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The Complete Rick And Morty Timeline...So Far | Channel Frederator

  • Published on Jul 20, 2019
  • With the return of Rick and Morty why not take a look a back at everything that Rick and Morty have being up to and unpack the complete Rick and Morty timeline.
    Rick and Morty Season 4 here and we can't wait to see what wild adventures Rick and Morty will get up to this season. We will cover everything from Rick and Morty season 1 to Rick and Morty season 3.
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    Researched by: Jessica Klein
    Written by: Jessica Klein
    Hosted by: Jacob Atkinson
    Edited by: Phoenix Williams
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  • April Mintac Pineda
    April Mintac Pineda 7 hours ago

    "Beth and Jerry get pregnant at prom"

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    ItsAdsco133YT 9 hours ago

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    Mark Melander 22 hours ago

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  • Ignite Gaming
    Ignite Gaming Day ago

    This is as long as Rick and morty usual episode.

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    toxic Day ago

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    garrett parker Day ago

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    L llwiyte Day ago

    Update the timeline dawg #channelfrederator

  • Nugget Nugget
    Nugget Nugget Day ago

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  • William Foged
    William Foged 2 days ago +1

    The Morty from episode one is the original Morty 🙃

  • Ben Smith
    Ben Smith 3 days ago

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  • Joshua Van Well
    Joshua Van Well 3 days ago +2

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    YF21_Septic 5 days ago


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  • Caleb Cavanaugh
    Caleb Cavanaugh 5 days ago

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    OHHIKID 5 days ago

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    Daniel Garcia 6 days ago

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    TheTru3Goat Gaming 6 days ago

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  • mnwalke
    mnwalke 7 days ago

    Something I have wondered about... while the timeline in the video is correct as far as I can tell (at least up to the 10:41 mark where I have it paused), I have always kinda thought that maybe dimension C-137 was where Rick and Morty ended up AFTER they Cronenberged their other reality and replaced the Rick and Morty who got blown up in the garage.
    The way I tend to read the timeline is that the blown up Rick and Morty were the actual C-137 Rick and Morty, because the alphanumeric designation "C-137" is not actually mentioned in the show (as far as I can remember, if I am wrong please somebody point it out) until AFTER "our" Rick and Morty have assumed the identities of the dead Rick and Morty that got blown up.
    "Our" Rick and Morty were in dimension C-137 when the Citadel of Ricks came looking for them. They were designated "Rick and Morty C-137" when the Citadel found them in dimension C-137...
    Which is where they went AFTER they Cronenberged their own dimension's version of Earth and decided to abandon it.
    There are at least 2 ways my theory could be wrong:
    1. "C-137" was used to identify "our" Rick and Morty BEFORE the Cronenberg episode where they switched dimensions, or
    2. All Ricks and all Mortys are identifiable as being "from C-137" (or whatever dimension) in some way other than their just being in that dimension when the Citadel wants to identify them. Kind of an awkward sentence, but is there some way to identify them as being from this or that dimension? I don't think there is... but maybe I missed something.

  • Joren Exoo
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  • Futuristic Phoenix
    Futuristic Phoenix 8 days ago

    Then what happened to the rick before rick c 137 came?

  • Rickly Johnson
    Rickly Johnson 9 days ago

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  • g87 sylveon
    g87 sylveon 9 days ago

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  • SeriousGamer42
    SeriousGamer42 10 days ago +13

    The original Morty is ‘Evil Morty’

    • Ben Smith
      Ben Smith 3 days ago

      PICKLE RICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Twitch RIZZER
      Twitch RIZZER 4 days ago

      SeriousGamer42 no I believe that evil morty was dumb rick's (the one jerry loved) as the least rick should have the least morty

  • James Winn
    James Winn 10 days ago

    Rick pickle i am

  • YandMProductions
    YandMProductions 10 days ago

    I just noticed a small thing you missed in your "Mr. Pooybutthole" theory explaination. If you pause at 24:27 of this video (when Beth is considering having a clone of herself made), you can see a bunch of photos on the fridge. One of them is Rick (possibly younger I think, but still Rick) with Mr Pooybutthole. That can only mean one thing....

    That you guys need to update your "Mr. Poopybutthole" theory, which I will not contribute further since I haven't watch the show yet and anything else I say will simply be misinformed, if not uninformed.

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    YΛBӨIDΣЯPƧY 13 days ago +1

    I think that the og morty is the morty that gets left behind in the intro and then becomes evil morty

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  • Eddy Pritchard
    Eddy Pritchard 14 days ago +2

    Teacher: welcome to the new year let's get to know each other morty you go first
    Morty*: its a long and confusing story

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  • Shaquille Oatmeal
    Shaquille Oatmeal 15 days ago +4

    If Rick and Morty has an infinite amount of universes with an endless amount of possibilities then wouldn’t their be a universe where Morty is a super genius and Rick is the dumb one.

    • Carlos Gamez
      Carlos Gamez 11 days ago

      Shaquille Oatmeal there’s an episode where a Rick and morty in one was shown. Tall, Rick hair, morty face.

  • Cody Bedwell
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    Rick and Morty Series = One episode of "Morty'S Mind Blowers"

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  • Cameron
    Cameron 17 days ago +6

    Well Morty is most definitely from Rick’s original reality, and is his Morty because he too refers to himself as C-137