Every Way to Cook a Tomato (47 Methods) | Bon Appétit

  • Published on Nov 30, 2019
  • Some people like to eat a tomato like an apple and there is nothing wrong with that. But there are myriad other ways to prepare or cook tomatoes. For instance, did you know you can make tomatoes a sauce? Or make them into a paste? You can even throw them in a dehydrator and turn them into tomato leather (honestly, try this). Join Amiel Stanek as he cooks, prepares and eats tomatoes in almost every way possible.

    Check out each method here:
    Raw Whole 0:50
    Sliced and Salted 1:16
    Pan Seared 1:51
    Fried 2:25
    Blanched 3:10
    Sushi 3:47
    Tartare 4:34
    Raw Sauce 5:11
    Passata 5:45
    Cooked Sauce 6:23
    Paste 6:56
    Leather 7:33
    Powder 8:08
    Smoked 8:50
    Torched 9:21
    Laser 9:51
    Juice 10:50
    Water 11:15
    Soda 11:53
    Campfire (2 - Ways) 12:30
    Foil Wrapped 12:44
    Charred 13:03
    Campfire Sauce 13:23
    On A Stick 13:57
    Ice Pop 15:20
    Granita 16:03
    Ice Cream 16:47
    Baked 17:40
    Roasted 18:13
    Broiled 18:43
    Confit 19:19
    Grilled (3 Ways) 19:54
    Whole Grilled 20:11
    Half Grilled 20:29
    Skewered 20:29
    Gazpacho 21:12
    Blender 21:41
    Microwave 22:15
    Iron 22:49
    Sous Vide 23:19
    Slow Cooker 23:57
    Canned 24:26
    Brûlée 25:04
    Tarte Tatin 25:42
    Pickled 26:32
    Fermented 27:05
    Caviar 28:02
    Aspic 28:52
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    Every Way to Cook a Tomato (47 Methods) | Bon Appétit
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  • RushBerlin
    RushBerlin 4 minutes ago

    This guy: “This tomato didn’t get much colour”

    The tomato: *Is 99% red*

  • aa aa
    aa aa 21 minute ago

    RIP Tomas

  • Fina Griffin
    Fina Griffin Hour ago

    Campfire tomato caused depression

  • Albert Tres
    Albert Tres Hour ago

    most underrated cook in bon appetit's stellar team

  • Kariza XYZ
    Kariza XYZ Hour ago

    I hope one day this guy's gonna be an artist.

  • Harshil
    Harshil 2 hours ago

    ill see your paintings

  • TheSuspiciousOrange
    TheSuspiciousOrange 2 hours ago

    14:10 Amiel, you... you good, bro? Something you wanna talk about?

  • Pamela Squires
    Pamela Squires 3 hours ago

    I would love to see a favorite salsa challenge

  • Hannah Shearer
    Hannah Shearer 3 hours ago


  • Steve Ayala
    Steve Ayala 4 hours ago

    Can you a "every way to open a beer bottle" video?

  • Sofia Astrakhan
    Sofia Astrakhan 4 hours ago


  • Jirka Fulier
    Jirka Fulier 4 hours ago

    Next time you should make a... Strawberry

  • TurtleToes
    TurtleToes 4 hours ago

    This guy effectively ruins things that look good by comparing it to something that’s not.
    Tomato Leather: Dinosaur skin
    Deep Fried Egg: Disgusting Jellyfish

  • Eugene Smith
    Eugene Smith 4 hours ago

    Oh Lord he's back

  • Tori Jones
    Tori Jones 5 hours ago

    Why am watching this?? I don't even like tomatoes

  • TheNewKidHere
    TheNewKidHere 6 hours ago

    Tomato sushi is just vegan sushi.

  • Gecko Gaming
    Gecko Gaming 7 hours ago


  • Kattedesu
    Kattedesu 8 hours ago

    How come no one is talking about his commitment to eat ALL of these?

  • non sequitur editor
    non sequitur editor 9 hours ago

    I feel like the fake caviar might be better with some kind of fruit juice...

  • Frosty
    Frosty 9 hours ago

    I once ate a tomato thinking it was an apple. I disliked apples for a week

  • KGBjeSranje _1
    KGBjeSranje _1 9 hours ago

    When you eat tomato sos with knife...

  • J.A.Y.C
    J.A.Y.C 10 hours ago

    What if you made the Tomato Tarte Tatin with ricotta and mozzarella at the bottom with the butter and sugar

  • Korrie Rose
    Korrie Rose 10 hours ago

    Tomatoes... out of all things??

  • blackmagick77
    blackmagick77 10 hours ago

    Kinda want to try fried tomatoes

  • Eryk Steele
    Eryk Steele 13 hours ago

    I got an ad for this channel- the first of time I’ve, ever gotten one too.

  • riad boom
    riad boom 15 hours ago +1

    bone apple tea

  • George Berry
    George Berry 16 hours ago

    Oof. That voiceover tomato fight was cringe.

  • HamDerDanskeren
    HamDerDanskeren 16 hours ago

    I love these videos, but I don't think eating a tomato like an apple is a way to cook it

  • Fancy Fish
    Fancy Fish 17 hours ago

    Every way to cook a tomato
    Step 1:
    Don‘t cook the tomato

  • Klonoapii
    Klonoapii 18 hours ago

    8:28 nice red cocaine you got there

  • Johnny
    Johnny 18 hours ago

    I'm extremely uncomfortable..

  • Ko Doesn’t Care
    Ko Doesn’t Care 19 hours ago

    Oh my god the voiceover guy makes me so sad

  • F84U
    F84U 19 hours ago

    When he went: ➡️↗️↘️⬅️↙️⬆️↖️⬇️⬆️⬅️↘️
    I felt that

  • Uh Oh
    Uh Oh 20 hours ago

    Tomato hating gang

  • Kaden Ferman
    Kaden Ferman 20 hours ago

    I strongly dislike tomatoes but I watched anyways lol

  • N Forbes
    N Forbes 21 hour ago

    Is he okay, does he need a hug?

    AAA AAA 21 hour ago

    U okay

  • Ultra C Captain 14
    Ultra C Captain 14 21 hour ago

    What about ketchup? He forgot the most used tomato thing!

  • Chef Vinegar
    Chef Vinegar 21 hour ago

    13:57 you okay Amiel?

  • caleb martin
    caleb martin 23 hours ago

    The way he personifies the laser tomato and cut it’s face off really scarred me for life

  • MrAmazingTurtle is cool

    now i want a tomato

  • WazGoodHomie
    WazGoodHomie Day ago


    Me: *SomethingelseYt*
    He also says “mm” every time he eats a tomato

  • Jaylen Robinson
    Jaylen Robinson Day ago

    the guy got so upset after that easel incident

  • Ulises Peña Pérez

    Producers: You’ve spent a lot of money in 43 steaks and 43 salmon filets in the last videos, so we’ll have to cut your budget. We don’t even know what you can cook now.
    Amiel: toMAtO

  • Bright PE
    Bright PE Day ago +3


    This guy whenever he eats anything: MMM

  • Madalyn Covers Songs Badly

    im telling my kids this was gordan ramsey

  • SilverOryx Is Neat

    How many times did he say tomato?

  • Molly Pike
    Molly Pike Day ago

    My guy really forgot Tomato Soup.

  • Tessa
    Tessa Day ago +1

    stopped watched because all of that, "mm" when he tasted it.

  • Booradley Mustardo

    Eye protection is important

  • Catattack957
    Catattack957 Day ago +1

    My dude... Are you okay? Do you need to talk? Like, your paintings can't be as upsetting as your fake eating noises!

  • Simon McCaffery
    Simon McCaffery Day ago +1

    I got about 10 mins in but the fake lip smacking/ chewing is making me nauseous so had to stop, It's not normally this bad right...

  • Whoops Dropped my Hydroflask!

    Him (Alone in a room) : MMMMM! WOW-

    RUYRAMOS Day ago

    ok now i understend that tomato its good in any way form or posibility :O

  • Annalee Harvey
    Annalee Harvey Day ago +1

    **When you hate tomato but clicked on this video**
    What is my life ._.

  • Dan Witzke
    Dan Witzke Day ago

    How dare you ferment something without Brad??

  • Anthony Castillo

    Is no one gonna talk about this guy eating the cooked tomato sauce with a spoon and knife?

  • Hurricane Crane
    Hurricane Crane Day ago

    what did u expect with the torch !?

  • worm salad
    worm salad Day ago

    i don't even particularly like tomatoes why am i craving them now

  • NostalgiaKarl K.F.

    I'll tell you who doesn't like a good tomato -- Me.

    Specifically, I don't like raw tomatoes. I will eat cooked tomatoes, but not raw ones. They're just gross, in my opinion.