Lil Baby Talks Bored Ape NFT & Runs Into YK Osiris at Icebox! 😳

  • Published on Nov 23, 2021
  • In this week's episode, Lil Baby stops by the world-famous Icebox showroom to check out our incredible selection of high-end, luxury diamond jewelry!
    Watch as Lil baby runs into YK Osiris and cuts up with some really funny jokes!
    Lil Baby also shares some insight on his 'Bored Ape' NFT!
    Watch the full episode and comment on your favorite part below!
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Comments • 2 673

  • Blaccitachi
    Blaccitachi 5 months ago +1425

    YK is the friend that everyone disrespects but still invites him to the parties

    • moemoe🫠🤎
      moemoe🫠🤎 13 days ago

      @『JĀY』 ?

    • 『JĀY』
      『JĀY』 13 days ago

      I've got a good group of friends we try to play Xbox every week hmu fr

    • 『JĀY』
      『JĀY』 13 days ago

      @moemoe🫠🤎 yo

    • 『JĀY』
      『JĀY』 13 days ago

      @Arianit Zeqiri you too

    • 『JĀY』
      『JĀY』 13 days ago

      @Dash aye bro do you have Xbox?

  • GoDummii
    GoDummii 6 months ago +1710

    YK standing there like he waiting for Baby to buy him something 😂

    • tommy
      tommy 24 days ago


    • Sobe G
      Sobe G Month ago

      An did

    • Lil Bird
      Lil Bird Month ago +2

      I feel like that's the only reason lil baby pulled his card... he hovering around him even when he count hus money lol

    • Xavier Simmons
      Xavier Simmons 2 months ago +1

      Omm 😂

  • Sixth sense Visions
    Sixth sense Visions 2 months ago +119

    Yk Osiris the punching bag of the music industry because of what he said I feel bad they humiliating the man for speaking out and speaking truth

    • SáJ N1HILO
      SáJ N1HILO 19 hours ago

      @Kyle's Cardz you got some homework to do my boy. You got this.

    • The Wanderer
      The Wanderer 8 days ago

      @Javon Batiste facts

    • Javon Batiste
      Javon Batiste 13 days ago +2

      @Kyle's Cardz pretty much he came out in a video and expose what the music industry be doing too artist behind the scenes. Calling the music industry "EVIL" you can find this video online

    • Jah
      Jah 22 days ago +2


    • Kyle's Cardz
      Kyle's Cardz 27 days ago +5

      What did he say?

  • Luis Akhbar
    Luis Akhbar 6 months ago +302

    The fact that baby just walked into the back got some snacks like it was nothing shows how boss and locked in he is in some places motivation fr 💯

    • Prodigy 3xtc
      Prodigy 3xtc Month ago +1

      No respect

    • Yungflyandrichent
      Yungflyandrichent 2 months ago +3

      @Dimension Eight basically and ppl so blind.

    • Dimension Eight
      Dimension Eight 2 months ago +7

      Motivation to work for the devil

    • Yungflyandrichent
      Yungflyandrichent 2 months ago +4

      Sell ya soul and you can be there too. Long as you got a little bit of talent we got you.

    • Botanical Warehouse
      Botanical Warehouse 4 months ago +16

      I mean fuck he pays their rent you see him there all the time i hope he can walk back there an get 2 dollars in snacks

  • JuicyMagic TV
    JuicyMagic TV 5 months ago +774

    i wont be surprised when ice box itself runs into Lil Baby one day

    • Brandon moore
      Brandon moore 4 months ago

      @Lando VanGogh the kitchen k

    • Glock Dookie
      Glock Dookie 5 months ago +5

      My guy the icebox gonna run into all of us one day. We gonna be frozen stiff enjoy it while It last

    • Jomal Gonsalves
      Jomal Gonsalves 5 months ago +8

      Won’t be surprised if he became the owner 💀

    • Sacred
      Sacred 5 months ago +2


    • Lando VanGogh
      Lando VanGogh 5 months ago +2


  • Tre Strickland
    Tre Strickland Month ago +98

    Y’all know this was spiritual dialogue right? Baby taking the usual demonic pokes and pries at YK’s masculinity (sissy clothes).
    YK mentioning how Baby is just freely spending money, and how he should get a Celine deal (you seem to have no problem with selling out, the evil and nights of losing sleep that comes with it). That was YK’s way of letting him know, I’m here because of a corner I’m being backed into, but my validation comes from God and life, not flashy hunks of metal loaded with stones of no real value in the manner that they’re being used.
    Baby then proceeds to pull out pieces of fabric and stuff them into his Jean pockets. Letting him know, he’s fully entrenched and will continue to embrace the losing team, as long as the false sense of security and luxury is always there. Those with 👀 to see know what I’m talking about.

    • Ohhh Juan
      Ohhh Juan 15 days ago


    • Jayland Randall
      Jayland Randall 15 days ago

      @Corey Mccrea or yk just be on bs, bro was was in debt with baby twice. I look at it as big brother lol brother

    • adrian lopez
      adrian lopez Month ago


    • Double
      Double Month ago +1


    • Corey Mccrea
      Corey Mccrea Month ago +6

      Yk exposed the industry and that's y the celebs try to emasculate him it's called the humiliation tactic bc yk won't sell out

  • Eddie Porter
    Eddie Porter 6 months ago +550

    The face on YK when he seen lil baby pull out all them racks was priceless lmao 🤣

    • leif dunce
      leif dunce 4 months ago +1

      @Reek Rodriguez a lot of artists end up signing bad deals and aren’t getting as much money as you think. especially if they’re not putting out constant hits to remain priority on the label or own their own masters.

    • Ossi Aigbedo
      Ossi Aigbedo 5 months ago +5

      He thought baby was gonna give him that to put in his pockets and let him keep it 😂

    • Hxly SaiSo
      Hxly SaiSo 5 months ago +8

      @Reek Rodriguez He owes a lot of money

    • Reek Rodriguez
      Reek Rodriguez 5 months ago +6

      @Malazan stupid to say that he’s an popular artist, I guess his struggle is way different than ours

  • Ty Griffen
    Ty Griffen Month ago +16

    I say congrats YK you still have something more that's valuable than jewelry and money

  • CurryDee
    CurryDee 6 months ago +5266

    NOT many things in this life are guaranteed, but lil baby being at icebox is one of them

  • jtay tsy
    jtay tsy 6 months ago +96

    When Lil Baby said "Move lil jewelry boy" 😂😭

  • Kweku Jobs
    Kweku Jobs 5 months ago +85

    “ In the jewelery store, lookin' at shit you can't buy “

    • Denise
      Denise Month ago +4

      @Yisra’el THE BESØRAH ヅ right ppl don’t know the truth smh

    • Yisra’el THE BESØRAH ヅ
      Yisra’el THE BESØRAH ヅ 2 months ago +6

      They only doing that cus he spoke out on the industry

    • Kweku Jobs
      Kweku Jobs 3 months ago


    • Kweku Jobs
      Kweku Jobs 3 months ago

      @Larry Hunter For Real 😂😂😂

    • Larry Hunter
      Larry Hunter 4 months ago +2

      He was bout to buy until lol baby walk in he owe him money

  • Dbldareu2
    Dbldareu2 5 months ago +144

    "Never keep a hater unemployed, keep a job for em"-Lil Baby

    • K Sims
      K Sims Month ago

      He was quoting lyrics from a Rocko song off is Self Made

    • Sanchez Dill
      Sanchez Dill 4 months ago +5

      That’s actually a song from Rocko called focus on the money. Lil baby is a big Rocko fan.

    • Anthony Beckford
      Anthony Beckford 5 months ago +3

      That’s actually a law of power

  • Mike K
    Mike K 6 months ago +36


    • James Warren
      James Warren 4 months ago

      Y would y’all even talk this up trifling

    • juju bro w.
      juju bro w. 5 months ago

      Yeah I hope lil baby knows his enemies are watching him wherever he goes to ice box

  • BigHomieBlocks&ZaviaTV
    BigHomieBlocks&ZaviaTV 6 months ago +1716

    Lol YK comedy 😂😂😂 Lil baby be wildn

    • Zamasu
      Zamasu 5 months ago +2

      Aint nothing about this Is comedic…that man owes lol baby 5 bands!!!! And their is nothing funny about that cuz YK doesn’t have it.

    • Rayshawn Morris
      Rayshawn Morris 6 months ago

      No Fr !!

    • 1st Amendment
      1st Amendment 6 months ago +1

      Hell yea Jamie foxx funny as hell he a good actor!!!!

    • CHELO 111
      CHELO 111 6 months ago +6

      Lil baby=jamie foxx

  • Cris Moreno
    Cris Moreno 6 months ago +99

    “Wearing that rainbow shit that’s that sissy clothes” ‘"Osiris let me get them 5 bands " dying at this episode

  • Lakeith Munford
    Lakeith Munford 2 months ago +3

    Love the videos I just hate the price being cut out 😅

  • It's Calimobbin
    It's Calimobbin 5 months ago +15

    Lil baby the goat! Super authentic and never tries being someone he's not. From what I've seen at least

  • GoAboveee
    GoAboveee 6 months ago +12

    Damn boy i felt that energy coming off yk when he got put on the spot he was on pins and needles lol nothing worse than that feeling 😂😂😂😂

  • Twino56
    Twino56 6 months ago +2952

    This episode is a clear cut example of LEVELS 💯

    • Prodigy 3xtc
      Prodigy 3xtc Month ago

      @shotbyronald drip but no common sense

    • Prodigy 3xtc
      Prodigy 3xtc Month ago

      Not sure how spending money on jewelry is levels you can resale that jewelry for what you bought it for

    • ry4nr4mirez
      ry4nr4mirez Month ago +3

      Mark 8:36 "For what shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?"

    • Yisra’el THE BESØRAH ヅ
      Yisra’el THE BESØRAH ヅ 2 months ago

      @Zeztec ion got the energy rn to go back and forth with u all praise goes to Yahuah believe wah u want bro 😎

    • Zeztec
      Zeztec 2 months ago

      @Yisra’el THE BESØRAH ヅ nah you tweakin

  • L P
    L P 5 months ago +28

    You can tell baby had that 5k on his mind from as soon as YK open his mouth 😂😂😂

  • Blake CarringtonBennett
    Blake CarringtonBennett 5 months ago +1

    I love this man's humbleness.

  • Bruce Milnes
    Bruce Milnes 3 months ago +7

    As much as I like watching him blow money on jewelry, it’s nice to know the young man is investing. Smart guy.

  • baby
    baby 6 months ago +4

    That freestyle at the end had me dead 😂😂

  • ItsyaBoii
    ItsyaBoii 6 months ago +3222

    Lil baby never fails to find a way to bump in to someone while he's at Icebox lmfaoo😂😂

    • Pyrorock8
      Pyrorock8 4 months ago

      I think you have it backwards lol. No one ever fails to find lil baby at ice box

    • Solo4real
      Solo4real 5 months ago

      Bro basically lives there, ofc he gonna bump into people 😂

    • Rappers Digest
      Rappers Digest 6 months ago


    • Kato Media
      Kato Media 6 months ago

      He be in there everyday I mean he will always bump into someone

    • carlos uranus
      carlos uranus 6 months ago +3

      Does it on purpose. Has the owners tell him so he can Show up and flex on them

  • Fabian Zarate
    Fabian Zarate 5 months ago +17

    YK should take this as a learning lesson as to how far hard work and consistency can take you. He’s lucky to be around baby and learn how he moves because many would kill to be around him even for a minute.

  • Quinton Ardoin
    Quinton Ardoin 5 months ago +6

    “Watch out lil jewelry boy” 😂😂😂

  • Anterrio Kennedy
    Anterrio Kennedy 6 months ago +9

    Lil baby really just embarrassed tf out of Osiris!!! I would’ve been left if I was him!!!

  • Jordan Ponds
    Jordan Ponds 6 months ago +8

    They edited tf out of this , felt like a Netflix show and Yk was definitely the Villian 😂😂

  • KinginWithJosh
    KinginWithJosh 6 months ago +2704

    I feel like Osiris was there to spend some money, then Lil Baby walked in and he was like, "Shiiiit, I can't spend no bands knowing damn well I owe Lil Baby 5k" 😂

    • Jack Fuego
      Jack Fuego Month ago

      When baby said: I’m just waiting on “hih neh hiht” 🤣 had me dead

    • Jack Fuego
      Jack Fuego Month ago

      I swear to god I’ve been thinking about this almost everyday like “did yk get his next HIT to pay baby back that 5k”

    • Marvin Cezair
      Marvin Cezair Month ago

      @Well Connected BAM!!!

    • Sweeney’s Goated
      Sweeney’s Goated 4 months ago +2

      y does he owe him 5k?

    • Jeremy Nelson
      Jeremy Nelson 5 months ago +2

      Big facts

  • GonSurvive 1000 Years Ago
    GonSurvive 1000 Years Ago 5 months ago +5

    This man is a book to study . I wanna be successful yet focused as this man !

  • Brandon Robinson
    Brandon Robinson 4 months ago

    Some born wit that lifestyle and to c lil baby staying out of trouble and splurging in this rap game

  • Slim Hardaway543
    Slim Hardaway543 6 months ago

    This man got the investments going forever !!

  • Shotta Glock
    Shotta Glock 5 months ago +2

    I swear one day am gonna bump into lil baby when i go to icebox😂

  • Lil Rasta
    Lil Rasta 5 months ago +3

    3:26 baby almost drank the wrong drink 🤣🤣

  • Eddy Lorenzo
    Eddy Lorenzo 6 months ago

    Lil baby doing it right keep up the great work 💪

  • Miko Worldwide
    Miko Worldwide 6 months ago +631

    The real question is who has more money, lil baby or Ice box jewelry. 😅.

    • El Perico
      El Perico 5 months ago

      @Miko Worldwide Wutz ^ brahhhhhh

    • tony neal
      tony neal 5 months ago

      @Manuel Ubisi naw you owe a man pay a man no matter how much money you already have. Wouldn't have to worry bout being clowned on embarrassed and called out

      DEE WILSON 5 months ago

      @Justin 😂💯

    • BuriednFTP
      BuriednFTP 5 months ago

      @VG Player YT they richer if he jus give it to um

    • Dee Dishon
      Dee Dishon 5 months ago +1

      That’s not even a question worth asking, ice box don’t jus make jewelry for Lil baby they make ts for all the rich folk that like to show they wealth around they neccs

  • Mike Young
    Mike Young 6 months ago +3

    My boy Lil Baby💪🏽 full creator of his own reality. Mastermind

  • ComptonBound Realz
    ComptonBound Realz 6 months ago +2495

    Yk looking at baby like “damn he living good”

  • Mr Awesome
    Mr Awesome 5 months ago

    Love your videos! Can you review Weird Vitalik NFT? They are amazing and still in the early mint stage. Huge potential in my opinion! 🧐

  • Travion Albert
    Travion Albert 5 months ago +1

    Baby just causally walks in the back to grab chips 😂😂

  • King Von
    King Von 5 months ago +1

    Why do I feel like am richer than Osiris right now🤣🤣
    Plus I know Damn well he ain't gon make no hit 🤣🤣

  • EL 3PA
    EL 3PA 6 months ago +1


  • Terrence Hayes
    Terrence Hayes 6 months ago +1789

    YK just standing around looking like a fan😂😂😂😂😂

    • Ty Griffen
      Ty Griffen Month ago +3

      A fan that still has his soul and his manhood so who really is the loser in this situation him or Lil Baby 🤔?

    • Morromalandro
      Morromalandro 3 months ago


      STRIKEYTHEHAMSTER 5 months ago

      @Reek Rodriguez that’s what he told the internet you not gonna buy 300k earrings and ask a rapper for 5 grand and don’t pay back after 5 months lol

    • ebon curry
      ebon curry 5 months ago +1

      I think he was going to buy something but then he realized he owe lil baby money so he just stopped😂😂😂

    • Bj Montana
      Bj Montana 5 months ago +1

      @Nicco OnGo if y’all pay attention y’all would c him grab a watch wen the vid first started

  • SlimeyYT
    SlimeyYT 5 months ago +6

    “Lemme slide by you right quick lil jewelry boa”😂😂😂

  • Free Agent
    Free Agent 6 months ago +3

    "Let me slide by you right quick lil jewelry boy!"😅
    He was clowning bruh the whole time!😂

  • Aerus Jokaire
    Aerus Jokaire 21 day ago

    That has to be one of the worse feelings in the world. Knowing you owe someone money and that someone finds you at the jewelry store.

  • BreUnique
    BreUnique 5 months ago +1

    Lil Baby the type to think they really his friends 😂😂 Icebox love that dude money

  • Vetements
    Vetements 6 months ago +2024

    Rumor has it if you go to Icebox between the hours of 12-6pm theres a 70% chance Lil Baby will spawn

    • Meach Beats Productions MBP
      Meach Beats Productions MBP 4 months ago

      @Zasshu if it was Pokemon Yk trying to owe them all instead of catching em.

    • Dally and Deen Gaming
      Dally and Deen Gaming 5 months ago

      On God this guy sleep at Ice box

    • Zasshu
      Zasshu 5 months ago

      This ain't Pokemon Go bruh 🤣🤣

    • ShoutAce
      ShoutAce 5 months ago

      Yoo Im smacked and laughed hard asl and my heart felt like it was gone stop

    • Ceejay Maravilla
      Ceejay Maravilla 5 months ago +8

      Lmaoo lil baby be like legendary pokemon that spawns only in Ice Box 🤣🤣🤣

  • Alex V
    Alex V 6 months ago

    When all you can do is smile 😂

  • Cody
    Cody 4 months ago

    "I'll invoice your label." LMAOOO. Bro I'd do the same thing. YK that kid in school that would always say "can i borrow $5" a thousands times but never pay anyone back. bro you in debt pay up 💀

  • Eric Hightower
    Eric Hightower 5 months ago

    13:25 the look on his face 🤣

  • Jihad Shabazz
    Jihad Shabazz 6 months ago +1

    Yk standing there hoping lil baby buy him something 😂😂😂

  • Robert Gabbard
    Robert Gabbard 6 months ago +2046

    You know he's working there when he just goes in the back and grabs some snacks😂😂😂😂

    • Desean Neal
      Desean Neal 5 months ago +1

      When you pay well you get treated well

    • slim 414
      slim 414 5 months ago +1

      U see 1 of the workers opened the door for him as he walked by 💪💯

    • Trieu Bui
      Trieu Bui 6 months ago +1

      @Pedro Grilo 10:18

    • Pedro Grilo
      Pedro Grilo 6 months ago +1

      time pls

    • Miles Jones
      Miles Jones 6 months ago


  • Andre King
    Andre King 5 months ago +2

    Osiris clocking the shit outta baby money 😭😭😭

  • Coblux
    Coblux 5 months ago +5

    “I don’t like the rings with the uh..”
    “With what?”
    “Yeah how much this cost?”
    Baby really got money too burn 😂

  • Lil E
    Lil E 5 months ago +4

    You can tell baby got irritated when yk said something about his rings 😂😂 that man didnt let up after that

  • Quality K
    Quality K 5 months ago +15

    Yk: “you got like 5 rings like that. You just be buying sh*t”
    Lil Baby: “oh yea” 😈😈😈😈😈

  • Jaime Rivera
    Jaime Rivera 6 months ago +1053

    I don’t know how close / friendly Lil Baby is with YK Osiris, but this should be a lesson to everyone that if you owe someone money, pay them back as soon as possible. It’s such a bad look to be buying stuff when you know you still owe someone.

    • TheModding69
      TheModding69 3 months ago +2

      you can tell they ain’t close. you can tell lil baby was bugged out with him the entire time

    • brown pride
      brown pride 5 months ago

      Facts I always said the same shit

    • Reek Rodriguez
      Reek Rodriguez 5 months ago +3

      & while on camera, so embarrassing lol

    • Riot R
      Riot R 6 months ago

      @Negus6 exactly

    • Michael McCrary
      Michael McCrary 6 months ago +25

      Yes sir. If u owe someone u look for them. And pay them.🤟🏾💯 Don’t let the person u owe have to come look and catch up to u. Shit just sad..

  • Javier Solis
    Javier Solis 6 months ago +1

    If the culture didnt spend money on jewelry imagine how the jewelry market would be.

  • Kris Jordan
    Kris Jordan 5 months ago +4

    “I don’t think these rings that…how much this cost” 😂😂

  • Jacobo Maya Morales
    Jacobo Maya Morales 3 months ago +1

    "ill wait on yo next hit!" -lil baby, knowing damn well this man YK aint dropping nun but shii

  • immortal-HAMZA
    immortal-HAMZA 5 months ago

    Yk reminds me of when I was a kid with my mom doing groceries waiting for her to buy me something

  • T Stash
    T Stash 6 months ago +976

    Lil Baby Is The Perfect Example Of Being Really Real And Humble At The Same Time

    • X brus
      X brus Month ago

      @brandon williams but that’s not being humble

    • Simple Name
      Simple Name 5 months ago +1

      There was nothing humble about him in this video.

    • Ethan Kandolo
      Ethan Kandolo 5 months ago


    • K
      K 5 months ago +1

      @Mj Goat he’s not humble at all

    • Nicholas strain
      Nicholas strain 5 months ago

      @Rey Proximo lol I don't need one I can buy my own chain you peasant

  • เหี้ยตู่.

    YK : Why don't you bring some to me?😂

  • Young Boy
    Young Boy 6 months ago

    Coloca legenda Brasil 🇧🇷

  • Jose Sanchez
    Jose Sanchez 7 days ago

    Yk taking notes 📝 🤣🤣 love how lil baby straight flexxin on him 🙌🏽 I mean being in debt ain’t a good look

  • Cal Carr
    Cal Carr 5 months ago

    I woulda gave him 5 racks right there just to save myself some of the embarrassment 😂

  • King I Savality
    King I Savality 5 months ago +1

    *10:31** - **10:33** that boy yk osiris so damn funny my stomach hurt* 😂

  • jett
    jett 6 months ago +1

    10:32 😂😂😂😂😂

  • harsheet chawaria
    harsheet chawaria 4 months ago +1

    Just give baby a room in ice box 😭💀

  • 🩸BHrazy Khoppa💥
    🩸BHrazy Khoppa💥 6 months ago +2

    He slick popped his shit on YK the whole time🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • CashFlo KweeZy
    CashFlo KweeZy 6 months ago +1657

    Man I'm absolutely lovin every second of Lil Baby flexing on Yk 😂😂

    • PoeDollaz
      PoeDollaz Month ago

      He really cool with bruh, but he doing it cause he got to. He has his orders too. I think he didn't make it too harsh tho. S/o Lil Baby.

    • Morromalandro
      Morromalandro 3 months ago


    • Reek Rodriguez
      Reek Rodriguez 5 months ago

      @CashFlo KweeZy YK music is okay tho but yeah he’s no Lil Baby lol, YK don’t even be saying much in his music, all he got is good quality & that’s it

    • Elisee Jacques
      Elisee Jacques 5 months ago


      OKADRIVN 5 months ago

      @32 Dizz his fit weak and he was just lookin

  • BrysonChapmanTV
    BrysonChapmanTV 5 months ago

    Lil baby been checking his jacket the whole video😂

  • Safe Security
    Safe Security 6 months ago

    One rapper I respect and admire. Money hungry and investing in the right things

  • Ynw Bando
    Ynw Bando 6 months ago +1

    Bra grabbed snacks like an employee 😂

  • Oscar Flores
    Oscar Flores 5 months ago

    Lmaoo Baby be feeling himself 😂😂😂😂

  • maseo conway
    maseo conway 6 months ago +1819

    I think Lil Baby just love the experience of buying jewelry, at this point, he is just doing it for our entertainment, because he already has most the stuff he comes and buy, like that has to be his 100th Cuban bracelet lol

    • 1st Amendment
      1st Amendment 6 months ago

      Hhahha hell yea Jamie fox a good as actor!!! He be having me dieing!

    • Nesha Turner
      Nesha Turner 6 months ago

      @jay stackz facts

      FAST CASH CLASS 6 months ago

      He’s not always there buying jewelry, he just always goes to keep his jewelry clean & maintained… & while he’s there he just looks at what new designs they have & if it’s something he just so happens to like, he’ll buy it… Also if you pay attention, he said he’s buying those bracelets & other jewelry for somebody else. Lil Baby always buying jewelry for other people

    • Chace Bonanno
      Chace Bonanno 6 months ago

      He goes too hard

    • NoLimitJio
      NoLimitJio 6 months ago +1

      Nah big dawgs awayz want tha new sht

  • Yinka A
    Yinka A 5 months ago +1

    Super flexed when he went for them snacks 🤣🤣🤣

  • TeeMoney YC
    TeeMoney YC 6 months ago +4

    Finna have YK online shopping for now on 😂

  • feerio09
    feerio09  5 months ago +1

    Love your work ice box

  • Guts
    Guts 5 months ago

    Lil babys face on the thumbnail 😂😂😂

  • Jermaine Shh
    Jermaine Shh 6 months ago +936

    If YK Osiris was to ever go in the back and get snacks like baby did....he’ll get thrown out 😂

    • Sxm Atlxs
      Sxm Atlxs 5 months ago +3


    • Aye Mula
      Aye Mula 6 months ago +24

      Security def woulda yolked him up by his collar and throw him out uncle phil style 😭😭😭

    • Young Tobbie
      Young Tobbie 6 months ago


    • d q
      d q 6 months ago +2


    • Barhartt 989
      Barhartt 989 6 months ago +4

      Funniest comment

  • Rafael Cazares
    Rafael Cazares 6 months ago +1

    Lil baby dropped a triple double at icebox, flex game was crazy

  • The New Niche
    The New Niche 5 months ago

    Thanks for them jewels lil baby!💯

  • Tareek bostick
    Tareek bostick 6 months ago

    I guess I gotta show my sons how to do it 😭😭😭

  • Demarcus Q
    Demarcus Q 6 months ago

    The fact baby said he was gonna pay thru the wire and walks outside to pose with what looks like at least 500 bands+ maybe a milly in cash😂😂

  • Eisley Parks
    Eisley Parks 6 months ago

    What baby told London 😂😂😂hilarious

  • T Dizzle
    T Dizzle 5 months ago +1

    I swear baby be there more than some of iceboxs full time
    Employees 😂😂

  • Banksquiat 313
    Banksquiat 313 5 months ago

    Lil baby probably got his own room in icebox 😂😂

  • wildwild21
    wildwild21 5 months ago +2

    A real dude humble and takes care of his ppl!!!!

  • the2kgod
    the2kgod 6 months ago +792

    Bruh Baby just walked into the back like he owns the place… and then it hit me he do own the place 😂😂😂

    JAY LUX 6 months ago +16

    YK Osiris hittin tf out that puff stressing bout his next hit while Baby fessing him up😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  • tommy
    tommy 24 days ago

    I feel so bad for YK 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Adz G
    Adz G 3 months ago +1

    Yk that friend that prays on your downfall his face priceless🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Big Taeda The God ‼️

    Jewelry Just Elevate Any Fit On God 🔥🔥

  • Navy Sammy
    Navy Sammy 6 months ago +5

    this man lil baby knows where they keep the chips at and everything😂

  • Thirty Seven
    Thirty Seven 6 months ago

    He couldn’t stop smiling

  • Robert Davis
    Robert Davis 6 months ago +1

    Baby spitting dat Rocko!!! Real Atlanta shit!💯💪

  • EnTroke AndoCuhh
    EnTroke AndoCuhh 5 months ago +1

    Lil baby shop at Ice Box like I shop at Walmart. 😂🤣

    KING MOEZUS 6 months ago +215


    • Have you seen George Hennen ?
      Have you seen George Hennen ? 5 months ago +2

      @ChronoSerge he was feeling that new jacket he said it himself that's why he even posted a pic on instagram

    • John Gotti
      John Gotti 5 months ago +6

      @ChronoSerge he can’t love himself?

    • ChronoSerge
      ChronoSerge 5 months ago +8

      Dude was in the mirror every few minutes. He is not humble. 🤣🤣

    • Ibro Mussolini
      Ibro Mussolini 6 months ago +16

      This was straight scripted. Lil baby was definitely paid to speak on Moonpay. YK seem like he was part of the show too. Just ain't kno he was gonna be the comedy relief.

    • JuJu NYC.
      JuJu NYC. 6 months ago +5