The Next Gen Xbox Is Here

  • Published on Jun 10, 2019
  • At E3 2019 Microsoft unveiled Xbox Project Scarlett - a true next gen console.
    The PS5 is Official:
    Shoutout to everyone for the cameos!
    Jacques Slade:
    Kevin Kenson:
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  • Dave Round
    Dave Round 4 days ago

    Oh im ready to buy the next xbox project Scarlett. I can't wait.

  • Gaming with faine whittacker

    Nah it costs $800

  • ZiK
    ZiK Month ago

    If I can play new Forza in 2k @ 100 FPS I can pay up to 1000$ on this new XBox. Im tired of keeping my 3000$ PC just to play one game once in a while.

  • louys gonzalez
    louys gonzalez Month ago

    sub to meee please

  • comrade the space pimp

    dude gave me a bonner x

  • M. Habib
    M. Habib Month ago

    i know this sounds weird but i wanna ask austin or anybody who is seeing this i wanna get the xbox scarlett if it’s like 500 but my parents are gonna ask me why because i already have a ps4 so can anybody tell me on what to tell him? especially you austin your the gadget genius

  • M Media
    M Media Month ago


  • Silents
    Silents Month ago

    I’m for sure gonna buy this

  • ツζ͜͡Hi?
    ツζ͜͡Hi? Month ago

    Y’all say it’s a good price because you guys can afford it

    I can’t I’m hella poor

  • Luis Sandoval
    Luis Sandoval Month ago

    Goodbye pc as master platform

  • Jimmy Anderson
    Jimmy Anderson 2 months ago

    i wonder if he met keanu reeves

  • Liam Haining
    Liam Haining 2 months ago

    i think it will cost 699

  • Dylan Lasuandaqua
    Dylan Lasuandaqua 2 months ago

    I’m new but is there any relation to Chris Evans?

  • Tom Spenb
    Tom Spenb 2 months ago

    I’ve just had a great idea

    Build a pc

  • Nicholas Plesko
    Nicholas Plesko 2 months ago

    I’m going to buy whatever will give me virtual reality RPG

  • Evan Clinkaberry
    Evan Clinkaberry 2 months ago +1

    I would say it could be for $599

  • Sean Renzi
    Sean Renzi 2 months ago

    I'm ready for the next Xbox I just hope they make more good exclusives to compete with PlayStation

  • Diego Santana
    Diego Santana 2 months ago

    All PS4 players that went from 360 to PS4 gangsta till mw2 remastered comes out on scarlet they all going back he’ll no stay on ps they talk mad shit 😭only the ones who switched tho

  • Diego Santana
    Diego Santana 2 months ago

    Bruh some dude was bragging before e3 and said the ps5 is the best when it litterateur has the same thing as a scarlet lmao 😂

    • Texarmageddon
      Texarmageddon 6 days ago

      I’m just gonna assume English isn’t your first language otherwise I’d have to assume you had a stroke half way through this sentence

  • Hayyan zzstu Siddiqui
    Hayyan zzstu Siddiqui 2 months ago

    Aye it’s Uraverageconsumer at 5:10

  • Modern Retro Geek
    Modern Retro Geek 2 months ago

    Ken's son is Kevin Kenson. Austin and iJustine together. What next?

  • Neveri
    Neveri 2 months ago

    But SSD's are not expensive anymore. Even M.2's are fairly cheap nowdays.

  • PMQ05 Games
    PMQ05 Games 2 months ago +1

    I can finally afford the Xbox original

  • Vizokho Chiizho
    Vizokho Chiizho 2 months ago

    Only 4x times powerful than the Xbox one x🙃that’s a crap

  • Lizardboy5676 Aka Gamer
    Lizardboy5676 Aka Gamer 2 months ago +1

    I miss the good old days of xbox 360 and ps3 there were no problems with that you just play a game with your friends and just have fun now its just a endless competition to see which console is the best out of all the consoles.

  • KyLesCaster
    KyLesCaster 2 months ago

    The new Xjob 630 X

  • Mr.Awesome
    Mr.Awesome 2 months ago

    ps4 get demolished

  • Click to Confirm
    Click to Confirm 2 months ago

    Heeey Austin, I bought the Xbox One X on release via pre-order. I'm gonna do the same with the upcoming Xbox Scarlet :) I'm chosing Xbox why? due to the fact it has back compat.

  • Tony French
    Tony French 2 months ago

    im thinking 599.99

  • Parth Bijalwan
    Parth Bijalwan 2 months ago

    You can figure out that someone is an isheep when they expect something to cost way higher like something apple do.

  • Haider Shuja
    Haider Shuja 2 months ago +1

    there used to be a friend of mine a long time ago called Austin Evans and he would get bullied every day at school.
    Is this you Austin?
    You once told me you made a TheXvid channel about tech a long time ago. Is this actually you??? 🙀

  • youtube addict
    youtube addict 2 months ago

    1:00 ?

  • Dark Matter Games
    Dark Matter Games 2 months ago +1

    Wow just got Xbox one x for Christmas wonderful as soon as I get it next gen comes out 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Caden Z
    Caden Z 2 months ago

    Im going to start saving now

  • YeeHa_w
    YeeHa_w 3 months ago

    just get a pc

  • SwiftBunnyOG
    SwiftBunnyOG 3 months ago

    yeah but can i hook my mouse and keyboard to it? if not then its a bust

    • WindyCityFan1984
      WindyCityFan1984 3 months ago

      @SwiftBunnyOG Xbox supports the use of mouse and keyboard in some games and apps, but it doesn’t work for every game or app. The game or app publisher must enable this feature for their content.

    • SwiftBunnyOG
      SwiftBunnyOG 3 months ago

      WindyCityFan1984 can you use M&KB on the one X? Like for games ? Because that’s what I’m looking for

    • WindyCityFan1984
      WindyCityFan1984 3 months ago

      I'm sure it will since you can already use a mouse and keyboard on the X

  • WillFulForza
    WillFulForza 3 months ago

    I’m going to guess $649

    • WillFulForza
      WillFulForza 3 months ago

      I’m so getting it with the new elite controller. I love my elite controller

  • lava launchers
    lava launchers 3 months ago

    I’m on a budget can I get an Xbox project Scarlett for 8 dollars

  • Adarie Pennant
    Adarie Pennant 3 months ago

    What if Microsoft Sony and Nintendo Sega join forces and make a super Console

  • Dragonball 777
    Dragonball 777 3 months ago

    Hopefully we won't have to download the games

  • LithuaniaDavid 15
    LithuaniaDavid 15 3 months ago

    I just bought my first xbox one and I realised that xbox 2 is not fake

  • Fernando Fernandez
    Fernando Fernandez 3 months ago

    Kudos to you, Austin! People dont typically mention the price of an ssd. I'm not sure about how heat anything is gonna put out but I definitely say its gonna cost like 600 to 650 if they put m.2 mvme's in there

  • nikola zazzoslki
    nikola zazzoslki 3 months ago

    Fuckers saying this fucker has bulked up but fuckers lying. Although, idk why it just seems he can kick peoples ass.

  • Flippy Is a bot
    Flippy Is a bot 3 months ago

    So should I wait to buy a Xbox project scarlet or just get an Xbox x ?

  • dauby 09
    dauby 09 3 months ago

    -pc player: 500$ for these performances is cheap !
    -other pc player:wow cal down man don t fall in their trap remenber that console players aren’t free
    And in the last 5 years they spent more than the price of their consoles in xbox gold + premium bullshit and they must play with 10 years old fortnite kids
    - oh shit i almost got trapped
    - don’t worry i got your back
    -Microsoft and sony: oh shit...

  • Theodore Bagwell
    Theodore Bagwell 3 months ago

    3:39 where do I know her from?

  • Life With pineapples
    Life With pineapples 3 months ago

    I think that Xbox Scarlet should come with Xbox elite 2 controller

  • Burstless Gaming YT
    Burstless Gaming YT 3 months ago

    the average consumer was in this lol

  • Austin Thompson
    Austin Thompson 3 months ago

    Gonna save money for this. The new Halo. Gonna be awesome!

  • 09creeper playz
    09creeper playz 3 months ago

    Perfect, now I could afford an Xbox project Scarlet...

    And Xbox One X
    And Xbox One S
    And Xbox One
    And Xbox 360 (2010)
    And Xbox 360 (2005)
    And Original Xbox

    Please plz like this comment thank you for your Time

  • xAntichristx13
    xAntichristx13 3 months ago +1

    I just hope they have a black one and a white one at launch cuz last time I had to wait a year for the sunset overdrive bundle which was a white Xbox one, I have the white Xbox one x right now tho 😀

  • The Mistery
    The Mistery 3 months ago +1

    I am so excited I cant wait

  • Official_Aids
    Official_Aids 3 months ago

    If it's all bout gaming y r they adding 8k just for video hmm

  • Troy Klassen
    Troy Klassen 3 months ago

    Omg I just got the Xbox one. There was a much bigger gap between the 360 and the one

  • Waved
    Waved 3 months ago +1

    Guys don’t get the new Xbox just get a pc

  • Michael P
    Michael P 4 months ago

    $599-699 for next Gen. The cost to make the console needs to generate profits for Microsoft.

    • Dale B
      Dale B 3 months ago

      phill Spencer has already stated that they will not make a profit on scarlet because the real money is in software and services (games and Xbox live/game pass).

  • Mavis Davis
    Mavis Davis 4 months ago

    Love the video!! Just subbed.

  • ThaBoiWren
    ThaBoiWren 4 months ago

    Xbox ass 😂

  • Frandy Lopez
    Frandy Lopez 4 months ago

    Xbox is better than ps4 no doubt the project scarlett would be better

  • Maaz Haha
    Maaz Haha 4 months ago

    Austin building ultimate Xbox project Scarlett: “next we’re gonna be adding an additional 3 terebytes to this console, (if it has 2 tb already) giving us a whopping 5 tb of storage lol