Top 10 Highest Earning YouTubers 2021

  • Published on Jan 15, 2022
  • Influenced by Dexerto - Forbes put together a list of the highest earners of 2021 in the TheXvid space. This list has some powerhouse names including MrBeast, Jake Paul, Markiplier, Dude Perfect, Logan Paul and more. Who will find their way onto this list next year?
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Comments • 590

  • DesXTea🍵
    DesXTea🍵 4 months ago +1225

    The fact that the kids make more money in a year than i will ever do in my entire life is kind of depressing and awesome at the same time

    • Guys Storm Gaming
      Guys Storm Gaming 2 months ago

      @Requis absolutely true 💪

    • Somewhatnotofwho
      Somewhatnotofwho 3 months ago +1

      @Graeson yeah

    • PickleGameZ
      PickleGameZ 3 months ago

      I cannot even earned those even being a kid but I make adult 18+ content

    • lol
      lol 3 months ago


  • TheSuperGamer
    TheSuperGamer 4 months ago +593

    God I love Markiplier, he's just such a kind guy

  • Aaron Macinnis
    Aaron Macinnis 4 months ago +310

    Bro the only reason I don’t mind Preston making this much is because he was an og member of the pack

    • 27te
      27te 3 months ago

      @VBitti what

    • VBitti
      VBitti 3 months ago

      @27te in your mind

    • TheGreatGooseGod
      TheGreatGooseGod 3 months ago

      @yygderghv Did you not read what I said earlier. He used to be funny and I don't dubt he still is but he is trying to be kid friendly which makes him lose is touch.

    • yygderghv
      yygderghv 3 months ago

      @TheGreatGooseGod Bro I'd like to see u come up with something original and funny

    • TheGreatGooseGod
      TheGreatGooseGod 3 months ago

      @yygderghv "in different words". First of all I said I prefer his old content, which still has him giving away money BUT also has acual funny jokes and fun challenges instead of him just copying the entirety of squid game.

  • TheLonelyMoon
    TheLonelyMoon 3 months ago

    Its interesting in a way that, I've been out of touch with Preston's channel for years
    He seems to have changed his audience completely, I didn't even know if he was still uploading or not. I reminisce the old days but good on him, happy that he found what works. Same for Unspeakable. I haven't heard his name in years! Happy for him tol

  • Los Merengues
    Los Merengues 3 months ago +1

    Bill gates is a youtuber too
    Before y'all say
    "HE'S AN ENTREPRENEUR AND AN SOFTWARE DEVELOPER WHY ARE YOU COMPARING HIM TO TheXvidRS" the thing is that the rest of them mostly earn with sponsors and their merch and etc

  • notyeddi
    notyeddi 4 months ago +8

    The fact that both Paul’s made it up there in the list, especially jake for being 2nd place 😂

  • Rai Taesali
    Rai Taesali 3 months ago

    Bro i grew up watching gmm and it was my favorite thing to watch. crazy to see how far they had gone

  • Masharu Diran
    Masharu Diran 3 months ago +1

    Im so happy mark still going strong

  • MysterE
    MysterE 4 months ago +84

    Used to watch the Unspeakable guy a while ago. Glad to see he’s still making bank lol

    • Unsavigeable
      Unsavigeable 3 months ago

      I used to watch unspeakable and that's where I got my username from

    • That One Jeff Guy
      That One Jeff Guy 3 months ago

      @Lunar Shorts not anymore I don’t think, he got an island house a while back.

    • Lunar Shorts
      Lunar Shorts 4 months ago

      Doesn't Unspeakable live in Texas?

    • Burger King
      Burger King 4 months ago

      @Vaishali Kide frrr

    • Burger King
      Burger King 4 months ago

      Same lol used to love watching his content back in the day

  • Sakir Hussain
    Sakir Hussain 3 months ago +1

    Sad not to see PewDiePie on the list but he is doing fine, haven't changed after so many years and living a joyful life. So yeah, that's all I want👍👍👍

  • PotatoBushes
    PotatoBushes 4 months ago +139

    Unfortunately for the children that are making millions on TheXvid, their parents are making sure to have an absolute field day.

    • Seth Tavendar
      Seth Tavendar 4 months ago +3

      @PotatoBushes yeah foreal just sitting there watching it with my baby sister makes me realize how much the content they produce is bad and exploitative towards their own children

    • PotatoBushes
      PotatoBushes 4 months ago +4

      @Seth Tavendar thank God, kids don't deserve to be cash cows

    • Seth Tavendar
      Seth Tavendar 4 months ago +4

      @PotatoBushes yup can’t monetize it anymore

    • PotatoBushes
      PotatoBushes 4 months ago +4

      @Seth Tavendar really?

    • Seth Tavendar
      Seth Tavendar 4 months ago +5

      can’t make money from kid content anymore

  • ✨Luigi✨
    ✨Luigi✨ 4 months ago +1

    “Who will take the cake in 2022”
    MrBeast: *Lol*

  • JohnJoe Cooper
    JohnJoe Cooper 4 months ago

    Did anyone really think MrBeast wouldn’t take #1

  • Content  Central
    Content Central 4 months ago

    Good to see some decent youtubers on thst list

  • Saki咲
    Saki咲 3 months ago +1

    Dang Ryan’s still going strong? I remember my younger brother watching the kid when he was like 5 years old or something

  • Yuli Setiyorini
    Yuli Setiyorini 4 months ago +1

    Me seeing unspeakable being top 5:this TheXvidr has gone to it's limits

  • XΛП
    XΛП 4 months ago +4

    Damn I use to watch unspeakable glad he's doing really good

  • VanSiar
    VanSiar 4 months ago +13

    Been years since i watched unspeakable. Glad he's still doing well

  • lamest possum
    lamest possum 4 months ago +10

    i didn’t know preston and unspeakable were still popular. saying this makes me feel old but they’ve been big since i was a little kid lol

    • RayBlader
      RayBlader 4 months ago

      But still 2018 were the best year of unspeakable for me because he spends alot of time with the squad and do really funny videos with them

    • RayBlader
      RayBlader 4 months ago

      They are actually more popular this year that 2016-2019 due to quarantine he gained 4 or 3 million subs and that make him can buy the vlog house

  • aminre
    aminre 4 months ago

    Glad to see unspeakable made it to the top 10 bro was my favorite creator when i was a kid

  • Ryan Buttars
    Ryan Buttars 4 months ago

    I kinda want GMM because they have been here for as long as I can remember

  • SilkyRooster
    SilkyRooster 4 months ago +5

    Mr beast actually said before he really doesn’t make too much since he gives it all away and most the money are from sponsors

    • AllisterTheGreat
      AllisterTheGreat 3 months ago

      This counting how much they earn, not how much they spend.

  • Jellyboi1234
    Jellyboi1234 3 months ago

    Its not a mistake ✨Its a MASTERPIECE ✨

    • Mario
      Mario 3 months ago

      Who here likes Bendy?

  • Jello
    Jello 4 months ago

    Actually MrBeast told us that the 4m or so he makes on each video he spends on the next one

  • YoYoitsMohsin
    YoYoitsMohsin 4 months ago +5

    Omg, I didn’t expect to see my homeboy Unspeakable up their, good job my man

  • Mokhtar 67
    Mokhtar 67 4 months ago +1

    Happy to know that Markplier is in the 3rd place :D

  • Aarav Goyal
    Aarav Goyal 2 months ago

    mrbeast prob gave away like all of the money he earned he is such a nice guy

  • cxlorfulrxinbows
    cxlorfulrxinbows 4 months ago +5

    I’m glad me beast and markiplier is there ❤️

  • Idk what this is
    Idk what this is 4 months ago

    I'm surprised that Unspeakable is higher than Preston this year

  •  原神Calvic Camide アニメ

    Damn those kids are making more money than my own family

  • סימא סימפסון

    I was like, oh Mr. Beast isn’t even on the list, and then he was number one 😂

  • Myles Bunting
    Myles Bunting 3 months ago

    Mr Beast is nice and he definitely deserves it

  • Loren Gunderson
    Loren Gunderson 4 months ago

    Oh my gosh, I am so surprised that Mr beast is #1 I never thought of that

  • Kim Jong Un
    Kim Jong Un 4 months ago

    MrBeast will forever be in this list to be honest

  • Uzumaki Sasuke
    Uzumaki Sasuke 3 months ago

    What will the kids do with the money when they know a lot of things in future

  • JellyGame
    JellyGame 4 months ago +33

    We all already know that Mr Beast will be at the top

  • cormac
    cormac 4 months ago +1

    Beast going to crush it again this year

  • Sliiime_
    Sliiime_ 3 months ago

    But let's be real, The only thing the kids get is a happy meal and the parents take everything

  • Kraze_
    Kraze_ 4 months ago

    Anybody wondering how they know their salary?

    CHAPAFRINO 4 months ago

    Them: Who will take the cake in 2022
    Me: *turns on watch me*
    Song: You already know who it is

  • IQinfinity188 BigBrain
    IQinfinity188 BigBrain 4 months ago +11

    damn ryan kaji still there he literally never gets old lmao

    • Mario
      Mario 3 months ago

      Yeah I love his videos

    • Lunar Shorts
      Lunar Shorts 4 months ago

      And Nastya, who is she?

    • Smriti Mondal
      Smriti Mondal 4 months ago

      @Yairsense X He started yt at around 3 or 4

    • Yairsense X
      Yairsense X 4 months ago

      Just checked his age how the hell is he only 10 it feels like years since I've heard about him

    • IQinfinity188 BigBrain
      IQinfinity188 BigBrain 4 months ago

      @F0rb lmao indeed

  • Cheese man
    Cheese man 3 months ago

    Headhunter ODST should be on that list!

  • Please help me my dream is to get to 100k subs

    I think that Mr Beast will be the top creator and the most earning one

  • Anish Kumar
    Anish Kumar 3 months ago

    Mrbeast deserves to earn billions of dollars🔥

  • Tyrone Canale
    Tyrone Canale 3 months ago

    Imagine a 10 yrs old kid earning 20m already while u still learning in school

  • Wael Saifan
    Wael Saifan 4 months ago

    Why do I feel like everyone knew Mrbeast was going to be number 1

  • Staracast
    Staracast 3 months ago

    Dang unspeakble grew on preston lol and its sad to see jacksepticeye not on this list

  • Obito Uchiha
    Obito Uchiha 4 months ago

    The fact that a 10 year old is a millionaire is crazy

  • Game hood
    Game hood 3 months ago

    Mrbeast does not really count he uses his money immediately after getting it

  • Gogo_lazy
    Gogo_lazy 3 months ago

    Bruh kids literally make more money than me mom and dad 💀😭✋🏻

  • Péter Mayer
    Péter Mayer 4 months ago

    If I had to guess at least 90% of Markiplier's earnings was charity

  • Jordan Mark
    Jordan Mark 4 months ago

    Gotta love making minimum wage and seeing 8 year olds make millions

  • ❤️Wilbur❤️
    ❤️Wilbur❤️ 4 months ago +8

    ✨✨Let's go Markiplier!!!!!👍✨

    • ❤️Wilbur❤️
      ❤️Wilbur❤️ 4 months ago

      @AltStatsSimple PCG LOL 🤣

    • AltStatsSimple PCG
      AltStatsSimple PCG 4 months ago +1

      @❤️Wilbur❤️ don't try to hide it, you meant love and a stan

    • Rydon
      Rydon 4 months ago +3

      @❤️Wilbur❤️ avg stan

    • ❤️Wilbur❤️
      ❤️Wilbur❤️ 4 months ago

      @Rydon no thank you also i like Wilbur.

    • Rydon
      Rydon 4 months ago +3

      change your entire acc

  • TheEnergiseGamer
    TheEnergiseGamer 4 months ago +15

    I love How TheXvid Became a Money Game and Pewds Fell Out of the Top 10....Thats how you know he's retired and just enjoying it right now....

    • Coopdog 0108
      Coopdog 0108 4 months ago

      Because pewdiepie is falling off real bad. He was something like 3-2 years ago

    • Random Youtuber
      Random Youtuber 4 months ago +1

      He didn't fell out to be honest . TheXvid is kind of banning him . He said himself that youtube is paying him way less than someone with the same amount of views gets .
      TheXvid dislikes pewds and they show it clearly .

  • The Ralsei channel
    The Ralsei channel 4 months ago +26

    That’s truly depressing this list just hurts my brain

    CHONKY CAT 3 months ago

    No matter what one day if Mrbeast gets lower than #1 place, the guy who counted will be wrong

  • zero
    zero 4 months ago +1

    Mr beast doesn’t make any money he puts it right back into his videos he makes very little because of that. But still a good content creator

  • Maria Affan
    Maria Affan 4 months ago

    Its not a mistake its a master piece

  • Nesisiriyum
    Nesisiriyum 3 months ago

    I’m pretty sure Mrbeast is at least triple that much.

  • YtHard
    YtHard 4 months ago

    MrBeast is destroying early 2022 with his new project that he said is gonna be better than squid game

  • Ink Demon Beast
    Ink Demon Beast 4 months ago

    I knew Preston and Mr.Beast would be on here

  • Woobly
    Woobly 3 months ago

    Mrbeast Will have the lead for a long long time

  • Fatmira Muco
    Fatmira Muco 4 months ago +13

    I knew Mark had money , but HOLY SHIT 38 MILLION DOLLARS WTF .
    Probably the best you tuber as well.

    • sus
      sus 4 months ago +1

      Mark bought a house worth 4 million so quite convincing. And yes he deserves everything

  • // Emerald1229 \\
    // Emerald1229 \\ 4 months ago +1

    Mrbeast will dominate again in 2022. Not even a competition tbh

  • Evil
    Evil 4 months ago

    Wow from 24m to 54m in a year

  • Shark Flee the facility

    I used to watch unspeakable alot. It's a shame that he changed his style of content.

  • Your momma
    Your momma 4 months ago

    I feel like the children are basically losing there childhood doing TheXvid

  • freezy
    freezy 4 months ago

    ksi and logan paul are going to be at the top of this list in 2022 it ain't gonna be close

  • 「 -angelclvudii !- 」

    The fact jake Paul made more than logan-

  • Boyan Ganev
    Boyan Ganev 4 months ago +1

    Probably Mr Beast again, that boi is just insane

  • Ice
    Ice 4 months ago

    Someone explain how Unspeakable made that mich

  • Shreyan Banerjee
    Shreyan Banerjee 3 months ago

    Mr Beast is going to be the best creator from 2020 till the day he stops uploading

  • Useful
    Useful 4 months ago +1

    Dam kids are earning more than Logan Paul and Dude Perfect

  • George Tech Gaming
    George Tech Gaming 3 months ago

    Technically Mr beast made 50.5 million be cause he spent 3.5 million dollars on the squid game video
    Edit: he would still be first lol

  • ANN0B1S
    ANN0B1S 4 months ago

    Mark deserves more

  • foxxygranpa87
    foxxygranpa87 4 months ago

    Is this based off of TheXvid earnings alone or are they factoring in merchandise sales sponsors and boxing?

  • Glendabergr
    Glendabergr 4 months ago +1

    Me thinking about people working hard at a job and my friends and people working hard on content and then a 7 year old kid makes 27 million dollars it’s kinda sad ngl

  • APchopss
    APchopss 4 months ago

    i’m tryna be on that list

  • Sajlir Celaj
    Sajlir Celaj 4 months ago

    Who will take it in 2022?
    Me: not Jake Paul

  • The Shadow Assassin
    The Shadow Assassin 2 months ago

    Markiplier deserves to be at the top

  • Someone Sus
    Someone Sus 21 day ago

    They do be like “imagine being poor”

  • dheepika Chander
    dheepika Chander 4 months ago

    Its sad to see jake ahead of logan

  • Cristian Rojas
    Cristian Rojas 4 months ago +4

    I'm still trying to figure who the hell is nastya

  • MaybeNico
    MaybeNico 4 months ago +1

    I predict, next year there will be someone new.

  • Μανωλης Μαλουτας

    You have to love Mark

  • OfficialDarkPlayz
    OfficialDarkPlayz 4 months ago

    Mr beast wont just take the cake he will buy the whole bakery

  • V12 jayz
    V12 jayz 3 months ago

    Both damn Paul's, man I bet Ohio's proud

  • onurov
    onurov 3 months ago +1

    İ remember PewDiePie on top of the list

  • Naruto
    Naruto 4 months ago +1

    I always wondered why is Preston's last name Arsenal

  • Vexxie_ Youtube
    Vexxie_ Youtube 4 months ago

    Imagine being 9 years ild and u have 20+ million, u know mommy and daddy are taking like 80% of that

  • hello GAMER
    hello GAMER 3 months ago

    pewdiepie be like
    I have made enough in the last decade you guys csn have it

  • Yung Ianis
    Yung Ianis 4 months ago

    Bruh I earn way more than that, I earn 0$. Ez 🤣 (ofc im joking they all deserve that amount honestly, some maybe even more)

  • Adrian Xeth Suba
    Adrian Xeth Suba 2 months ago

    MrBeast is the king of youtube

  • GogetaBlue BG
    GogetaBlue BG 4 months ago

    There is no way that Mr beast gonna lode he is on a subscribing spree

    LUCKY PUCK 4 months ago

    When he said big TheXvid my brain said Mr. B

  • Mario
    Mario 3 months ago

    Thanks for doing my most favorite and childhood TheXvidr RYANS WROLD

  • beach_doggo
    beach_doggo 4 months ago

    Im happy that there is markiplier and rhett & link

  • Bashir Mahmud
    Bashir Mahmud 4 months ago

    Ya’ll just always forget DanTDM

  • Dogoman
    Dogoman 3 months ago

    Nice the Dudes, Ty, Codes, Cobes, Cor, and Gar

  • Taylordood
    Taylordood 4 months ago

    No surprise that MrBeast was #1