Stormzy Addresses Beef w/ Wiley, Ex-GF Cheating Rumors, Megan Markle & Grime Music

  • Stormzy stepped up to Ebro in the Morning and opened up on a variety of topics including his beef with Wiley, how he started, and whether he would ever make up with the UK artist.
    He also addressed rumors about cheating on his girlfriend, whether he is dating Jorja Smith, Megan Markle & Prince Harry leaving the royal family, racism in the UK, Grime music today, and more.
    His album 'Heavy Is the Head' is available now!
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  • Tiro Ramfolo
    Tiro Ramfolo Day ago

    Stormzy’s on badders only. Maya Jama and Jorja Smith🤤. Imagine that🤤

  • covid 19
    covid 19 Day ago


  • Melanie Wignal
    Melanie Wignal 2 days ago

    I have Nuff respect for stormzy.

  • Abi Jake
    Abi Jake 2 days ago

    Stomzy stop your saying too much remember Diana 🤔😉

  • darren m
    darren m 2 days ago

    shame his tunes are whack

  • Maxime Plescia-Buchi

    FYI bare = a lot, the ends = the hood

  • Maxime Plescia-Buchi

    Huge respect to Stormzy.

  • Carena Thompson
    Carena Thompson 3 days ago

    Is there a way I, as an American anglophile can somehow incorporate "bruv" in my everyday vernacular without sounding like a douche? No? Oh, okay. lol

  • Fadil Jackson Abanur

    sounds like he cant express himself without london slang

  • Daniel Flannelly
    Daniel Flannelly 5 days ago

    Look into that.

  • Daniel Flannelly
    Daniel Flannelly 5 days ago

    Stormzy. They are Germans.

  • Daniel Flannelly
    Daniel Flannelly 5 days ago

    Hes Nigerian I think.

  • ley2
    ley2 6 days ago

    Why he’s not finishing his sentences 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • Selorm H.K Fiadjoe
    Selorm H.K Fiadjoe 6 days ago


  • alitwiglet
    alitwiglet 7 days ago

    We don't do that lolz.

  • Lev
    Lev 7 days ago

    Trying get Stormzy down the worm hole, he got a bit frustrated but held it down

  • King Trilly
    King Trilly 7 days ago

    Stormzy’s the biggest wasteman out here 🌱 mr industry yes man, Wiley bodied you!

  • Ali Manna
    Ali Manna 8 days ago

    Stormzy needs to do music with Eminem everyone will know him !

  • Ha J
    Ha J 8 days ago

    Imagine Stormzy turns into a driller

  • STOP Wasting Your Time

    Bruh, I don’t know a single Artist from UK 🇬🇧apart of Ed 😐

    • LA Raine
      LA Raine 7 days ago

      You must be American haha do your research bro

  • Shae O'Brien
    Shae O'Brien 9 days ago

    theyre tyna run rings around stormzy man smh

  • Vlad Alexandru
    Vlad Alexandru 10 days ago

    Stormzy mumbles a bit, must be nervous :)

  • Hasan Moradi
    Hasan Moradi 11 days ago

    This version of it is lame u should watch muchdank version.

  • Daniel Mwenya
    Daniel Mwenya 11 days ago

    Rosenburg needs to stop!!!

  • DEAN
    DEAN 12 days ago +1

    When big mike says long story short just know he’s about to drop a hour long story

  • True Bee
    True Bee 12 days ago

    A lot of stuttering

  • B
    B 13 days ago

    I’ve literally been starring at his hands the whole time, looks like a tarantula on steroids

  • SAMI
    SAMI 13 days ago +16

    “Has a big American artist asked you to feature?”
    “Nah not really”
    Jay Z : T T

  • abottleofRUMtv
    abottleofRUMtv 14 days ago +3

    If I took a shot everytime he says ‘like’ I’d be drunk af fam

  • Stargazer
    Stargazer 15 days ago

    Stormzy, genuine AF

  • melanated andlovingit
    melanated andlovingit 15 days ago

    He sounds a lil illiterate

  • Jesse Edwards
    Jesse Edwards 17 days ago

    Top Boy totally got me listening to Grime.

  • DJDEVILK 666
    DJDEVILK 666 20 days ago

    Ebro change your beard ginger please big storzy always London 4life

  • everynamewastakenomg

    Wiley 100% does not speak the Queen's English. He has a strong black east London accent. A lot of people in the North won't understand him and vice versa haha

  • seangrahamfilm
    seangrahamfilm 24 days ago

    Stormzyyyyy!!! Nuff respect. You repped a lot of things. Most importantly you repped yourself. 🙏🏿

  • A.J. Hill
    A.J. Hill 24 days ago

    Let's get this man on some big time features...Drake, Ross, SchoolBoy Q. Lets Go!!!

  • johnpaul hatcher
    johnpaul hatcher 24 days ago

    the reason u get hate and criticism is because most young black man who ride a bus in london and spit to themselfs along the way display more talent than you! its damaging to black people and culture to hold up less than the best example of yourself and all you can do.... a small sacrifice for you top be at the top and be where you want to be in life ,this will be seen as hate by those in denile of the truth

  • johnpaul hatcher
    johnpaul hatcher 24 days ago

    lmao congrats on being the fakes black man to walk the earth! americans love fakeness they see it as truth ! please keep this guy out there ffs!

  • XsweetstarliteX
    XsweetstarliteX 25 days ago

    Stormzy speaks like most people from south London, very intelligent, brain moves fast, difficult to verbalise without slowing down. We all understand each other and can carry conversation.

  • Ayisha Bari
    Ayisha Bari 27 days ago

    ⛈ 💕

  • ゚BobFredIII
    ゚BobFredIII 28 days ago

    Who is here from the tea and biscuits Edit

  • RCH 32
    RCH 32 Month ago


  • Kimberly pellot
    Kimberly pellot Month ago

    Thats because in a past life experience she suffered the jane thevirgin story or in this life but aborted thechild and hid the records; I'm guessing...?

  • S B
    S B Month ago

    South London slang requires you to finish the sentence as implied for your damn self!! 😂🤣😂 ... I had to watch this sh!t twice. I fuccs w him tho.

  • S H
    S H Month ago

    Stormyz accent is better than most dialects around britain. The further north you go here in the uk, the harder is it to understand. His accent is perfect. His english is perfect! He s just speaking the way in which most people do in south London and that's his culture and that's how it is.!🙌

  • B
    B Month ago

    The biggest fucking legend, ever. Love you Stormz.

  • NomadFad
    NomadFad Month ago +1

    It seems like Grime is the UK equivalent of US’s Underground scene.
    I know that in the US when you reach success you’re considered Mainstream and no longer Underground. So how come he’s still considered Grime?
    He even just said himself he’s a “child of Grime”, but that’s not him anymore, just his roots. Luv him still

    • RzSz
      RzSz Month ago +1

      Personally I consider Grime as a style/genre of music not as Artists who've yet to break out into the scene. Stormzy does Grime music less nowadays

  • Marvin Rodriguez
    Marvin Rodriguez Month ago +1

    Stormzy is the best
    First time I heard was in Need For Speed Payback on Xbox ONE
    Brother your skills are the best

  • Kendall Lyles
    Kendall Lyles Month ago +1

    “Mans not hot “

  • O.O.U Clothing
    O.O.U Clothing Month ago +4

    Its just pure jealousy that Stormzy has broke quicker than Wiley did and probably bigger than he did. Respect to Wiley cause he’s always been my favourite grime artist and he’s the OG of the scene but sorry to say he’s very lazy in terms of doing the core things that bring in the money such as doing live shows and appearing in music video’s etc. If Wiley had actually made the effort to turn up for the majority of his bookings and appear in videos for songs he’s made and collaborated in then he would have probably been way bigger. Stormzy had a bigger vision and ambition and that only deserves applause. You look at people like Kano, Asher D, Dave, Krept and konan, Dizzee, Giggs etc these guys are spreading their name, doing series/ movies etc and its reaching a wide audience. The whole point of making the scene bigger is to promote it at the highest level possible why keep it limited and concealed?

  • Inês Machado Casamentos

    Mad respect for this guy

  • six foot
    six foot Month ago

    My guy stormzy

    BOBBY NiO Month ago

    glad its not just me thats waiting for a full sentance

  • The Burgeu
    The Burgeu Month ago

    garbage mc

  • sharwarma drenge
    sharwarma drenge Month ago +4

    33:08-33:40 my man didn’t finish one sentence😂😂😂

  • fleshen
    fleshen Month ago

    Mate the royal thing is dying out its only relevant to the older generations!

  • The Makeup Daddy
    The Makeup Daddy Month ago

    A 26 years old kid? 🤔

  • The Bloodhounds
    The Bloodhounds Month ago

    MuchDank is literally your best promoter.

  • stem ster
    stem ster Month ago

    You have to pay homage to hot97 or get snubbed like wu tang did

  • stem ster
    stem ster Month ago

    You cant bullshit america ,stormzy chatting breeze they are the fakest nation going " always pumping out commercial waste perfect for stormzys

  • Jon B
    Jon B Month ago

    This guy's a boss. His Concert was lit. You can see he's not cool with the whole Wiley beef.

  • Gemma Saint
    Gemma Saint Month ago

    Stormzy: I've always held him in high regard, respect, homage, *lover* 🤨
    😂 fam, now we know why you two really beefing. Lovers tiff.
    I'm from the ends and I'm showing that bit to anyone who will watch it coz real talk, there's been talk on road for time and his ex's saying he's batty but no one thought literally.

  • Kyle Poole
    Kyle Poole Month ago

    99% of his sentences go unfinished 😂


    stupid to let that one go and what disrespect does he mean.....when not cheating must be close or bad still she looked like a perfect lady on his side. men = DUMB AS HELL.

  • Elle'
    Elle' Month ago

    Man at least he is admitting that he DID do something wrong and was wrong for that but still saying he didn’t cheat. At least he taking ownership of his wrong like a HUMAN should. he good for that i respect him

  • Elle'
    Elle' Month ago

    he got BIG hands dang😂all luv tho

  • AprilDimples
    AprilDimples Month ago

    Stormzy's a real one.

  • proton2020
    proton2020 Month ago


  • Rob Jeremy
    Rob Jeremy Month ago

    666 dislikes. 10/02/2020.

  • Jordan edwards
    Jordan edwards Month ago

    You didn't win stormz

  • Milø
    Milø Month ago

    It’s so obvious that stormzy has great respect for Wiley.

  • Glasgow’s green And white

    Wiley is jealous that’s facts

  • Dory Explory
    Dory Explory Month ago

    7:21 he said skepta but not jme :((

  • BiG Al
    BiG Al Month ago

    Stormzy sounding like a spastic for these yanks

  • flightyy
    flightyy Month ago +1

    Don't Americans speak bad English and there's is proper in regard to time n independence from them???idk somebody help my history

  • Big Zoop
    Big Zoop Month ago

    17:30 'glastonberry' sit down battyman loool how are americans so cringe

  • Dr. Manhattan
    Dr. Manhattan Month ago

    19:30 😂

  • OneWanAndHisDog
    OneWanAndHisDog Month ago +1

    Stormzy hasn’t been grime in a long time, all the grime artists the same they do it before they blow then they switch to hip hop and pop

  • OneWanAndHisDog
    OneWanAndHisDog Month ago

    He is Kermit the frog

  • dru gonzalez
    dru gonzalez Month ago

    Stormzy and Dave will be the biggest UK rapper have the biggest impact in the US