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    I'm so sorry, mr chicken.

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    The last one was really awesome and i came to learn something new

  • Narinder Sehgal
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    I am a great chicken lover

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    Open fried is a 100% wypipo thing 😂. How can you even call it fried if it wasn't in the boiling oil

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    Daphne Dillman 2 days ago

    Recipe #4 is made by a canadian.

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    *Quang Tran's friend chicken is the Best!*

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    The breast turns into chicken wings??!

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    Good food

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    0:07 I'm pretty sure that this channel is American and they said crisps lol

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    Breda Murphy 14 days ago

    Like coming to this channel.... not because of the trashy recipes id never eat... but all the morons in the comment sections who think theyre celebrity chefs, even though they couldnt tell their arse from their elbow?

  • Ryan H.
    Ryan H. 15 days ago

    It turned in to food porn the second you got the honey out. XD

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    J. Bugz 16 days ago

    wtf did you do to that poor chicken breast at the end there?!

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    *vegetarians left the chat*

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    goddamn americans..

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    I Made the second one at home but the skin doesn’t taste like anything

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    I'm so fucking hungry

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    KFC has left the chat 🍗

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    Wtf is panco niggas cooking wit bread crumbs n shit no type of seasoning and seasoning the chicken wit plain salt n pepper n talm bout oh yes chicken got no type of flavor

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    make me ur assistant no need salary...just feed me three times a day enough... seriously lol not joking

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    Im on a fucking diet!!! what the fuck is wrong with me, why am I watching this?!?!!?! X-|

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    God bless Tasty

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    I remember Cavalli when I read the word Sriracha 🤣😂

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    That first recipe........ trash

    BLVCKJACK 22 days ago

    Gordon: its fukkin dry.

  • no politics no religion

    Oh yeah !! Haha love it 👍

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    Wilson The Frog 23 days ago

    I’ve fallen down a rabbit hole of watching random Tasty videos. Help. I don’t even eat chicken, I’m vegetarian.

    A MCHSS 23 days ago

    I cannot even count how many times i licked my lips watching this

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    Sound track reminds me of the Soviet cartoons we watched as kids lol

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    "Beer battered Crispy Chicken Wings"... uses breast😂

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    2:56 why would you put gasoline oil?

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    Oh yeah yeah

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    The last one made me growl 😟😟😟

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    The last one is looks so damn delicious, I'm hungry again.

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    Oh yeah yeah

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    all of these are old videos

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    2:51 creepy music..

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    deni sherlock 25 days ago

    3:44 if it's not fried then it is not really a fried chicken, isn't it?

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    Kim Choeun 25 days ago

    How to make buttermilk?

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    Rafael .s 25 days ago

    Too much seasoning. sMh 😤😤🥵

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    I feels very hungey after watched ur video😂😂😂😥

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    why beer for first recepie?

  • Odin ThorFather
    Odin ThorFather 26 days ago

    Aaah.... Fried chicken!

    America's greatest contribution to the western world.

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    Arteries Orgasm!

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    Hey is there other people who click even if they are not friend chicken lover just to see the chicken looks like haha

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    If you put honey on a fried chicken, you should go to hell.

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    ncsam 000000 27 days ago

    As a chef this is hard to watch.

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    Victoria Welch 27 days ago

    Only white pple fry stuff with chips and corn flakes 🤢yuck🤢

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    Brian Mayfield 27 days ago

    That all looks burned / over cooked.

  • cullanom
    cullanom 27 days ago

    Try replacing the Flour with Rice Flour

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    honestly love how I got a kfc ad right before this

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    your nails

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    The last chicken looks tasty

  • David Slone
    David Slone 28 days ago

    These all look delicious.
    Just a couple of questions about the nomenclature on the first recipe:
    1. As I understand it, you’re based in Chelsea, NYC, not Chelsea, London, so, what’s up with calling potato chips “crisps”?
    2. Why do you refer to strips of chicken breast as “wings”?

  • Bangladeshi Family Vlogs

    Looks so yummy. Presentation superb

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    Jasper Sevilla 28 days ago

    it has Cornell sanders said "it's finger licking good!" better than jollibee or mcdo

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    Курица с мёдом?!

  • Alan Brown
    Alan Brown 28 days ago

    As a black dude, smh how disrespectful towards our bird

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    Does the oil not pop and splash them like it does to me everytime I make fried anything😫. Lol

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    I dont like to brag. *But i make a mean Pot of noodles* 😏

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    Hey u make lot of food almost everyday and I wonder who eats all of those foods

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    Chicken Fried BBQ 29 days ago

    hard to beat southern fried chicken!

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    Wait. Beer!!!?

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    Hoa Nguyen 29 days ago

    I also make fried chicken but i use Knorr crispy fried chicken mix from Pakistan

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    i would break their teeth if anyone put honey on my fried chicken

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    For the love of god Please stop double battering fried chicken

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    I’m trying not to drool 🤤

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    Stray Kids Kim Woojin Where u at? I know your here 😂😂

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    What....the that? 4:40
    I know DAMN well they didn’t season that poor bird with cheesies

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    For the honey chicken, i'd just take the honey out entirely :P but this still makes me crave chicken now... ;-;

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    Helped me make diner tonight

    MEPE GAMING 29 days ago

    please make crispy porkbelly

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    I would love some feedback, I just started a TheXvid cooking channel!!!

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    Honey with spicy chicken 😷😷

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    That looks so good 👍🍗

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    I regret watching this😣

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    is the first one alcoholic after it’s cooked?

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    That annoying:
    Oh yesss 😞

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    How can you “ oven fry ” something ?

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    "How to make fried chicken" -- Bakes some.

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    I'm hungry now😋

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    If u smell some good chicken you know somebodys sexy ass grandma is cookin in the crib

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    3:11 who just thought of *cavalli* ?

    • Meaza Fitwi
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      Cavalli approved that recipe only for the Sriracha 👌

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  • somnath chakraborty


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    the last is amazing recipe 😂

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    Lol i had a tasty ad

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    I mean......

    Doesn't everyone love fried chicken?😂