4 True CREEPY & HORRIFYING Encounters With Dangerous People (True Stranger Encounter Scary Stories)

  • People do the wildest things.
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  • fiore
    fiore 4 hours ago

    "im a 15 year old boy" **voice is literally deeper than the grand canyon**

  • Zach Perkins
    Zach Perkins 20 hours ago

    Quality Content dude! I just found your channel and it's awesome thus far.

  • Peen gang
    Peen gang Day ago +1

    Electrochemical radiation signals

  • budgoesrip
    budgoesrip Day ago

    Does anyone else watch these at 4 am

  • James Eyman
    James Eyman 2 days ago

    As a guy living with lyme, it does get better. Just glad testing has gotten better. I tested negative 4 times until i finally found an amazing infectious disease guy. Its treatable a remission is very obtainable.

  • Prince Shortie
    Prince Shortie 5 days ago

    just came here after the video with anthony padilla
    i thought corpse's voice was deep there but now it's like FULL ON BASS

  • NYXia
    NYXia 5 days ago

    Hot damnnnnn that voice is my dream 🤤

  • the rivenx
    the rivenx 5 days ago

    On the trans story. I felt when FlysEyes from Castlevania said "Christianssss"

  • anchor trash
    anchor trash 5 days ago

    _uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh i live in honduras uuuuuuhhhhhhh_

    16:37 das a pulpería for the peeps who dont know

  • Keepin it Kenji
    Keepin it Kenji 5 days ago

    Just watched your interview on Anthony’s channel, I love horror so coming across your channel through Anthony is awesome!

  • Positive Boi
    Positive Boi 5 days ago

    I just like his voice

  • Dajour Phil0soph3r
    Dajour Phil0soph3r 7 days ago

    The One with The Child Abductee/Abuser should teach people a valuable lesson. Watch out for people who only like you because you're "Pretty" and try not to be one of "those" people yourself, you never know who you will rub the wrong way.

  • donna george
    donna george 9 days ago

    ffs wts balling ya eyes out, gnna freakn do ? get a grip fcol

  • Chars
    Chars 11 days ago

    They say you have fight or flight.. but there is also freezing up.. no one thinks of that

  • Chars
    Chars 11 days ago

    Crazy but this is my ASMR I go to sleep every night to this voice.. sooo relaxing.. my sister said r u crazy this is creepy. I'm like I dont listen to the stories when I'm asleep but on my way to sleep I do I love horror..makes me comfortable..😊😄😃😁☺️

  • Chars
    Chars 11 days ago

    I need to look up his face.. bc this voice ...mmmm

  • Chase Jones
    Chase Jones 11 days ago


  • Brogan Leahey
    Brogan Leahey 12 days ago

    I’m never prepared for how DEEP Corpsey’s voice is

  • Mcsweetlez
    Mcsweetlez 13 days ago

    I know one of these isn't true. I'm not skeptical, but one of these is just a lie to make certain people look bad.

  • Brett Bernier
    Brett Bernier 14 days ago

    "I'm sure it was a semiautomatic" lmao as apposed to what a bolt action?
    These people dont know what semiautomatic means

  • Voicu Cristian Valentin

    For all the people who think the second story as proof that following christianity religion is a sign of insanity, i would like to remind you that this is a person we're talking about. Unfortunately christianity was used as a form to control people. Make them believe that if they do wrong, they will be punished. And since, punishment had to be real, humans had to enforce it. While a lot of bad things happened because of it, people were prevented from believing in occult and other things. In fact, to move past the atrocities of both christianity and everything else, rational thinking was born. Unfortunately we live in a world where society needs some people to remain uneducated. There are tasks that only people who do not have a choice will do. It is unfortunate, but we live in a society of hidden slavery. The fact that people are born equal and that we have equal rights only apply to the very basics of rights. Just enough to make it believable. Sometimes people notice this and they try to make a difference. And they did. And they still do. Though we won't live to see it, a lot more changes will happen in the future. Christianity has a lot of good traits, such as compassion, forgivness, etc. But it is way to harsh in regards to punishment. Though no matter how harsh the punishment may be, it is kept in ballance by the forgiveness part. Howrver people need to be taught a lot more about it. Unfortunately, lately, religion is only briefly explained to people. It's easier to make them follow it without going in depth. And it gives up a lot of teachings that would really help people use their heads in exchange for "a quick form of brainwashing" meant to keep people under control. Sometimes i wish things would be different. And we could all get along.

  • saphea james
    saphea james 16 days ago


  • Carter B
    Carter B 16 days ago +1

    Why didn’t you just punch the old lady in number 2

  • Mac Junky
    Mac Junky 17 days ago

    These don't sound very real at all. Especially the second one lol.

  • Gamersargent
    Gamersargent 19 days ago +1

    Creepy Christan lady: Me and my son are going to fix you!

    Me: What the hell is even THAT???

  • Sherrie Owen
    Sherrie Owen 19 days ago

    Not a very common thing lol. To b a girl but dress like a guy lol. It is now my friend lol

  • theDEMANshore
    theDEMANshore 19 days ago

    I forgot that Honduras was in central America I thought it was in Asia till I remembered my mom talk about it years ago.

  • Edge
    Edge 19 days ago +2

    The second story made me feel really uncomfortable since Christianity IS my religion. Christian people are NOT like that lady in the story. (At least not anymore.) I don't care what your interests in terms of sexuality is whether you like guys and you're a guy or you're a girl and you like girls or you are trans or whatever. I accept those people for who they want to be and who they love. (Don't take that the wrong way people who have a love for murderers is something I am not a fan of.)

    • Black Mist
      Black Mist 11 days ago +1

      I don't like or support LGBTQ but I won't try to "fix" someone. If that's how they want to be, that's on them. It's not my business.

  • Cryptic_ Slayer
    Cryptic_ Slayer 21 day ago +3

    Says he's female
    *Hears the deepest voice ever in mankind*
    Me: confused screaming

  • Bishnu Mishra
    Bishnu Mishra 21 day ago +1

    More content corpses husband 👌👌👌

  • Amean Al-abij
    Amean Al-abij 23 days ago

    Finally I can nut to your voice again

  • gooddaybecca
    gooddaybecca 24 days ago

    10/10 would marry based on just your voice.

  • Lisa Fitz
    Lisa Fitz 25 days ago +1

    the fact im from florida, and that neighborhood looks SOOO familiar its kinda weird.. lmao

  • Alyson Ryan
    Alyson Ryan 26 days ago

    We love that scare daddy is back. 🖤👻🧟‍♀️

  • Tori Tori
    Tori Tori 27 days ago

    Wish you would do paranormal stories.

  • Natasha Letourneau
    Natasha Letourneau 28 days ago

    The 2nd story I just heard on the animated ine

  • ZombieNate
    ZombieNate 28 days ago

    I'm from Honduras as well, in the city of Siguatepeque (2 hours away from Tegucigalpa) and have gone there myself many times. I'm really sorry that this person had to experience that, traumatic event. It's not uncommon for everyone who lives down here to get held up at gunpoint at least once in their lifetime (it's happened to me as well). I do believe she was not at fault, and it was a matter of being at the wrong place and the wrong time. I'm actually happy to hear she enjoyed her trip and the food, but am deeply sorry her last day ended with such a horrible experience.

    P.S. I'm very happy to see that Honduras was included in a Corpse Husband video,

  • Deborah Helmke
    Deborah Helmke 28 days ago

    Corpsey your voice sounds better than ever

  • Talon Veile
    Talon Veile 29 days ago

    The old lady was right till the kidnapping

  • Bashar Alsharif
    Bashar Alsharif Month ago

    Why the fuck am listening to this at 2am in complete darkness.

  • Rebecca Burnett
    Rebecca Burnett Month ago

    Classic Ashburton.

  • Idarrel TM
    Idarrel TM Month ago

    Honduras!? I'm from Honduras😳, I don't know why, but this gets me excited :)

  • Drhei Phyne
    Drhei Phyne Month ago

    Ok i believed you when you said you don't know the kind of gun he had. . 😂😂😂

    ЕЯЯОЯ Month ago

    The question I keep asking myself is how horror channels like CorpseHusband, MrNightmare etc can just continue to make videos like this over and over again? All that creepy & disturbing stuff has a total effect on the mental state of a person. I am speaking out of experience because many TheXvidrs I know who have to deal with this kind of topic for videos, have been really mentally disturbed for a long time or even forever. Some even have even stopped making such videos because it's just too much to take in.

  • Leedagreat R.
    Leedagreat R. Month ago

    We need corpse husbands horrors podcast

  • Koen Book
    Koen Book Month ago

    So many plotholes

  • JHR jake
    JHR jake Month ago

    how is 2 weeks a short holiday?

  • Mr. Jostur
    Mr. Jostur Month ago

    Often I hear people saying how they believe in the paranormal. How scared they become when something happens they can't explain.
    And I become afraid.
    I become afraid of the fact that people often don't suspect other people of these things, if it's possible. It's so frightening to think about other people actually doing these things that most people seemingly go into denial, preferring to fear something that isn't proven, something they are incapable of understanding.
    _Yet, the thing they should fear the most is their fellow man._

  • James Rijntjes
    James Rijntjes Month ago

    Ik a trans guy as well
    I feel do bad for that boy. And people wonder why I'm scared of Christians (or the crazy one)

  • Miss Takes
    Miss Takes Month ago

    Can we get one of you narrating like a romance novel?

  • b2butiful
    b2butiful Month ago

    Ummmm #3 seriously? I listen to these stories and become more aware of the dangers around. Not hoping something happens to me.

  • charina enchente
    charina enchente Month ago

    Loved these stories

  • Carissa Clark
    Carissa Clark Month ago

    I wasn't notified when this came out for some reason, but hella glad I didn't miss it! These are awesome!! I hope one of these days you do a live read!

  • Frakadeemus
    Frakadeemus Month ago

    I found your channel via Lazy Masquerade; I love how you have included stories from New Zealand!
    Thank you for your videos!!

  • Bruh Mite
    Bruh Mite Month ago

    “Deep Voice” - Myuu

  • Classic N0AH
    Classic N0AH Month ago

    More like grand daughter

  • WWE Themes and Songs

    It always makes me laugh when Christians think God will still accept them after all their years of hate, if anything gay people are way more sane than most Christians if not all, like with all the stories I have heard they are all crazy lunatics...

  • Stage4000 Mike
    Stage4000 Mike Month ago +1

    *watches corpse husband and the follow up with lockpickinglawyer*

    *never sleeps again*

  • May Rose Dominguez
    May Rose Dominguez Month ago

    Im not really feeling well right now but I am so happy Corpse Husband is back!! Wish to hear more stories from you and hope everything is great for yoy. God bless idol from Philippines!

  • Memphis Skallywag
    Memphis Skallywag Month ago

    Corpse husband is the king of this creepy pasta game. Kids to old adults listen his demographic is off the charts. His voice is made for this. Hes the og, and the truth.

  • monkey53821
    monkey53821 Month ago

    Famous words of the police in these stories: “Nothing we can do.”

  • Kerri Oakenshield
    Kerri Oakenshield Month ago

    See I'm a Jehovah's witness and wether people believe it or not, even though we dont accept how gay people live. Its crazy people like that old lady that makes us look crazy. I own my own business and i have 2 gay couples as my customers and they know im a witness and they're super nice to me and im super nice to them. As long as you dont attack me for my belief, i wont get uncomfortable

  • Andrew
    Andrew Month ago

    Long time fan here. I mean before the park ranger video long. I'm glad to see you back

  • Ryan
    Ryan Month ago

    The voice is back which is great and all but your voice seems different. I hope you’re not having worse health issues

  • Luis Ellis
    Luis Ellis Month ago

    When you hear your parents home country at in the last story. I already knew something crazy was gonna go down 😂. My siblings went and heard a story who got killed over 5 limpiras

  • John Licon
    John Licon Month ago

    This is why I carry a knife 24/7. Since I was 12 I always had a blade on me.

  • Pamela Meckley
    Pamela Meckley Month ago

    The one with the bald man legitimately creeped me out. I used to have bad dreams about being abducted by a bald man when I was about 6 years old.
    Your voice acting is awesome Corpse Husband! 😊💯👍

  • Crigon
    Crigon Month ago

    You should consider professional voice acting

  • The piano of the dark dimension

    really dangerous ... good ... s u b b s

  • Marcos Hobson
    Marcos Hobson Month ago

    Jesus.. your voice is so deep and meaty. Good on you, brother!

  • Litia Faoa
    Litia Faoa Month ago

    13:18 NO WAY! Another fellow New Zealander watches Corpsey? Yass!

  • Shive
    Shive Month ago


  • Bdubeau 88
    Bdubeau 88 Month ago

    It makes me laugh how she was like i dont know what kind of gun he had probably it was a semi automatic it was huge, the fire rate of a gun has no correlation to its size lol, yet immediately goes into detail about her ipods generation and models. Maybe if people had more firearms education they wouldn't appear so frightening, and people would focus more on the assailant. She probably has no idea what semi automatic even means.

  • Mrs. Arthur Morgan
    Mrs. Arthur Morgan Month ago

    I've been offered a ride by an old lady in a blizzard before and I said "no."
    I remember The X-Files: Don't trust anyone.

  • Rodriguez SJT
    Rodriguez SJT Month ago

    postal dude tells us stories

  • Therealsuperbob 927

    I missed you, corpse. started listening to your older vids to soothe me as I sleep. I'm so happy your back.

  • Samhain
    Samhain Month ago

    Reminds me of Sam Fisher alias Michael Ironside. I cant follow the stories, the voice it too Sexy.🤣

  • Jade Mosquera
    Jade Mosquera Month ago

    Imagine the "ewwws" I get for saying I'm a transgirl. Lol the world really loses when someone says their trans. Sucks to be them they'll never understood a pain I went through.

  • Vader Nation
    Vader Nation Month ago

    Im sorry but what the old lady says about gay people like they're wrong stuff like that i agree with her

  • Goofy Momoftwo
    Goofy Momoftwo Month ago +1

    OHHH so happy to hear your voice again. I hope you are doing ok. I don't have any other way to follow you. I'm turning on notifications so I don't miss your video again.