• Published on Dec 23, 2018
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    ♡ Will you do a meet up? BIG BEAUTY DAY OUT 2019!
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Comments • 457

  • jemma whitelock
    jemma whitelock 12 days ago

    her nanny is so precious we must keep her safe at all cost ❤️❤️

  • Zahra Iqbal
    Zahra Iqbal 28 days ago

    loveee xx

  • Abbie Timms
    Abbie Timms Month ago

    Oh I love Vaseline 😂😂😂

  • Roksana Chudy
    Roksana Chudy Month ago

    3:54 lol I'm dying cuz when Julie walked away from Aticus , Aticus did a funny face like he wanted to fight Julie

  • Layla Louise volg’s
    Layla Louise volg’s 2 months ago

    Can someone tell me where Anna jumper in the start is from xx

  • LouisaBells
    LouisaBells 4 months ago +1

    My mums birthday is on the 23rd of December!

  • Ruby Xoxoxo
    Ruby Xoxoxo 7 months ago +1

    Can someone send me the link for her cosy hoodie 🤩🤩

  • Alisha W
    Alisha W 8 months ago

    Ily endlessly 💓💓

  • Alfie
    Alfie 10 months ago

    I love how relatable your mum is and that she’s just herself

  • Maisie Revill
    Maisie Revill 10 months ago

    Aww Anna bless your mum she is so lovely and your nan is like so cute and so is aticus 💋 x

  • Maddi Sadler
    Maddi Sadler 11 months ago

    I think you should go to centerparks x

  • Chloe J
    Chloe J 11 months ago

    Have u already been to Disney

  • Karina -
    Karina - 11 months ago

    Love your nan 💖😂❤️

  • RR Oxo
    RR Oxo 11 months ago

    Love how much blusher her nan puts on 😂😂😂😂

  • Mols
    Mols 11 months ago

    i’ve been to alton towers loads of times so it’s weird seeing it on your video ahaha. bless her heart she’s so sweet x

  • iii. blushy
    iii. blushy 11 months ago

    Ah😻happy birthday Julie!❤️❤️🥳🥳

  • Tinker Bell
    Tinker Bell 11 months ago

    So jel of Anna and how cute is her nan with her old fashioned glasses 😭😂❤️

  • Madeleine Elizabeth
    Madeleine Elizabeth 11 months ago

    Your family does crack me up 😂😂 idk how you listen to that kind of music because it’s the one genre I hate haha but I can see how much you all like it and had a lot of fun singing together ☺️

  • Taonga Mvula
    Taonga Mvula 11 months ago

    your nanny is so cute

  • shannen flannery
    shannen flannery 11 months ago

    Your so kind and thoughtful anna😘😘 happy birthday to your mom🎉🍰🎁 xxx

  • Gracie Burns
    Gracie Burns 11 months ago

    I went there, to splashlandings its AMAZING the slides are incredible!!! ❤

  • Angel Blake
    Angel Blake 11 months ago

    Mate I literally love your family 😂 wicked vlog 🙌🏼

  • Kai Rose
    Kai Rose 11 months ago

    Wow those presents are all so cute and pretty. She deserved everything she got today.I think it's a bit difficult for money cos she's already got loads of beautiful presents forever. You always put so much effect into things. That's probably why you videos are perfect. Keep It Up!👌

  • Imogen Martin
    Imogen Martin 11 months ago

    omg I work at the waterpark i would've given you tickets 🤦🏻‍♀️😍😍

  • Arzu/ Youtube name Adel Suyolcu

    Happy belated birthday to your lovely mum. 😘🎂❤️

  • Zola Matthews
    Zola Matthews 11 months ago

    You know your car. I think it’s Cos inside a bit of water has got in it somehow so u have to put a humidifier in it. I think that’s what it’s called. Cos my sisters car done it and that’s how we sorted it out xxx
    .. I’m not sure if it’s called that Cos I searched it up and that said somethjng about sorting dry air out. It’s defo something u need that will just suck the water out the air from inside your car x

  • ems Xxx
    ems Xxx 11 months ago

    Where is that fluffy hoodie from 😍

  • Ellie Vlogsss
    Ellie Vlogsss 11 months ago

    hope she had an amazing day! was this the last vlogmas? xx

  • Johanne og Veronica
    Johanne og Veronica 11 months ago

    you should have a merch that says «i look so rough this morning» 😂😍

  • Leanne White
    Leanne White 11 months ago

    l live in Liverpool too xx

  • aimee Merton
    aimee Merton 11 months ago

    "Rite its your beat mum drop it "😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lauren Louise
    Lauren Louise 11 months ago

    It’s 5 am on Christmas Day and I can’t sleep so watching your videos till I can get up love your videos so it’s ok 💓🎅🏼🥳

  • Lauren Louise
    Lauren Louise 11 months ago

    It’s 5 am on Christmas Day and I can’t sleep so watching your videos till I can get up love your videos so it’s ok 💓🎅🏼🥳

  • Amberrrose Xox
    Amberrrose Xox 11 months ago

    Your nan is such a phat mood

  • scarlett osborne
    scarlett osborne 11 months ago

    i hope Julie has a lovely birthday! honestly so jeal that you keep winning on the claw machine aha, i always thought it was just impossible aha xxx

  • The Big Man Big Al.
    The Big Man Big Al. 11 months ago

    Anastasia! Merry Christmas Eve and a Happy New year to Your Family, Baby Atticus, Mum Julie ;) and Nanny! Ur Friends and of Course U Darling! Ilysm and Respect U forevermore from My💖🧠and Will Never stop Loving U and Respect U Ever! I watch all Ur Vlogs and Contents from Start to finish and love and Enjoy them too!🤬What Society throws at U cus every single one of them are full of Ssh🤫't💩and their days will come very soon! Happy Belated Birthday to Ur Mum Gentle Woman like Julie in the Words Of Man Stevie Wonder!😎UP! And also Ana U are very Beautiful to Babe! U have a Beautiful Figure and Nice Beautiful Smile to I love! We all love U Babe! And U have already gone far in life! Ur Dreams have come true!🌠U are Somebody's Beautiful Daughter too and U are Beautiful fully Grown Gentle Woman! And We need more People like U on our Planet too keep our world a Safe world all thank U to U! And Ana! Please do me a favour, do not cry while U are reading my THUD!!!!📚 Squidward and Plankton Goes🐱🤕Because U will start Me off! Cus I can sense When U feel teary A, and I'm currently watching ur vlog with Jasmine Drunk as Usual! Gwarn Jas and Ana Gwarn! And U have a Beautiful Voice too singing the Great Whitney's song and hitting those High notes! Whitney is Proud and loves U and U will be Signed soon! Trust me I guarantee U! Has and U as U mentioned Ana what Dafq!🤣😎;) and Ur Work is amazing Babe Keep up the Good Work AF! Ana! I'm Gonna love and Leave U now! And I'll Reply to U after our Christmas Holidays! Have a Safe Christmas and a Process Happy New year to U! And Thank U again reading my📚!!!! B💣AAGGHH!!!! I REGRET NOTHING!👁h👁h👁h👁h🏳to U at all! It's True👁h🏳GRUNT! Hh😳🐻🎸mm!💨💥m!🐱🤕😎UP!🤣I Luv U Baby Girl! Mwah! xx🎄💖🎁🎀🎆🏆🏳️‍🌈🏴

  • Grace Monaghan
    Grace Monaghan 11 months ago

    10:07 her nan reminds me of Chloe Ferry’s mum from Geordie shore there😂❤️

  • Hannah Mackenzie
    Hannah Mackenzie 11 months ago +1

    Your nan is the cutest thing!!

  • Sophie X
    Sophie X 11 months ago

    the little comments your nan makes, so cute💛

  • Kayleigh Maclean
    Kayleigh Maclean 11 months ago

    I love your mums reaction to all her present

  • True Tea
    True Tea 11 months ago +2

    Just wanted to say - I absolutely love the relationship between you and your mum ❤️

  • Abbie Farmer
    Abbie Farmer 11 months ago +1

    Thought u we’re driving back?

  • chelsea leigh
    chelsea leigh 11 months ago

    Thinking your road listening to big shaq loll 😂👀

  • Jessica Burns
    Jessica Burns 11 months ago

    My car streams up loads too, but I’ve got a Suzuki Swift so bloody annoying❤️

  • maisie williams
    maisie williams 11 months ago

    did you go on any rides ana? Xo

  • Aimee Mazzotta
    Aimee Mazzotta 11 months ago

    Your Nan is so funny😂❤️

  • Fransyn Kim
    Fransyn Kim 11 months ago

    Try 24 HOURS IN BED🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Life with me, Jodie
    Life with me, Jodie 11 months ago

    Rub shaving gel, not shaving foam over the inside windows it will stop them misting up

  • Phillip Peters
    Phillip Peters 11 months ago

    Happy birthday

  • Jessica Hart
    Jessica Hart 11 months ago

    Anna ur such a lovely daughter. Happy birthday Julie!!! Ur nan is so funny in the car singing😂😂xx

  • Halimah Khalil
    Halimah Khalil 11 months ago +3

    Happy birthday Julie. Love your family x
    Ps. Ana weren't you meant to drive on the way back ? 😂 x

  • Tilly Rose
    Tilly Rose 11 months ago

    mans not hot is a old song

  • nadine o’brien
    nadine o’brien 11 months ago

    ana is genuinely one of the best people on TheXvid in my opinion! she puts everyones needs before hers, she's so thoughtful & caring and is such a warming person. she is just an incredible person all round. love her and her family so much, faves on youtube❤️

  • Kasey Evans
    Kasey Evans 11 months ago

    Omg your nan is so funny. I hope your mum has had a nice birthday. Your nan is a gangster gran

  • Maisy Dudley
    Maisy Dudley 11 months ago

    Hi anna I met you at Alton towers when you were at scare fest. Love you soooooooo much xx

  • Itz Hannah
    Itz Hannah 11 months ago

    Happy Birthday Julie xx

  • Niamh Jennings
    Niamh Jennings 11 months ago

    Hi Anna love you so much Merry Christmas 🎄 xx ❤️

  • avery smith
    avery smith 11 months ago +1

    what is your nans accent? xx

  • Lucie Neave
    Lucie Neave 11 months ago +1


  • Nicole Pearce
    Nicole Pearce 11 months ago

    I actually stayed in that exact room when I went at start of the 6 weeks hols xx