The Brexit election explained: where do we go from here?

  • Published on Dec 13, 2019
  • 'Let the healing begin' Boris Johnson declared today, in a victory speech on the steps of Number 10 aimed at bringing a fractured country back together. (Subscribe:
    He insisted the focus would be on the NHS.
    But his landslide victory puts Brexit right back on the immediate agenda - the Withdrawal Bill likely to go before MPs next week.
    And it will put Scottish independence front and centre too - thanks to a resurgent SNP.
    As for Labour - with their worst result since the thirties, the political recriminations begin - and the search for a new leader.
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    MARTIN A1 Day ago

    the Labour disconnect from their natural supporters started under Blair and has culminated with the party's disregard of the referendum result. If the referendum had been broken down by constituency results there were over 400 in favour of Leave and about 200 for Remain. Most Labour voters and many others thought that the renationalisation of water, power and trains was a good idea. But hey New Labour was always after constituencies such as Putney.....they got what they deserved.

  • Just a mustard seed
    Just a mustard seed 3 days ago

    Brext and all the Prime minister wants is to get out of europe instead of getting to the bottom of the national newspapers bullying another Royal prince and princess. Are you going to continue ignoring the real facts the nation wants sorting Mr Johnson?

  • cafeta
    cafeta 6 days ago

    Every Time the Left lose, it is a very good day!

  • steven middlehurst
    steven middlehurst 12 days ago

    Were do we go from here lol plain and simple out the e.u as it should have been years ago fuxx the e.u were off🖕🇬🇧

  • neosildrake
    neosildrake 14 days ago

    Jo Swinsons "breaking glass ceilings" sound like GB didn't/doesn't have a queen or that M. Thatcher was just a figment of illusion. WHAT F*ING GLASS CEILING?

  • Millie Wood
    Millie Wood 18 days ago

    Oh no! Does this mean I won't get my free Broadband or be compensated for losing out on my Government pension? Never mind, I'll get by with the knowledge that Corbyn and his commie cronies have been well and truly shafted and hopefully destined to the political wilderness, never to be allowed to run this country again, the Labour party is DEAD and good riddance, let's give Boris a chance, we need to be reassured our country is now on the right track to be free from the EU and get our country back.

  • Jonathan Cooper
    Jonathan Cooper 21 day ago

    It’s remain wot lost it. I gave up trying to tell remainers we gotta accept the result because they wouldn’t listen.

  • Joe Anderson
    Joe Anderson 23 days ago +1

    London based champagne socialist crying

  • Andy
    Andy 24 days ago +1

    I wouldn’t ask Ed Miliband for his advice on double glazing never mind what went wrong with Labour and the failed election. This fiasco only cements Boris Johnson well and truly for at least the next 10 years in 10 Downing Street.

  • Graham Peel
    Graham Peel 25 days ago +1

    Prince Andrew is not an elected official nor a member of parliament. He is a flawed Royal who needs dressing down by his mother not stripped of his birth right. The haters come out of the wood work when ever they sniff a fart. Get back into your box. The man has been humiliated enough is enought

  • undeaddread
    undeaddread 25 days ago +1

    Channel 4, the answer to your video title is Brexit, suck it up buttercups, no matter what you try to do the the figures of the result makes little difference to reality, cant wait to see the back of your dogshit news channel & the BBC, complete leftist eliotes out of touch with the rest of the country, good job, keep it up & the leftists will be in the closet & under the stairs for another 30 years

  • keegan773
    keegan773 26 days ago +1

    How many commentators suggested that with his large majority Boris would introduce a softer approach to the EU.
    And what did he do ? Introduced a law to make sure there are no more extensions. Up yours EU.

  • wordscontrolminds
    wordscontrolminds 26 days ago +1

    Brexit wot done it!

  • wordscontrolminds
    wordscontrolminds 26 days ago

    We want an opposition- not tory lite! Get lost all you bliarites- you handed Jeremy a poisoned chalice with your ref 2. Bliarism- never again!

  • Mika Ham
    Mika Ham 26 days ago +1

    CH4 the biased News service is just as much a loser as the Labour party. Krishnan, Gary Gibbon and Matt Frye and that fool Jon Snow have been biased against BREXIT for the last 3 years. Now they are trying to have a sensible dialogue, GET LOST, I hate CH4 for their last 3 years. Maybe CH4 now realised they do not represent the wishes of the UK public.
    All news services, ALL should be unbiased! The people of the UK need a balanced News service, not a biased organisation telling them what to think. I have been disgusted with CH4 over the last 3 years.

  • c b
    c b 26 days ago +3

    I can't stand people protesting democracy

  • Steve 127
    Steve 127 26 days ago +1

    What part of reality does corbyn not understand? If he’d have had a grip on what the electorate actually wanted he wouldn’t have had such an embarrassing slaughter

  • willl 88
    willl 88 28 days ago +1

    minister for women and equality god

  • Free lunch is a hoax !
    Free lunch is a hoax ! 28 days ago +1

    From this clip I can figure out why Labour Party lacks in patriotism. Further you go from UK spirit, more committed Labour supporters you see.

  • Alchemist
    Alchemist 28 days ago +3

    Before the election: "Jeremy is a great leader who will get us a fairer Britain". After the election: "Jeremy needs to go, he's a disgrace and unelectable as a leader".

    • Alchemist
      Alchemist 24 days ago

      @splinterbyrd No,that's Jeremy Corbyn's furious army of deluded pseudo-liberal tramps.

    • splinterbyrd
      splinterbyrd 24 days ago

      that's politics

  • Marc-Andre Otis
    Marc-Andre Otis 28 days ago

    Cathy Newman is a toxic whitesplainer.
    She is not entitled to interupt Naseem Shah and she did it twice.
    BBC you must do something.

  • Torstein L.B
    Torstein L.B 28 days ago

    In my opinion there are two reasons labour lost so hard.
    1. Media hates progressives like Corbyn and constantly smear him as an anti-Semite.
    2. Labour failed to accept the results of the referendum.

  • Isaac Joseph
    Isaac Joseph 28 days ago

    Share with

  • Isaac Joseph
    Isaac Joseph 28 days ago +1

    Where do the citizens of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique go from here under the very poor management of the present administration of the NNP with Dr Keith C Mitchell in charge and Squandering taxpayers contributions, year in year out and with only one of the 14 MPs dare to tell him WE ARE GOING THE WRONG WAY in recent weeks. We need some international intervention of our respectable financial donors, especially with our electoral process and to oversee how our taxes and donations are spent. If we leave this administration in control for another twelve months, the citizenry will become stateless with all Dr Mitchell’s foreign friends owning all of our heritage, especially those flyby night citizens holding CBI passport. An international call for the Doctor to account of his government spending over the years of his STEWARDSHIP by the electors but especially by friendly foreign donors. This action is very necessary now and not later.....The likely charge is ......SQUANDAMANIA

    • Isaac Joseph
      Isaac Joseph 28 days ago

      My FB page......share.

    • Isaac Joseph
      Isaac Joseph 28 days ago

      Please TV channel4 share with other international media outlet . Something must be done. We all have brains and not only Doctor has.

  • Roy Rogers
    Roy Rogers 29 days ago

    The SNP needs to call for an election if their position is as strong as they profess it to be . If they win THEN Boris would certainly be in a pickle. But they won't take that chance because they know they would lose. Scotland has not enough trade with the EU to even get in the EU as a "dependent" state . funny that is never talked about

  • Geo Alpharius
    Geo Alpharius 29 days ago

    What part of once in a lifetime vote, don't the SNP understand?

  • Vickie Garri
    Vickie Garri 29 days ago +1

    Go to Skynews Australia to get real news

  • Vickie Garri
    Vickie Garri 29 days ago +3

    I have been watching Skynews Australia, to get REAL news.

  • F.D. Woodley
    F.D. Woodley Month ago +2

    Good bye EU!! Thanks for the memories!!!

  • Tony
    Tony Month ago

    Good to see the "so what you're saying is" lady again.

  • Loyal Ram
    Loyal Ram Month ago

    Hilarious. It’s like the news people are holding labor to account as fervent fellow socialists toward those who have failed them. Maybe a show trial or two two is needed, ala USSR? Lol

  • tom
    tom Month ago

    What does it mean if he has a ‘majority of 80’. Someone explain?

  • Peter Max Friis Jensen

    BJ has a self imposed deadline. I think the EU should have one too. 5 or maybe even 10 years just as a proper trade deal normally takes.

  • Kent Heaser
    Kent Heaser Month ago

    Cathy .. Jordan Peterson Karma... lol

  • Blue Cheese
    Blue Cheese Month ago +1

    The moaning liberals, Labour and Remainers now need to let the healing begin. They must get behind the right wing Tories - the People’s Government!

  • Blue Cheese
    Blue Cheese Month ago

    The will of the people!

  • Amans Patriae
    Amans Patriae Month ago

    Look folks Corbyn lost for a variety of reasons. The top reason is the whole "woke" thing. Momentum didn't help either.

  • Soros in Pigtails
    Soros in Pigtails Month ago

    Maitlis asked about comments that women dressed in burkas looking like letterboxes, but she didn’t deny that observation, only interested in using it as a witch hunt excuse.

  • keefebaby
    keefebaby Month ago

    And soon it will be channel 4 losing its very biased seat, can’t wait

  • James Murray
    James Murray Month ago

    I like Channel 4, good job, Impartial reporting.

  • john crawford
    john crawford Month ago

    They chose to ignore the 2016 ref,it’s that simple.the people power won it for the tories,if you think people who voted one way which turns out to be a majority and dismissed,well let’s be honest it was always going to happen.

  • Kenny Loggins
    Kenny Loggins Month ago +2

    Such hate and division. Treat others as you would want to be treated. Love thy neighbour as thy self. A sad day for England Friday the 13th.

    • Gerald Gallagher
      Gerald Gallagher Month ago

      The saddest part of it ,? I'm pretty sure backing Boris will lead to a rise in social tension First thing to visibly increase? will be blatant racism

  • Sean MacSweeney
    Sean MacSweeney Month ago

    I bet the remoaner channel 4 are unhappy that we are leaving their beloved EU, I can’t wait to be out of this vile cabal and I look forward to it’s demise in the near future, we don’t need to listen to these morons at Ch4 anymore 😂🇬🇧

  • Eddie J
    Eddie J Month ago

    You lot must be devastated that your elitist left wing bias didn't work, muppets

  • Stephan_Toth _Satisfaction_UK

    Corbyn should have learned the lesson from William Jay. William Jay died maintaining his right of way. He was right dead right as he sped along, but is now just as dead as if he were wrong. The people just didn't believe his bullshit policies were economically viable. So they voted the labour party out.

  • Stephan_Toth _Satisfaction_UK

    Boris Johnson and the Conservative party has saved our country from a Corbynist Communist takeover. Corbyns Marxist friends should realise that there is no way that this country would back them against democracy.

  • R D
    R D Month ago

    Jo swinson had the biggest punch on the nose ever. Lol
    But she still blames it on silly things like her voice or the imaginary glass ceiling. Nothing to do with her policys and how she thought she was going to be primeminister !

  • Sahil Jam
    Sahil Jam Month ago +1

    "Are you saying" Cathy Meow Man.

    • Sahil Jam
      Sahil Jam 28 days ago

      @Gayle Elizabeth Couldn't agree more

    • Gayle Elizabeth
      Gayle Elizabeth 28 days ago

      Sahil Jam ....Horrible woman-a man-hater, and an embarrassment to real women everywhere....

  • hylkelammert
    hylkelammert Month ago

    look how he did as mayor of londen. There arent brittains left in there.

  • Vitor Mendes
    Vitor Mendes Month ago

    channel 4 is like the majority main stream news dont like the fact people have enough of the agenda they support!.

  • Joshua Jackson
    Joshua Jackson Month ago


  • sdw209
    sdw209 Month ago

    Cathy Newman is a terrible interviewer. She can barely stand to hear the answer to the questions she asked and then she doesn't like the answer.

  • reedosmeenosminos
    reedosmeenosminos Month ago

    When you have a woman saying that the problem with Britain is white men, that on balance Chairman Mao did more good than harm (both Abbott), a fantasy wish list of free stuff as a manifesto, a palpable feeling of anti-GB sentiment, a desertion of the working class, rife anti-semitism, misandry, and identity politics, and a leader who appears to despise the armed forces and Police who protect us.... is it any wonder they lost?!
    The rise of populism and nationalism is due solely (in my opinion) to the obsession they have with divisive identity politics. The left have left me and many others. It is truly lamentable.

  • dulls
    dulls Month ago

    I see the Political arm of the BBC and Channel 4 did really badly in this election.

  • Tadas Blindavicius
    Tadas Blindavicius Month ago

    The UK, after all, pays to EU just 161 million pounds a week but not 350 million a week as Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson displayed on the "Leave campaign" busses. Why Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson misled British people about "350 million pounds a week expenditure"? Every week the UK Treasury gets 88 million pounds back from the EU and 50 million of it gets farming and fisheries. Basically, the British people were fooled or misled about all "Brexit agenda and the EU itself in the first place. All these "tough debates, talkings, and arguments" about Brexit should have been happening beforehand. Now obviously British people know much much more about Brexit risks and the consequences of it. Back then they weren't. The second referendum would be a fair solution for Britain.

  • steph
    steph Month ago

    Where do you go from here? Down I guess. The UK pound is already back down from the original erection excitement....

  • Davide Puglia
    Davide Puglia Month ago


  • Davide Puglia
    Davide Puglia Month ago


  • Davide Puglia
    Davide Puglia Month ago


  • Deplorable D
    Deplorable D Month ago

    If I was Boris I would place an immediate moratorium on all fishing in UK waters. Keep all commercial fishing out for three years to allow healthy restocking of depleted (but resurgent) North Sea Cod; at the end of the three years allow closely managed fishing under commercial licences issued only to UK owned and operated fishing enterprises.