• Published on Apr 29, 2019
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    WORLD OF CAKES 6 hours ago

  • Duhae alraes
    Duhae alraes 9 hours ago

    شنو هذا السائل اليحطوه على الكيك

  • Anjana Kailey
    Anjana Kailey 13 hours ago

    Very nice cake

  • Mirror Glaze Cakes
    Mirror Glaze Cakes 23 hours ago


  • رجاء ملحم


  • Бакыт Турсунов


  • Ренат Баймамбетов

    А что делают с оставшимся кремом?)))))

    • Lisa
      Lisa Day ago

      Наверное съедают.

  • marwa lachheb
    marwa lachheb Day ago

    Tu est une bone chafe kak3

  • Tashfeens Food & Travel

    My Cake Designs

  • zabreena lim
    zabreena lim 2 days ago


  • ary Snaza
    ary Snaza 4 days ago

    What was the cream made of?

  • Florian Grandgeorge
    Florian Grandgeorge 4 days ago

    Pourrais ton avoir la recette de base du miroir ? Svp

  • Mahek
    Mahek 4 days ago +1

    soooo nice

  • Rachel Eriks
    Rachel Eriks 4 days ago

    what song is this

  • Sumit Tiwaari
    Sumit Tiwaari 7 days ago


  • oglesby squad
    oglesby squad 8 days ago +1

    2:51 is better

  • Music Zone
    Music Zone 9 days ago

    2nd music name..?

  • drprateekagrawal
    drprateekagrawal 9 days ago

    Plz tell what is the coloured gaze liquid & how to make it.

  • Navya Dimmpy
    Navya Dimmpy 9 days ago


  • Navya Dimmpy
    Navya Dimmpy 9 days ago

    Cake lover

  • Harrison Basilio
    Harrison Basilio 9 days ago

    How to make those mirror like icing?????

  • Zahra Zain
    Zahra Zain 9 days ago

    Yang perwarna iti bahanya apa

    SADAF HASAN 10 days ago +1

    Wow beautiful 🍰 cakes amazing art's new look I really like it awesome 👍 video 👈🤩😍I will subscribe the channel.

  • sirleen kaur
    sirleen kaur 10 days ago

    Which type of material do u use for theses cakes n r they available in the market easily

    • Your Daddy Onceler
      Your Daddy Onceler 7 days ago

      sirleen kaur I assume that the only extremely artistic know how and where.

  • Annette Grobler
    Annette Grobler 11 days ago

    4:5 i want that cake pls
    My Birthday is the 4 of April

  • Batul Yassine
    Batul Yassine 12 days ago

    Whats the first song called?

  • Neetu Kalsi
    Neetu Kalsi 12 days ago


  • grace odunaya
    grace odunaya 13 days ago +1

    The designs are so pretty i almost don't want to eat the cake .😋

  • Be Happy
    Be Happy 13 days ago
    The most satisfying video 😊😊😊😌😌

  • Sayani Das
    Sayani Das 13 days ago

    Can anyone tell me the song name 🙏🙏

  • 松岡香代子
    松岡香代子 13 days ago


  • Rachel Madrigal
    Rachel Madrigal 14 days ago


  • Rachel Madrigal
    Rachel Madrigal 14 days ago

    what do you use for the GLAZE!

  • arverne bourrin
    arverne bourrin 14 days ago

    For the first it's a teletubies's bukkake?

  • Bronwin G
    Bronwin G 14 days ago

    What is that white liquid that makes the air pockets?

  • BTS_ Lover
    BTS_ Lover 14 days ago

    It's a piece of art i can't even think of eat it just look at it😮

  • Grace Song
    Grace Song 14 days ago +6

    Mirror glazed cakes are so beautiful I’ve always wanted to try one still hadn’t yet

  • Eugenia 1
    Eugenia 1 15 days ago

    Alguien sabe como se llama ese líquido que le tiran arriba?

  • Света Соколова


  • Pamela Loor
    Pamela Loor 15 days ago

    No me agan dar ganas de comer q no tengo hanble

  • Rufana Huseynova
    Rufana Huseynova 15 days ago +1

    Даже жалко есть такую красоту 😍😍 Эти торты идеальны чем моя жизнь 😏😂

    • Rufana Huseynova
      Rufana Huseynova 7 days ago

      @Елена Федюкевич но все же выглядит вкусно и красиво 😊

    • Елена Федюкевич
      Елена Федюкевич 7 days ago +1

      Да все гениальное просто! Только кажется что коржи обычные. Просто выпечены в формах, без пропитки и крема

  • Ambar Marquez
    Ambar Marquez 15 days ago

    Que delisioso ámbar

  • اجبوريه والهيبه تسطر

    amazing fintictc

  • Deliciosa Belleza
    Deliciosa Belleza 15 days ago

    This is the best TheXvid channel love all your desserts 🧁❤️

  • Legal Assistant
    Legal Assistant 15 days ago

    What is this liquid

    PES GLADIATORS 15 days ago

    Amazing. ...

  • Fitroh Subaidah
    Fitroh Subaidah 15 days ago

    Enaknya ya yang suka kue diatas di like

  • Ashanti Moqbel
    Ashanti Moqbel 15 days ago

    Im i the only one who comes to watch these vidoes because they like the music and not get themselves hungry but still gets hungry?.

  • Fatima Shahzadi
    Fatima Shahzadi 15 days ago

    Amazing art

  • شهد علي
    شهد علي 15 days ago

    واو هاد المقطع رهيب

  • MsHellraser
    MsHellraser 16 days ago

    I must try this 🤗

  • Artem Fofana
    Artem Fofana 16 days ago

    Клас супер невероятно

  • Elorien L
    Elorien L 16 days ago

    А потом столько лишних шоколада в мусорку ради зеркальной красоты... пиздец

  • Hien Pham
    Hien Pham 16 days ago

    Việt nam, sài gòn có chỗ nào dạy trang trí bánh kiểu này k nhỉ?

  • Marwan Narwan
    Marwan Narwan 16 days ago


  • Studio SkA
    Studio SkA 16 days ago +46

    Everybody: amazing cake! Beautiful
    Me: caring about that cream which pours down from the cake...

  • エリン
    エリン 16 days ago +1


  • Prizma Lamichhane
    Prizma Lamichhane 16 days ago +1

    very very very beautiful cakes 💚💙❤️💓💚💘💗💕💕💖

  • lucas46100
    lucas46100 16 days ago

    Castorama pour gâteau

  • kimberly perkins
    kimberly perkins 16 days ago

    I cant believe ALL of these cakes are decorated using fluid/pour painting techniques! And some people claim fluid painting isnt "real" art. So cool. Even used a Dutch Pour on the white and red one