Batman: Hush Looks Bland!

  • Published on Apr 12, 2019
  • In today's video, we're going to be talking about Batman: Hush, and the rest of the DC Animated Universe that was established in 2014, after Flashpoint. These movies have always held a big place in my heart, and ever since this new changeup, they just keep getting worse and worse, with a few good ones throughout, but nothing that is memorable, like Under the Red Hood, Crisis on Two Earths, Superman/Batman Public Enemies. These new movies have NONE of that flare or style, and I wanted to give my thoughts about it! So let me know yours! Do you agree with what I had to say in the video, or do you believe these movies are actually good for DC animation, instead of focusing on One-shot stories with the incredible talent behind each individual story? Let me know, and don't forget to like and subscribe if you're new! Thanks for watching, and I'll see you all in the next one!
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  • Salvage1009
    Salvage1009  6 months ago +68

    In today's video, we're going to be talking about Batman: Hush, and the rest of the DC Animated Universe that was established in 2014, after Flashpoint. These movies have always held a big place in my heart, and ever since this new changeup, they just keep getting worse and worse, with a few good ones throughout, but nothing that is memorable, like Under the Red Hood, Crisis on Two Earths, Superman/Batman Public Enemies. These new movies have NONE of that flare or style, and I wanted to give my thoughts about it! So let me know yours! Do you agree with what I had to say in the video, or do you believe these movies are actually good for DC animation, instead of focusing on One-shot stories with the incredible talent behind each individual story? Let me know, and don't forget to like and subscribe if you're new! Thanks for watching, and I'll see you all in the next one!

    • Bojack Sanchez
      Bojack Sanchez Month ago

      Salvage1009 Nice guess. But not even you could guess how much they’d fuck that story up.
      Personally I’d have made a mix between “Hush” and “Heart of Hush” and it would be it’s own story without an extended universe like “Batman vs tmnt” (which is awesome).

    • Reefa Mane
      Reefa Mane 2 months ago

      @thegladve sorry that was Soooooooo long, & don't mind the caps, I just type that way to emphasize certain words/parts, not signifying yelling/anger!
      All GEEK-love baby

    • Reefa Mane
      Reefa Mane 2 months ago +2

      @thegladve I don't mean ingenious in the sense that it was THE BEST PLAN EVER by 'stand-in who shalt be spoiled'.. Just that since majority of fans have already been thru the storyline & know who Hush's identity was in print, DC was gonna have to change it. && even tho that was done, it was done in an almost seamless/believable way with 1 of less than a handful of 'viable' rogues candidates that could do it justice still & also be entertaining af.
      The B-story was also done properly & held solid alone but was even better in conjunction with the A-story without taking anything away from it (FAV. LINE ➡ Nightwing dropping 'Damien' 💣)

    • thegladve
      thegladve 2 months ago +1

      @Reefa Mane i wouldn't go that far as to call the movie's twist ingenious but i will give it this. one, it caught me off guard and considering that the new 52 animated movie series so far offers little to no real plot twist that's saying something and two, the idea behind the twist can make on it's own an interesting story on it's own merits.

  • Joey Henderson
    Joey Henderson Month ago

    The Death of Superman and Reign of the Supermen were way better than Superman: Doomsday. Superman: Doomsday was so condensed and rushed, not to mention they left out the Justice League fighting Doomsday before Superman did and they left out the four Supermen.

  • The Joker
    The Joker 2 months ago +1

    They ruined it...

  • househeadericmd Househead
    househeadericmd Househead 3 months ago +1

    Dude I agree with you 100% but you're just ranting on and on and on some more saying basically the same thing over and over. We get it man. HUSH!!

  • V dog
    V dog 4 months ago +1

    I liked justice League doom

  • HappyGuy99 / Happylord999
    HappyGuy99 / Happylord999 4 months ago +1

    I like the 52 animated universe, as its linked together and characters don't have to be reintroduced and back story's don't have to be repeated over and over again. This helps when maybe 1/3 to a 1/2 of your audience may not read the comics. I also like the fact that villains (my favourite part of films) that are mostly forgotten or unfamiliar to fans are given the chance to be in the spotlight.
    But I see we're your coming from though. The story's of late have not matched under the red hood and the only reasons I watch the films is that I really like some of the characters and some of the villains never appare in any other film.
    Also I can't get into the comics as I don't get paid anuf and there are so many comics I don't know we're to start, but I keep tabs and research characters so I'm not left in the dark.
    The quality of animation is probably due to the short production schedules made by the company in charge, as a media student myself it's hard to animate films, to make 5 second of film there are normally between 7 yo 15 different, individually made frames, due to the look of the films though I'd say between 4-7 frames per second. They need more time to animate and think of a better adaptation from comic books while still keeping it fresh (I'm sure we all don't want to see a frame by frame identical story in the comic and film.

    But for anyone who will try to bit my head of for seeing both sides (as I know some people can be stubborn these days) , if you hate the film, remake it yourself.
    But it's your choice. If you don't like it don't watch it.

  • Ashraf Abdelmagid
    Ashraf Abdelmagid 5 months ago +1

    I agree to a certain extent but you can't blame the people working on the film itself like the animators, etc. They aren't so much doing it for a "quick buck" it's a real job just like any other.

  • Lego Pete 3
    Lego Pete 3 5 months ago

    I was so disappointed when I found out this movie was in this boring universe

  • Joe Kerr
    Joe Kerr 5 months ago

    After seeing the trailer, I'm not impressed.

  • UziNineMillomeetah
    UziNineMillomeetah 5 months ago +1

    I liked a lot of the New 52 comic universe as well as Justice League War. As a whole though the movies are a lot weaker compared to other DCAU films. The Death/Reign Superman movies were the best thing so far IMO, but the Batmans, JL Dark etc have all been very middle of the road. Under the Red Hood still sets the bar.

  • George Franklin
    George Franklin 5 months ago

    Jim Lee is the artist for the New 52, Genius smh!!!

    • Bojack Sanchez
      Bojack Sanchez Month ago

      George Franklin seriously?
      Then why the animation is so inferior to the art in the comics?
      It’s a genuine question. I’m surprised.

  • TheWikitiki123
    TheWikitiki123 5 months ago

    These New 52 DCAU movies have been all fights and explosions and no real substance and story. I think they're hoping that fans will just buy into it. The voice actors that they get is usually of the lowest standard like the girl who voices Raven in Justice league vs Teen Titans. Jason O Mara's Batman sounds like he is eternally bored and never has any tonal shifts depending on a given situation. There are just amateurish mistakes in these movies. Bad Blood for me was possibly the worst. It wasted part of the movie on Batwoman's dating life which had no bearing on the story whatsoever. And I watched the Hush trailer and there was nothing to get me excited about the movie.

  • MechaGoji Bro 7503
    MechaGoji Bro 7503 5 months ago

    The trailer's out now, and yep I still agree. Doesn't draw me in at all.

  • Dan S
    Dan S 5 months ago +2

    Movie looks great. Cluelessly cry harder, dumbass.

    • Dan S
      Dan S 5 months ago +1

      LOL says the moron 12 year old with a cringe-worthy pathetic fake name

  • GTO - CAL
    GTO - CAL 5 months ago +1

    Respectfully disagree with everything on here

  • Shawn DeMarsico
    Shawn DeMarsico 5 months ago

    I wish the animation would change like make it look like spider verse animation how cool would that be also I wish it wasn't part of the new 52

  • J H D
    J H D 5 months ago

    I just hope they get around to doing metal & the Batman who laughs!

  • The Mad Titan
    The Mad Titan 5 months ago +4

    It being in the New 52 just killed any anticipation I've had for it.

  • Bobby Blue
    Bobby Blue 5 months ago

    Sorry but i have to disagree with pretty much everything you are saying. Everyone has a opinion right? Lol

  • StepsintheStyleofD
    StepsintheStyleofD 5 months ago

    I may be the only odd one that likes the new 52 animated movies but nothing beats Under The Red Hood just to point that out. But I do like the new 52 movies for one reason or another could they be better yes

    REIVAX XAVIER 5 months ago

    Fuck u. New 52 is awesome. Your just mad cause it's one big story

    REIVAX XAVIER 5 months ago +3

    It can't be a prequel to red hood because Tim Drake is Robin in the hush comic.

    • teo 5245
      teo 5245 5 months ago

      Well Tim drake doesn't exist in the new 52 movies either

  • Keymo Lo
    Keymo Lo 5 months ago

    i Love young justice animation art. Do u agree?

  • Multimedia Man
    Multimedia Man 5 months ago

    Under the Red Hood and Dark Knight was what got me into Batman

  • Spacey Cat
    Spacey Cat 5 months ago

    Ok u may want different art style and different stories but more people want a connected universe and there listening to us thank god because where the true fans who’s been here since day 1 with dc we read there comics watch there movie play there games can’t say the same for u

  • L3D 10Nyy
    L3D 10Nyy 5 months ago

    I dont like that nightwing is so weak he is the best fighter of the bat family and my favorite dc character. He even compares with batman and he should be able to beat damian and he could even kill him and about that talon on batman vs robin he should have been able to kick his ass and if they dont make him together with barbara im never gonna watch new 52

  • commander cody *
    commander cody * 5 months ago

    I don't mind the new 52 movies they are just lacking stuff and the voice actors are not the same the other ones were better

  • commander cody *
    commander cody * 5 months ago

    Forget Jason o Mora he is not Conroy I have imagined these. Movie with the 2001 Justice league show

  • commander cody *
    commander cody * 5 months ago

    You are right I don't want this into the new 52

  • Lizloveslight1111
    Lizloveslight1111 5 months ago +1

    Some people just don't realize these new 52 animated movies are a whole lot better than the DCEU. I say let's give it a shot. try and be optimistic.

  • Esdras Ruiz
    Esdras Ruiz 5 months ago

    Flashpoint and Gods And Monsters were the last good Animated DC movies

  • CruelSponge
    CruelSponge 5 months ago

    Definetly agree with you here! It had so much missed potential but nonetheless im still pretty exited since there haven't been more than one animated DC movie i disliked (The one being Batman Ninja) because all of them is pretty much high quality movies

  • Devin Kavanaugh
    Devin Kavanaugh 5 months ago

    I do wish they would do more creative one offs like before but I also love the inner connected animated universe as well .

  • jdgjordan
    jdgjordan 5 months ago

    I know there are a 100 better reasons to hate new 52 dc movies but i cant ever get over the sheer disrespect they showed Tim Drake my 3rd favorite superhero of all time just fu... them all.

  • Thomas Welbourn
    Thomas Welbourn 5 months ago +1

    I can't stand these New 52 movies, the art is awful, and they are so poorly written, and they are so dull and surprisingly uninspired, which is weird because they are inspired by the comics...
    I don't mind them simplifying the art style, or finding one that suits the story being told, like what they did for Year One, they tried to make it look similar. Comics change the artwork to fit the story, as these movies keep the same ugly character models and bland set design for every story, how do they expect to tell great stories with such a lack of imagination.
    As for voice talent, actually hire voice actors, it's kinda their job, they are able to voice multiple characters sometimes too and nobody notices; not that I have problems with the regular actors, some can pull it off, but take Jason O'Mara for example, five years of voicing Batman and he still hasn't found the distinctive voice to use.
    And as in relation to the comic stories, it doesn't do them justice, not even the characters, Tim Drake's place keeps getting cut from these because he isn't established in this world and other dumb things like that... And I'm not saying these have to be ripped straight from the pages, but if they want to change something at least make it good, like in Under the Red Hood (as mentioned in the video)
    I'm a bit upset that The Batman (2004) never got to do Hush, it was the next animated movie set for the series after Dracula, but that one didn't do well enough and I think due to how that series mixed things up, it could have been interesting.

  • Andrew Miller
    Andrew Miller 5 months ago

    My favorite was probably either justice league new frontier or Batman: mystery of the batwoman

  • Andrew Miller
    Andrew Miller 5 months ago

    O green lantern first flight. That was also a really good animated movie

  • Andrew Miller
    Andrew Miller 5 months ago

    I remember old dc animated movies. Flashpoint, new frontier, Batman vs Dracula. Those movies were dope as fuck

  • Silverbullet96
    Silverbullet96 5 months ago

    100% true dude!!! The new 52 animated movies are a fuckin disgrace! Suicide squad: hell to pay broke DC's animated 52 hard on, but then we get Hush and it's a fuckin shot to the heart for fans of Hush and the real DC animated movies! Fuck off new 52 animated movies

  • Rebekah Segun
    Rebekah Segun 5 months ago

    Unpopular opinions:
    -I actually really like the New 52 animated movies
    -AND I like Damian Wayne.
    -AND I think Jason O'Mara makes a fine Batman (though I still do like and appreciate Kevin Conroy)

    Don't understand why people think he's overused. Like, how many frickin' adaptions have the other Robins like Dick Grayson and Jason Todd been in? Damian only came into exsistence in 2006 and only made his debut in animation 5 years ago. All the other Robins have been adapted into TV and film for decades. I just think a lot of people are too tied up in nostalgia to see the bigger picture. I don't see anything wrong with the New 52 animated movies. They're a different and more relatable take on the characters than the pre-crisis ones and that's okay.

    • Rebekah Segun
      Rebekah Segun 5 months ago

      @Thomas Welbourn Not to me they aren't.

      And I do agree I would really like to see Tim Drake and Jason Todd in the DC Animate Films too. And that can still happen at some point in time. They already introduced Batgirl, so I think Tim and Jason will come eventually.

    • Thomas Welbourn
      Thomas Welbourn 5 months ago

      It's because we want to see Tim Drake as Robin, he is the most successful Robin DC ever did, been the first to have his own series, and Jason as Robin is rarely used.
      These movies to comic readers are dull and surprisingly uninspired.

  • Mr. William
    Mr. William 5 months ago

    Flashpoint was good and a few after were fun like Assault on Arkham, hell to pay, and that new fatal 5 movie. I even liked death of Superman even though reign of the supermen was awful. Besides those, everything else after flashpoint was awful. I hope when they eventually get around to doing Long Holloween that this new52 animated universe will be long gone.

  • Christian
    Christian 5 months ago +2

    I like the idea of a consistent animated universe with roughly the same consistent cast throughout and some semblance of a continuity but yeah I'm not exactly a big fan of how they decided to pull it off with the movies they made. You're right they don't really have their own personality or atmosphere the art style's somewhat bland the animation's pretty stiff and the cities don't even feel distinct from each other. Not to mention I'm not a big fan with a lot of the choices they made as far as adapting the characters.

  • capnumericka
    capnumericka 5 months ago

    Everyone’s a fucking critic. Don’t watch it if you don’t like it skunk turd. Yeah. Let’s judge a whole show from 50 sec. don’t listen to this fucknugget. Now all of a sudden everybody’s opinion fucking matters. Keep your opinions to yourself nobody gives a rats rectum what you think.

    • Salvage1009
      Salvage1009  5 months ago

      lol Or maybe it looks bland because all of the other movies in this universe look exactly the same? And I haven't been watching them lmao because they're fucking garbage and clearly worse than the previous animated movies. Also, and nobody cared, especially you since you're telling others not to care, why comment? And why does this video have 20,000 views if no one cares? Uhh, maybe you're stupid, or dense, or perhaps both lol I will continue to speak the truth about these ass movies until something is done about them, and I bet I'll make people like you mad along the way :)

  • Just Some Guy with a Mustache

    I don't understand why they hamstring themselves by sticking with this single shared animated universe. The DC Animated Movies used to be fun because we were excited to see what they were going to do next. They found a way to emulate Ed McGuinness's AND David Mazzucchelli's art once upon a time. Now everyone looks wrong and the sets look the same. I bet the fight scenes will look great and that'll somehow redeem the movie for fans of these types of movies. As for me, this'll be the 8th consecutive pass.

  • Megami Dreemur
    Megami Dreemur 5 months ago

    Batman animated movies were already bland since harleh quinn movie

  • Carlos Gonzalez
    Carlos Gonzalez 5 months ago

    New 52 along with Damian Wayne have ruined the animated universe, they're pretty bad in my opinion

  • Muhlester Moon
    Muhlester Moon 5 months ago

    The New 52 Animated Universe pisses me off...The Pre Crisis Universe Animated movies are far better

  • NP138
    NP138 5 months ago

    These New-52 Batman movies suck. Give us Conroy back, he actually WANTED to make a cool version of Hush.

  • Peter Stellenberg
    Peter Stellenberg 5 months ago

    Haven't they announced a sequel to the great Wonder Woman film they did in 2009 ? That would be neat. It was a terrific movie, great cast, story and animation.

    • Salvage1009
      Salvage1009  5 months ago

      They confirmed a Wonder Woman movie, but no info yet on whether it's out of canon, or in this animated universe.

  • Red Hood
    Red Hood 5 months ago

    Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay was a direct sequel to flashpoint and was on par with the older animated movies. Also, Batman Ninja at least looked neat, still better than any New 52 universe shite.

    • Salvage1009
      Salvage1009  5 months ago

      It did have pretty unique animation, and you're right about Hell to Pay

  • Hunter N
    Hunter N 5 months ago

    They did it to the Killing Joke, Gotham by Gaslight, and the New 52 animations look like shit.

    SSTWELVE 5 months ago

    Its just time for DCAU to go into Rebirth

  • Persona Hearts
    Persona Hearts 5 months ago

    I don't remember anything about Reign of Supermen and I only saw it like 2 weeks ago. Forgettable trash

  • Persona Hearts
    Persona Hearts 5 months ago

    The only one I've really liked so far out of the post flashpoint movies is Suicide Squad Hell to Pay

  • Yishai Rotter
    Yishai Rotter 5 months ago

    I was sure they were going to do it in a separate universe, where they could go wacko with Jim Lee art and the classic cast (Kevin Conroy, Mark Hammil/Troy Baker, Tara Strong). I was just severely disappointed when I realized it's in the new 52 movie universe

  • Joe P
    Joe P 5 months ago

    They stopped putting money into them because they all were getting pirated

  • Nathan Sutton
    Nathan Sutton 5 months ago

    The New 52 animated films I actually like the most and I like their Teen Titans more than the old 2003 series that I grew up as a kid, but I am not a fan of Damian Wayne tbh but yea and I actually like their Raven, May not be Tara Strong but she did fine.

  • KingBreezy
    KingBreezy 5 months ago

    I honestly really like these movies but it would be cool to see them transition into rebirth of which we will get 1 a year that are made with passion

  • Squrtle the turtle
    Squrtle the turtle 5 months ago

    Batman versus FUCKING DRACULA

  • Tanty's tales of no good times

    While I agree with some of your points in the video like how they NEED TO PUT SOME MORE FLARE IN, I do have to say that the new 52 line up of movies is not that bad as you put it in the video in my opinion. One of your points was to highlight how hard it is to point out awesome moments quickly, I have to retort that the some of the fight scenes with the justice league and doomsday was pretty awesome or how they fought Darkseid. Also, just 2 personal preferences about the video back a little bit away from the mic a little bit because a lot of your p's and b's came through a little too strong, secondly you did kinda come off pretentious in some parts but overall a pretty fair criticism of the movies.

    • Salvage1009
      Salvage1009  5 months ago

      I agree with your doomsday fight scene. It was nice to see the JL go up against him and use their powers one by one, but still getting their asses handed to them, just to have Superman have a long brawl with him. It was nice, but I can't say the same about the other movies, personally, and the action just takes over the story in most. The works for Death of Superman because that's what the comic was going for, a long drawn out brawl, but the stories in the other animated movies, and even the animation leaves something to be desired. I know about the mic thing lol usually when I'm unscripted, I get a little too close because it's easier for me to record, and in the videos, I do, but those are my true emotions about the topic at hand. I love these stories they're adapting and clearly, from past movies, we know they can do better. It doesn't have to be in a universe, like Marvel. That's what made it cool. Each movie had hype around it because you knew it was going to better than good, it was going to be fantastic. It hasn't been like that since 2014 and most people know this.