Former MLB pitcher David Cone talks perfect game, labor issues in new book

  • Published on May 17, 2019
  • Former MLB pitcher David Cone is looking back on a life in baseball in his new book, "Full Count: The Education of a Pitcher." He joined CBSN to reflect on his perfect game, and to give his take on current labor tensions in the game 25 years after the strike.

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  • TheMako990 Mako
    TheMako990 Mako 4 months ago

    Why isn’t he in hof

  • Christian Townsend
    Christian Townsend 4 months ago

    That's cool bro

  • New Era Mysteries & Conspiracies

    Ah, the strike memories of my childhood. There would have NEVER been one if the Montreal Expos were not over 20 games in first place and were clearly going to win the series that year, so they strike in late August, with the season being over 75% done at the time. Point being, the lowest grossing revenue team "Expos" were the BEST in 1994 so the strike occurred due to common sense lack of interest in the latter part of the season, a Canadian team was the best in a so called "American" sport. This also proves that the Braves did NOT ever "win" 14 division titles in a row, it was 3 in a row, a horrible team in 94, and then 11 in a row to combine together for a total of 14.