Sabse Tasty Maggi in Ahmedabad || Indian Street Food Series

  • Published on Jan 13, 2019
  • Veggiepaaji will show you an amazing maggi place in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. This stall serves Kolapuri maggi, vegetable maggi and chatar patar. I was in Ahmedabad for a day and had the oppportunity to try this maggi at EDI at Bhat.
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    Maggi Place
    Gandhinagar - Ahmedabad Rd, Next to Apollo Hospital, Bhat Village, Gandhinagar District, GIDC Bhat, Bhat, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 382428
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    Apko in sab main se kaunsi maggi sabse zyda pasand aae?
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  • Veggie Paaji
    Veggie Paaji  7 months ago +726

    Apko in sab main se kaunsi maggi sabse zyda pasand aae?
    Comments main batao jaldi jaldi.
    Channel subscribe aur share nahi kara toh fatafat kar lo main apse next video main milta hu :)

    • Rajita Pathak
      Rajita Pathak 3 days ago

      Kaun kaun se masala daalte ye bhi pooch liya are subscriber ko aur jada interest hoga dekhana

    • Saif Khan
      Saif Khan 3 days ago

      @Einstein Wallah 😂😂😂 u do what u want to do and eat dirty thinks on street so what i think about on this video i already commented ok good luck and enjoy germy food😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Einstein Wallah
      Einstein Wallah 3 days ago

      @Mohit Jain yaar how do you know his hands are dirty?

    • Einstein Wallah
      Einstein Wallah 3 days ago

      @Saif Khan bhai if he is lefty and so may be he uses that hand to eat too then he could be using right hand for cleaning gaand may be? or may be he washes his hand with disinfectant after toilet ... point is it is not enough to stick to left hand rule but hand washing after toilet and overall hygiene


      I like chatar patar and humne chatar patar ghar pe try kiya tha

  • Lohori Kino
    Lohori Kino Hour ago

    Gloves used karta to better hota..

  • Ayan Roy
    Ayan Roy 22 hours ago

    Bhai kolkata aao khabhi

  • Mayur Raut
    Mayur Raut 23 hours ago

    IF any one want to Suicide...And don't have guts to do it...Then you should try this food every day...I am pretty sure you will die

  • Dinkar Sharma
    Dinkar Sharma Day ago +1

    Watching while eating Maggi🔥♥️🔥

  • narumanchi swathi

    Yes 2mints ma Maggie banthiha

  • Kajal Mandal
    Kajal Mandal Day ago

    2mit m nhe banti hai... Maggie.. Bro

  • Unlimited Videos

    At 4:40 it's disgusting who will eat this

  • Ame odiya Bhari badhia

    Chhi bakwas left hand use 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Mithu Ishta
    Mithu Ishta Day ago

    Expensive & messyly clumsily done

  • Ashu surgum hrt
    Ashu surgum hrt Day ago

    chiii... sfayi to rkho yr

  • Jaffer Rahime
    Jaffer Rahime Day ago

    Uhhhhhhhhhh i dont think those are healthy?

  • Ravi Kumar
    Ravi Kumar Day ago

    Meggie thand main Achi Lagti hai kafi

  • affan Attar
    affan Attar Day ago

    My favorite Maggi is yipppe Maggie the maaggi did not bake in 2 minutes BADA BADA fakthe

  • uma das
    uma das 2 days ago

    ꧁༒☬Bhai mere college samne ek bohot achcha maggi ka dukan haI☬༒꧂adress Tripura , Agartala, BadarghaT.

  • cruz jr
    cruz jr 2 days ago

    Look at the pan he's using, didn't even cleaned it.

    • An Average_gamer LOL
      An Average_gamer LOL Day ago

      Bro it's not dirty he just uses the same pan for making Maggie several times...........good day bro..

  • uma das
    uma das 2 days ago

    ꧁༒☬mujhe to boiled Maggi pasand hai☬༒꧂

  • Got7 hot7
    Got7 hot7 2 days ago

    Street food but too expensive re

  • ArD vLog
    ArD vLog 2 days ago

    that's why Maggie ban in India for some time.. hand mix 🥰🥰🥰😅😅

  • amit tandel
    amit tandel 2 days ago

    Unhealthy food.....

  • horror blasters
    horror blasters 2 days ago

    Very tasty

  • NoName
    NoName 2 days ago

    bartan kahan se laya, train se chain tod ke laaya kya

  • Saira Bano
    Saira Bano 2 days ago +2


  • Abhishek Hooda
    Abhishek Hooda 2 days ago

    No bro my school have no canteen 😔😔😔😔

  • Dj Preet Production
    Dj Preet Production 2 days ago

    Ghar par banao aur saaf suthra kalow

  • Robert Lakra
    Robert Lakra 2 days ago

    Sir....Isme kon sa mashala daala gaya tha??

  • Mahendra Ninawe
    Mahendra Ninawe 2 days ago

    Vendar to gunga hai bhai

  • Faisal Khan
    Faisal Khan 2 days ago


  • sapana salve
    sapana salve 2 days ago

    Bohot mehengi hai

  • Sir Hyperion
    Sir Hyperion 3 days ago +1

    Your plate of diarrhea is ready sir.

  • Vib_ Here
    Vib_ Here 3 days ago

    Eats some raw sev and then again a fake orgasm voice 😂😬🤫

  • anjali nagotra
    anjali nagotra 3 days ago

    2 mint Mai kabhi Nahi

  • anjali nagotra
    anjali nagotra 3 days ago

    Mouth watering yar

  • Patel Mahesh
    Patel Mahesh 3 days ago


  • Alisha Alisha 7070
    Alisha Alisha 7070 3 days ago


  • ekta dhaka
    ekta dhaka 3 days ago +5

    Geee...ehhh.... he is using his hands
    Maggie + diahhrea
    Oh god what will happen to our country 😞😞😞😞🤮🤮🤮 worst part 4:38

  • Tandrima Santra
    Tandrima Santra 3 days ago

    Meri school college ke pas to famous ha jalmuri kiuki ma to west Bengal se hu

  • Einstein Wallah
    Einstein Wallah 3 days ago

    i am making a playlist of normal spicy food which is spicy but not too much so that even children can eat it ... was bhel normal spicy or too much spicy? ... was kolhapuri maggi normal spicy? agar normal spicy hai tao uskaa recipe bataao

  • naveenbhatiya2007
    naveenbhatiya2007 3 days ago

    Come to Rajasthan my place... I will be a host.

  • Priyanka Painuli
    Priyanka Painuli 4 days ago

    Letrine wale hath nahi dhoye usne bhootni ke

  • Abhijeet Singh
    Abhijeet Singh 4 days ago +1

    Teri ma ka bhosadya

  • Sphynx Legacy
    Sphynx Legacy 4 days ago

    Technically, it is impossible to cook Maggie in 2 minutes

  • Aniket Agnihotri
    Aniket Agnihotri 4 days ago

    Bhai tumhare Ko itna fatty khana Nahi khana chayihe

  • Beepul Bhivgade
    Beepul Bhivgade 4 days ago

    Unhealthy..... H... Be...

  • We are future Agarwals

    बन सकती है पर कच्ची

  • Tejas zone
    Tejas zone 4 days ago

    jamnagar bhi aaao kabhi ??

  • daksh mishra
    daksh mishra 4 days ago +1

    Hai to lekhen 29rs ki

  • Singing in The rain
    Singing in The rain 4 days ago

    Who wants to eat it after 0:04

    VISAKHA KAHRANA 5 days ago +1

    Maggi @80 bullshit I have suggestion @20 in Haryana (samalkha)

  • Priyanka Mistri
    Priyanka Mistri 5 days ago +2

    Sir I m from Sambalpur ,Odisha sir request you ki aap Sambalpur aaiye yahan street food bahat acha hai

  • Infinite
    Infinite 5 days ago +1

    Mai Maggie dekte dekte kha raha hu

  • Neha Pant
    Neha Pant 5 days ago

    chiiii yr kitni gandagi hai whan p r wo bna v kese ra....left hand use kiya r gloves v ni yakkkk 😢😥🤗

  • Jerry Wang
    Jerry Wang 5 days ago

    I like having maggie cooked with eggs and veggies

  • NItesh Agarwal
    NItesh Agarwal 5 days ago

    Over acting ki dukan saala anchor

  • pelogabz ban
    pelogabz ban 5 days ago

    Taku aunty

  • Ananya Tripathy
    Ananya Tripathy 5 days ago +1

    Best maggi video 😍😍👌🏼

  • world of Gamers
    world of Gamers 5 days ago

    1 katori hame bhi parcle kar do

  • Rashmi Chaurasia
    Rashmi Chaurasia 6 days ago


  • syed Zaday
    syed Zaday 6 days ago +7

    I love extra spicy Maggi even I add chat masala in spicy maggis to make it fully crying Maggi😂😂😂😂😂 but the shop was messy and process of making Maggi was not satisfying....😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

    • parekh smit
      parekh smit 3 days ago

      syed Zaday try to add kitchen king masala

  • Indrajit karmkar
    Indrajit karmkar 6 days ago

    chicken Maggi Sab Hum Khade Hain Mera Bagal Mein ka dukan hai

  • Chie Marak
    Chie Marak 6 days ago +3

    In my City, even in restaurant we get veg Maggie for Rs. 40 only 😂😂😂

  • anu sharma
    anu sharma 6 days ago

    Ya to khud Bol lo ya vdo bna lo 😡😡

  • Abhishek Manikpuri
    Abhishek Manikpuri 6 days ago

    Bhai same mere mom bhi banati hai

  • Tech Slider
    Tech Slider 6 days ago +5

    This is so hygienic with free sweat.

  • Cutie Pie
    Cutie Pie 6 days ago +2

    Me abhishek stu 4 A me school very teacty biel puri

  • Ankit Pushkar
    Ankit Pushkar 6 days ago +4

    Bhai 80 rupees ki sirf ek plate mai agar apne ghar per banau to kam se kam 6 plate bhar kar maggi kha leta

  • Poonam Bhosale
    Poonam Bhosale 6 days ago

    Magi kaise banate hai ye dekhiye kis hat se banye hai vo jaruri nahi hai😤

  • Rakhi Sharma
    Rakhi Sharma 7 days ago +2

    Is se achi to Mumbai me bnate he maggi.. Bhelpuri ka bhi kachra kr diya... Mumbai vale like kro

  • Dilleswari Senapati
    Dilleswari Senapati 7 days ago

    Mu see kana pasand he

  • Abrar Ahmed
    Abrar Ahmed 7 days ago +7

    Mixing with left hand without gloves not good

    • zaid khan
      zaid khan 5 days ago

      Ye baat bilkul sahi boli apne

  • Anil Singh
    Anil Singh 7 days ago

    Soup maggi pasand ha

  • Ritu Lodwal
    Ritu Lodwal 7 days ago

    Thodi safai ho to acchi ho or 80 rs😳

  • akella sriya
    akella sriya 7 days ago

    it was looking bad

  • Sanjay Tripathi
    Sanjay Tripathi 7 days ago

    Maggi one packet ready 2 minutes

    • dhruv bharadva
      dhruv bharadva 7 days ago

      Ghanta 2 min....5 ya 6 min to lagti hi hai....

  • Manoj Kumar
    Manoj Kumar 8 days ago