Every Way to Cook a Tomato (47 Methods) | Bon Appétit

  • Published on Nov 30, 2019
  • Some people like to eat a tomato like an apple and there is nothing wrong with that. But there are myriad other ways to prepare or cook tomatoes. For instance, did you know you can make tomatoes a sauce? Or make them into a paste? You can even throw them in a dehydrator and turn them into tomato leather (honestly, try this). Join Amiel Stanek as he cooks, prepares and eats tomatoes in almost every way possible.

    Check out each method here:
    Raw Whole 0:50
    Sliced and Salted 1:16
    Pan Seared 1:51
    Fried 2:25
    Blanched 3:10
    Sushi 3:47
    Tartare 4:34
    Raw Sauce 5:11
    Passata 5:45
    Cooked Sauce 6:23
    Paste 6:56
    Leather 7:33
    Powder 8:08
    Smoked 8:50
    Torched 9:21
    Laser 9:51
    Juice 10:50
    Water 11:15
    Soda 11:53
    Campfire (2 - Ways) 12:30
    Foil Wrapped 12:44
    Charred 13:03
    Campfire Sauce 13:23
    On A Stick 13:57
    Ice Pop 15:20
    Granita 16:03
    Ice Cream 16:47
    Baked 17:40
    Roasted 18:13
    Broiled 18:43
    Confit 19:19
    Grilled (3 Ways) 19:54
    Whole Grilled 20:11
    Half Grilled 20:29
    Skewered 20:29
    Gazpacho 21:12
    Blender 21:41
    Microwave 22:15
    Iron 22:49
    Sous Vide 23:19
    Slow Cooker 23:57
    Canned 24:26
    Brûlée 25:04
    Tarte Tatin 25:42
    Pickled 26:32
    Fermented 27:05
    Caviar 28:02
    Aspic 28:52
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    Every Way to Cook a Tomato (47 Methods) | Bon Appétit
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  • Optamizm
    Optamizm 9 hours ago

    So if someone engineered a tomato that has a lot less water in it, it would be a good thing?

  • Boss_ Block
    Boss_ Block 9 hours ago

    I'm sure you'd make a good painter. But you already are an artist, you portray your heart to the public with every vid!

  • Jonah Malone
    Jonah Malone 12 hours ago


  • quang minh
    quang minh 13 hours ago

    Does anyone feel like he keeps trying to ruin the tomato but failed miserably??

  • Phoenix Cook
    Phoenix Cook 15 hours ago

    i love the fake eating sounds he makes

  • Maria Doan Trager
    Maria Doan Trager 16 hours ago

    More Brad and Matty please.

  • Smooth Gravy
    Smooth Gravy 16 hours ago

    HA-HA😁😁 ..he didn't have to cut the face off😁.

  • Cesar
    Cesar 17 hours ago

    Mmh, I love it.

  • Zie Lion
    Zie Lion 17 hours ago

    Fried GREEN tomatoes tend to taste way better to me, plus a great book and movie.

  • Darknai IV
    Darknai IV 17 hours ago

    I love tomatoes but dont have enough to do all of this so so far I like the sushi tomato, eating it like an apple and drinking the tomatoe souce like its water

  • JSBozick
    JSBozick 20 hours ago

    This voiceover technique seems unnecessary. Why not just record and use the original audio?

  • zebius
    zebius 21 hour ago

    Broke: Gamer girl bathwater
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  • The Naive Vigilante
    The Naive Vigilante 23 hours ago

    If you tell me no one has ever sent this to Link (GMM) I'll be very upset.

  • Daniel Altmann
    Daniel Altmann Day ago

    Missed out sun (oven) dried tomatoes...

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    LBSi UK Day ago


  • Lukalex
    Lukalex Day ago

    i dont even know why do i need to watch this video

    i hate tomatoes

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    SwifTea Day ago +1

    *_Shawn Mendes has left the chat_*

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  • Very big pizdec
    Very big pizdec Day ago

    Every single tomato that wasn't surprising : IT'S JUST A RAW TOMATO...

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    You forgot the Recipe made by that Rat, He probably will Respect you if you did

  • Chloe Ramsden
    Chloe Ramsden Day ago

    “Who doesn’t love a tomato?”
    🙋🏻‍♀️ (still gonna watch the video anyway lmfao)

  • To Be
    To Be Day ago

    Have you checked your potassium level before and after making this video? :)

  • RoxyLuffer
    RoxyLuffer Day ago

    FERMENTED TOMATO?! Where's Brad Leone when we need him? IT'S ALIIIIIIVE

  • Ian Ronan
    Ian Ronan Day ago

    Tomato foam! On top of a tomato gazpacho shot.

  • shelly Singhl
    shelly Singhl Day ago

    You are good but you waste so much

  • SilentNinjaGaming

    "Just like my mother told me"

    you ok b?

  • Bishop Gustafson

    why did he call a food processor a blender

  • Nomadicall
    Nomadicall 2 days ago

    Ketchup is jelly cause tomato is a fruit.....change my mind

  • Lizbeth Solano
    Lizbeth Solano 2 days ago

    I want to see your drawings

  • kiky heart
    kiky heart 2 days ago

    salmorejo is way better than gazpacho but y'all ain't ready for that talk 😳

  • Serenity
    Serenity 2 days ago

    me as a kid when the only edible thing in the kitchen were tomatoes

  • Jorae Torres
    Jorae Torres 2 days ago

    Man picked up the tomato and ate it with the back of the fork

  • Cera Gowans
    Cera Gowans 2 days ago

    😥 I'm severely allergic to tomatoes and man oh man do I miss them... they used to be my favorite food 😭 self pity aside, this was a really great video! In another life, I would eat these all (except like the microwave)

  • Nintendo Gamer
    Nintendo Gamer 2 days ago

    What kind of music is playing at the 24:00 minute mark? I like that odd, something is off style sound. Can anyone fill me in please.

  • mj
    mj 2 days ago

    i jus wanted him to teach me how to make tomato soup :(

  • GemWolfZ
    GemWolfZ 2 days ago

    BROKE: strong umami flavor
    WOKE: big umami energy

  • Merouane Hamitouche
    Merouane Hamitouche 2 days ago

    12:31 WC3 😚

  • Jesus-kun
    Jesus-kun 2 days ago

    Tomato ice cream don't sound that bad tbh

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    FoxOwl 2005 3 days ago

    why do i keep watching these?

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  • BLACKOWLgamer
    BLACKOWLgamer 3 days ago

    I don't like tomatoes that much. But I guess I could give it a try.... Oh wait.

    *I have tomato allergy*

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    Chris Russell 3 days ago

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  • Chris Russell
    Chris Russell 3 days ago

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  • The Red Soviet
    The Red Soviet 3 days ago

    Tomato Wine (A Prison Recipe)

  • You’re generic Youtuber

    “It’s ugly, and messy, and dark” that sounds a lot like me

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    ThiefyBoi 2020 3 days ago

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  • Farah Al-Damook
    Farah Al-Damook 3 days ago

    okay but am i the only one who will just grab a tomato out of the fridge and eat it like an apple? no? just me? k

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    Diego Garcia Carrasco 3 days ago +1

    Ameil really caught depression mid way through the video😂

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    Peanut The dog 3 days ago +1


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