The Making of Adam Savage's Chewbacca Mask!

  • Published on Nov 30, 2017
  • What's underneath all that Wookiee fur? We visit Tom Spina Designs, the workshop where Adam's beautiful Chewbacca mask was crafted, to dive deep into the mask-making process. Adam and Tom walk through the many parts of Chewbacca, going over little-known details about how the original mask was designed and fabricated by Stuart Freeborn for Star Wars.
    Find Tom Spina Designs' work at:
    Shot by Gunther Kirsch and edited by Norman Chan
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    Simone Giertz
    Joey Fameli
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    Jeremy Williams
    Gunther Kirsch
    Ryan Kiser
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Comments • 353

  • Dirtyd23
    Dirtyd23 12 days ago

    He did it all for the Wookie

  • Vigilante
    Vigilante 12 days ago

    You said you were doing a Boba Fett. We need your Bob E Feet build videos!

  • Miss Weirdo
    Miss Weirdo Month ago

    I love how each of them had several "YES!!!" Moments while talking to each other 😆😆
    These dorks are too damn cute

  • swaswa1
    swaswa1 Month ago

    I love how you say when I finish a Boba Fett costume. I mean you have your lightsaber from Luke Return of the Jedi you have the Han Solo blaster and you have the literal hair from chewy why have you not done this for when a Star Wars movie goes into theaters you go to a couple of conventions in that outfit and then you'll put it on a stand and you show it off saying yeah I got the three crew and then get something for Leia down the road I don't know you got the original crew all together on a Boba Fett costume as trophies

  • Frank Nelson
    Frank Nelson Month ago

    it would have been great to put in an audio system so when you opened your mouth chewies voice would be played.

  • richardathome65
    richardathome65 2 months ago

    Where did I go wrong? THIS is the job I always wanted since I was a boy...

  • Interesting Intercepts - Past, Present, and Future

    Looks like he is having a blast in “retirement!”

  • Evan Nolan
    Evan Nolan 2 months ago

    I really love this for 2 reasons, its just so awesome to see people SO INTO what they are 'into' i guess lol and that 2nd it makes me so much less weird about the specifics that im super into :)

  • kenny241100
    kenny241100 2 months ago

    Guy: It's all hentai
    Adam: When You say "Hentai", You mean Boku No Pico, Or Tentacle?

  • XboxOrder75
    XboxOrder75 3 months ago

    Adam, It really looks like the undercast could have been partly the inspiration for Bossk. Am I the only one that thought that when seeing it? Also, with the hair punched into silicone can it be easily pulled out? That would be a fear of mine after all those hours of work, a small child grabs your chin hair and pulls. Love the videos and your passion.

  • Amp Tube
    Amp Tube 3 months ago

    Ohhh boy this really wants me to order a chewy mask from you guys

  • Lafe Denton
    Lafe Denton 3 months ago +1

    Why does the profile of the blank mold, resemble the face of Patty from the 1967 Roger Patterson film? Looks a lot like the frame where she turns looking back

  • David Brigden
    David Brigden 4 months ago

    Are Peter Mayhew and Alfred Hitchcock twins?

  • Monster
    Monster 4 months ago

    This guy takes a lot of aderol.

  • NovaComputing
    NovaComputing 4 months ago

    I love this guy's energy! You guys are tons of fun together and I'm just listening from work!

  • Justin Fitz
    Justin Fitz 4 months ago

    Steve Richter!!! He did that jumanji board. Adam...u should do a step by step of the jumanji build!! And build one!!! Please! Haha that would be great

  • Jack Donaghy
    Jack Donaghy 4 months ago

    They definitely fuck after this, just saying.

  • Paul Crowley
    Paul Crowley 5 months ago

    I love how accessible this is to the average person!!

  • Xbigmike17X
    Xbigmike17X 5 months ago

    Wonder what kind of dent that put in his wallet. My first thought was easily 10 G's maybe 15

  • Kevin Bradshaw
    Kevin Bradshaw 5 months ago

    Thanks...amazing.... talented and creative artists.

  • NostalgiaBox
    NostalgiaBox 5 months ago

    all the dislikes are bad chewy cosplayers lol

  • Tom Mason
    Tom Mason 6 months ago

    Should have shown how to make the life mold, and the final casting

    • Andy's Shanghai
      Andy's Shanghai 8 days ago

      Tom Mason The life mold was already done on another project, so they didn’t do it here.

  • Skiios
    Skiios 6 months ago

    Its funny watching you guys get so excited you keep talking over each other for minutes on end.

  • Harambe IsYourSavior
    Harambe IsYourSavior 7 months ago

    Anyone else wait for him to put it on?

  • T wagner
    T wagner 7 months ago

    Chebacca's nick name in high school was Harry.

  • Rajinder Rajinder
    Rajinder Rajinder 7 months ago


  • Nige L
    Nige L 7 months ago

    Absolutely fascinating. Amazing dedication to the process of wanting nothing short of perfection.
    A great tip of the hat to Peter Mayhew and his contribution in making Chewie authentic and the stunning genious that was Stuart Freeborn.
    What's not to love about this video? Fantastic job to all involved making the Chewie mask and the video.

  • Liam Mclennan
    Liam Mclennan 7 months ago

    i have seen every single myth busters and i love them.

  • John Connor
    John Connor 7 months ago

    16:40 hentai?

  • chess chester
    chess chester 8 months ago

    I need to borrow all of those molds for the weekend if you don't mind. Thanks.

  • Sher Grissom
    Sher Grissom 8 months ago

    I love this video so much, my son used to make the chewy noise and it makes me smile and laugh. Thank you so much for sharing. The process and care you put it this mask ----shows A+++++++ The mask is AMAZING!

  • Roger
    Roger 8 months ago

    Adam and Jamie was the show Mythbusters and it made me almost cry when they changed hosts..
    Its not Mythbusters anymore .. Its a damn competition show or something..
    I cant watch the new show and only watching the old episodes when it re-runs on TV

  • TooManyVoices
    TooManyVoices 8 months ago

    The reason Chewbacca's mouth never closed was because it has magnets in the lips according to Peter Mayhew

  • Canzandridas Joe
    Canzandridas Joe 8 months ago

    How many thousands of dollars for a full suit? :D

  • EFormance Engineering
    EFormance Engineering 8 months ago

    What camera and lens did you shoot this on?

  • Mellmick26
    Mellmick26 8 months ago

    My 2 favourite characters are Chubocka and Jar Jar Binks

  • Cobb
    Cobb 8 months ago

    At 7:22 that negative mold has this effect where it looks like its popping out at you (coming out of the mold), instead of going into the mold. Also Chewie's bald head kind of looks like a gorilla head.

  • Fhitts
    Fhitts 8 months ago

    can you make a baby for me

  • Robert Stallard
    Robert Stallard 8 months ago

    Imagine if they'd put that amount of effort into something actually useful!

  • Marcus Zyker
    Marcus Zyker 9 months ago

    Are there step by step videos that go into complete detail of the process?

  • Rodrigo Mafra
    Rodrigo Mafra 9 months ago

    very interesting

  • Tattoo Tommy G
    Tattoo Tommy G 9 months ago

    Best shit to watch baked.

  • Franklin Enc
    Franklin Enc 9 months ago

    i like the mask a lot

  • Camper Van Elvis I toof on you

    Michael Obama

  • Kevin Nagel
    Kevin Nagel 9 months ago

    God.. I want one

  • Vitaly Terenin
    Vitaly Terenin 10 months ago

    What character is on 00:11?

  • Josh B
    Josh B 10 months ago

    I want to see thr makung of Adams Sandwich

  • Milan K
    Milan K 10 months ago

    Just love how enthusiastic Tom is ,when talking about the mask and all the little details. Just goes to show he is really passionate about his work and is really a SW fan.

  • Drunken Kerbalnaut
    Drunken Kerbalnaut 10 months ago

    friggin star trek nerds

  • SpiritBear12
    SpiritBear12 10 months ago

    I was amazed at the stretchiness of the fur fabric, even before they mentioned that part of it. As Adam was messing with it, I could tell that he was also intrigued with that aspect of it. I have made a number of stuffed animal toys with other faux furs. The fabric backing not only does not stretch very well, it's fairly stiff, and it's also thick! I can not imagine making a fur suit out of it as it would trap so much of your own body heat inside the costume roasting you out of it. I mean you could really pass out from heat exhaustion.
    This newer faux fur is amazing! I looked up the company they mentioned and it is indeed in Lawrence Massachusetts. I think it's pretty neat that they make such a cool fabric in my State. Most textile industries have disappeared from the New England area.
    I am saving their website in my Pinterest account.

  • Technomurales
    Technomurales 10 months ago

    Amazing work!

  • spiddyman007
    spiddyman007 10 months ago

    He didn’t put it on

  • spiddyman007
    spiddyman007 10 months ago

    It’s okay my masks not movie quality

  • David Upton
    David Upton 10 months ago

    This is way better than the suits used in the prequels and even the new trilogy. Shame the actual movie crew didn't go into this level of detail when they re created the character.

  • Mark Miller
    Mark Miller 10 months ago

    It’s a work of art

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 10 months ago

    This was very cool and fun to watch. Adam is a sharp guy who knows how to have fun. Engineer / Goofball enough to get into amazing / mundane things and have a blast with them both.
    I will say this to the following “...Once all the details are right, everything starts to fall into place...”. Jaime H. would say: “Actually, when all the details are right, there is nothing left to fall into place. Don’t say extra words...”

  • AlTheKillernoFillameyawn 95

    Just imagine seeing a life-like chewy and then when to take a closer look he takes his mask off and there is Adam Savage.

  • Cinnabuns2009
    Cinnabuns2009 11 months ago

    and he truly did get it right, hat's off! Magnificent!

  • Star Wars Wookiee
    Star Wars Wookiee 11 months ago

    How do I get this *crying

    SUBZAKI 11 months ago

    when someone telling you a story and they just switch up 5:50

  • Babalooza
    Babalooza 11 months ago

    Wait wait wait so they made actual wookiee costumes for episode 3 but not clones?

  • Maston Dane
    Maston Dane 11 months ago

    It does look really good but the mustache isn't great, it's too thick and blended and the inside of the mouth is too dark

  • Ian Leahy
    Ian Leahy 11 months ago

    "If you don't have the job you want make it." Wisest words I heard today.

  • Aki Da Juanderer
    Aki Da Juanderer 11 months ago

    Thank you for sharing things like this. Not everybody gets the access to the stuff you guys get a hold of. Sigh. Wish I could go to 'merica for things like this. Ha!

  • Christy Hansen
    Christy Hansen 11 months ago

    Cosplay fetish I would say.

  • Jdc 3D
    Jdc 3D 11 months ago

    That’s Amazing guys!

  • Ismadi Hatra
    Ismadi Hatra 11 months ago

    I would prefer the making of adam savage's face mask. throw that chewbacca.

  • Ryan Blake N.
    Ryan Blake N. 11 months ago

    am i the only one who noticed that the orange jacket in the background on the rack, kept moving on its own throughout the clip? no other piece of costume on the rack moves except that jacket

  • ZakarooNetwork
    ZakarooNetwork 11 months ago

    90 percent of You tubers are fucking La La Land Phonies.

  • Sarah The LPS
    Sarah The LPS 11 months ago

    15:09 i have a question.. i am interested in getting furs..
    idk where you can get that fur for Chewy.. but heard u talking about it..
    and i was interested..

  • 2degucitas
    2degucitas 11 months ago

    So how much did Adam pay? Now they have all those molds, they can customize it to new clients.

  • chewy9887
    chewy9887 11 months ago

    He said I could create a the job I wanted... can I create a job at his work??!! lol. Sooooo cooooool!! (and I

  • Kevin Gosse
    Kevin Gosse 11 months ago

    I love Adam! If there is an award for geek of the century, he is a shoe in!

  • Funny Funker
    Funny Funker 11 months ago

    0 minutes of making. 23 minutes of rambling.

  • Damion Sweet
    Damion Sweet 11 months ago

    Every time I see a video of Adam I see pure joy and excitement!

  • Justin Varcoe
    Justin Varcoe 11 months ago

    How much would a mask like that set you back?

  • Cool _ Kiddrama
    Cool _ Kiddrama 11 months ago

    We just gonna ignore the masks in the background

  • zog noty
    zog noty 11 months ago

    pfff fucking liar lie like a real jew.he want to telling us that he don't know if he make money out of it,because if you don't know how long it take to macking it how can you know.the things is it can be make really quick for a thing of that value.

  • Android Gamer67
    Android Gamer67 11 months ago

    At 7:47 look a firefighter hat

  • Tsinij
    Tsinij 11 months ago

    This is great! What's with the crushed blacks and wonky color compression in the upload?

  • Grave Tricks
    Grave Tricks 11 months ago

    I live 20min from Peter Mayhew that’s what’s really shocking

  • fox b5
    fox b5 11 months ago

    How about recreating the an American wear wolf in London mask

  • Next-Gen Batman
    Next-Gen Batman 11 months ago

    Adam needs to finish the Boba Fett!!!

  • gir grrr
    gir grrr 11 months ago +2

    I wish I know how to get that fur

    • gir grrr
      gir grrr 10 months ago

      Goddess Usako do you mean wave

    • gir grrr
      gir grrr 10 months ago

      Goddess Usako Idk what a weave is ....

    • Kitana Kojima
      Kitana Kojima 10 months ago

      gir grrr go to a store that sells weave

  • Sarah
    Sarah 11 months ago

    It could be due to watching a lot of voice acting videos recently, but Tom occasionally sounds like Rob Paulsen. Does anyone else hear it or is it just me?

  • ToddB987
    ToddB987 11 months ago

    That's amazing.. I'm sure it came with a hefty price tag?Todd

  • Let's get 10,000 subs With no Videos!

    Dragon skin, what buster was made of...

  • J Smooove
    J Smooove 11 months ago

    this guy is really passionate about what he does. that's awesome.

  • Tommy Simpson
    Tommy Simpson 11 months ago

    did anyone notice him almost say something else at 9:32

  • BlackSouLII
    BlackSouLII 11 months ago


  • Michael Block
    Michael Block 11 months ago

    17:14 I didn't realize Adams hand was on the back of the mask at first

  • Ilana Signal
    Ilana Signal 11 months ago

    Wow I can see why it is so expensive. That is a lot of work.

  • broderp
    broderp 11 months ago

    Wish that would have showed the machismo in more detail.

  • thisishaggard
    thisishaggard 11 months ago


  • dave schall
    dave schall 11 months ago

    Can we buy original molded, deteriorated chewie face? That be a great wall hanger. I'd buy it

  • Angus Adolphus
    Angus Adolphus 11 months ago

    What's a Bonobos Chewy? 1:16

    DARTH MONG 11 months ago

    I've seen and photographed the original, and I've gotta say this is as close as can be. It's way better than the ROTS version, and possibly TFA/TLJ (difficult to compare as most of it isn't Peter Mayhew).

  • Matt G
    Matt G 11 months ago

    I bet they could make me a boglin!

  • Mr_Chewbacca 1138
    Mr_Chewbacca 1138 11 months ago

    Wow, I have always wanted a good chewie mask but this is something that you need to have a movie sized budget or be an artist yourself to ever have. I have so much more respect for the top level cos players now.

  • v1m30
    v1m30 11 months ago

    So instead of buying a house you bought a mask, price about the same.