Microsoft/Xbox Buy Activision Blizzard For $70 Billion & WSJ Sources Say CEO Bobby Kotick Is Out

  • Published on Jan 17, 2022
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  • YongYea
    YongYea  4 months ago +995

    Wtf is this timeline anymore.
    - Joseph Lavoie
    [BIG BOSS]
    - Coopster
    - Devon B
    - Jonathan Ball
    - Sarano
    - Charlie Galvin
    - Gerardo Andrade
    - Joe Hunt
    - Michael Redmond
    - Peter Vrba
    - Time Dragonlord
    - BattleBladeWar
    - TacoBell Call911
    - Theron Webb

    • James Corey
      James Corey 4 months ago

      @Cricis11700 How's that a good thing?
      Xbox players aren't getting more games than if this transaction would not go through, they'd still be getting Call of Duty anyway.
      They gained nothing.

    • Cricis11700
      Cricis11700 4 months ago

      @James Corey Yeah the ones that are contracted by sony are, the new ones after Microsoft and activision have finalized the Transaction are to be xbox ecosystem exclusives 💪💚

    • James Corey
      James Corey 4 months ago +1

      Just in. Call of Duty will remain on Playstation. Phil Spencer confirmed.

    • James Corey
      James Corey 4 months ago +1

      @Cricis11700 Why are you celebrating this aside pure corporate fanboyism? You did not get more games than you would've without this acquisition.
      You got the same games that would have been released on Xbox either way.

    • Cricis11700
      Cricis11700 4 months ago

      Damn bro that sucks why did you buy a ps5 paperweight?? You should have got the Xbox the only system with actual good games are on.

  • Halcyon Actual
    Halcyon Actual 4 months ago +1146

    It's a smart move by Microsoft, wait for all the allegations and lawsuits to lower Activision Blizzard's value then swoop in with a good deal.

    • Cattitbingo
      Cattitbingo 4 months ago

      Yay monopolies

    • Beer Market
      Beer Market 4 months ago

      @Computer face Yup, i find it funny people tag this as "smart" when it's been happening for decades

    • MrFRNTIK
      MrFRNTIK 4 months ago

      @SuperSayjanGoku that means they make more money off those titles and can do what they want with them.

    • Miguel Castillo-Bailey
      Miguel Castillo-Bailey 4 months ago +1

      @M ehhh. I can do without an Xbox since I can get all of it on pc

    • M
      M 4 months ago +1

      @Miguel Castillo-Bailey Real gamers like all platforms. They all have their pros and cons.

  • DawnOfTheOzz
    DawnOfTheOzz 4 months ago +197

    When Microsoft said that they were "re-evaluating their relationship with Activision Blizzard", what they were really saying was "How much for the whole thing?"

    • Andrew Papa
      Andrew Papa 3 months ago +4

      Quite literally re-evaluating. As in, their new net worth.

    • Felipe A. Saito
      Felipe A. Saito 4 months ago +17

      Microsoft: I'm gonna do what's called a pro-gamer move

  • The Despair Squid
    The Despair Squid 4 months ago +322

    I really hope Microsoft let all the smaller developers that got stuck supporting CoD I.e Raven, highmoon, Beenox are allowed to go back to develop smaller new ips.

    • A
      A 4 months ago

      Hopefully cod gets better

    • a man chooses  a slave obeys
      a man chooses a slave obeys  4 months ago

      @Chocov 123 same and agree

    • Squigglez 420
      Squigglez 420 4 months ago +1

      Let raven work with id software again. Imagine a new heretic game built on the doom eternal engine

    • Francisco Martinez
      Francisco Martinez 4 months ago

      Might not be a possibility, but I would love someone like Infinity Ward to make a gritty ODST game.

    • Chocov 123
      Chocov 123 4 months ago +4

      @a man chooses a slave obeys I miss [PROTOTYPE] so much, honestly a new [PROTOTYPE] game made with the help of the old Spider-Man game devs would be amazing, it could even be Xbox's answer to Insomniac's Spider-Man series just like it was to inFAMOUS.

  • I Slay Goblins
    I Slay Goblins 4 months ago +62

    I hope this leads to more of Activision's obscure games getting another chance. Like Singularity, that game was awesome.

    • Gabrote42
      Gabrote42 4 months ago

      See the newest video! You are in luck!

    • King of The Zinger
      King of The Zinger 4 months ago +1

      I would absolutely love to see a new pitfall game made in a fast paced cinematic style like Uncharted.

  • Bear Witty
    Bear Witty 4 months ago +43

    Activision being bought by another company is poetic justice on another level.
    A sadistic part of me hopes they get dismantled and phased out of existence like they have done to so many great companies in the past.
    I don't even care if we lose all the blizzard games in the process because they're already a shell of their former glory.

    • Bear Witty
      Bear Witty 4 months ago +2

      @Greg Long I wasn't talking about Bobby, could you try to take my comment as it's written please? The poetic justice part was if Activision fell into obscurity, like they've actively done to so many other companies in the past. It's just a fun little sentence, nothing deep.

    • Greg Long
      Greg Long 4 months ago +2

      @Bear Witty Not really. Bobby gets to walk away with more money in his pocket. Even if he does go he gets to leave on his terms and he gets to take a very large sum of money with him when he goes. He stands to get between $340 to $395 million alone just based on what his contract gives him for leaveing. That doesn't include anything else like the money he'd make off of selling his stocks. And there is nothing to promise that games for the company will improve under MS. When they get put on Game Pass Activision and Blizzard will make money off their game even if it does suck since the revenue they get for the game is now being brought from Game Pass in general and not their games in particular.
      I'm not sure how this is poetic justice being as how Bobby gets to walk away with money in his pocket and the move pretty much stops Activision Blizzard from falling apart due to its own incompetence. Unless the poetic justice part is just Bobby leaving but .... there is no real justice when the guy is leaving on his terms via deals he helped negoiate and close that will net him millions of dollars.
      This is a HUGE win for Bobby Kotick who gets to leave Activison Blizzard with a mess that he help create that MS is now gonna have to clean up.
      Activision Blizzard was dying and Bobby gets to walk away secure in the knowledge that he helped to save the company and stop it from going under due to his own actions.

    • Bear Witty
      Bear Witty 4 months ago +4

      @Greg Long oh totally, I gotcha, just saying it'd be poetic justice. It's obviously a very bad strategy which was probably even detrimental in Activision's deterioration of quality over the past decade or so.

    • Greg Long
      Greg Long 4 months ago +14

      You don't spend 68.7 billion cash to dismantle a bunch of companies. They bought Activision Blizzard so they can further promote their Game Pass. They are going to do things like have Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4 launch months ahead on the Game Pass (assuming they just don't make them exclusive). So if you want to play Overwatch 2 or Diablo 4 at release .... well then get a Game Pass. And they put WoW on the Game Pass and make it so that you can either pay a subscription fee or you can get a Game Pass and get the same benefits of having a subscription with the added bonus of a library of other free games to play.
      The stuff with Bobby is ultimately unimportant to MS compared to the potential money they stand to make but offering up some of the biggest games in the industry on Game Pass before you can get them anywhere else.

  • xavier avila
    xavier avila 4 months ago +911

    Microsoft is really out here collecting the infinity stones of gaming.

    • Abdullah Ahmad
      Abdullah Ahmad 3 months ago

      @Chris Jr That's literally an utterly moronic comment. Doom Eternal is one of the best FPS in a long time and it was in 2020. It hasn't even been 4 months since Desthloop which won GOTY...
      Bethesda not releasing good games is a fucking coop.
      Seethe harder

    • xaoc
      xaoc 3 months ago

      @C I I haven’t contradicted anything? You’re honestly speaking a load of nonsense because you’ve been proven wrong too many times. Give up without digging an even greater hole.

    • xaoc
      xaoc 3 months ago

      @C I That evidence is available on google yes, should be easy for you to check then. Still doesn't detract from the actual fact that I was right and surprise surprise you were wrong. The OP I replied to even got the valuation of EA and Activision wrong. So no you and him in turn have only made yourselves look stupid. You've been arguing a losing point.

  • MR2
    MR2 4 months ago +38

    Microsoft beat me to it. I had my cheque book ready but they did it early this morning. I guess you snooze you lose. Well Microsoft well played

  • Steven Yim
    Steven Yim 4 months ago +52

    Interesting how this is going so far with Microsofts purchases. It seems that Sony and Microsoft have different agendas on how to handle First Party studios. Sony using an umbrella as Playstation Studios and Microsofts purchases as Microsoft Gaming.

    • SP
      SP 4 months ago

      @Sega United Microsoft is down even more than Sony. Check the stock market. They are down almost 20% right now

    • SP
      SP 4 months ago +1

      @Sega United Microsofts stock also dropped after the announcement

    • Sega United
      Sega United 4 months ago +2

      @Avid Father Company Value. 11% is Stock Trade Value. 11% drop in Stock Trade is VERY abysmal.

    • Avid Father
      Avid Father 4 months ago +1

      @Sega United 11% . Where the hell do you get 60% from?

  • Lumiscera
    Lumiscera 4 months ago +34

    Microsoft just snatched two of Sony's mascots. That to me alone is crazy.

    • Solid trouser Snake
      Solid trouser Snake 4 months ago

      @Lih Nelis Imagine a scenario that's actually realistic. Btw I'm on PC ;)

    • Lih Nelis
      Lih Nelis 4 months ago

      @Solid trouser Snake imagine how mad xbox fans would be if Sony bought their mascot (Master Chief)

    • Michael
      Michael 4 months ago

      Crash and Spyro were never Sony mascots Sony ditched crash a long time ago and went with Rathet and Clank as their mascot I don't understand how people think they were sony mascots they just were games that released in the beginning years of playstation its like saying Oddworld Abe's Oddysee was a sony mascot

    • RaidWaves
      RaidWaves 4 months ago

      @Solid trouser Snake ok

    • RaidWaves
      RaidWaves 4 months ago +1

      @Sohelanthropus I never got into either of the games and I don’t play any games from blizzard or activition either so I wouldn’t really have anything to be mad about when I first started playing games it was on a Nintendo 64 and I’ve been on PlayStation and Xbox ever since

  • Stoned Gentleman
    Stoned Gentleman 4 months ago +17

    This was very bittersweet. Hope Activision finally gets the change it desperately needed

    • Gabrote42
      Gabrote42 4 months ago

      At the very least Old IP is expected to be revived, according to the newest video

  • Vonytak
    Vonytak 4 months ago +1384

    As the old saying goes, “if a CEO won’t step down on his own, buy his company and force him out yourself.” Now I finally understand what they meant by that

    • Muhammad Redzuan Naim Abu Bakar
      Muhammad Redzuan Naim Abu Bakar 4 months ago

      Now do it to youtube

    • Greg Long
      Greg Long 4 months ago

      @Dylan Maxfield He's a very good journalist. He is, however, no psychic. Nor is he clairvoyant. Neither does he work at MS in a high level position or sits on its board. All that to say he is not in a position to know with 100% certainty that Bobby will get removed.
      They are being very coy and vague on the matter. They even released statements to the effect of Bobby remaining but reporting to MS. I haven't seen anything from Activision Blizzard or Microsoft that confirms in the affirmative that Bobby Kotick is out. The way they are talking about indicates that MS is hedging its bets. If by the time this deal closes and folks have forgotten about Bobby and moved on to other outrages then he is likely to remain. On the other hand, if folks are still angry and this is still a big deal then they may get rid of him.
      But him leaving is not a guarantee. If it were they would come out and say it so that MS can bask in the praise of the masses for doing the noble thing removing the parasite that is Bobby Kotick. Like hands down MS coming out and saying he is gone would drive up public support for MS and this deal. So since they are not using this as a perfect positive and absorbing all the good will (and Game Passes) such a move would make shows that MS isn't sure they want him gone.
      And being as how Bobby stands to make $264 to $293 million both MS and Activision going to put some serious thought into if the want to fire him and payout large sums of money to him as a going away present.

    • Greg Long
      Greg Long 4 months ago

      @Averath Ummmmm on no level did MS buy Activision Blizzard to oust Bobby. That would be the DUMBEST business decision ever. You do not spend nearly 70 billion cash, of all things, just to remove one person. On no level is what Bobby did worth spending 68.7B in cash to fix. It's just not.
      They bought Activision Blizzard for the games. Sure their rep may be tarnished now but gamers have a short memory and in two to three years won't even think, let alone care, about a bad CEO. They want to put COD and Overwatch and Diablo on their Game Pass. They want to have Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4 come to the X-Box months before it gets releases on Steam, Epic, Playstation or Nintendo. Assuming of course they don't just make them exclusive. They want to put WoW on their Game Pass and offer it free to Game Pass owners as an alternative to WoW's current subscription model. You can either pay $20 for a WoW subscription oooooooorrrrrr you can just get a Game Pass for that same amount and you get a sub to WoW and all these games!! Seriously a no brainer
      These IPs have value and that value doesn't go away because Bobby and his friends can't keep their hands to themselves. And if you need proof then consider the fact that despite what is going on folks are still paying to be in WoW. Folks are still playing Overwatch. People are still competing professionally in Overwatch (another new revenue stream for MS). There are no massive calls for boycotts. You don't have gamers putting down their controller or playing something else.
      Bobby can stay or he can go. Either way MS is going to use this to push their Game Pass. On no level did they buy Activision just to take care of Bobby. MS knows that folks may be upset now but the moment Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4 drops no fucks will be given on whether or not Bobby Kotick still works there.

    • Rod O'Steele
      Rod O'Steele 4 months ago

      I considered doing just that, until i realised I didn't have $70 Billion.

    • oprime
      oprime 4 months ago +1

      @Saurabh An awful, abusive, murdering frat house where hazing was the standard norm for operating there.

  • San Juan Horst
    San Juan Horst 4 months ago +5

    While I hope that this will make the working conditions for Activision/Blizzard staff better I have to say that I'm a little bit reserved about this news. If Microsoft becomes the Disney of gaming then it's not really something that I would consider a positive thing.

  • HandletheJandal
    HandletheJandal 4 months ago +4

    I think with Microsoft making these acquisitions it’s not just about value to GamePass it’s also a business move to protect longevity to competitors and not just Sony or Nintendo. I feel Amazon is a sleeping giant with their service and I’m sure Google won’t just go away given how video games is becoming bigger across cloud, mobile, pc and console. Even Netflix is making inroads and let’s not forget Facebook.

  • Olli Compolli
    Olli Compolli 4 months ago +13

    This is a masterstroke for Microsoft. They waited for the fallout of the Activision and Blizzard controversies to settle themselves, let California do their thin to get the bad eggs outed or quit and then snatched it up like a struggling fish as the stocks dropped. Have you seen Activision/Microsoft and Sony stocks today? Oof.

  • KarlArt004A
    KarlArt004A 4 months ago +5

    I really want Overwatch to do good but damn, ever since those controversies, Blizzard have been in a drastic downward spiral. I personally do not for Overwatch to be in the same case as Darkstalkers, a franchise with really good and fun stories and designs, and also iconic character designs.

    DECIPHER 4 months ago +3455

    Considering all the controversies I’m surprised they didn’t buy Blizzard for the price of a diet coke

    • Marshall Mills
      Marshall Mills 4 months ago

      Blizzard isn't worth a Diet Coke

    • Arthur Daniyelyan
      Arthur Daniyelyan 4 months ago

      @Volvo T6 R design awd I would like to preface this saying that I own 3 consoles currently. The Series X, the PS5 and I still have my 360 plugged in for the minuscule amount of games I play that aren’t backwards compatible yet.
      These new acquisitions are actually not what I was referring to when referencing that growing catalogue. They have; Rare, Obsidian, Ninja Theory, Double Fine, World’s Edge to name a few that are owned by Xbox before the Bethesda purchase. They now own the Elder Scrolls franchise, the Fallout franchise, the DooM series, Dishonored, Quake, Wolfenstein, etc. and are now set to own the largest AAA multiplayer game on earth, Call of Duty. Regardless of my feelings on that game (to speak nothing of the other titanic games they own now; mainly the Warcraft IP, and Overwatch) CoD is still the juggernaut. Irrelevant how the company is doing now, with the horrible, downright atrocious sexual assault cases at that company, the fact that they own the Candy Crush series by itself which generates millions upon millions of revenue by itself. You’re deluded to think that PlayStation is still going to be the premier platform for exclusives. Absolutely demented.
      The fact that you’re inferring being able to play games from an older generation of consoles being a downside or negative is absolutely moronic. The fact the Series X can play Morrowind, Ninja Gaiden Black, PGR, etc. games from the original Xbox catalogue is fucking amazing. And those games play better than ever. With an even larger list of games from the Xbox 360 era, is absolutely mental that you can play those games on the current Xbox’s. The only reason you’re using this a “counter” is being you’re unable to play PS2/PS3 era games without having to pay for the service in order to do so… and then to stream the games which is even shittier.
      TL;DR: You’re a knuckledragger if you believe after all these acquisitions and purchases that the PlayStation is the better platform for exclusives. Shrinking ship or not, Call of Duty is the juggernaut of online Multiplayer. I’m willing to fucking bet that even on PS, it’s the most played multiplayer game because let’s face facts here. PlayStation has fuck-all in terms of 1st party multiplayer games. Seethe harder, Pony.

    • Michael Nelson
      Michael Nelson 4 months ago

      I was going to say that the only reason it’s that high was because of CoD, but Candy Crush bumping it up makes a lot more sense.

    • TacoBandit
      TacoBandit 4 months ago +1

      In that perspective yes they did get a great deal lmaoo

  • MountRebound
    MountRebound 4 months ago +2

    I love this. Never in my life did i think u could watch movies or play any games for such a small monthly fee. Games used to be $60plus taxes n movies were $10-15 a piece. Competition is great for us consumers so fans for the 4 gaming platforms should be celebrating.

  • Gwin Willis
    Gwin Willis 4 months ago +4

    One wild theory of mine is that this whole merger is based on letting Bobby Kotick exit gracefully with a big final payout.

  • Filip Vadas
    Filip Vadas 4 months ago +14

    Considering how well Microsoft has treated Age of Empires, this gives me some hope for Warcraft 3...

  • xxnike629xx
    xxnike629xx 4 months ago +5

    Microsoft buying Activision-Blizzard came out of nowhere IMO. Either they plan on trying to keep exclusives or maybe Microsoft will be going the software/license route and license out games franchises to PlayStation?
    I hope that at the very least, Microsoft can really do something about the problems with Activision-Blizzard managements.
    Maybe they can get Bobby Kotick out as CEO?
    But anyway, I think that all of this consolidation is bad as it's creating less competition.
    Also, I guess maybe it'll be interesting to see if any of these third parties owned by Microsoft will still yield a PS and Nintendo version of said games like Call of Duty?
    But anyway, having fewer entities owning a variety of studios is concerning. Less competition means less creativity and less quality games.

    • Riatore X
      Riatore X 4 months ago

      Yes, Bobby's gonna get his ass booted by the time the deal is finished. Unfortunately he's gonna get out in an escape shuttle ornated with diamonds and rubies, because there's no way in hell he's leaving without getting a taste of that $70 billion cheddar cheese, you know? That being said, Blizzard's future is looking pretty good at the moment, although the gaming industry as a whole probably may not. Monopolisation is always bad for business, but for now, I guess we'll just have to see

    • Cherry Dragon
      Cherry Dragon 4 months ago

      Activisions stocks are dropping heavily why would microsoft pass by such a discount

  • Alabenson
    Alabenson 4 months ago +1044

    The main benefit I see here is the fact that Microsoft's priorities are going to be significantly different than Activision's. Activision saw games as a delivery system for microtransactions, and thus the quality of the games themselves wasn't important. Microsoft sees games as a way to sell Xboxes and Game Pass subscriptions, so they have an incentive to make games that are actually good.

    • Jacoby Rassilon
      Jacoby Rassilon 4 months ago

      @densetsu4286 Dude, you have some serious anger issues. Maybe turn off TheXvid and go outside for a bit?

    • densetsu4286
      densetsu4286 4 months ago

      @Jacoby Rassilon you worrying about others or not is irrelevant to the point. The point is MS is pushing MTX. Do you know why? Cause it's to make up for the loss in sales they are experiencing due to gamepass.
      Making games is expensive. Cutting out the $60/$70 price tag doesn't help. And when all revenue from gamepass goes to maintenance fees, deals for 3rd party games and development for first party titles, they need to make that money back else where. And one proven method that works is MTX. It's no fucking coincidence that it was until after EA plays became a thing that EA went extra fucking hard in MTX. And it's not a coincidence that this model rakes EA billions of dollars. This is exactly why MS is doing it as well. But as with anything you slowly encroach upon it. This way it's like a front in a boiling pot. If the temp spikes to fast the frog hops out. If it's just slow e ought the frog won't notice and will be boiled alive. So MS is going to slowly put them in. Which is exactly what we are seeing.
      So again it doesn't matter if it effects you or not. That doesn't mean you aren't getting fucked cause yeah you are. What would have been free or at least attainable without spend as much money now is all apart of MTX. And it will get worse. Why? Cause people like you. Also you can no longer vote with your wallet. Your money goes to MS or EA whether you partake in it or not as long as you keep on their subscriptions. Doesn't matter if you play the game or not. You consented to it the moment you bought the sub.
      So have fun with that.

  • Chris Sizemore
    Chris Sizemore 4 months ago

    Typically in an acquisition deal like this one the CEO and other top executives of a company are contacted for a few years as part of the deal. As the contract runs out they leave the company as the parent company replaces the officers to ensure a smooth transition and continued business continuity in the transition. That said, Activision has had a lot of negative press concerning its leadership and Xbox will likely be more aggressive in immediate turnovers to dispel the public perception of Activision's management culture.
    Microsoft is usually hands off when it comes to managing its subsidiaries. Other than creating connections and interdependencies with other divisions within the company, Microsoft prefers for its subsidiaries to continue to produce products in the fashion that the subsidiary did before they were acquired. That... isn't encouraging. It means Activision has free license to continue its Live Service/Micro Transaction heavy development. As for hopes that Blizzard will go back to being like they use to be ... it is too late to save Blizzard. The development culture of Blizzard has become the same as Activision and I can't see that reversing. Well, unless Microsoft does something incredibly strange like separate Blizzard into its own independent subsidiary and hire some of its old officers and producers to restart the company. Chances of that happening are practically non-existent.
    The thing that could really shake up Activision development is the Xbox Gamepass. If Microsoft comes down hard in supporting the Gamepass the way games like FIFA are developed could steer away from yearly cycles towards long term development. That is on Microsoft Games, not Activision. Honestly not sure that Microsoft Games would want to rock the boat and kill the golden goose just to promote Microsoft Games' current profit maker.

  • Quirky Noms
    Quirky Noms 4 months ago +23

    My first thoughts: "I literally just purchased Crash 4 and the Spyro trilogy a few days ago. Dammit, why didn't I wait just a little longer and pick them up on Gamepass!?"
    But tbf, the Spyro games have been a joy to play so far (haven't touched Crash 4 yet, but I look forward to doing so), so I don't really regret it. And I do look forward to trying other Activision games that get added if this goes through.

    • Nathan
      Nathan 4 months ago

      Enjoy heard it's good

    • The Code Always Wins
      The Code Always Wins 4 months ago

      Same. And the same happened with Doom Eternal before Bethesda.

    • Cryptic
      Cryptic 4 months ago +8

      to be fair you'd have to wait atleast a year and a half before there's even a chance of them being on the gamepass since that'd be when the deal fully goes through.

  • Risque
    Risque 4 months ago +8

    Until Microsoft makes some MAJOR changes, and SHOWS us that things have actually improved, I'm still not giving any Blizzard product the time of day, much less ANY money.

  • Giuseppe P
    Giuseppe P 4 months ago +17

    Would love to see a Microsoft version of super smash bros but with their characters from all franchises.
    What do you think will be each characters ultimate?
    E.g. Master Chief calls in a scorpion or dovahkiin calls in a dragon or does a dragon shout that pushes opponent of the edge.

    • Psychoangel
      Psychoangel 4 months ago +1

      definitly the shout. it´s a dragonborns signature move pretty much.

    • VulLord666
      VulLord666 4 months ago

      Omg this! With Multiversus on the way and Brawlhala existing, I'd love to see Microsoft's take.

  • Jojo the Bard
    Jojo the Bard 4 months ago +1628

    I dunno, I feel perplexed about this. On one hand, this is probably for the best for companies like Blizzard and Activision going forward, that means that monsters like Bobby Kodick will finally face long-prolonged judgement. But on the other hand, the world of gaming has grown significantly smaller because of this. This takes this market one giant step to a monopolized one more consolidated by larger publishers which leaves a lot less room for innovation and competition.
    Especially more surreal with Spyro and Crash Bandicoot, once the biggest PlayStation mascots, are now owned by Microsoft.

    • Simon Grey
      Simon Grey 4 months ago

      @Shmuzhin Phuzin At least i had an argument.

    • Eternal Champ
      Eternal Champ 4 months ago

      i think you are overly thinking this.
      Sure spyro and Bandicoot were once mascots of Playstation but let's face they are either dead or completely irrelevant.
      The only major hits Playstation is going to take is on Call of Duty and maybe Diablo 4 that's about it.
      WoW wasn't on consoles till now
      Starcraft same as wow no consoles
      Hearthstone didn't have a console release
      HoTS is death in the water and no console release
      Overwatch is pretty much a dead game now
      Sekiro is in a weird place, no clue tf to think about this one and how it's going to be handled.

    • Minnuete CVP
      Minnuete CVP 4 months ago

      @Cok Toe I know, i was replying to the op before he edited his comment, which said spyro and crash is the biggest PS mascot before to now "once was"
      Which really, who gives a f. About this other than fanboys anyways, no games should be exclusive to a platform unless it wouldn't be able to be made without that platform solely paying for all the developers work.
      Now xbox won't make the biggest activision ips exclusive to console i'm sure, and EVEN if it reaches that far, people can always pay up 1$ for 1 month of gamepass ultimate and literally play any gamepass game through xcloud on their phoe or pc, which atleast on my ethernet is has almost seamless input lag

    • Rodd Boward
      Rodd Boward 4 months ago

      @Avid Father Yep, i don't think it'll go away or anything, it's just something that we can aspire to not have, exclusivity in gaming world has only gotten better over time after all.

    • Cok Toe
      Cok Toe 4 months ago

      @Minnuete CVPBoth Crash and Spyro have been multi platform for roughly 2 decades, and Crash hasn't been considered a PS mascot for about 23 years. What's your thought process here?

  • DublinDutch
    DublinDutch 4 months ago +4

    probably the best outcome, say what you want about MS, they have a strong and well monitored coorporate structure / culture.

  • Regan Brannigan
    Regan Brannigan 4 months ago +8

    7:00 - It says within Microsoft’s 2023 fiscal year so it’s expected to be completed between June 2022 - June 2023. Given how long it took with the ZeniMax acquisition it’s probably closer to October/November 2022

  • Zerus Zephuros
    Zerus Zephuros 4 months ago +1

    That's the best thing that happened in the gaming industry....!! Really happy for all the employees under Activision Blizzard!

  • WTFBazda
    WTFBazda 4 months ago +4

    I was surprised to hear about this deal today.
    I was absolutely blown away at the price tag.
    Somebody really got $70 billion for that tattered wreck of a sinking ship? Unreal.

    • xyr3s
      xyr3s 4 months ago

      @greebleClown it's basically the most earning game the world over :D

    • WTFBazda
      WTFBazda 4 months ago

      @Riatore X well of course they have the money, I have $1000, but I'm not about to pay that for a bag of m&ms.
      I guess you don't need to have good negotiators with nearly unlimited money.

    • Riatore X
      Riatore X 4 months ago

      @greebleClown Yes they do. Well maybe not as much as they used to

    • Riatore X
      Riatore X 4 months ago +1

      Dude it's Microsoft, at the end of the day. That amount of money is just a fraction of what they're worth, and once the deal takes off they'll be making that back in less than a year thanks to the sudden surge of games for their Game Pass

    • greebleClown
      greebleClown 4 months ago +1

      @xyr3s People still play Candy Crush?

  • Martin Kearney
    Martin Kearney 4 months ago +548

    I honestly think the worst part this deal does is gives Bobby Kotick a way out. He basically gets to leave the company quietly and gives him a legacy of getting this company from rags to riches and leaves with millions if not over a billion dollars with no repercussions for his actions. This is why he was so adamant about staying regardless of the allegations, he knew this deal was coming and was making sure it would go through

    • Aznaktax
      Aznaktax 4 months ago

      ​@Colin Svoboda Oh come on now. You want me to really paint it with a broad brush?? Regardless of your answer, I will do it ANYWAY!! Bobby Kotick received 155 million greens as "compensation" in 2020. Where exactly do these money come from?? They gotta come from somewhere, they don't just appear out of thin air. The answer is you. And me. And everyone else. There is a balance to everything, if someone takes more, someone else has to take less. If the average person makes 20000 dollars a year, and I am just throwing a random number here, I don't know how much the average person makes, but regardless. If the average person makes 20000 dollars a year, that means in one year Bobby Kotick got paid 7,750 times as much as every other person. Do you have any idea how ludicrous that is? And I get that companies need to have money in the back to invest in projects and whatnot. Except that 155 million went in the pockets of Bobby Kotick himself. He isn't gonna invest it on anything meaningful. He could very well take that money and throw it in the incinerator.
      For comparison, let's have a crazy example here. We have a table where 7,750 people get to sit around and have a meal. But we also have a special quest. For the sake of this example, I am gonna call him Superman. Everyone in that table gets a plate full of food but for Superman I am like "Here, Superman. Because you saved us, you are a hero, you get to have 5 plates. And tomorrow. And the day after that. And every single day after that for an entire year. You deserve it." But what if it wasn't just 5 meals? What if it was 7,750 meals?? Would I give 7,750 meals to Superman every single day for an entire year?..........NOOOO!!!! That would be incredibly stupid and wasteful!! We would starve to death. No one in the history of EVER has done anything so grand where they deserve 7,750 meals every day. And yet that's what Bobby Kotick got paid in 2020. Bobby Freaking Kotick got to eat his fill thousands of times over.
      Except wait, that's not just Bobby Kotick. That's many other rich folk across the globe. Was this whole essay too dramatic? I know it was too dramatic. I made it like that on purpose so you can understand how stupid this whole thing is that people like Bob here get to get away with such a preposterous amount of money that is detrimental to the people and the environment around them. Year after year after year.

    • Icy Wings
      Icy Wings 4 months ago

      Karma still exists.
      His name will be forgotten.

    • Ortah
      Ortah 4 months ago +1

      @Colin Svoboda What is this? The 1960s? Just because someone criticizes capitalism doesn't mean they like communism too, you're only displaying how close minded of a world view you have.

    • Zarnox
      Zarnox 4 months ago +2

      @Colin Svoboda That upside you mention about capitalism would be fine, if not for the obvious bias towards those who have far more money. Unfortunately, capitalism has a pretty exploitable positive feedback loop, and you don't need to look hard to see that.

  • NovaAva
    NovaAva 4 months ago +14

    I was so confused about why everyone was freaking out over what I thought was old news. And then I realized Microsoft bought _Bethesda_ last year, not Blizzard. >_>

  • AwkwardRenegade
    AwkwardRenegade 4 months ago

    Probably an improvement for the people working on those companies, and more hope for the franchises that Microsoft now holds, especially the Blizzard ones, tho it's best to temper expectations when it comes to Microsoft doing the right thing about unionization and even how they'll handle Bobby Kotick, if they think he'll make them money, they'll keep him around, Microsoft is at the end of the day a corporation, their priority is money.

  • Jeffrey Aquino
    Jeffrey Aquino 4 months ago +2

    Just hope that the employees at activision blizzard will be saved by this, and hopefully people who got out of the company due to the bad things that happened to them will be welcomed back to have there jobs again

  • Witty Euphemism
    Witty Euphemism 4 months ago

    I feel like so much money is flying around in this case that we can only really have uncertain feelings. It's so much money we can't possibly know what priorities MS will have from hereon or what sort of expectations they'll have with the various franchises. Part of why they were worth so much was almost guaranteed due to how much money games like Warzone/CoD/CandyCrush pulls from Mtx, so I don't see MS adjusting that with such a cost of entry for them to own it.

  • Games4Kickz
    Games4Kickz 4 months ago +1750

    Will be interesting to see if games like World Of Wacraft will continue to be developed, given up on, completely changed, sequels, or maybe even get new games added to their universe.

    • knine53
      knine53 4 months ago

      Expect to see even MORE of what everyone really wants.
      Mobile games
      really bad mobile games

    • Xephyr
      Xephyr 4 months ago

      I’d imagine they will very rarely interfere directly with that ip.

    • Gambling4Life
      Gambling4Life 4 months ago

      I would expect them to expand on the games , makes no sense to invest and then stop making Thier most popular products

    • Starro penis The 4th
      Starro penis The 4th 4 months ago

      @Brakhai it’s an mmo from the 00s the era where grinding was the only way to level so like…

    • Brakhai
      Brakhai 4 months ago

      @Starro penis The 4th Yea. That's why I never lasted playing it for a long time. I have one job already, thank you very much.

  • ManofMercy
    ManofMercy 4 months ago

    Certainly a lot to take in with this announcement (and yes, I did wake up this morning and this was the first thing that I actually saw, news wise). Both positives & negatives to it all.
    While it does somewhat look like Microsoft is beginning to try making a monopoly on the Gaming front & does pose the risk of having certain franchises going Xbox exclusive (imagine the shock if the next Crash Bandicoot game is only on Xbox, instead of PlayStation which was Crash’s home for all these years), plus given that a lot of Blizzard’s scandals didn’t even involve Activision (the rest being with the parent company involved), there’s still the chance that Blizzard might prove to continue being scummy in nature (we thought Bungie would shake off Activision’s greed when they left the latter, since proven to be the opposite if Destiny 2’s MTXs are still an indication).
    But to me at least, the positives are certainly making this sound good in the long run. Activision was already in desperate need for new leadership due to Kotick’s failures & controversial actions as of late, plus it provides the chance for all those studios that Activision absorbed into their Call of Duty machine to have a chance to make their own games again (Bobs for Toys, High Moon Studios, etc). And on top of that, with such a library of old IPs that have been buried by Activision for years, we might have a chance to see some of them make a grand return (personally hoping for a revival of the [Prototype] series, even if Radical Entertainment no longer exists to manage it).
    For now though, we just have to wait & see how this deal pans out. And all the while hope Kotick keeps screwing up to the point where he’ll be kicked out sooner & hopefully without as much of a golden parachute.

  • Matthew McCauley
    Matthew McCauley 4 months ago +1

    Hopefully this means major culture changes across the board, no more yearly call of duty releases with only 1 in 3 being worth a damn and blizzard getting whipped into shape with development timelines on any titles not named world of Warcraft. Not crunch per se but no more years of pre-pre-pre-development being put into games that kinda just end up meh (Diablo 3)or wasting resources on mobile games no one wants. Hopefully Microsoft can share resources from other studios under the Xbox banner and really get some true quality back into activision properties

  • Canto do Derago
    Canto do Derago 4 months ago +1

    I just wanted to say how much i appreciate the links and details you leave in your videos, i like to read those sources while hearing the commentary, and many of the creators i follow don't take the time to put the work and add those, Thanks"

  • G Pr
    G Pr 4 months ago

    That reevaluation escalated rather quickly.
    I thought that with this development Bob Kotick could've at least take his toys when they kick him out, but apparently MS bought those as well *wink*

  • Bally
    Bally 4 months ago +2548

    "Permission to leave the station."
    "For what purpose, Master Chief?"
    "To aquire Activision Blizzard."

    • haseo boi
      haseo boi 4 months ago

      @Ferny Gamer I doubt Disney would sell themselves because of how profitable the company is.

    • Ignatius Farrell Raditya
      Ignatius Farrell Raditya 4 months ago

      @If you're seeing this, add me on instagram @Vexial Halo Infinite living in your head rent free huh? The comment isn't even about Halo Infinite. It's a Halo 2 reference.
      Why don't you just play some ps5 exclusive games instead of trying to validate that the console that you own is better.
      Oh wait, you don't have any.

    • jman7481
      jman7481 4 months ago +1

      @Cangaca777 Phil to Bobby gtfo Lmfao 🤣

    • jman7481
      jman7481 4 months ago +1

      @Cangaca777 Lmfao 🤣 love it

  • Kensei_Immortal
    Kensei_Immortal 4 months ago

    I was as surprised as everybody else by this news. If it gets rid of Kotick it's a win in my book. As for the industry at large I think it's a potential win in the short term and a potential loss in the long run. To his credit Phil Spencer seems to actually care about and respect the gaming space. But what about the next guy and the next? Also, Microsoft needs to start churning out more games. With all the talent they've hoarded over the past few years I want to see a lot more bangers coming from green team.

  • iulix max
    iulix max 4 months ago +13

    For PC gaming this is really really great news imagine having all Activision Blizzard games on game pass now I am really excited for Diablo 4

    • Cherry Dragon
      Cherry Dragon 4 months ago +2

      at least Microsoft won't be saying, don't you guys have phones!?

    • Cyricist001
      Cyricist001 4 months ago

      As a PC player I only played Warcraft 3 so this makes no difference to me.

  • David Richardson
    David Richardson 4 months ago

    I am mixed about this. On the one hand, it is further consolidation of game development and publishing into corporate hands, and that cannot be good (and no, indie development, while it definitely has plenty of gems, is hardly any better - Steam and Kickstarter made that pretty clear). On the's definitely one way to go after and get rid of Kotick, and I am not going to complain about that (except maybe that he still should be in a much smaller room where maybe at least one of the walls is just a set of barely-spaced-apart bars).
    Maybe there will be a period of games seeing some level of improvement, but if so (which I highly doubt will happen), it will not last long.

  • Toasty McGee
    Toasty McGee 4 months ago +1

    I've just realised how skewed my view of the amount of money $69 billion is, thanks to the Australian government's insane levels of corruption and misuse of taxpayer funds. $42 billion meant to support small businesses and their workers during the pandemic went to their largest donors and massively profitable companies. I can't believe I looked at $69 billion and thought "Yeah, pretty decent amount but not that much in the grand scheme of things". JFC.

  • Gamer Gremlin
    Gamer Gremlin 4 months ago

    When Microsoft bought out Bethesda I was excited. But Activision? Activision is the definition of anti consumer. Well I take that back, EA is but Activision isn't far behind. Obviously Microsoft isn't going to go changing things up at Activision. With the amount of money they've spent on them they're going to keep Activision doing exactly what they've been doing , being Greedy.

  • Buck Rodgers
    Buck Rodgers 4 months ago

    In an industry that anyone with a computer and the right know how can make and sell a product; There can be no chance of a 'monopoly' forming. Yeah, maybe they may have one on the AAA side of the industry. But with all the indy games out there that are developed by small/solo teams... Not likely.
    And I really hope Bobby gets 'The boot of the century' and a piss poor severance package.

  • crashboy0
    crashboy0 4 months ago

    I think this is good news even though i have been gaming mostly on a Sony device ever since the first Play Station. I understand the dangers of a monopoly but I personally haven't touched anything Activision related in more than a decade. I have a similar opinion on Bethesda. I personally think that Fallout 4 was a disappointing game and Fallout 76 is utter shit. So the way I see the Bethesda and Activision Blizzard acquisitions is that it's a good thing for people who are gaming fans in general and not fanboys of a specific company. My personal favorite gaming era was the 360/ps3 era because there were great first party games on both consoles and it was almost a must to have both. The same cannot be said for the Xbox one /PS4 era or the current gen up until now. I hope MS does it's best to restore some of the IPs they now own, back to their former glory and use the talented people that now work for them to develop some brand new games. I would GLADLY buy a Xbox (like I did during the 360 era) if it had first party games worth playing. My only concern is that the MS first party games worth playing might still be years away (except Starfield which should come out later this year).

  • Kevin
    Kevin 4 months ago

    Currently this is great news and may make for COD to get a revamp and have some much needed improvements made to the franchise. If only this had of been EA instead of Activision so EA could stop destroying franchises e.g.Battlefield...

  • Dan
    Dan 4 months ago +879

    Finally makes sense why Bobby didn't leave before this, despite the huge amount of negative press directly from him. He's gonna clear a couple billion easy. He gets a clear amount from his stock, but also large bonuses after the fact, kinda like a signing bonus in sports.
    Not sure what this means for the future of ActiBlizz. I don't think people understand how much bigger Microsoft is than a company like Activision or Nintendo. They're in a completely different league.

    • Dan
      Dan 4 months ago +1

      @TerriPlays true, but Amazon tried to just force it. Throw money at things until you get a good product. Anyone whose worked on something creative can tell you that doesn't work. Microsoft is getting all the creative and technical people from the studios that have years of experience in the field.

    • -CrimsoN-
      -CrimsoN- 4 months ago

      @thedarklordx No. Think Yugoslavia. Market socialism allowed Yugoslavia to remain independent of the USSR, despite the noticeable economic differences. Even Nixon praised Yugoslavia.

    • Scott Barnett
      Scott Barnett 4 months ago +1

      Long term, it will be great

    • spaceballkrs1
      spaceballkrs1 4 months ago

      @TerriPlays amazon tried to make a game. Ms is going to easy way out. When you have so much money just buy the established game.

    • TerriPlays
      TerriPlays 4 months ago +2

      They are in a completely different league, but that also has disadvantages. Amazon has shown us that money alone can't buy good games, you need the right people, culture and management.

  • Buckets
    Buckets 4 months ago

    Outside of Bungie several years ago, Microsoft's treatment of their studios has publicly been good. While reception of their products has been mixed with Halo 4/5/MCC the recent GoW games, Fable 2/3, Killer Instinct, Sea of Thieves on and near release date being pretty hit or miss with customers and fans.
    Funnily enough Bungie moved to Activision after Microsoft and left Activision after 2019

  • Superboologan1
    Superboologan1 4 months ago

    Nintendo, given their status as a platform holder, would stand to loose so much if they sold to Microsoft, so at least the fact that Microsoft just bought a company for 5 billion dollars more than nintendo's worth doesn't mean we should be worried

  • Lunk
    Lunk 4 months ago +7

    I don't want microsoft to have a monopoly in the gaming industry. So this isn't really a good thing in my eyes. If they start buying JP devs gaming will be truly dead especially since Microsoft totally against lots of stuff Japan does. While I think it'll be good for the employees but the gaming industry as a whole? Not so much.

  • VersionBest
    VersionBest 4 months ago +10

    This move is for the best, however I cannot view Microsoft as a grind-it-out and build-them-up type company because they're essentially buying already established companies as of late. Sony on the other hand is actually grooming lower tier companies and turning them into masterpieces. That I respect.

    • sw4g
      sw4g 4 months ago

      What small studios?

    • Dan Guy
      Dan Guy 4 months ago +1

      Insomniac hasn't been low tier at all

    • Osean Fallacy
      Osean Fallacy 4 months ago +4

      If I was a trillion company, I would definitely BUY established company and build my own studio before the competition eat me up.
      But if i was a smaller company, what choice do i have besides building my own first party studios and buying several other small studios?

  • Spyder
    Spyder 4 months ago +1987

    Microsoft once used to have an exclusively deal with CoD before Sony. I don’t think something as huge as CoD will become an Xbox exclusive IP but they’ll definitely have some 30 day early DLC type of stuff.

    • Giovanni
      Giovanni 3 months ago

      @Lathan Church if you’re looking for gameplay that’s Sony all the way man. They are winning in the first party side of things

    • maliktp13
      maliktp13 4 months ago

      @Daniel Irving That's current cods and current agreements with sony. He said nothing of new games coming to other systems. Otherwise he would have just said it.

    • Daniel Irving
      Daniel Irving 4 months ago

      @John Dersion so how about that news today?

    • Daniel Irving
      Daniel Irving 4 months ago

      @maliktp13 ES is not CoD as I stated in here a week ago. In $$ CoD is 100x more valuable than ES.
      Anyways, how’s that news today? CoD staying Multi Platform, like a few is us, that made sense. Said.

    • Daniel Irving
      Daniel Irving 4 months ago

      @idle esprt exactly this. I stared the same thing when it was first posted…and what’s announced today? Oh yeah…stating mulitplatform. People are clueless.

  • Lee
    Lee 4 months ago +1

    Oh my god! This is crazy I’m totally speechless, what a amazing bit of news

  • Operative 21
    Operative 21 4 months ago +2

    Admittedly, I like how Microsoft has been managed under Phil Spencer, and I'm reasonably optimistic about how the studios they've acquired will be treated as things stand. That being said, I do have reservations about how things might go drastically sour when/if Phil Spencer leaves his current position.

  • Greg Long
    Greg Long 4 months ago +1

    I worry about this in the same way I worry about Disney buying up all of its competition. Fewer studios, whether they be video game or movies/tv, is not a good sign.

  • The Not-so-smart Fox
    The Not-so-smart Fox 4 months ago

    I'm usually not one to root for monopoly of an industry, but microsoft has been giving a lot of support for indie studios and that is a good thing. I hope they continue to leave these developers with their own autonomy on their games, and maybe give activision room to breathe and make a good game for a change. COD is pretty much a lost case though.

  • Lab Matt
    Lab Matt 4 months ago +382

    Imagine a teacher that can't get a student to behave, saying "you're not my dad" every time he gets scolded, then the teacher marries his mom
    This is basically it

    • Isaiah’s Bias
      Isaiah’s Bias 4 months ago +6

      CoD… on Gamepass? Wow. CoD is now an Xbox title… that’s difficult to comprehend. Wow

    • Isaiah’s Bias
      Isaiah’s Bias 4 months ago +6

      😂😂 Great analogy lmao.

    • Ceece
      Ceece 4 months ago +13

      When you marry your crush’s mom so she has to call you “Daddy”

    • wildcats1369
      wildcats1369 4 months ago +4

      still not the dad 😂

    • Subject Keter
      Subject Keter 4 months ago +24

      Lol would doing most of the pointless homework be counted as chores lol

  • TFK's Linux Gaming
    TFK's Linux Gaming 4 months ago

    I think it a good thing. Monopolies aside, the shite going on in this company will only be solved with a change of leadership. And even as I as a Linux user have reservations about Ms I do strongly believe that they hold company values at a paramount level. In short Blizzard/Activiation desperately need this.

  • TheCyanideSmoker
    TheCyanideSmoker 4 months ago

    Keep in mind that most games on 'Game Pass' are also sold at discount while they are one the pass. This is not so much to sell a game you may enjoy that your already playing on 'Game Pass', but purchase DLC/ expansions for that game. And if the game gets cycled out, even if its a few years later.... you may need to buy the core game then.

  • AnimatedAndrew
    AnimatedAndrew 4 months ago

    Well, I really HOPE it turns out to be a good thing and that Kotick does eventually get kicked out instead of being kept on board.
    Though I will say, I am just a teensy bit curious about what this means for the Crash Bandicoot series. Is it still gonna be coming out for Playstation?

  • B
    B 4 months ago +1

    I think Microsoft will just ruin more studios trying to take back the lead in the console wars. Will be interesting to see how it plays out since it will take some time to fall apart though.

  • Hooligan Fish
    Hooligan Fish 4 months ago +868

    I just saw this on Twitter.
    This is insane! Turns out "reevaluating relationships" meant were going to buy and fix Activision Blizzard. Holy crap....

    • Deathkno dd
      Deathkno dd 4 months ago

      @Amadeux Honestly, i think phil spencer bought them on purpose. I mean 70 billion is a shitload of money to play around with.I definitely think that phil wants to fire bobby. Like legit. Either way, there are concerns. But i honestly think it was done as a stab to bobby kotick, but i honestly feel like they wanted in on that market share as well. But i cannot see warcraft or any of blizzards major IP doing well without the merger. Most of the major heads of blizzard were either fired for involvement in all the bullshit, or they quit in response to how rehensible it was. But it also could mean microsoft could make the changes that are needed, get development back on track so to speak. Especially for overwatch 2 and diablo 4. No one is running those franchises currently, and wow it seems is holding on by a thread. So i see it as both a good thing and a bad thing, because it would suck if phil spencer and xbox and co bit off more than they could chew. And monopolies are also a bad deal. But it does seem like phil spencers reputation is pretty solid. So we will have to wait and see i guess.
      The only other concern i have really is Blizzcon. I am hoping philip and xbox microsoft see it as something worth investing. As someone who has played warcraft for 15 years, that is one of the big things that made blizzard special, and the communities aspect also. Maybe rebrand as blizzmicrocon, and have all the major studio releases announced here. Maybe make deals such as buying the next halo, get a master chief toy in warcraft and a murloc pet thingy in the newest halo. There is just so much they could market here.

    • jman7481
      jman7481 4 months ago

      My choice of console since my gameboy gaming days

    • Amadeux
      Amadeux 4 months ago +2

      @Alan Alb It's either that or let these IPs crash and burn completely under Kotick's management. Pick your poison. The company is already dying anyway. We might as well take a leap and see if Microsoft can do any better

    • Jakob Tarras Ericsson
      Jakob Tarras Ericsson 4 months ago

      @El Mission I would take these with a pinch of salt. Microsoft ain't saints either and only time will tell whether these are good news or not.

  • TyrannoStorage Rex
    TyrannoStorage Rex 4 months ago

    It's bad for gamers whenever cross-platform games are made into exclusives.
    It's good for gaming CEOs to get huge payouts before the leave the company.
    It's really difficult to not be cynical about this.

  • Zavi 19
    Zavi 19 4 months ago

    I actually respect Microsoft a lot more now since the Xbox Series X and Game Pass has released. Hopefully they can make these companies start releasing good games again for a change.

  • Paul Blart
    Paul Blart 4 months ago

    I think consolidation could lead to less competition which could lead to less quality games. On the flip side, more money by consolidation could mean greater projects. I wonder what does Microsoft have in mind. Maybe they're building Zukerburg's Meta? 🤔
    Wouldn't surprise me.

  • Vojtěch Kareš
    Vojtěch Kareš 4 months ago +10

    I was happy when Bethesda was bought by Microsoft, but now that Activision-Blizzard is _also_ Microsoft I'm a bit worried...

  • Sam Of Sam Nation
    Sam Of Sam Nation 4 months ago +650

    Microsoft: “…what do you actually do here?”
    Kotick: “I walk around, participate in some workplace harassment, and convince board members to mass fire devs and employees so I can get raises”

    • unknownscp
      unknownscp 4 months ago

      Don't 4get he is also on epstiens list

    • Hafiz Mohd
      Hafiz Mohd 4 months ago

      Nah,Kotick gonna be one of the skeletons in their closet sooner or later...

    • Whoeverest the Whateverest
      Whoeverest the Whateverest 4 months ago +4

      @Osean Fallacy "Kotick" and "catcalled" meeting in the same sentence
      Me: laughing my ass off coz in my native language his surname LITERALLY means "kitty"

    • Kritizism Musics
      Kritizism Musics 4 months ago +1

      Wait nah. They wouldnt let bobby have access to the womans bathrooms. Man he wont even be a janitor. Oh bobby boi

    • Kritizism Musics
      Kritizism Musics 4 months ago +5

      Bobby pockets be like " grab ass make cash" Bobby boy is going to be the Activision head custodian

  • William T.
    William T. 4 months ago +5

    This... could end up backfiring on Microsoft? Image-wise I mean. Money-wise Microsoft seems pretty invincible.
    After what happened with Banjo-Kazooie, Microsoft was blamed for the handling of the franchise despite them not even being the ones to make or mandate those changes. Now, with these IPs under its wing, if future games are less than stellar, heck, if the IPs are untouched and left to stagnate even, the masses will again point to Microsoft and say all this was because of the acquisition.

    • namelessUser
      namelessUser 4 months ago

      Idk, starting with the Xbox One S they’ve been seriously turning things around for the better. Say what you want about the hardware, but Xbox as a platform is mighty compelling.

    • Rishy Rish Diamondogs
      Rishy Rish Diamondogs 4 months ago +2

      seeing how the past 7 years has gone for Microsoft it seems like the gaming world is putting more faith into and actually holding the company to their word , to say that games won’t be worked on or given up on sounds like you been under a rock they just saved an entire company and Bethesda and was trying to get warner bros on the same pivot.
      Backwards compatibility and gamepass has empowered developers and publishers whether the game is old new or slept on due to hype of other games
      Avengers has done great on Xbox and many others

  • ZeegSerpentine
    ZeegSerpentine 4 months ago

    Also, something to keep in mind, not only has many executives moved to outright take over Activision Blizzard Executives because...well if you know you know, supposedly once the transitioning deal is done, Bobby "the son of satan" Kodeck will effectively step down from Activision Blizzard title of ceo and leave the company. This is the late Christmas gift I've always wanted.

  • Sir Weenielick
    Sir Weenielick 4 months ago +7

    The biggest loss for me was Microsoft obtaining Bethesda, which publishes ID Software’s games. I’m gonna be devastated if I can’t get a hold of the next DOOM or Quake game. Aside from that, I’m not quite sure what other huge losses have been received. I can’t recall being excited for anything from these publishers, but that’s not say something great will come out of it. At the end of the day, it’s about the quality of these games, so unless they can churn out masterclass stuff, then I’m not going to be too bothered. What does bother me is the possible future and how far Microsoft is going to go.

    • Keiht Adler
      Keiht Adler 4 months ago

      @Bolek Lolek the joke is on you. I'm not stupid and buy overpriced games on the first day because surprise you can buy the game later. And I always find out beforehand whether I like the game or not. That's why I don't spend 60 bucks on things I don't like. And even you should know that subscription models are never price stable. So do what you want and get garbage for 1 dollar so that the companies go broke because they don't make any sales with it. Have fun with it while it lasts.

    • Keiht Adler
      Keiht Adler 4 months ago

      @GamerNemo you can do that There's nothing wrong with that. But I don't like Microsoft and I want to spend my money on what I like. Yes, there are alternative controllers, but that's not the only reason for me. I also have to say that I really like the PS5 controller and that's my business too. In short, it's not stupid to play your games the way you want, and if Microsoft buys more companies that I don't care about, I don't care. I will never like her.

    • Bolek Lolek
      Bolek Lolek 4 months ago

      ​@Keiht Adler Used games? LOL you know microsoft puts games on gamepass day one? You pay $60 for games you may not like or will beat in 2 weeks and never touch again while I spend $1 (suckas pay 15 which is still a good deal).

    • GamerNemo
      GamerNemo 4 months ago

      @Keiht Adler I mean to be fair microsoft themselves don't make their exclusives and neither do sony, they both bought companies to make it for them, so in a sense both companies have the "I buy everything because I can't do it better myself and then you don't have anything either" attitude to a degree, although microsoft is the only one that actually has the money to do it. I get not liking the controller though, I'm not too fond of the playstation controller myself, but both consoles have alternate controllers in the styles of both xbox and playstation so that shouldn't be an issue, and I know this will sound sacrilegious but I use an xbox style controller to play on my playstation 4.

    • Keiht Adler
      Keiht Adler 4 months ago

      @Bolek Lolek Exactly. It's just better to own your games than to give them back just because you didn't pay the monthly fee and that is also possible with cheap used games. It also doesn't matter how much power you have if it's not being used. So a garbage company buys another garbage company so why should it suck for a sony fanboy😂

  • Barboron
    Barboron 4 months ago +1

    It's absolutely insane that they can aquire all these companies without question yet Nvidia is called into question for anti-trust laws when wanting to purchase ARM.

    • Barboron
      Barboron 4 months ago

      @Rose REDACTED RISC-V, that's all. It's open source and license free. This directly compares to ARM as they are a design company, not a manufacturing company.

    • Rose REDACTED
      Rose REDACTED 4 months ago

      You can't indie-dev computer hardware. You *can* indie-dev a videogame.

    • Accept
      Accept 4 months ago +1

      Might be because the gaming market is so big and even indie studios are still considered full studios. Microsoft buying one of the largest third party studio is just a drop in the bucket compared to the actual total number of game studios that exsist.

  • Chrone Nojysk
    Chrone Nojysk 4 months ago +465

    “Money can’t fix anything”
    Microsoft: And I took that personally

    • WintersCloud
      WintersCloud 4 months ago

      Everyone's talking about the console wars like it was world War 2

    • tuan muda
      tuan muda 4 months ago

      @XXX XXX Grow up you sir. Console wars are not a thing no more

    • BluieDaniel
      BluieDaniel 4 months ago

      @XXX XXX geez bro the console war is over man

    • Chris Pham
      Chris Pham 4 months ago

      @XXX XXX geez, what year is this? 2008? Console wars ended DECADES ago

    • Chrone Nojysk
      Chrone Nojysk 4 months ago

      @Mee Myself the chances of Microsft being a Monopoly in the Game Industry is none-existent.

  • runedragon1985
    runedragon1985 4 months ago

    I am so floored at the absolute flex of how much Activision-Blizzard was bought for. $70 Billion isn't exactly chump-change.
    Like, fuck man, that kind of cheddar could pretty much build homeless shelters well across the nation, and still be enough left over to create affordable real estate! THink of how many school districts could improve!

  • Bobs22
    Bobs22 4 months ago

    Crazy how much cash these mega companies have lying around. We tend to think of the likes of Activision as big companies but Microsoft can literally buy them out and absorb them with a years profits.

  • Wanky Hank's Frankly Dank Spank Bank 👋

    They usually bring back lost titles when this happens. To make fans happy about the merger
    In the end it's the conglomeration of my favorite art form though which kinda sucks in some ways.
    Activision has been around a long ass time. Since Atari days
    Micro suck is sucking it all up. They purchased Bethesda too (the guys who own fallout)
    They will make Activision titles now under the Microsoft name. Activision was sucking anyhow
    Microsoft is a better software company. They have a plan to be a huge gaming company. They purchased Bethesda who own the rights to fallout and. Bethesda was sucking too. Fallout 76 was a desperate cash grab. Pretty much taking a shit on my favorite game series
    Microsoft knows this and are gonna make a dope fallout game in the future I bet.
    Microsoft is all about repairing it's public image which is kinda shit. That's how I know they are gonna make some dope games to win people back. I'll see right through it when it happens. Bill Gates has taken a step back in the media. Divorced his wife n shit. Trying to live forever. Restore his legacy. Cover his tracks

    • ABeTheApe
      ABeTheApe 4 months ago +1

      “Cover his tracks” 💀

    • KingEbin
      KingEbin 4 months ago +1

      Yeah, but at least we get good games.

  • Jupiter
    Jupiter 4 months ago +3

    Awesome and well researched video, thank you!
    I try to never give money to Microsoft, and am really shook by the fact, that now I'm going to have to do that in order to play World of Warcraft. I am not sure whether that is a bigger evil than giving money to Activision. I'm pretty sure it is, since it is an even bigger corporation striving towards monopoly or something similar to that, like said in the video.
    I really hate that in order to play games (mainly WoW for me), I have to have this disgusting and dirty feeling of supporting and giving money to corporations that I absolutely despise.

  • Twinleaf2623
    Twinleaf2623 4 months ago +695

    Considering the pattern I'm seeing here, it makes sense that Microsoft would buy Activision Blizzard. Think about it: Activision published id Software's games from the 2000s. id Software was then bought by Zenimax in 2009, which also owns Bethesda, which announced Fallout: New Vegas the same year, which was developed by Obsidian Entertainment, who also developed Knights of the Old Republic II, a Stars Wars game released in December of 2004, around the same time Ninja Theory had changed its name from Just Add Monsters.
    Ninja Theory was also one of the teams who worked on the Disney Infinity sequels, which are toys-to-life games that competed with the Skylanders series. And guess who owns Skylanders? That's right, Activision Blizzard! Disney Infinity 2.0 released September 2014, the same time as the first Destiny, Bungie's first game after they parted ways with Microsoft. Who published Destiny? Activision Blizzard!
    Now my evidence board is yet to be complete since this story is ongoing but I think with the facts I have presented so far, we can conclude that Microsoft is buying all these studios with the intent of creating a blood sacrifice to resurrect Atari from gaming obscurity. With rumors of the metaverse being one of the reasons for their purchase, Microsoft will buy Atari, implement Atari Token in the metaverse, and remake the classic Activision game for release in 2029: Ice Hockey for the Atari 2600.

    • Big Chung
      Big Chung 3 months ago

      Who cares xbox exclusives are still trash

    • Cherry Dragon
      Cherry Dragon 4 months ago +1

      What the fuck bro XD hahahah

    • UltimateTobi
      UltimateTobi 4 months ago +1

      Let it be known: it wasn't suicide, if he disappears or gets locked up.

    • DRag goon
      DRag goon 4 months ago +2

      No internet for you for at least 24 hours.... Smh

    • turkisch66fireworks
      turkisch66fireworks 4 months ago +1

      Hmmm so this is why the store didn't have any tinfoil left in stock

  • Bruno Garcia
    Bruno Garcia 4 months ago

    I gotta say Microsoft chose the perfect time to do it - Blizzard morale is down, stocks plummeted, hated by public opinions. Not only they bought it for a cheaper price (yes, with activision income, 70 billion is "cheap" ) but they also manage to be seen as the heroes swooping in for the rescue by the public

  • Clockwork Man
    Clockwork Man 4 months ago +1

    This is massive, only EA or Take2 would have been on this level.
    I dont care about console wars, but from a business point of view this is a huge blow to sony
    Just imagine no more Cod, hearthstone, crash, overwatch on ps5 anymore.
    It really is a KO blow from MS

  • Insanity_101
    Insanity_101 4 months ago

    If there's one thing I hope that comes out of this (besides Bobby Kotick and all the other so-called 'leaders' being removed) is the Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm getting more attention from the development team since I still feel bad for all the players and fans after Activision/Blizzard basically screwed everyone involved.

  • zedudli
    zedudli 4 months ago +3

    Hey man, MS is a behemoth corporation and they only care for revenue, like Sony and Nintendo do. Please remember what they did to the brilliant folks at LionHead. This deal is bad news for the game industry; power concentrating in the hands of few companies would be bad news for any industry, let alone one that already has only three big players in it. Please consider that in your next takes. You’re way too optimistic about the situation

    • Zach Robinson
      Zach Robinson 4 months ago

      @Hunter Reneker It depends on their goals. Xbox knows they can never beat PlayStation in a simple matter of attrition so they’re just trying to get as many people on Gamepass as possible. If they wanted to sell more Xbox consoles, they’d make these games exclusives.
      But it would be fairly ironic to have PlayStation users to pay for the next AAA Xbox exclusives by keeping CoD and others on PS.

    • Hunter Reneker
      Hunter Reneker 4 months ago

      All this will do is add activision games to game pass and some possibly timed exclusivity, Xbox will not make anything exclusive they would lose out on too much cash.

  • Terrab Nadia
    Terrab Nadia 4 months ago

    I’m assuming that the entire reason for Microsoft purchasing all of these huge companies is to ensure people go out and buy an Xbox to play exclusive games… but tbh for me none of these companies make games that I want to go out and buy a Series X over a PS5 yet

  • Chittysushi
    Chittysushi 4 months ago

    I have a bit of more confidence in Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2 now, even if delayed for 2 more years I believe they could, under Microsoft, develop an amazing game without the excessive monetization that was going to inevitably happen under just Activision Blizzard.

  • Robinthefox88
    Robinthefox88 4 months ago +11

    I feel like I'm one of only a few that sees little to no positive to this news, Kotick gets a golden parachute worth millions or even billions, makes his mates billions ensuring plenty of opportunities for himself outside of Activision, and walks away from the company facing zero repercussions for his actions.
    Sure he might no longer work at ActiBlizz when all is said and done, but that isn't punishment enough for what he did and enabled.
    Phil Spencer better make damn sure he smokes out the vermin at ActiBlizz and fixes the systemic problems there, because currently as far as I'm concerned, he just handed nearly 70 billion dollars to absolute and utter scum.

    • Greg Long
      Greg Long 4 months ago +3

      Bobby stands to make between $264 to $293 million for leaving. It depends on a whole bunch of factors what the final total would be. Regardless that is still and insanely large sum of money.
      And I'm with you on being skeptical about this being a positive move. But my concern is mostly related to the shrinking of game developers and whether or not MS will become the video game equivalent of Disney.
      And I have huge fucking issues over Disney owning so much of the entertainment market and how bad the lack of competition will make the TV and movie landscape.

    • murfeel1
      murfeel1 4 months ago +2

      @thegrimharvest Agreed. The timing of this acquisition seems suspiciously convenient. The fire was getting particularly hot, but I too doubted Bobby would be sent to prison over it or anything. At worst: a *hefty* fine. While I hate that he's being rewarded, villains tend to prosper sometimes. But if him being removed as CEO means the workplace culture gets better, it's the brightest silver lining we'd ever get.

    • thegrimharvest
      thegrimharvest 4 months ago +3

      I feel you, fam. But I'm too cynical to believe anything substantively negative was ever going to really happen to good ole Bobby. He was always going to golden parachute his way out. Consequences are for people who aren't in the irl infinite money exploit club. Best anyone can honestly expect is he takes his money, rides off into the sunset, and finally retires to his private island/uber secret volcano lair underneath skullcrusher mountain.

  • MeiheMuihe
    MeiheMuihe 4 months ago

    That's wishful thinking, sadly. While i think this is mostly positive, aside from microsoft slowly forming a monopoly, i fear that kotick will remain in an executive role within blizzard.
    Also, i am still sceptical of the acquisition, just remember what happened to rareware for example. But, nonetheless, i still think this acquisition is mostly a positive thing.

  • Fabian Tovar
    Fabian Tovar 4 months ago +434

    Imagine if Bungie was still under Activision?
    Microsoft: Welcome back, Bungie.
    Bungie: Time to make the Destiny-Halo crossover.

    • Fabian Tovar
      Fabian Tovar 3 months ago +2

      This comment didn't age well.

    • Exo Falz
      Exo Falz 4 months ago +1

      @Eymbr Yes I am aware that they were removed, that's why I said they *had* paid loot boxes. But the point is that, loot boxes did not serve as a solution to keeping expansions free for the player base. And this also would implicate that microtransactions themselves also do not affect funding for new expansions in the most case. If anything, it is more apparent that it is the opposite. I would argue that new expansions are only considered and made based off the success of sales of the previous ones.

    • Cleo King
      Cleo King 4 months ago

      @Alien this is what we call a non arguement.
      d2 is scummy unfun grind fest that a lot of ppl quit back during the season of the worthy or whatever. i bet if i reinstall d2 ill see the same shader lootboxes, see the same anti fun job of a grind, and see the community still on copium ventilators trying to tell themselves its "not that bad". d2 can implement the worst designed garbage and ppl who play d2 will say that it isnt bc they dont wanna feel like they wasted their time.

    • Alien
      Alien 4 months ago

      @Cleo King i love both games fk it

    • Cleo King
      Cleo King 4 months ago

      @Alien "you dont really need the best gear in destiny"
      and when did you need the best gear in 14?
      you literally only need better gear if you want to raid, which btw raiding is a minority of the community

  • Mr9TalesFox
    Mr9TalesFox 4 months ago +1

    Activision Blizzard: Thanks for saving us.
    Microsoft: More like under new management.

  • Bree Badger
    Bree Badger 4 months ago

    I can't really see Microsoft putting up with Kotick's nonsense and his past behavior makes him a huge liability to keep on staff. It's great news for pretty much everyone at Blizzard and Activision. I'm not sure exactly where that leaves the average gamer tho - it depends on how Microsoft treats its new acquisition and... what kind of monetization strategy they implement in games going forward.
    Microsoft sure is buying up a lot of publishers lately. It's a bit curious. They're far from having a monopoly ofc, but they are definitely reducing the number of large publishers out there. I wonder if they have their sights set on Ubisoft next. Ubisoft definitely needs cleaning up, but the idea of that many big titles and franchises being owned by Microsoft (in addition to the ones they've already acquired)?
    Well, it's not like Sony really has the money to go around buying up studios and publishers. Nintendo doesn't either - although Nintendo is certainly in much better shape as a company than Sony is.

  • Matthias Schmitt
    Matthias Schmitt 4 months ago

    As an Xbox fan I still feel very sorry for all Playstation players. Even if Microsoft doesn't say much on the subject yet, I don't think that new games will appear equally on all platforms. Still, I think ActiBlizz can only become a better company with better games under Microsoft.

  • Jack Yutthaphum Mietinen
    Jack Yutthaphum Mietinen 4 months ago +1

    I predicted this years ago and have always said that Microsoft have so MUCH money they can literarily buy their competition out of the market. Its not unlikely that Microsoft in the future will own the whole gaming industry!

    • Gerard
      Gerard 4 months ago

      Impossibru. Even if they did buy out most of the competition, some developers would take their earnings and start new studios.

    • Ka'von Stuart
      Ka'von Stuart 4 months ago

      After this purchase, anything afterwards would be considered Monopoly. This means that they can't buy Ubisoft or take two anymore.

    THE KIRYU 4 months ago +441

    I just had the realization that if Bungie hadn't cut ties with Activision now the studio would have been effectively re-absorbed by Microsoft, not to say that they cannot outright buy it back given this precedent

    • El Koch
      El Koch 4 months ago

      @Kartikey Sharma No genius. There's a TON of points to bring up, but this was mainly talking about expansions.
      D2 mightve have a rocky launch, but a LOT of the game has improved across the board. The game is doing very, very well and HAS been. The person that made the comment likely hasn't played Destiny in a long time.
      You'd think some people wouldnt need everything explained to them. Wow.

    • Kartikey Sharma
      Kartikey Sharma 4 months ago

      @El Koch "solid expansion" you came up with only this to justify your point? Wow

    • Charmy The Charizard
      Charmy The Charizard 4 months ago

      Lucky save!

    • El Koch
      El Koch 4 months ago +1

      @bran flake Destiny 2 for the most part has had some solid expansions and changes. Halo 4 AND 5 were both dogshit aesthetically and story wise. It's literally taken us 7+ years to finally get a halo game akin to bungie days lol

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 4 months ago +1

    Just like Bathesda, I'm hopeful that Microsoft will turn things around, we still haven't seen the fruits of those accusations, but Microsoft seems to try and get on the gamers good side at all cost, which I think is a good long term plan, which a lot of their actions seem to focus on, Triple A companies seem to think short term far too often.

  • oiuet souiu
    oiuet souiu 4 months ago

    Considering how well Microsoft has treated Age of Empires, this gives me some hope for Warcraft 3...

  • Timmzy27
    Timmzy27 4 months ago

    The plan is simple;
    Remove Kotick 100% from the equation.
    Support workers in their current needs/demands.
    Give developers the time to make good games and not rush them
    Shove it all on Gamepass

  • Crimsonking 27
    Crimsonking 27 4 months ago

    This will be interesting I wonder what they will do with those licenses

  • Felicia Larsen
    Felicia Larsen 4 months ago +501

    This is a genuinely brilliant move by Microsoft. I'm just sad to see Bobby Kotick end his career with a MASSIVE paycheck, and not in a cellblock or a throatpunch by one his victims.

    • BladeROLer YT
      BladeROLer YT 4 months ago

      @rejvaik still blizzard neither nintendo are small studios. They're triple A level. Calling them small studios is pure ignorance

    • rejvaik
      rejvaik 4 months ago +1

      @BladeROLer YT I know that's why when microsoft first entered the games industry back in 2001 they tried to buy out Nintendo

    • BladeROLer YT
      BladeROLer YT 4 months ago

      @rejvaik nintendo is also small in comparison to microsoft

    • rejvaik
      rejvaik 4 months ago +1

      @BladeROLer YT it's small in comparison to microsoft

    • Amazingly Awkward
      Amazingly Awkward 4 months ago

      Aye unfortunately so…