's Neil Only more Young and I do not want to be racist but white but now I'm in doubt 🤔

  • CV 2153
    CV 2153 10 days ago

    Great, now you tell me we are in some kids SIM city game after all these years of fake relationships, classes, stress, and fake sleep. No wonder I'm tired all the time and everyone around me is divorced.

  • Tom Taylor
    Tom Taylor 10 days ago

    This guy's had waaay too much cocaine

  • Duddy E
    Duddy E 10 days ago


  • Martin Olson
    Martin Olson 11 days ago

    The Life of the Cosmos!

  • Mark M
    Mark M 11 days ago


  • Mr Banana
    Mr Banana 12 days ago

    Put a boombox on a skateboard and move it forward. Have another still one. Its not light, but it proves a point.

  • CThienV
    CThienV 12 days ago

    The reason we have irrational numbers is because our simulators are running iOS 11

  • Alexander Sigma
    Alexander Sigma 12 days ago +1

    хуль наши переводчики это не перевели? я над этим в своё время мозги ебал, не над переводом, а над сутью вопроса из видею XD

  • MrDacedric
    MrDacedric 12 days ago

    Irrational numbers are the seeds from the universe that is simulating us. They're what allow randomness to happen.

  • J3 Blanton
    J3 Blanton 13 days ago +3

    Watching this while high is the best thing I’ve ever done in my entire life

  • Derp Derp
    Derp Derp 14 days ago

    Heh, it sounds like the Buzzfeed unsolved music in the beginning

  • GamerBoy
    GamerBoy 14 days ago

    does atoms has mass

  • ohRez
    ohRez 14 days ago

    It’s a interesting topic but light speed cars are so in the future this topic should just be brought up when the time comes lol if it does

  • CHill TACtics
    CHill TACtics 14 days ago

    Irrational number be keeping it rational

  • CHill TACtics
    CHill TACtics 14 days ago

    Y r my ads in spanish

  • CHill TACtics
    CHill TACtics 14 days ago

    It would go speed of light times 2... rip

  • prass tamma
    prass tamma 14 days ago

    save your time

    the answer's at 0:36

  • Addicted 2This
    Addicted 2This 14 days ago

    4:06 those are some hella *T H I C C* ships

  • Human
    Human 15 days ago

    3:55 took me a two or three repeats but I got it... and it's fascinating.

  • Lane
    Lane 15 days ago

    But what if we're a simulation made by a simulation by a simulation by a simulation...

  • Matthias Giuliani
    Matthias Giuliani 15 days ago

    5:36 for 15 seconds of brainfuck

  • TheWidow
    TheWidow 15 days ago

    Moon Men plays at 8:04

  • Alnas Kabeer
    Alnas Kabeer 15 days ago

    But it is also possible that the species (or the God) that created us needed some building blocks for constructing the universe.. In one of his videos about randomness, he said that random information are true information and that non random info may contain patterns... And if we don't have real info to start with, then we can't generate patterns (like our number system).... So may be irrational numbers are the true building blocks of physical laws and quantum interactions are the true building blocks of the simulations... (Also I think, there cannot be infinitely accurate details if someone makes it because that would take, you know, infinite amount of time... And the simulation would have never gotten executed....)

    • Alnas Kabeer
      Alnas Kabeer 15 days ago

      What i am trying to say is that we may be still living in a simulation...

  • Anthony
    Anthony 16 days ago

    He lost me when he brought about the c

  • Paul Dike
    Paul Dike 16 days ago

    Who said photons have no mass?

  • Nicholas Lee
    Nicholas Lee 16 days ago

    I like this video, but the irrational number disproof of us living in a simulation is flawed. Even in a simulation, the rules of maths are the same as the real world, and so you can build a computer in the simulation or in the real world that can happily calculate the theoretical value of pi to any finite desired precision, without you being able to tell if you are in a simulation or not. This process simply isn't testing for infinite precision of the physical world, it is merely an iteratively applied algorithmic rule to calculate the theoretical value of pi.
    However, no physical process in a simulation can be simulated with infinite precision, so only by taking physical measurements of pi to exquisite accuracy, and then discovering that the measurements contain an intrinic rounding error would the AI beings in the simulation being able to tell they were in a simulation.
    There may be other indications aside from measurements of irrational-constants that we could use. It could be argued that discovering that energy comes in quanta, and the existence of the planck length, are both hints that we are AI beings in a digital simulation limited by a finite precision; however, I do not consider these conjectures meet the standard of conclusive evidence.

  • Ziko Pastoft
    Ziko Pastoft 16 days ago

    No. Because you would travel as fast as light. The only reason headlights work is because light travels faster than your car

  • Luv Dwivedi
    Luv Dwivedi 16 days ago +2

    Why It is called LIGHT⁉️

  • Luv Dwivedi
    Luv Dwivedi 16 days ago

    Why is called LIGHT

  • Hand some
    Hand some 16 days ago

    Time is a stubborn illusion

  • Sunbro94
    Sunbro94 17 days ago +2

    I simultaneously feel so very special and so utterly worthless every time I watch a vsauce video.

  • The Pokédrawings
    The Pokédrawings 17 days ago


  • krutik patel
    krutik patel 17 days ago

    What is the black light?.

  • Kabulput
    Kabulput 18 days ago

    How can an object have no mass and exist? Isn't light made up of stuff? Someone please explain.

  • GMSryBut
    GMSryBut 18 days ago

    But wait. Maybe the "irrational numbers" have a program like Minecraft. In which the world is only further processed, if one comes close to the border. What if Pi just get more numbers, when someone get close to "our actual end"

  • MR. No One
    MR. No One 18 days ago

    Me after smoking crack
    Universe ain’t real. I live in a shoe

  • LetsTalkAboutMath
    LetsTalkAboutMath 18 days ago

    Being capable for one to travel at light speed would be like teleporting. You would feel to teleport in just an istant in the place where you want to be teleported. But wouldn't be only a teleport in space but even a teleport forward in time, since during the travel in which you didn't expirience any time passing, the rest of the universe did. So you hypotetically can travel in the future but with no manner to come back in your past

  • Papa Glow Eyes
    Papa Glow Eyes 19 days ago

    My earth has 2 suns...

  • DGtv
    DGtv 19 days ago +1

    Regarding irrational numbers and the endless series of digits in pi, I imagine that a procedural (creating data algorithmically as opposed to manually, aka 'random') simulated universe would have many such never-ending sequences, since they could be infinitely generated by procedure. We may never find an end to those sequences even if the procedure is finite because it could be stacked on a procedural number of procedures -- a total number of which might exceed the largest number the universe is capable of. Just my two cents, maybe I'm talkin' out of my butt... 😂

  • Lungam Bangyang
    Lungam Bangyang 19 days ago

    ok wait you guys have only 1 sun? did i accidentally came to a different multiverse? or did my MeTube account accidentally had an access to different multiverse internet?

  • Entropy wins
    Entropy wins 20 days ago


  • altareggo
    altareggo 20 days ago


  • altareggo
    altareggo 20 days ago

    hhhmmmmmmmm .... i C what you did there!!

  • MegaJohnny
    MegaJohnny 20 days ago

    A simulation explains nothing and hence.. a bad theory.

  • uDropper
    uDropper 21 day ago

    9:15 it would have been much cooler if you said "A universe where you have 1 sun"

  • Hank J. Wimbleton
    Hank J. Wimbleton 21 day ago

    "...but earth has two suns" dude how weird would that be? To live in a universe where we have one fewer sun

  • luca lallemand
    luca lallemand 21 day ago

    Why does the green ship look like the one from Futurama

  • Bowie
    Bowie 21 day ago

    9:32 is this beatles revolution 9?