• Published on May 26, 2019
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Comments • 174

  • ponkyponk86
    ponkyponk86 5 months ago +4

    When are you going past Gravesend????

  • Taz
    Taz 5 months ago +6

    Love the guy at 4:36 😂😂

  • Jade
    Jade 5 months ago +2

    Great vlog Alfie, good luck on your kayak trip 🙌❤️

  • ponkyponk86
    ponkyponk86 5 months ago +1

    When are you going past Gravesend?

  • Cam Black
    Cam Black 5 months ago +1

    im legit only here for the mini ramp, come on, skate some more!!!

  • Matt Holmes
    Matt Holmes 5 months ago +2

    Alfie , did you know Tesco’s have just started a dating site .. a mate of mine got a bag for life ! 😳

  • phyliciajoykloes
    phyliciajoykloes 5 months ago

    That beer that Sean had is so good!

  • SurvivalStoryJC
    SurvivalStoryJC 5 months ago +1

    More Alfie with sidemen pls

  • wallacetf
    wallacetf 5 months ago +1

    puts in pictures

    only him and joe
    oh dear

  • Hannah M
    Hannah M 5 months ago +1

    I’m in Brighton 😂🔥

  • Casey May
    Casey May 5 months ago +4

    Can’t you and zoë just get married already

  • Ebony’s life x
    Ebony’s life x 5 months ago

    I’m so happy I just saw Alfie today xxx

  • Katie Marie
    Katie Marie 5 months ago

    A female cow can have horns too. 😂 You would know if it’s a bull, it would have huge balls. It could have been a steer, which is a fixed male.

  • Leah Da Pickle
    Leah Da Pickle 5 months ago

    Great vlog as usual!

  • Alice Perry
    Alice Perry 5 months ago +1

    You kayaked past me on the Thames in Oxford yesterday!

  • Erika Gamboa
    Erika Gamboa 5 months ago

    Ey alfie get a haircut

  • 1981cherokee1
    1981cherokee1 5 months ago

    'Should we stroke them'. Hehehehehe

  • Lydia Smith
    Lydia Smith 5 months ago +1

    OMG you are in barcombe! I live there in the summer at my aunties. Where I’m from our pint is £2.39 the Royal Oak was £6.00. Can’t wait to be back there

  • Ruby May xo
    Ruby May xo 5 months ago +4

    who was that guy in the back of the car phahha hes so jokes i neeed his socials

  • sharon hughes
    sharon hughes 5 months ago

    Well done Alfie boy☺love your video ☺

  • Katie B
    Katie B 5 months ago

    I’m in England for the first time!!

  • Mel Henderson
    Mel Henderson 5 months ago

    loved this vlog! i used to live in barcombe so it brought back some amazing memeries! great vlog overall!!!

  • Anna Beth
    Anna Beth 5 months ago

    The style and theme of these vlogs gets better and better

    KIRSTEN GELDERMAN 5 months ago +1


  • Alexandra David
    Alexandra David 5 months ago +2

    Damn the quality of your vids 🔥

  • Emily
    Emily 5 months ago +1

    Steve is so hot

  • Tamanna Chowdhury
    Tamanna Chowdhury 5 months ago

    Lovely vlog

  • Felicity Richards
    Felicity Richards 5 months ago +1

    Please say you didn't leave the shoes in the river?!

  • William Hartley
    William Hartley 5 months ago

    Would like to see you guys coming through Chertsey, do you have the schedule for this event?

  • Jessie Paton
    Jessie Paton 5 months ago +1

    Having horns doesn’t make it a bull 😂

  • Nikki Dumee
    Nikki Dumee 5 months ago

    Loved it;)
    And omg zoe is vlogging again ^^ xxx

  • FxdeGalaxy // Gaming
    FxdeGalaxy // Gaming 5 months ago

    i did this when i went to Australia in march

  • Natalie Hamilton
    Natalie Hamilton 5 months ago

    Sean looked like he had lipstick on when they went out for dinner

  • Lena Sarap
    Lena Sarap 5 months ago

    Nice vlog👀🧠

  • Liz Osborne
    Liz Osborne 5 months ago +1

    haha that wasn't a bull. most breeds of cows are born with horns, but you can tell because both of her ear tags are big rectangles and were males have one big tag and one small round one

  • Zthan K
    Zthan K 5 months ago +1

    ILYSM 😍😘❤️💕💗💞💓💘💜💙💖🥰 xxxxxxx

  • Michael Lawrence
    Michael Lawrence 5 months ago

    When I hear that you was kayaking I thought you was going to us .Not down the Thames. Do kayaking in the us not the Thames

  • chloe doyle
    chloe doyle 5 months ago +1

    Fucking love Sam Tompkins!

  • sonali mishra
    sonali mishra 5 months ago


  • Chelsea Stirzaker
    Chelsea Stirzaker 5 months ago

    Who’s watching in a tent in their garden?

  • bird
    bird 5 months ago

    Idk if you care but im gonna give a slacklining tip that my friend told me and i suddenly was a damn slacklining pro- imagine youre trying to push a balloon underwater with your foot, you have to do it from straight on top otherwise it wont sink itll just slip out from under your foot. You have to have that perfect downward balance and concentration and you only balance one foot at a time. youre never balancing your weight on both feet, once you are comfortable on one foot you can move to the next one. You just stand there on one foot with the slackline moving around but youre well balanced until your leg gets tired, and thats how you get the hang of it. Good luck friend! I can TOTALLY see you having a slackline in the backyard

  • bird
    bird 5 months ago

    HAHAHAHAH Your fucking friend who kept singing "oh yeaahah yea yeah" is my favorite friend of yours or person who has ever been in your vlog ever lol

  • nessa jones
    nessa jones 5 months ago

    I always find that she you have food really late you feel more tired than normal but that pie looked amazing x

  • deequu
    deequu 5 months ago

    10:09 hogging up all the path you two!

  • Louise Stevens
    Louise Stevens 5 months ago

    Please do a rock climbing double date with Joe and Dianne next time they are in town!

  • Chloe Macnamara
    Chloe Macnamara 5 months ago

    Everyone is wearing Alfie’s sun glasses 😂

  • Oliver Baldwin
    Oliver Baldwin 5 months ago

    Who would dislike it. If u don’t like it. Don’t watch it

  • April Rose Jackson
    April Rose Jackson 5 months ago

    The West Cornwall Pasty Company with the vegan veggie wholemeal pasty YUMMMMMM!

  • Maze23
    Maze23 5 months ago

    Love these videos. Keep up the good work!

  • Thistle Roots
    Thistle Roots 5 months ago

    Beg beg beg please everyone wear helmets on the halfpipe! I keep saying it but it’s in love and concern. 💜

  • Pinkmash399 Pinkdonuts
    Pinkmash399 Pinkdonuts 5 months ago

    Anyone else LOVE STEVE AND ALFIE

  • heathding
    heathding 5 months ago

    Just wanted to say I love how you and Sam have become friends over the past couple of months i have been watching your videos for the past 6 years and discovered sam’s music less than a year ago and it is like my 2 worlds are colliding I love it wish you both all the luck and happiness with your life’s x

  • Alana Rosa
    Alana Rosa 5 months ago

    Whose the crazy hyper kid?

  • Freya Underwood
    Freya Underwood 5 months ago

    The fact the boys just sat casually in clout sun glasses I’m ded🤣❤️❤️

  • Charlie Jones
    Charlie Jones 5 months ago

    I love how you edit your videos!❤ Really cool

  • Sammie Fangirl
    Sammie Fangirl 5 months ago

    Yo Aflie for the secrets out, please do one with Dan and Phil! And Joe and Dianna, and Louise and someone!

  • Ali Edmunds
    Ali Edmunds 5 months ago

    Hey bro! Just did a video on you on studying you in my Media A-Level. Love the vlog too I've missed them man...

  • Ali Edmunds
    Ali Edmunds 5 months ago +1

    Hey bro! Just did a video on you on studying you in my Media A-Level. Love the vlog too I've missed them man...

  • Susanne Madonna
    Susanne Madonna 5 months ago +1

    always enjoying your content, keep it up!

  • Kate Elise
    Kate Elise 5 months ago +1

    Absolutely love your vlogs and have for the longest time! So excited to finally upload my first vlog really soon! 💕