I Was Hospitalized After Coming Out to My Parents

  • Published on Jul 24, 2019
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  • shrimp
    shrimp 10 hours ago

    me: *move* 0:00

  • Chris Banks
    Chris Banks 11 hours ago

    these parents are sick you should love your child no matter what, they did not choose to be born the parents made that dicsion

  • Kyriaki Bartzis
    Kyriaki Bartzis 23 hours ago

    "i met james"
    "jAkE aNd I bEcAme ThE bEsT oF FriEndS"

  • ralph just wanted to be nice

    2:07 *i thought his name was james*

  • Jackaplierpie
    Jackaplierpie Day ago

    The sad thing is that these videos are faked, people are literally faking stories for attention/money

  • Ashleigh Johnson

    This is exactly why I'm afraid all the time

  • Supercater 500
    Supercater 500 2 days ago

    Wait seven ik these vids are fake but he shouldn't even get excited I think at least 9 is when you should realize but that's way still young I didn't come out till I was 11 and realised was bi till 11 and that's still pretty young from what I've seen.
    Edit ik bi and gay are different but still its the same concept.

  • Cringe content _
    Cringe content _ 2 days ago

    I click on this on accident and I hear on my Bluetooth speaker IM GAY

  • Floofy Chill
    Floofy Chill 2 days ago

    *h e y t h e r e b l a c c b o i*

  • Floofy Chill
    Floofy Chill 2 days ago

    [We expect you]

  • Katz
    Katz 2 days ago

    ugh, gay!

  • Beeg Yoshi2
    Beeg Yoshi2 2 days ago

    Just the beginning is just “IM GAY!” Like we get it, im sorry idubbbz.

  • itohan imafidon
    itohan imafidon 2 days ago +1

    Dad: I'm about to ruin this boy's career

  • Leah Grace Fecteau
    Leah Grace Fecteau 2 days ago

    Sorry that happened to you there is nothing wrong with being gay it’s how you feel thank you for sharing you have a very nice boyfriend

  • Rico Amerò
    Rico Amerò 2 days ago +1

    Son:Mom dad I’m gay
    Ariana: don’t call me angel
    Rihanna: he see me do me dirt dirt dirt

  • Isabella Wong
    Isabella Wong 3 days ago

    I came out to my friend as a bi once then a few weeks she yelled out to the class that I was a bi. And the teacher didn’t believe her and gave her detention

  • S a k u r a Y u m e r i e e

    *You two are the parent of a b-*

  • Jac Con
    Jac Con 3 days ago

    I’m younger than this kid and I only was like oh baby it is going to be okay

  • Mirabel Herring
    Mirabel Herring 3 days ago

  • Gotcha Info
    Gotcha Info 3 days ago

    *”Hey there black boy”*
    lol wut

  • Scourgestar
    Scourgestar 3 days ago +1

    My life in a nutshell. My mom doesn't support me because I am gay

  • Slapshot Jack
    Slapshot Jack 3 days ago +1

    Daddy I’m gay
    I have no son
    “Gasp!” This isn’t my house!

  • Becca Gregory
    Becca Gregory 3 days ago +1

    I don't see how any child's parent could beat them, just because they're gay, that's horrible

  • Katherine Double
    Katherine Double 4 days ago

    what i did was get a white mug and wrote "i'm non-binary and pansexual" on the bottom and then drank out of it while my parents were around.

  • Myungwol구
    Myungwol구 4 days ago

    So lemme guess the parent hit him till he is in hospital

  • Basant Basim
    Basant Basim 4 days ago +2

    U should go to the doctor for being a gay

  • Montana Monkman
    Montana Monkman 5 days ago +3

    I love gay people😊❤️

  • Dawson Carpenter
    Dawson Carpenter 5 days ago +1

    I just came out to me mom im 12 i was talking to my mom about sexuality and she said do you think your gay and i said yes then she said its ok should i be happy or what lol

  • Jjarcher Creppercraft447

    I pray for all my fellow gays that have to deal with this... bless all your heart.

  • Carcarcarcarcarcarc1

    I think I’ll come out when in 20, then move to the other side of the world, so my parents won’t asasinate me

  • Indy Chloee
    Indy Chloee 5 days ago

    this makes me so sad

  • rain Art
    rain Art 5 days ago

    I am so glad he is happy

  • LizardianGaming
    LizardianGaming 5 days ago

    Guy1:"Black Lives Matter!"
    Guy2:"Gay Lives Matter!"
    Guy3:"All lives Matter!"
    Emo:"No lives matter."

  • Ashley Reed
    Ashley Reed 5 days ago +1

    I thought he was gonna turn back from being gay.... That's sad. That he's gay.

  • Mary Elizabeth Burt
    Mary Elizabeth Burt 6 days ago

    First comment I meant you have to talk to your parents not to taste. Sorry

  • Mary Elizabeth Burt
    Mary Elizabeth Burt 6 days ago +1

    Eventually you will have to eventually taste your father and your mom cuz you didn't say anything about your mom towards the end of the video I know it's been a month but you need to eventually confront them and be prepared they are still your parents the ones who raised you from the time you were a baby so when the time comes your time and it's your decision try to make up with your parents once more it's not it's their fault not yours for not accepting Who You Are who you are is what's on the inside not on the outside

  • David bc
    David bc 6 days ago

    I need a Jack in my life

  • MauriCoolGuy
    MauriCoolGuy 6 days ago

    “Mom dad I’m gay”


  • Just The Average Noob
    Just The Average Noob 6 days ago +1

    *_its all because of that damn phone_*

  • Ivy YT
    Ivy YT 6 days ago

    i ship it

  • lo.fi.emotions.
    lo.fi.emotions. 6 days ago +1

    This almost made me cry :(( . I'll never understand homophobic persons..

  • Amara Dragon
    Amara Dragon 6 days ago +3

    Hi i'm also Gay

    Well i'm lesbian the girl Gay!
    And i'm proud to be me

  • ジミンKore
    ジミンKore 6 days ago

    I'm a girl and I'm okay with being around people that are LGBTQ+,but my parents aren't, they are homophobic, well ofc I'm heterosexual. I just don't like the fact that my parents said "Gays are disgusting, if you are a lesbian, you are not my child anymore,you can get out and cut ties, I don't care, " after hearing those words, I felt kind off miserable since they are my Asian parents.
    Most Asian parents don't prefer their child to be LGBTQ+, they would think they are not normal and filthy. I mean, love is blind, It doesn't matter what gender they are , at least you found your true love right?

  • Joe Star
    Joe Star 7 days ago

    I’m not gay but I’m happy that this guy’s doing good.

  • Chabayama
    Chabayama 7 days ago

    I really really want to come out to my parents, most my friends did and their parents supported them, but I know that my parents are homophobics and I’m scared that they won’t love me

  • Nathan Allen
    Nathan Allen 7 days ago

    Your dad is the worst

  • Trenton Wilburn
    Trenton Wilburn 7 days ago +2


  • Issac Newton
    Issac Newton 7 days ago

    Dude this is pretty powerful.

  • Umbreon Doy 110
    Umbreon Doy 110 7 days ago +1

    Im gay too

  • Aamir Ali Mahar
    Aamir Ali Mahar 7 days ago +2


  • Lane Fray
    Lane Fray 8 days ago

    I want love like that

  • Blue Sheep
    Blue Sheep 8 days ago +1

    *1990:* I wonder what will happen in 2020...
    *2020:* moM, dAd, I'm gaY!!!

  • Lailah Taylor
    Lailah Taylor 8 days ago

    I'm bisexual and I am absolutely terrified to come out to my parents,I tried to come out to my mom once and I ended up crying in my closet

  • Selling Marbles
    Selling Marbles 8 days ago +2

    Me: click video
    Video: IM GAY
    Mom: what did you just say!!!

  • Stream A No No
    Stream A No No 8 days ago +2

    the first words IM GAY wow that caught me off guard

  • Christopher Tabora
    Christopher Tabora 9 days ago

    In my case I actually did not come up I guess they knew already but it felt like taboo at first but then as time passed by i think they got used to it and just let me be who i want to be.

  • Dillon Tisino
    Dillon Tisino 9 days ago +1

    Not all gay people are girly

  • foxy lover
    foxy lover 9 days ago

    I'm lesbian,what you got on us homosexuals homophobics

  • Martin Vorlicek
    Martin Vorlicek 9 days ago +2

    I wish people would understand being LGBT people are normal I am gay

    • Lost Soul
      Lost Soul 9 days ago +3

      hey i understand their normal just some ppl are assholes and cant see it with their blind asses

  • It's Your Conscience Speaking!

    *To asSeRt dOmInAnCe*
    i just imagine him t-posing at his parents

    • Lost Soul
      Lost Soul 9 days ago +1

      **walks in doing t pose**
      "MOM DAD I'M GAY!"
      **dabs then runs**