My Birth Vlog: Induced Labor | HAUSOFCOLOR

  • Published on Aug 13, 2016
  • It was a little emotional for me to edit and put this video together and I can't believe it's been 7 weeks since I gave birth to Preston. It seemed like yesterday, but in the same breath, it also seemed so long ago too. Tragically, I ran out of memory while filming the actual labor and didn't get that footage booooo!! 😭😭😭
    I can't thank you guys enough for all the well wishes and your love since I announced my pregnancy and birth, I'm SO EXCITED for this next chapter in our lives and can't wait to share it with all of you! xx 👪
    I was 39 weeks pregnant
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  • Every Day in the Bay
    Every Day in the Bay 28 days ago

    The IV smelled good??? Interesting!

  • Keisha Renee
    Keisha Renee 3 months ago

    His cry was by far the cutest!!!

  • Negricana Cx
    Negricana Cx 3 months ago

    My daughter was born June 23rd ,2018

  • N M
    N M 5 months ago

    Awe what a smiley baby!!

  • Andrea Naquin
    Andrea Naquin 7 months ago

    Gig em!!

  • Peach Over 40
    Peach Over 40 8 months ago +1

    He weighed as much as my daughter...precious!

  • 알수없음
    알수없음 9 months ago


  • Dominique Tucker
    Dominique Tucker 10 months ago

    Is no one going to mention HOW RUDE that lady over the speak was?!? Or is it just me that thought she was extremely rude? Her tone could of been so much more welcoming. Having a baby is nerve wrenching and this b*tch can’t take five seconds to be nice over the intercom. “CaN I hElP yOu?!” Like uhh yea I’m here to have a baby you snobby b*tch. Smh

  • jason PT
    jason PT 10 months ago +1

    So touched that you were recording this for us even though you were so painful, teared up when hearing the baby crying

  • Claudia Barcelona
    Claudia Barcelona 11 months ago

    I got induced 3 times and here in Australia where I had my babies I had no choice of any pain killers only gas that made me so sick! And let me tell you this,!! You do not wanna get induced 😓 it kills

  • Annie Ways
    Annie Ways 11 months ago

    Aww so sweet I cried! And it’s probably becux I’m also pregnant rn! 👍🏻😊

  • Cece Ambrielle Klyd
    Cece Ambrielle Klyd 11 months ago

    I love how gentle the nurses were with you😊 I had my baby girl last week and my midwife and nurses were terrible like this nurse took forever putting in my IV and she kept wiggling it in different directions. It hurt so bad and I'm still bruised and swollen from it. The labor was short compared to my 1st pregnancy (16 hours) and that I felt hungry and nauseated that whole time. With my 2nd delivery, then I kinda felt the same. I didnt have an epidural for both so I suffered with the contractions. The 2nd one was okay because I knew what to expect so I was calm for 8 hours

  • Alexia’s Corner

    Such a beautiful video. I cried when you started pushing.
    I can’t wait to hold my baby any day now

  • Taybi Touati
    Taybi Touati Year ago

    u tolk so mush

  • Kylee Jane
    Kylee Jane Year ago

    5:14 awww you missed 11 11😂

  • Kyra Weger
    Kyra Weger Year ago +3

    You looked beautiful the entire time. 32 weeks now for me and watching a million birthing vlogs.

  • Mendez Family Fun

    Omg he is beautiful

  • Breanna ODell
    Breanna ODell Year ago

    the fact that you have 0 strech marks makes me crazy cause I look like a zebra😂😭

  • Elyse Michelle
    Elyse Michelle Year ago

    Ooooooooh I work at this hospital! I will be having my first baby here in November 😊

  • xTempusxFugitx
    xTempusxFugitx Year ago

    I cannot for the life of me understand an epidural free birth. I’m 100% getting an epidural. We are women, we aren’t as strong or as tough as men. If men were having babies it would make sense for no epidurals because they could handle it but we can’t.

  • LeLes World
    LeLes World Year ago

    love those cherries.. i am two days past due today which is why i am watching videos on inducing. I am actually curious about what you recommend for editing vlog videos

  • Stella Zimbiti
    Stella Zimbiti Year ago

    Lovey vlog.
    Especially the end.
    Been a subbie for a while but hadn't seen this.

  • SkiiMask Sagee
    SkiiMask Sagee Year ago


  • Jaclynn Prejean
    Jaclynn Prejean Year ago

    The moment I heard you say “I don’t know how I’m going to do with no epidural being induced” I lost it. No way in HELLLLL could I ever not have the epidural and be induced. The pitocin is the devilllll 😭😭

  • Jelly Anderson
    Jelly Anderson Year ago +3

    Lmao I lost it at the Huggies diaper part. Congratulations! I'm currently 4 weeks just found out randomly at the doctor's yesterday lol

  • Victoria Orman
    Victoria Orman Year ago +1

    Now I c ur hair lol I love that tooooooo haaaa

  • Victoria Orman
    Victoria Orman Year ago

    I like your eyebrows!,,,

  • Kindall Jackson
    Kindall Jackson Year ago

    Man my normal h/w is 5'1" and 98 pounds, and I've gained 20 by week 25. I'm much bigger than her at 25 weeks and shes 38 lol.

  • Helen Hines
    Helen Hines Year ago

    Asian babies are so freakin cute, seriously.

  • Helen Hines
    Helen Hines Year ago

    My son was 5.14 pounds too the day before his DD. Such a little guy. My second was 3 pounds, but she was obviously 8 weeks early.

  • Zeeshan Sheikchan

    I am giving birth 🤰

  • Jennifer Kwan Wong
    Jennifer Kwan Wong Year ago +1

    I literally just cried watching this. I was induced as well and now have a almost 1 month old. Thank you for sharing your journey!

  • Jaelene Ceja
    Jaelene Ceja Year ago

    Did you give birth at Valley Medical Center??? I recognized the water wall thing!! I gave birth there and loved it.

  • Devin Benoit
    Devin Benoit Year ago

    that babys cry was so beautiful. probably going to be a singer lol.

  • Kylee Montoya
    Kylee Montoya Year ago

    You looked so beautiful the entire time!!!!

  • Quadavia Chambers
    Quadavia Chambers 2 years ago

    2:42-2:50.. me being mean to my brother during pregnancy. Smh

  • Kate wonglipzipron123
    Kate wonglipzipron123 2 years ago +1

    wow nice congrats my idol

  • Nadia Moore
    Nadia Moore 2 years ago

    My bday is June 22

  • Duang Duang
    Duang Duang 2 years ago

    Beautiful baby 😊

  • t3rror5am
    t3rror5am 2 years ago

    1st baby?

  • Geneva Whitesidegbhhm
    Geneva Whitesidegbhhm 2 years ago

    Beautiful family and video

  • Jsc
    Jsc 2 years ago

    Beautiful video! Hard to hold the tears once I heard him crying. So cute! I had my baby boy 3 weeks ago and I can see you are on your second pregnancy at the moment. I also want a second one although the whole process is so crazy...but so magical at the same time. You did great! Good luck on your pregnancy!

  • jenn Fernandez
    jenn Fernandez 2 years ago

    OMG I'm gonna CRY

  • TakingTime2 Play
    TakingTime2 Play 2 years ago

    Ok this was a beautiful video. I ugly cried when your son let out his first cry omggg thank you for sharing with us♥️

  • marg tv
    marg tv 2 years ago

    He is so adorable

  • Irelynd McCarthy
    Irelynd McCarthy 2 years ago

    U and ur hubby must be so happy!❤️❤️😍😇

  • KJ
    KJ 2 years ago

    OMGOSH YOUR IN SEATTLE/well Renton❤️ I know that hospital well! I recommend SWEDISH💯❗️

  • Kourtney Hailey
    Kourtney Hailey 2 years ago

    very beautiful baby.and also wow that hospital is amazing, very nice!

  • Kerrie S
    Kerrie S 2 years ago

    Also for future reference don't ever let them use that eye goop again! It has no health benefits and its dangerous. Babies are born perfect and healthy don't let anyone do anything to your fresh ba y

  • Kerrie S
    Kerrie S 2 years ago

    It's horrible seeing other people/'doctors' tell mums what to do and when to push! The baby will come out natrually when ready

  • Kerrie S
    Kerrie S 2 years ago

    Babies come when there ready :(

  • Kkc K
    Kkc K 2 years ago


  • Ariii M-S
    Ariii M-S 2 years ago

    I’m having my birth induced Wednesday night and my baby boy should be here by Thursday. This video made me cry so much the second I herd the baby’s crying. I can’t wait for my little man to be in my arms

  • Ashley Miller
    Ashley Miller 2 years ago

    i was induced too, fuck contractions are a bitch

  • Cheyenne Rosander
    Cheyenne Rosander 2 years ago

    Just so you know, low fluid levels aren't a reason to induce. Low levels towards the end of pregnancy is normal AND fluid levels fluctuate and can be increased by drinking more water.

  • Uche A
    Uche A 2 years ago

    Congratulations darling. I am 33weeks now....waitinggggg

  • Apelila
    Apelila 2 years ago

    Omg im giving birth to the same hospital and im 39weeks right now💙

  • Kylie Bill
    Kylie Bill 2 years ago

    Your baby boy is so cute!!!! Congrats

  • Cornelia N
    Cornelia N 2 years ago +1

    "y else would i call you",brother

  • L
    L 2 years ago

    why they r doing iv right away did u know why?