• Published on Jan 17, 2022
  • The new TaylorMaStealth driver with it’s 60X Carbon TwistFace is a new direction for TM, but will it deliver more ball speeds? Mark Crossfield tests this new golf driver from TaylorMade and talks about what the new tech might actually do rather than just a lot of marketing buzz words. TaylorMade golf have made great drivers for a long time and will the new Stealth be one of their best golf drivers ever. How will it compare to older models and will it help golfers find more ball speed?
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Comments • 780

  • Mark Crossfield
    Mark Crossfield  4 months ago +100

    Do you think TM are laughing at us with their marketing?

    • Yeetskeet
      Yeetskeet 3 months ago

      Caaaaaarbonnnwood age😂🤣😂🤣✌🏽

    • malar vannan
      malar vannan 4 months ago

      I don't think so, today I saw all TM sponsored pro golfers trying to hit longest drive only Rory Mcllory could get a distance of 343 yds. Others did not perform well once they started swinging hard and some were even slicing like amateurs.

    • Anthony West
      Anthony West 4 months ago

      ...apparently you don't even have to swing TM drivers anymore. They have been promising extra distance with every new club for so long, that you now get 300 yds and it's still in the head cover...

    • Michael Rood
      Michael Rood 4 months ago

      He loves saying “lipstick ‘round the outside”

    • JB Golf
      JB Golf 4 months ago +1

      @AJCgolf mark crossfield is not capable of taking constructive criticism. I commented one time on something similar that you are saying and he went off making excuses. He truly doesn’t care what we think. Which is fine lol But just didn’t think someone like him would be so damn sensitive 😂😂

  • Rajiv Patel
    Rajiv Patel 4 months ago +54

    Such a good intro! 😂😂😂 Have been watching for over 10 years and Mark is still the go to for unbiased no nonsense club reviews

  • MrGrumtastic
    MrGrumtastic 4 months ago +17

    With the limitations on COR, I don't expect to see any improvement of ballspeed on centre strikes. With all the reviewers being competent players, this is all we really see from the reviews. What I would be more interested in is a comparison of off centre strikes to see if there really is a difference between the current models and older versions. I appreciate this might be more difficult to test though!

    • Adam Stimpson
      Adam Stimpson 3 months ago


    • Alfred the Great
      Alfred the Great 4 months ago

      I've been saying pretty much the same thing for a few years now. It's now about getting that "sweet spot" as large as possible because let's face it, all modern drivers probably get the same speed and spin on centre hits when set up to do so.

    • Steve Forman
      Steve Forman 4 months ago

      You can see this to an extent in the video. Both the toe hooks were similar and both clubs had fades that were in same area. 👍

    • Erik Robertson
      Erik Robertson 4 months ago +1

      THIS. I couldn't agree more.

  • je1279
    je1279 4 months ago +1

    I'm glad that folks are finally realizing the latest and greatest driver isn't going to give you the massive gains that the marketing suggests. Great review as always Mark.

  • Guy Whittern
    Guy Whittern 4 months ago +83

    It’s a shame that by far the most informative golf you tuber has been bypassed by those who just big up the latest releases and even say things like the Stealth beats the Rogue based on the fact is has an ‘exciting’ red face. Potentially the biggest red face will be for those who buy this, find it goes no further than their SIM, the paint chips off like it does on TM putters, and in 12 months time Taylor Made go back to titanium saying they have a new type of titanium we’ve not seen before. Keep up the good work Mark, the first and still the best !

    • SilverfoxThe
      SilverfoxThe 4 months ago +1

      Its one of the reasons I've never gamed a TM driver. This iteration will be the market leader (no doubt) but will be replaced in 12-months but Stealth 2.0. It would annoy me that after spending ~£450 on the club that it would be superseded in such a short space of time. That doesn't bother everyone of course.

    • Greg Idour
      Greg Idour 4 months ago +2

      @Chipmunk agree but do worry about TXG now they have been bought out by Club Champion

    • Chipmunk
      Chipmunk 4 months ago +4

      The reason I enjoy Mark’s content and also enjoy TXG golf, they’re just straight to the point, honest, simple youtubers who let the clubs do the talking and don’t try overhype and hyperbolise everything. You’d think that a 2022 driver would go about 30% longer than something from 5 years ago by the sounds of videos out there

    • Mark Crossfield
      Mark Crossfield  4 months ago +52

      Honestly I am totally fine with my channel size and if Suns is what I was living for I would go work in a boring job. I love learning sharing and happy for others to puppet the marketing. Thanks for your kind comments. 👍👍

  • Scott Smith
    Scott Smith 4 months ago +13

    Great review it’s refreshing hearing honesty I wish more “reviewers” would do it. Taylormade along with other companies can’t keep revolutionising clubs although each year Taylormade would make you think you’re going to end up on the tour. Safe your money and get lessons to get better!

  • Wes Crutcher
    Wes Crutcher 4 months ago

    Great video Mark, kind of confirms what my thoughts were, great driver, but not worth upgrading from a Sim2. It will be interesting to see if TM can continue to develop this idea.

  • George Pichl
    George Pichl 4 months ago

    Awesome review, Mark! Love your honesty. I’m seeing far too many reviews on the Stealth saying it’s not better than titanium….and in fact, the Stealth spins MORE than the other top drivers, so the distance is actually shorter! TM might have been a bit premature dismissing titanium faced drivers going forward. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Liam Brazer
    Liam Brazer 4 months ago

    I've just been for a driver fitting and found the stealth plus to be the best looking, best sounding and best feeling, however the numbers/dispersion were nowhere near as good as the titleist tsi3 and srixon zx7. Beautiful club but make sure you get fitted as it might not be the best for your game

  • David Barash
    David Barash 4 months ago +2

    Great review! The loft on your club is 8.5, while it is 9.0 on your Stealth. What impact does that have on your distances and speeds?

  • Golf Addicts
    Golf Addicts 4 months ago +1

    Hi Mark, I've just had a stealth fitting ( have Sim2 at present), after 6 different shaft changes I gained 15 yards , bringing spin down and optimal flight on trackman so I've bought that shaft and put it in my sim2 ( RDX Black 70g stiff and spline Alined) cheers Si

  • dcoog anml
    dcoog anml 4 months ago +1

    A heartfelt thank you Mark!! This intro was a breath of fresh air in a soup of ever recurring club review content

  • Richard Marsh
    Richard Marsh 4 months ago +1

    Love how Mark makes these videos having a right pop at TM without seeming 🍋
    And the FT-3 callaway was an immense driver

  • El Matador
    El Matador 4 months ago +1

    Entertaining , honest and trust worthy as always … did I mention entertaining 😂 great review delivered as only Mark can do. Great editing too 👍🏻

  • T Beck
    T Beck 4 months ago

    I am getting 1.2 mph more consistently out of my original sim as compared to the new rogue in ball speed. I have done 3 testing sessions and I am seeing this across the board with 100 more rpm in spin with the rogue. It is consistently 4 yards shorter.

  • David Fletcher
    David Fletcher 4 months ago +2

    If it’s the same as the last few TM drivers I can’t see other than cosmetics that it will be particularly different. Since the original M1/M2 release the drivers have done nothing really other than change shape and colours/ materials. Performance hasn’t changed at all. Callaway in the same period probably the same but callaway seem to make much more stable heads that perform well even when miss hit.

  • Jake Phelps
    Jake Phelps 4 months ago

    I think it would be interesting to see when was the last time there was a significant improvement in driver technology in the last 10-15 years

  • Bryce Larson
    Bryce Larson 4 months ago +5

    From the high speed side of things, I love the sound. The crunch it made was amazing. Was testing it today and hit my highest ball speed ever at 187. Sounds and feels amazing. And I’m very happy to see the weight track back at the front. I more then likely will be upgrading this year

    • Bryce Larson
      Bryce Larson 4 months ago

      @George Jenkins saying that, if your averaging more ball speed the distance is there just need to optimize it

    • George Jenkins
      George Jenkins 4 months ago +1

      It's 100% a ball speed machine, I had 50 shots with it last week on a GCQuad and my average ball speed was 182, other than that though I don't think it's going too much further than last years model

    • Bryce Larson
      Bryce Larson 4 months ago

      @sasquatchtour not too sure why I got that ball speed. My strike was outstanding so you do have to remember that. But I’d your looking for horsepower as well as some stability, stealth is very very much so good for you and I’d recommend it 100%. Obviously get fit though

    • sasquatchtour
      sasquatchtour 4 months ago +2

      @Bryce Larson just curious why were you getting a personal best with the stealth plus? What data point pushed the ball speed up. I haven’t gotten to hit the stealth plus yet. I would say from the online reviews I’ve seen most are getting more speed from the sim2 guessing it may be MOI related to strike. The reviewers that do hit the stealth faster ball speed do it with a faster club speed than their other club in the comparison. I did see an average ball speed jump from the sim to the sim2 in testing, didn’t switch myself but the both the sim2 and sim were the fastest ball speeds for me I got 183.5mph but the sim2 was consistently faster I attribute it to higher MOI and Face Cup on misses. I tested TSI3 and Mizuno STZ but couldn’t break 179mph. The mizuno stz felt sluggish with wind resistance and it has a 45inch shaft so I don’t think I could swing it as fast and the TSI3 was picky with the strike whereas the Sim family seemed to be able to handle and perform better the faster I swung. The new cobra drivers look good too. I’m basically looking for more consistency with the horsepower of my sim.

    • Bryce Larson
      Bryce Larson 4 months ago +7

      @J B working on long drive. Idk why everyone just instantly doubt what people say lol. I’ll happily send you a picture of numbers if you want

  • Tim Campbell
    Tim Campbell 4 months ago

    Great vid Mark - one of your best. Interesting comment you made about the comparative performance of the old M2. So there's been no real performance gains since then? If you play the M2, why would you upgrade? Also will be interesting to see how the carbon face fares 12months on. It will definitely get marked up, but will it affect ball speed?

  • RichieLawson35
    RichieLawson35 3 months ago

    Hilarious intro!
    I received my Stealth + two days ago, and (for me) it WAS a thing of beauty. Phenomenal ball speed, and felt great.
    That is… until the face cracked, and popped out from the head, a mere 0.75 days in! Hope it’s just a first batch issue 😬
    20 years

  • Vinny Pro
    Vinny Pro 4 months ago +2

    I think this is interesting because the marketing put down is very similar to the baseball industry. The fact of the matter is that the rules only allow the bats/clubs to get so hot. The real differences we get to see here are distribution of weight and forgiveness and usually it’s a trade off. Some will be more forgiving but produce slower ball speed while others will be long as can be but not forgiving (sldr). Nothing will give you a gain of 20 mph because the rules simply won’t allow it. I don’t think that it’s possible for the carbon face to break in over time however. Before heavy regulation on carbon fiber baseball bats the more they got used the more trampoline effect the bats produced. This could mean that after X amount of swings there is the possibility for these drivers to get really hot. Now with regulation in baseball the carbon bats actually produce less ball speed and more forgiveness because of weight distribution and the size of the sweet spot. The aluminum bats are the hot ones because of the more end loaded swing weight. So it’s interesting to see how this will work out. Mostly marketing though.

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl 4 months ago

    Great review! The loft on your club is 8.5, while it is 9.0 on your Stealth. What impact does that have on your distances and speeds?

  • Stephan Jepards
    Stephan Jepards 4 months ago +6

    A heartfelt thank you Mark!! This intro was a breath of fresh air in a soup of ever recurring club review content

  • Jay Rode
    Jay Rode 4 months ago

    TM always produces great product, but so do most of the other club manufacturers. The only gains I see is when a club is fitted for the player. Nice intro to the video…Thanks Mark for always keeping real.

  • Matheu Hexter
    Matheu Hexter 4 months ago +2

    Hi Mark. Love the honest reviews. Would be interesting to see if it would make a difference if you could get your light weight shaft in the Taylormade?

    • Mark Crossfield
      Mark Crossfield  4 months ago +2

      I get those speeds from other clubs same weight. 👍👍 remember mine moves fast but has less mass. It all balances out. 👍

  • Mugz_14
    Mugz_14 4 months ago

    Brilliant and honest review👍🏻
    Love the look of this driver but as you said the only reason to buy new drivers these days is for looks only nothing for progress all drivers basically do the same thing now to your ability. Love to see what you think of there new stupidly strong lofted irons, 7 iron 28 degrees😳😂

  • 4 A.M. Wake Up Call
    4 A.M. Wake Up Call 4 months ago +2

    Great video. If people would stop worrying about the club producing ball speed and more about forgiveness on miss hits they would find golf much more fun! "But I gained 10 yards on that one shot that one time!"

  • Liam90
    Liam90 4 months ago +1

    Great review mark
    If you have any of the modem heads the key nowadays is just getting a shaft profile that suits so you can be consistent with strike.
    All the modern heads are good and about the same.

  • Andrew Osborn
    Andrew Osborn 4 months ago

    Another great review, I would love to see you put it up against a M2 driver and see how it compares.

  • Tom Duckworth
    Tom Duckworth 4 months ago +3

    I’m glad to see you finally testing this I often kind of chuckle at your relationship with TaylorMade. They should really reach out and sponsor you . All the companies make claims about ball speed and I think most golfers know the USGA has set limits. Really all they can do is try to make them more forgiving and hold ball speed across the face. Other reviews do seem to say it is very forgiving driver. I haven’t hit one but the face feels a little bit rubbery I would think they have really tested it that is by far the most often heard comment. Will it hold up? I guess we’ll just see how they do this year with TM players on tour. If all their players are using them and have some success they will be a hit.

    • da5idblacksun
      da5idblacksun 4 months ago

      How exactly is ball speed limited by the rules?

  • Ali Pajooman
    Ali Pajooman 4 months ago

    Love it… thanks for being louder about this that most others. I mean they literally are limited on face flex and rebound by USGA. The better conversation needs to be will it work for your swing and is it stable for you… can you test that with your numbers? I mean does a half inch off center hit for this have less great effect that another’s driver or even sim2?

  • David Knight
    David Knight 4 months ago +1

    Great video as always, Mark. I’ve pretty much used TM drivers since the R1, changing them annually for mostly cosmetic purposes (I’m a marketing man’s dream 😀). However I really struggled with the SIM, so switched last autumn to the Callaway Epic Speed. I don’t see better distance, but a bit more consistency. Still doesn’t match the TM M1 (2017) though. Thinking about swapping out again this year but baffled over the huge choice. I have a regular lesson and that is almost certainly better value for money 👍

  • Clive Rose
    Clive Rose 4 months ago

    Really appreciate the effort you put into your videos Mark. Great review as usual. Here’s my take on golf club marketing. Your average club golfer in the U.K. has a reasonable amount of disposable income but not much free time. The result is that the average golfer doesn’t have time to practice and so they are up for a quick fix and they’re prepared to pay for it. That’s why brands like Taylormade, Ping and Calloway keep selling the dream. Good marketing depends on interesting stories. R&D is great for generating stories. Does a red face increase ball speed? Does carbon get you more distance? The average golfer doesn’t have access to expensive launch monitors. The average golfer has an unrealistic idea regarding how far they hit the ball. We kid ourselves that our buying choices are logical and based on empirical data but the reality is that emotion is the strongest motivator. We like new stuff, especially when there’s a compelling story to justify the purchase.

  • Martin Allison
    Martin Allison 4 months ago +2

    I bought the last release of the M2 brand new for £250 and it’s awesome. I don’t think I would gain anything for changing it. Until we see real progress in driver tech. I will stick with what I have as an average golfer of 10 handicap. 👍 love an honest review.

    • Coreadrin
      Coreadrin 4 months ago

      Where we are now, the only thing that's really going to affect this is COR, which is capped at 0.83 by the RNA, and mostly has to do with the springiness of the club face. Anything over that, you would definitely see a ball speed increase, but the club is non-conforming.
      Otherwise it's good old fashioned muscle and sinew building lol.

    • Chipmunk
      Chipmunk 4 months ago +1

      Realistically, there is only so much ball speed, launch and spin you can get from a set swing. It’s just a case of get thoroughly fitted for something (whether new or 5 years old) and you’re going to be golden

  • gazr99
    gazr99 4 months ago

    With so many drivers on the market it is Taylormade's job to market them to achieve sales targets, so their marketing doesn't bother me, if anything I applaud them for doing a better job than Callaway this year. Although I feel like MyGolfSpy are going to hate this review 😂

  • almos daroczy
    almos daroczy 4 months ago

    Great review, honest and factual as usual 👍🏻💪🏻 keep it up

  • Andrew Le Moine
    Andrew Le Moine 4 months ago

    Haha! Class intro! And good informative video as always. Baaed on the marketing, I was half expecting that we would see less drop off in ball speed for the slightly off centre strikes than e do with titanium but clearly there is no difference as always. Agree though that it sounds fantastic 😀

  • Richard Turell
    Richard Turell 4 months ago

    Another very well produced review with an unbiased opinion. Well Done Mark.

  • Vancity23
    Vancity23 4 months ago +3

    Great review Mark! Good on you for taking the high road after the snub from TM. Golf is the worst industry for telling consumers you need the latest and greatest club x to lower your handicap. The reality is 95% of typical golfers can never feel or gain any distance from this driver from the one they bought in the last 10yrs…

    • Mark Shaw
      Mark Shaw 4 months ago +2

      Lessons over tech every time.

  • Daniel Haack
    Daniel Haack 4 months ago

    I think it's a great looking driver, and for me that's the main thing I would be looking for when purchasing a new driver as they all do pretty much the same thing these days. I don't buy into all the tech talk from any company. I'm still loving my Tsi3 so I won't be buying anytime soon. But this years offerings (I've only seen TM and Callaway) look fantastic.

  • Tim C
    Tim C 4 months ago

    Thanks for saving me SOOOOOOOO much money over the years. I'm still gaming my TM M4 which, when I hit it well, goes just as far as any new driver. Cheers!

  • malar vannan
    malar vannan 4 months ago +1

    Mark absolute honest and unbiased feedback on taylormade stealth driver which reflects your credibility. Keep it up brother.

  • Chad Stacey
    Chad Stacey 4 months ago +2

    Nice video Mark. I think fitting is key here, you have less dynamic loft with your XXIO which means your ball speed will be higher (the plus model has weight forward so will produce less dynamic loft/ shaft deflection and more speed). I think the carbon concept is to take weight from the face and place it elsewhere for more MOI (and not more speed). 100% agree that the face alone is not going to produce more speed.

    • Jim Smith
      Jim Smith 4 months ago

      @Mark Crossfield I literally just had said twist face I hated at first and now am stuck with as I got used to it. I said nothing favorable about it at all. And you felt the need to argue against twist face even though I admitted it wasn’t great and made no argument that it was better. This reflexive arguing from you reveals your underlying bias against taylormade. The world is not all pro Taylormade and you are the guardian of the truth. You are making up a fight that doesn’t need to exist. I play TM cause it works best for me. There is zero belief by me that it’s superior for everyone. Probably better for the approximately the same proportion that Callaway or titleist or Ping or srixon family or mizuno is better for. They all have good options if you get fit properly. I personally think you are better fit for your xxio than the stealth. Which is why you got 164 vs 161 on your best hit. Not that xxio has a hotter face out of the middle. We know they both are equally hot out of the middle.

    • Chad Stacey
      Chad Stacey 4 months ago

      @Mark Crossfield interesting, thanks

    • Jim Smith
      Jim Smith 4 months ago

      @Mark Crossfield I agree on twistface. It’s just different. Works for some. Hated by others. If you live in the toe and want blocks instead of hooks then I guess it’s good. I’d rather see the ball come back on the toe strike. It’s just a different option that I got used to. Don’t love it. At the end of the day all you are disputing is that somehow a certain type of player won’t do better in D1 and overall lighter package. Vs D5 heavier package. I completely agree with your main point. These are all very close and impossible to discern on center strikes. But to argue that there is no way you as a player won’t react better to one weight /swingweight/shaft profile vs another is kind of silly. If that is all irrelevant maybe stop doing tech /equipment reviews

    • Mark Crossfield
      Mark Crossfield  4 months ago

      @Jim Smith oh and twistface has shown no improvements on accuaracy over huge data sets. 👍👍

    • Mark Crossfield
      Mark Crossfield  4 months ago

      @Jim Smith also not feeling attacked at all. Sorry for responding. 👍👍 bye

  • Jonathan Thomason
    Jonathan Thomason 4 months ago +20

    Best opening to a club review yet. Almost as good as Callaway throwing shade at TM this week. Gotta love driver release month.

    • Jonathan Thomason
      Jonathan Thomason 4 months ago +1

      @Lawrence Williams yeah it comes down to enjoyment. Better swing=better golf=better enjoyment.

    • Lawrence Williams
      Lawrence Williams 4 months ago

      Callaway threw shade YET they have jailbreak and A.I. face AFTER taylormade had inverted cone technology 20yrs ago......when it comes down to newer drivers, let's talk about consistent ballspeed across the face, stability of heads/shafts and overall enjoyment 😉

  • Muffin n Jam please
    Muffin n Jam please 4 months ago +2

    For long enough now a driver has just been a status symbol, a new shiny thing that you can show off to your friends. The numbers haven’t really changed in years even though manufacturers claimed the extra yardages their clubs could get previously. The Stealth is very pretty but it’s definitely not groundbreaking. My advice is, if you really need a new driver, like actually need one, get fitted and find something that feels good.

  • Joe Perez
    Joe Perez 4 months ago +4

    Fantastic intro. Incredible salesmanship!!! By the end of the introduction, I was already putting my shoes on to run down to the local shop and buy one. Luckily, I broke a shoelace, saved $600!!! 🤣

  • Tony Westwell
    Tony Westwell 4 months ago

    Great review Mark, thoroughly enjoyed it. The marketing force is very strong at TM. If it sells clubs, and that's their bottom line, who can blame them. I feel that they should adopt a 2 year cycle though, are they running out of claims? Or just rehashing old ones. Driver looks and sounds great though, not seem a real one yet.

    • Erik Robertson
      Erik Robertson 4 months ago

      Wish all companies did 2-3 year cycles but they make too much money off it to ever do so.

  • Matthew Slack
    Matthew Slack 4 months ago

    Great opening! Couldn't you just drop the loft on the drivers a degree or two, increase ball speed, lower spin, flatten out flight to increase roll, and hit that green? Want to see it on a video!

  • Marc Layman
    Marc Layman 4 months ago

    Nice video. Have to say I was really excited about Stealth driver. Looks and new face. M6 was my favorite driver I’ve ever had. Seduced new by marketing I moved on to Radspeed.
    Like your findings it’s no better or worse than anything on the market. Strike rules. Rick Shiels like you found no improvement and was his results were called into question by mygolfspy in a shady way. Bravo for having the guts to call a spade a spade.

  • Ricardo F Martinez
    Ricardo F Martinez 3 months ago

    Love the satire Mark , keep up the great reviews. These companies will never give up their hyperbole and guys like you keep it honest. Makes me 🤦‍♂️ at MGS…

  • Nigel Cooke
    Nigel Cooke 4 months ago

    I always find the claims by all companies interesting.. a few months ago I tested 10 drivers from different companies dating back over last 5ish years.. there was literally no difference in distance at the top end, some drivers had bigger drop offs however my Ping G410 ended coming out on top mainly due to dispersion L2R was tighter.. I only swapped to it after cracking my old Epic sub zero.. keep the reviews coming Bruh.. 😂😗👍👍

    • Nigel Cooke
      Nigel Cooke Month ago

      @Johnny L I found the dispersion front to back was the tightest with the ping, worse was taylormade.. I’ve just done similar again and the new Cobra came out best but only just, for me I tested cobra, callaway, and new stealth.. cobra was the best for dispersion slightly better than my G410 with the stealth as worse by miles.. i hit the longest drive by 15 yards but shortest drive by 20 yards with stealth (total front to back was over 50 yards.. 290 carry dropping to 240 my average is around 270-280)..

    • Johnny L
      Johnny L Month ago

      I've heard the Ping 400 range and up to be the most forgiving. You are saying this is the case for you as well?

  • Ian Burton
    Ian Burton 4 months ago +2

    Could be you're the first reviewer I've heard talking about the wear possibilities of the polyurethane face. Some balls have urethane covers that does wear. Will this driver have wear issues? I really would like to hear about any wear issues ASAP.

  • Christopher Siegert
    Christopher Siegert 4 months ago +2

    It's weird when they're bragging that it took them 20 years to get Carbon to the exact same levels that Titanium has gotten to in the same timeframe. Kudos to them for doing something different, but the results aren't different. It's a cool driver, looks good over the ball, but it's in a sea of sameness when it comes to overall results and that should matter more than anything else. Not trading in for it, that's for sure. Now the Rogue ST w/ increased ball speeds across the face.....that might be worth looking into...

  • Rob Biles
    Rob Biles 4 months ago +1

    Loved the intro, especially the creek ball you were using. 🤣 Agree, speed will be all about the idiot holding the grip but that weight saving has got to help MOI.

  • Peter Shoesmith
    Peter Shoesmith 4 months ago +2

    Very honest review. Loved the begining. Great stuff Mark.

  • Scott Manthey
    Scott Manthey 4 months ago +6

    I love this. @mygolfspy called Rick out for saying it didn't go any farther because he only hit "5-10 balls" so he can't have really done a valid test. Rick said "BS" he hit more like 200 balls and stands by his comments. They are claiming that every single one of their testers got more speed so they are right and Rick is a junk reviewer. I totally lost respect for them because of the way they handled their comments.
    Nice work as always. Continued respect for you Mark.

    • Geoff Coombs
      Geoff Coombs 3 months ago

      Agreed, after that ridiculous by mygolfspy I can't take them seriously now, I believe both Rick and Mark are best reviewers in the golf game.

  • spectre205
    spectre205 4 months ago +5

    I sure hope they sell loads of them! Otherwise how will I find myself a gently used example in 3 years time for 30% MSRP?

  • Matt Guilfoyle
    Matt Guilfoyle 4 months ago +2

    I had to put headphones on to watch the review we’ve all been waiting on cause my dog was freaking out about the smoke detector in the background hahaha. Always love the content, Mark!

  • Marty Knowles
    Marty Knowles 4 months ago +2

    Thanks a million for this Mark! I love your common sense approach to testing. Is it worth $600 US? Doesn't seem like it.

    • Greg Idour
      Greg Idour 4 months ago

      Yikes it's going to be $1100 in New Zealand

  • Russell Jaques
    Russell Jaques 4 months ago

    You can have all the technology in the world but without fundamentals of finding the middle of the face it makes no difference.
    TM are masters at marketing though and they do make great clubs. I play the P770 irons and have just added Sim 2 to the bag. Because they work for me. Nothing more nothing less.
    Great video Mark. Honest, factual and entertaining as usual 👌

  • Matthew Bennett
    Matthew Bennett 4 months ago +1

    Great review. Pro at our club is always saying exactly this. Refreshing to hear this rather than the tripe from folks who just enjoy getting free stuff sent their way.

  • Antonio Santa
    Antonio Santa 4 months ago +2

    For some, acoustics can be a huge turn off. I look at it from results based on my strike and dispersion. It could sound like an empty Coke can and as long as I am in the middle with the right numbers, I will game it.

  • donrickdon
    donrickdon 4 months ago +5

    Best intro ever!! I remember when I switched from a ping g10 driver to an epic. My mates automatically assumed I wasn’t hitting it as well as my old ping because the sound was muted. Was actually hitting it 10-15 yards further on average. Mainly cos I was fitted for it but it shows you that people do buy based on sound.

  • YouKnowWho
    YouKnowWho 4 months ago

    Think I remember you hitting the Cobra Bio Cell + further years ago, one of the most underrated drivers ever imo. Very similar crowns between those drivers but one is value and one is marketing dribble lol

  • Rich Riker
    Rich Riker 4 months ago

    Looks on the chilly side, could that impact the feel and sound you saw? It is almost too pretty... have concerns about the durability and wonder if the hyper-marketing is masking an average performance. Also, off the rack at about $600 are they assuming blind purchases based on hype vs fitting data. Time will tell. For me, my current TSi 3 stays in my bag.

  • Keith Martin
    Keith Martin 3 months ago

    I have watched many videos of this driver and it works well for faster swing speed players to get more ball speed, but is the face too thick for an 85 mph player to flex the face an get the benefit of the extra ball speed. I have always felt that the callaway jail break stiffens the head too much for slower swing speed players and we can't generate enough power to get the face to flex, and was wondering if the carbon face is going to be too stiff for us to flex it and get more ball speed

    • Mark Crossfield
      Mark Crossfield  3 months ago

      This is from the TM website. Let’s just say they do t agree with that in a court of law. 👍👍
      Ball speed claim based on player testing of Stealth vs. SIM2 Drivers at 106 mph average swing speed.

  • Jonathan Galan
    Jonathan Galan 4 months ago +66

    I keep hearing the smoke detector in the background and I start to think it's one of mine that needs to have it's batteries replaced. Great honest review Mark!

    • Brian Mc Farland
      Brian Mc Farland 4 months ago

      Well done about to look at mine as well 😂

    • Gator Whiskers
      Gator Whiskers 4 months ago +1

      I was just walking around my house checking the detectors hahaha

    • Willson's Tube
      Willson's Tube 4 months ago +3

      Same here. Went to comments at the end just to make sure I wasn't going mad

    • Showtime
      Showtime 4 months ago +1

      Same haha

    • Matt Wright
      Matt Wright 4 months ago +1

      Ditto! I just ran upstairs and ripped mine off the wall because that chirp puts my silly dog in a catatonic state for half a day.

  • Erik A
    Erik A 4 months ago

    Based on all the reviews of the Stealth so far, I'd say all the hype from TM is simply hot air.

  • SuperSoniQ
    SuperSoniQ 4 months ago

    I like the look of this TM driver better than any they have made in a long time. But lets be honest. Regardless of what the face is made of, it can't be any hotter than regulations allow or it would be non conforming. I'm sure it's a great club, but if you think you're going to get big gains over their previous drivers, you'll be disappointed. I think the challenge for the manufacturers now is not ball speed, but forgiveness. Building faces that can maximize off center hits. That is what I'm interested in :-).

  • Freedom Is Golf
    Freedom Is Golf Month ago

    Hi Mark I bought one and my first driver was a Persimmon block and I loved the sound of it do I get more distance no it goes higher I hit more fairways with it but the SOUND is magnificent for me personally

  • Matthew Theriault
    Matthew Theriault 4 months ago

    Hey Mark, Love your reviews!
    I'm in the market for an upgrade and wondering your thoughts between TSi3 and Rouge st max Ls? You lean either way?
    Not a taylormade fan and that red face is just lipstick on a pig $$.
    D3 913 currently in the bag.
    Tighter DISPERSION is #1 goal.
    I've got similar swing and ball speeds to you. Thank you for the entertaining videos.

  • Anthony Swift
    Anthony Swift 4 months ago

    They are clever considering they can’t really change anything regarding tolerances. Like bar the year the F9 came out, I bet TM have the best selling drivers over the last 10 years, considering there driver tolerances have been at the max since the M2. Weather you like that or not there drivers sell because of what there doing

  • Diips
    Diips 4 months ago

    Mark, i'd be interesting for you to do a test of lets say a SIM1 vs. Stealth in regards to forgiveness. Say, hit 500 balls, and select hits that are similar in strike and compare dispersion and ballspeed. The main claim of Stealth and Rogue ST is more ballspeed on off-center hits.

  • Jesse Waddell
    Jesse Waddell 4 months ago

    Definitely have a bit of a love hate relationship with some of your videos (as im sure we all do with things at times), but certainly love and appreciate when you cut through the marketing BS and just show the numbers and let them speak for themselves. All these crazy claims get a bit ridiculous sometimes, especially when you consider the limits that have been in place (and clubs designed to meet them) for years.

  • M*A*S*H
    M*A*S*H 4 months ago +2

    Best review of this driver yet, especially compared to Rick's 5 shots... 😉 Get the feeling TaylorMade are positioning themselves as the Apple/Tesla of the golf world - you're either a fanatic or you just don't care.

  • Radlie Storer
    Radlie Storer 4 months ago

    I think the big tech advancement with the Stealth is the spin consistency. The reviews have touched on this fact, but have not highlighted it enough.

  • Ricky Strasser
    Ricky Strasser 4 months ago

    I usually get 5 seasons of golf out of my drivers before I even consider replacing it. Technology doesn't seem to progress that much year to year.

  • Chirag Patel (Golf)
    Chirag Patel (Golf) 4 months ago

    Good point on the color fading on the face. Never thought about that. Appears the driver technology has reached a steady-state/leveling out. Focus at this point should be on setup, fitting and swing mechanics to extract maximum benefits from the technology.

  • Ben Briggs
    Ben Briggs 4 months ago +2

    The club face is purely marketing. it is like the old white headed driver. on the tv it is obvious when one is pulled out so will make it more of a talking point with the commentators. it is clearly a quality club as you said. it is all personal preference and the user’s ability to hit the ball well.
    great video.

  • Greg Sharp
    Greg Sharp 4 months ago

    Such a great review. With COR having been set and fixed years back, there is a limit on ball speed and they all reached it ages ago. The claims of additional ball speed are of course, pure marketing.
    That said, what a lovely sound that driver makes... and the gains in weight distribution must increase the possibilities in launch and MOI. So it sounds great and could be even more forgiving for some players. Nice driver.

    • da5idblacksun
      da5idblacksun 4 months ago

      What year did drivers max out?

    • Greg Sharp
      Greg Sharp 4 months ago

      @Mark Crossfield fair enough. Limiting head size to about the same size as a tin of paint will do that I guess. Inserts middle-aged grumble about growing up in the 80s with a MacGreggor eyeomatic etc. Seriously though. I remember when I got my first metal headed driver (it was a Petron for the record, with 8 degrees of loft) and the head was actually smaller than my persimmon one. 460 odd CCs would have looked like a clown's club to me back then. Still miss too many fairways though 😄

    • Mark Crossfield
      Mark Crossfield  4 months ago +1

      Forgiving is also a bit silly they are ALL forgiving in this bracket 👍

  • Dean Desrosiers
    Dean Desrosiers 20 days ago

    The marketing claims are amazingly descriptive of new performance gains… “ah, not so much…” me at my driver fitting… the Crobra LTDx LS on the other hand is now in my bag. And, ball speed was the difference.

  • Adam Ponting
    Adam Ponting 4 months ago +4

    "... please, just stop..." This sums up Stealth perfectly!! Looks brilliant, it just does, but adds no addtional benefit. WILL be a top seller

  • Eric B
    Eric B 4 months ago

    My guess is that if the carbon face was heated up it would perform better as the glue/epoxy within the carbon will then flex more.

  • andyman127
    andyman127 4 months ago +4

    Lets be real. Every golf club manufacturer could make a longer driver with higher ball speed and actually higher MOI. IT JUST WOULDN'T BE LEGAL in tournament play.

    • andyman127
      andyman127 4 months ago

      @Matt Sheldon the USGA and R&A set specifications for club performance (COR and CT). This is done to maintain the integrity and consistency of play. In essence, they are deciding how hard golf should be. Clubs that fall outside of the specs are deemed nonconforming and illegal. Manufacturers could make clubs outside of these rules (some do for long drive championships with extra long shafts), but they mostly don't because they wouldn't sell enough to make money.

    • Brandon Wooley
      Brandon Wooley 4 months ago

      Wish they would for those of us who don't care about tournament play.

    • Matt Sheldon
      Matt Sheldon 4 months ago

      What rules would they be breaking in doing so?

  • Gigity1107
    Gigity1107 4 months ago

    Hey Mark, how does the sound compare to the SLDR? To this day, is still my favourite sounding driver.

  • gary artingstall
    gary artingstall 3 months ago

    Mark , I want you to test all the new drivers from 2022 against last years best driver. I want to see if buying one of this years drivers is worth the cost against a driver that might be 2 years old.

  • Jonathan Copeland
    Jonathan Copeland 4 months ago

    Love the honest review Mark. Too many other youtubers out to create a hype to get views. Keep up the solid work. And yes, TM are p*ssing themselves at us 🙄

  • Mark Cook
    Mark Cook 4 months ago

    If their last driver was being pushed to the very limit to the point they needed to bring it back to be legal, how can they have faster ball speeds with this one?
    That said, my favourite colour is red and I prefer the duller sound so I'd probably put this on the short list if I was in the market to buy a new driver.

  • Marcel Wieczorek
    Marcel Wieczorek 4 months ago

    Taylormade is always perfect in marketing claims…. But they sold me the Mini 300 driver which is delivering me the most ballspeed because I find the middle more often with the shorter shaft

  • C K
    C K 4 months ago

    Best review of this club I've seen. Very honest, which is a rare thing these days.

  • Kevin DeRung
    Kevin DeRung 4 months ago

    The brand new revolutionary design that will obsolete all other drivers immediately, instantly fixes all swing issues including but not limited to slices, hooks, tops, chunks, dubs AND MUCH MUCH MORE!

  • Garry Wilcox
    Garry Wilcox 4 months ago

    I really like the look and I heard it's very forgiving but I heard thr new callaway st Rouge is more forgiving. I have not tried either club the best Driver I hit this year was the mizuno st x I like everything about it and right now it's retailing at $299 U.S dollars.

  • DarthCC CC
    DarthCC CC 4 months ago

    In softball and baseball the composite bats met standards, what they found out was there was a break in period and became hotter after several hits. I’m curious after these have been out awhile will people start seeing speed changes after they get a few hits on them

    • DarthCC CC
      DarthCC CC 4 months ago

      FYI ncaa won’t allow mens baseball team to swing composite bats because of the gains

  • S Wii
    S Wii 4 months ago

    Thanks for a very objective review of a new hot air driver. Too many sponsored reviews out there.

  • Jamie Todd
    Jamie Todd 4 months ago

    When you hit the ball at higher speed your spin seems to increase so to make the 320 green surely that speed with a low spin driver would give you more of a chance

  • stephen pettitt
    stephen pettitt 4 months ago +2

    Great intro, can’t believe TM are still bitter, but as long as they are you should keep digging them out 😂 Would have liked to have seen the club head speed included in the data because it directly influences the ball speed/carry distance and also because they make a claim that their head can increase speed thru aerodynamics

    • stephen pettitt
      stephen pettitt 4 months ago

      @Drew Griffiths that’s too many words for me, have a nice day!

    • Drew Griffiths
      Drew Griffiths 4 months ago

      @stephen pettitt I do know they get paid massive sums of money to play their gear but there you’ve walked into the reason why they’ll NEVER be bothered by Mark’s view of them…. Money!. Where do you think TaylorMade get all that money to pay these top your players ti play their latest gear?. A LOT of people buy them so what they’re doing is WORKING. And let’s be honest, EVERY brand make pretty much the same claims when they bring our new gear, they’re all at it and to be honest, I’m very surprised Mark is still pissed at TaylorMade not sending him any clubs when he was sponsored by rival Titleist. Isn’t he sponsored by Srixon now?. That’s a bit like playing for Liverpool and then getting sold to Brighton. Trust me, brands like TaylorMade, Titleist, Callaway etc…. Would never lose sleep over Mark, they’ve all got tour stars who people idolise playing their gear and other golf TheXvid channels bigger than Mark with more influence and respect within the community giving more positive reviews who aren’t still pissed off with a brand several years later making them look like…. Just bitter. It’s about time Mark stops this bitter feeling towards TaylorMade, he even has bitterness towards players who use TaylorMade, that’s how bad it is, just look at his reaction at the last hole of Tiger’s famous Masters win of 2019. We were all on the edge of our seats, Mark looked agitated like he needed a shit and someone locked him out the toilet lol. Everyone knows he’s bitter towards TaylorMade and it’s making him look bad

    • stephen pettitt
      stephen pettitt 4 months ago

      @Drew Griffiths they should be bothered as this video has nearly 60k views and Mark is one of the most highly regarded and original voices in TheXvid golf, Rick Shiels got to where he is by copying Mark, I doubt even he would disagree with that statement. Also, you do realise that those players use TM because they get paid massive sums right?

    • Drew Griffiths
      Drew Griffiths 4 months ago

      I doubt they are losing any sleep over this fella considering they’re one of the top 3 global brands and have players like Tiger, Rory and DJ playing their latest gear.

  • golfbuddy1969
    golfbuddy1969 4 months ago +4

    “Let’s give it a bright red face and call it stealth!”
    “That’s a great idea!”
    “Does anyone know what the word Stealth means?”
    Taylormade board meeting.

  • mrlayhee
    mrlayhee 4 months ago

    Excellent honest review as always! Superb!

  • Jared Flanery
    Jared Flanery 4 months ago +2

    Did you test the plus model? A couple of the reviews that I’ve seen got quite a bit more speed and lower spin out of the plus model. Also was the shaft in the stealth a stock shaft or fitted for you?

    • Jared Flanery
      Jared Flanery 4 months ago

      Sorry for all the questions. But is shaft length the same for the gamer and the taylormade?

  • James Turnbull
    James Turnbull 4 months ago +2

    The fairway woods are absolute rockets.... Really perform well.. 👍👍👍 The feel of the driver reminds me of my original m2

    • Eoin Power
      Eoin Power 4 months ago

      Is it like the M2, that's great. I really like my M2 but I picked it up second hand so wasn't fitted. Might give it a try.