Never Have I Ever: Stand-Up Comedy

  • Published on Jul 20, 2019
  • "Duh, you have to bomb to get good"
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    /Getty Images
    Vintage microphone on empty comedy club stage
    Trodler/Getty Images
    Narcizo Gonzalez
    Michelle Stevenson
    Grant Cotter
    Darren Carter
    Eric Blake
    Richard Villa

Comments • 85

  • Dutch Van Der Linde
    Dutch Van Der Linde 23 days ago

    I’m from Kentucky, I want to apologize to that guy! There’s some real assholes here. 😭 If he ever comes back I’m gonna go and be super supportive.

  • Vicky RNBishop98
    Vicky RNBishop98 25 days ago

    Bombed on stage? What?

  • _김류진
    _김류진 26 days ago +8

    Michelle is a nurse for 9 years and also a stand up comedian. What a lit life. She can heal you seriously or with her jokes.

  • Thomas Bray
    Thomas Bray 27 days ago

    Only one of them are female cuz women aren’t funny! 😂

  • Isaiah Slingerland
    Isaiah Slingerland Month ago

    Imagine bill burr on this🤣🤣

  • Daniel Rosa
    Daniel Rosa Month ago

    Is that a 66ers hat?

  • Furt-Mahoogany Ingleturt-shwoomph

    These comedians sure are funny! HahhahhhhhaHAHhahAHHhaAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhha

  • Brian Dinh
    Brian Dinh Month ago +3

    I have that feeling that this narcizo dude is lying af

  • Rebecca Rich
    Rebecca Rich Month ago

    I’m not sure what to make of there only being one woman in this whole video

  • unipunch
    unipunch Month ago +1

    guy with the glasses sorta looks like harry styles

  • Adolfo Garfias
    Adolfo Garfias Month ago +6

    5:02 to 5:10 the Mexico guy sounds like George Lopez

  • Joel Writer
    Joel Writer Month ago

    She should have said that she that she thought he dropped his condoms with how small the package was.

  • 123 333
    123 333 Month ago


  • Amairany Rangel
    Amairany Rangel Month ago

    Richard Villa 😍😍😍

  • Judith Singh
    Judith Singh Month ago

    810 th like

  • Mass Music
    Mass Music Month ago

    Shoutout to RIchard Villa!

  • Amanda Cano
    Amanda Cano Month ago +1

    Michelle’s a babe! ♥️

  • Hassan Mahone
    Hassan Mahone Month ago +3

    *_THESE PEOPLE ARE OGS OF BuzzFeedVideo_*
    👇🏽🔥✅💯 be an Og of mine today

  • Sydney
    Sydney Month ago

    The bald guy looks like Jeff Ross

  • Iritiri Rea
    Iritiri Rea Month ago +90

    "I punched a guy in the face because a guy was laughing too hard at my show"

    • Jack Filter
      Jack Filter Month ago +13

      I think he means the guy was like being a dick and over exaggerating his laugh. Almost like when you pretend to laugh at something that’s not funny only this guy was being a (you know) about it.

  • Eva Castano
    Eva Castano Month ago +1

    What does bombing mean

    • Alyssa Rey
      Alyssa Rey Month ago +1

      Eva Castano it means when you did very poorly and in this situation they probably didn’t get a good reaction from the crowd

  • Delilah Harris
    Delilah Harris Month ago +1


  • Navesblue
    Navesblue Month ago +35

    But have any of them ever told a joke they severely did not approve of just to get laughs?

  • winkypie
    winkypie Month ago +2

    but they're sitting down

  • Insta: leeonca
    Insta: leeonca Month ago +13

    Rip headphone users at The beginning of The video ...

  • John Secret Spirit
    John Secret Spirit Month ago

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  • Fire witch Goddess
    Fire witch Goddess Month ago +1

    White man hating liberals. You assholes!

  • Ashbee Gaming
    Ashbee Gaming Month ago +44

    My headphones were not prepared for that opening 😂

  • David Serna
    David Serna Month ago +2

    Great content Buzzfeed! Go Richard Villa!

  • David Serna
    David Serna Month ago +2

    Amazing video! Thank you Buzzfeed! Shout out to Richard Villa!

  • Adelante Management Group

    Great video! Subscribe to my client Richard Villa's TheXvid page!

  • Richard Villa
    Richard Villa Month ago

    Thank you Buzzfeed! For more content on my comedy, podcast, and more, subscribe to my channel! Thank you all!

  • Arthur Miller
    Arthur Miller Month ago +5

    Awesome video! Shoutout to Richard Villa!

  • Billy Palmer
    Billy Palmer Month ago +1

    Hey I’m self promoting 👋

    Check out my latest vid btw 🔥🔥🔥

  • chairmanmjauu
    chairmanmjauu Month ago

    A bunch open micers.....

  • Grant Cotter
    Grant Cotter Month ago +1


  • Harshil Shah
    Harshil Shah Month ago +1

    what was that opening

  • Aly Wolff
    Aly Wolff Month ago +195

    “ Have you ever been heckled on stage? “
    “ I have... and it’s hard when it’s your own dad “ 💀💀💀

  • Enora Grnhld
    Enora Grnhld Month ago +1

    What does bomb mean ?

    • recoil53
      recoil53 Month ago +2

      Just completely fail, no laughs, no good reaction, nothing.

  • Unbreakable Angel
    Unbreakable Angel Month ago

    Watch the video i posted about how i had sex next to my foster sister

  • Filza Raza
    Filza Raza Month ago +5

    the funniest stand up comedian is Kojo

  • jess
    jess Month ago +4

    what do they mean by bomb

    • jess
      jess Month ago +1

      @Mel maybe you need to get off your high horse. i did try and google but was left still confused so figured it would be easier to ask. it's not that deep lol

    • Mel
      Mel Month ago +1

      @Ddd S It doesn't bother me, at all? If it did, I *wouldn't* have answered.

      I answered the question but I also figured I would offer a tiny bit of advice so that next time they were confused they'd think to do that instead. I'm not upset that they asked, I was trying to be helpful. Apologies if I came off offended, that was not my intention.

    • Ddd S
      Ddd S Month ago +6

      @Mel Wow .like chill ?? It's not this serious .if it bothered you this much you shouldn't have answered

    • Mel
      Mel Month ago +1

      @Silas Bock I literally double-checked the definition by Googling it before I replied. Fair enough if it doesn't work, but people should at least try. It feels rude and lazy to expect other people to find out an answer for you, when they're just doing the exact same thing you would have.

    • Silas Bock
      Silas Bock Month ago +4

      @Mel Google always has weird translations for colloquial words

  • Nadia Naba
    Nadia Naba Month ago +9

    I don’t if you’ve heard but I’m a sit down comedian, it’s why I don’t use scales anymore

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  • Lindsey Huerta
    Lindsey Huerta Month ago +5

    Is it me or does that Mexican guy remind y’all of Omar el chaparro 😂 for you people that don’t know him he was that Dj guy that had a Pokémon dragon in Detective Pokémon

  • Edwin
    Edwin Month ago +23

    Holy Bruce Willis

  • Daniel Bazalar
    Daniel Bazalar Month ago +21

    I love these Never Have I Ever Games.

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  • Lydia Silverwood
    Lydia Silverwood Month ago +3

    1 like - 1 comedy joke

  • Kate
    Kate Month ago

    Girl is like "duh I have a vagina of course I've had dick pics sent to me"

  • Avery the Cuban-American

    John Oliver's a great stand-up comedian

  • Clever Cookies
    Clever Cookies Month ago


  • Mini Secrets
    Mini Secrets Month ago +4

    If u like dis....luv buzzfeed 💞
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  • Hannah Stewart
    Hannah Stewart Month ago +1


  • Sharat Sharma
    Sharat Sharma Month ago +2

    Anyone indian here

  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y. Month ago +8

    bruh moment

  • aubrey manry
    aubrey manry Month ago

    Hi weirdeo

  • Random Things
    Random Things Month ago


  • -4 Subscribers with a hammer addiction

    I wonder if they have ever done stand up comedy sitting down

    • Abby Hilde
      Abby Hilde Month ago +6

      woah. dude tf that's something im never gonna stop wondering lmao

    • Riley
      Riley Month ago +4

      Hammer Addiction4u hahha dude ur so fuckin funny, did u think of that yourself?