REGINA SECRET ROOM REVEAL! Spending 24 Hours Finding Files in the Most Mysterious Safe House Place

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
  • So I Went Inside Regina's Secret Room and this happened...
    After Chad Wild Clay made PZ9 TAKES SAFE to DEFEAT PROJECT ZORGO & Uses DIY Hacks to Overcome Fails to Open Mystery Box, Vy Qwaint created I AM BLIND! 24 Hours Blindfolded Hide & Seek Challenge Searching for Code to Project Zorgo Safe, and Daniel uploaded HACKER TRAPS ME in a MYSTERY BOX in Car for 24 HOURS! Last To Leave Escape Room Wins Challenge to the Exposing Project Zorgo TheXvid channel, Regina has had her secret room locked away from the other spy ninjas for the past months and has finally agreed to reveal to the world what lies behind the door. The team is anxious to enter, guessing the contents of the room, and recalling the strange happenings that have occurred during their time at the safe house. After everyone has put in their 2 cents, Regina finally lets the rest of the team enter. However, the team ends up being disappointed and confused by what they find. The room is unassuming and much simpler than what they thought.
    Chad, Vy, and Daniel take a little tour of the place until Regina decides that they've seen enough. She shoos them away, leaving the three to discuss their thoughts outside of the room. The team is suspicious about their findings, and plan to explore the room in greater detail. Regina comes out to talk with them more, and Vy executes her plan to distract Regina. They use the Nintendo Switch as a diversion, while each of the spy ninjas take turns examining the room in greater detail. What does the team expect to find? Is there more than meets the eye? Why is Chad so good at Mario Party? Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy vlog videos in 2019!
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