Reacting to cringey Roblox DATING videos

  • Published on Dec 29, 2021
    today I react to Roblox dating videos people made like 10+ years ago ! I was this same cringey kid no hate to anyone

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  • Flamingo


  • Weachie Peachie

    i really gotta give him credit for his merch ads…. god damn😭

  • TrashyCan

    The way how he sells his merch in the most unique makes me respect him.

  • Julia
    Julia  +704

    I am shocked that Albert still can remember someone from 12 years Ago and even his "girlfriend"

  • bucket
    bucket  +255

    i like how albert can memorize people that he used to hang out with in like 2009 or 2012

  • crunchyorange

    its pretty crazy that the community was so small at the time like a rural city where everyone knows each other.

  • Yourlocalcringe

    Lets just accept that the way he shows his merch is always a masterpiece

  • Lettuce
    Lettuce  +7

    The fact that Flamingo does such strange stuff to promote his merch is so fascinating.

  • d u
    d u  +525

    His dedication to making these weird yet absolutely blessing merch ads genuinely puts a smile on my face.

  • Average Human

    albert has the best way of promoting his merch, nobody can top him

  • Aven Palmer

    Lets take a moment to appreciate how much Albert dose for our entertainment

  • all yours
    all yours  +152

    the fact albert made a plot deeper than the literal titanic to advertise his merch

  • Ash
    Ash  +4

    yall better respect this man for the way he sells his merch, Literally oh my god.

  • Astr0Luci

    Albert isn’t just telling stories, he’s ending lives.

  • Robby Robot

    i like how the first thing that comes to mind when albert thinks about how old someone is after 15 years is

  • PuffyShade
    PuffyShade  +603

    Can we just appreciate the effort it took to clean up that milk afterwards.

  • Swaggy Bobaddy

    The man knows how to promote merch thats for sure :/

  • /?Scorpio¿\

    This man goes through things like making him self dirty and pouring milk on a plushie, respect 😂

  • Eliot-Fletcher

    No wonder my dad never came back with the milk. Albert bought it all for the add.

  • evan
    evan  +6

    this man puts more effort into his merch ads than anyone ever has in TheXvid history.