• Published on Dec 11, 2019
  • On this episode the cast talk about BBL and insecurities!
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  • girl900 dina
    girl900 dina Month ago

    The end "hannahh mek sense"

  • Homer Simpson
    Homer Simpson Month ago

    1. Not every woman is attracted to men.
    2. How could he say “I’m trying to educate you” bruh she’s right. You have had a BBL so you can’t educate anyone.

  • queen x
    queen x Month ago

    yasmin is just 🤢

  • Cocoa Butter
    Cocoa Butter Month ago

    They go so hard, calm down it's just a disscussion. That's how you can tell shes insecure. They talk hard ashit😂😂

  • Noir Lily
    Noir Lily Month ago

    So Esther had a BBL?

  • Queenprecious4life
    Queenprecious4life Month ago

    The click bait made Silvia hair look like Yasmins hair 🤣🤣

  • lxlucylu88
    lxlucylu88 Month ago

    Why do the men look better than the women

  • Small Talk
    Small Talk Month ago

    I never knew this show could get trashier..... it did

  • Mathius S
    Mathius S Month ago

    What? Esther had a baby? No way!

  • kwame opoku
    kwame opoku Month ago

    It looks like shes been denied visa in thumbnail

  • Jay0161 Blazing
    Jay0161 Blazing Month ago

    Mans got a umbro T-shirt on 😂😂 done out ere

  • Dawn4j
    Dawn4j Month ago

    😶😯😮 Noooo he didn't!!!!?

  • RiddleF7
    RiddleF7 Month ago

    Girls moving aggressive is too unattractive, black girls are done out here

  • priscilla Bee
    priscilla Bee Month ago


  • MB
    MB Month ago

    Straight away "big man ting yehh...brav"
    "From my personal experience"

  • kemzz Kemzz
    kemzz Kemzz Month ago

    "From my personal experience "
    OH COMON!!!!!😣😣😣

  • Osas O
    Osas O Month ago

    P. Money is so ugly he looks like a goblin. Rest assured, no girl is surgically altering their bodies to impress him. So disrespectful and ugly like who hurt him.

  • ohheyyy
    ohheyyy Month ago

    Nah mark is annoying loooool and Castillo is jokes 😂

  • Kendy Nyarko
    Kendy Nyarko Month ago

    Ah Esther stop chewing gum like dat not cute🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Kendy Nyarko
    Kendy Nyarko Month ago

    Bkchat London keep it ghetto exactly how I want it

  • Beauty Paradiso
    Beauty Paradiso Month ago


  • ashante xx
    ashante xx Month ago


  • Maggie Matthews
    Maggie Matthews Month ago

    I've watch this teaser 3 times and each time Yamin's wig makes me crave indomie

  • Lee Monaco
    Lee Monaco Month ago

    Pause at 2:05 😂😂 fucking clapped

  • Emmanuel S.
    Emmanuel S. Month ago +1

    Marc biceps look disgusting

    SvPER DAD Month ago

    Has bk chat started with the late uploads again

  • Bridget Tendoh
    Bridget Tendoh Month ago

    Post the full video then

  • ItsThabiDawg.
    ItsThabiDawg. Month ago

    Yasmin's a reaaaaaaalll one stiiiiilllllll

  • Novabloodz
    Novabloodz Month ago +1


  • Marina Labelle
    Marina Labelle Month ago +8

    Where is today's episode please. I've been waiting since 8pm😭😭😡

  • kiskis
    kiskis Month ago +7

    *"you the one that never shows your head"*
    babe calm down, youre literally wearing a wig

  • Annette Bonsu
    Annette Bonsu Month ago


  • Hani
    Hani Month ago +1

    Stop lying people. It’s because you are INSECURE that you got surgery. Surgery is now being normalized. Soon it will be as normal as going to the dentist. And now these plastic people are the standard. Fake ass, nose, boobs, facial structure... poor people will be the “ugly” people who can’t afford to get surgery. This is a mental illness and people are running to surgeons rather than looking within.

    INKY DROPKICK Month ago +1

    That wig is mad

  • N
    N Month ago +5

    Where is it:(

  • dee beauty
    dee beauty Month ago +4

    What time is the episode out? smh

  • Berja Dussaussois
    Berja Dussaussois Month ago +1

    Bkchat what is going on? Over an hour late, you can at least inform us of an update no?😫

  • paerizcool
    paerizcool Month ago

    AYYE!!!"Big man ting" was missed!!!
    That little boy next to Marc needs to not return next season... he has contributed NOTHING to this show.

  • Jadon Adoko
    Jadon Adoko Month ago +4

    Aren't they meant to post new episodes at 8pm? Just letting y'all know cos it's 9:41pm rn

  • mel cake
    mel cake Month ago +5

    love how they said tonight and not a specific time so it doesn't look like they're late...AGAIN

  • xMissxJ
    xMissxJ Month ago

    Castillo & Lani, I've missed their crazy comments tbh

  • Hamzah Zuber
    Hamzah Zuber Month ago

    What did mark get done surgically??

    • N
      N Month ago

      Hamzah Zuber
      Hair line transplant

  • Sereeta Hamilton
    Sereeta Hamilton Month ago


  • PeTiT• lUh
    PeTiT• lUh Month ago +3

    What time is this episode dropping?

  • miss_sporty
    miss_sporty Month ago

    Where is the episode??

  • Bianca Dube
    Bianca Dube Month ago +5

    So what times this dropping

  • Samuel Eka
    Samuel Eka Month ago

    This episode is gonna be swwuuueeeettt 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Saskia Scott
    Saskia Scott Month ago +3

    What time is it coming out tonight?

  • Gloria Musoke
    Gloria Musoke Month ago +4

    When is bkchat gonna post?

  • Anesu
    Anesu Month ago +3

    What in the pot noodle is going on with miss p’s hair 😂

  • Laura Nwogu
    Laura Nwogu Month ago

    I AM... DEAD!!🤣😭😂

  • Devante Simpson
    Devante Simpson Month ago +2

    Man used the NHS to get a boob job🤦🏾‍♂️people out here struggling to get a kidney transplant or get on dialysis and you’re using the NHS to get titties🤦🏾‍♂️

    • Devante Simpson
      Devante Simpson Month ago

      “Had my first boob job on the NHS”

    • Devante Simpson
      Devante Simpson Month ago

      N darling that proves my point hun xx you usually pay for it, because it’s not provided for usually by the NHS. She said she got it from the NHS babyluv c

    • N
      N Month ago

      Devante Simpson
      “You'll usually have to pay to have breast implants.
      There are some circumstances where you might be able to get breast enlargement on the NHS - for example, if you have very uneven breasts or no breasts.” NHS website

    • Devante Simpson
      Devante Simpson Month ago

      Nbaby don’t think you understand the concept of the NHS . You don’t pay for it if it’s on the NHS, you only pay if you go to a private clinic .... I’m sorry luv x

    • N
      N Month ago

      Devante Simpson
      So? She paid for it.

  • Rebecca O
    Rebecca O Month ago +1

    where is it.

  • lorship12
    lorship12 Month ago

    Still waiting

  • duttycrawn
    duttycrawn Month ago +1

    When is dis shit dropping doe am Catt out for da tea/drama fammmmm

    Subscribe to my channel doe

  • James Thomas
    James Thomas Month ago

    What time today?

  • Muva P
    Muva P Month ago +2

    wheresssss the upload!!!!!

  • Amber Young Noel
    Amber Young Noel Month ago +3

    What time is the episode coming on ?

  • Rodeline Mesa
    Rodeline Mesa Month ago +1

    Wat time it go on

  • LazyGirlHairr
    LazyGirlHairr Month ago +6

    Wow talk about late... big 9:00 no video Yano 💆🏾‍♀️