An Explanation Of Brexit: Stage 2 | The Last Leg

  • Published on Dec 11, 2017
  • The Last Leg gang try to explain Brexit: Stage 2 and negotiations with Ireland.
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  • Jacob Bergeron
    Jacob Bergeron 4 months ago

    Why isn't Future, Transitio, and then Withdrawal.

  • Nicholas Rowley
    Nicholas Rowley 5 months ago +1

    "Alright, draw Australia then." Honestly, I'd just draw a hand throwing a 'V'.

  • panbread
    panbread 7 months ago +1

    Fuck now it’s 2019 and look at us still.

  • Sophie Tipper
    Sophie Tipper 8 months ago

    To be completely honest, I'm more concerned about the amount of stabbings and other attacks that's happened this year, shouldn't we focus more on the families that have lost their family members and to prevent things like this from happening again?

  • aine71
    aine71 9 months ago +5

    Britain can not go quick enough. Hopefully the Irish wont have to put up with their racism any more.

    • Spock From Star Wars
      Spock From Star Wars 3 months ago

      aine71 you idiot, that is the definition of racism. Just because in the past we had a rocky ride doesn’t mean we are guilty. This is what keeps happening when Muslims have accused me of racism because I don’t like them and in the past white people enslaved black people and so on, we are not the perpetrators anymore. We are now the victim.

  • Linnyboy
    Linnyboy 9 months ago

    "...I did not expect an Australian to draw on television again"
    Can someone explain?

    • Luke Alexander
      Luke Alexander Month ago


    • aob273sXe
      aob273sXe 8 months ago +3

      Rolf Harris, Aussie TV presenter on British TV who was jailed for sexually assaulting children in the 70’s and 80’s. He had a show that had him teach how to draw cartoons.

      HOBI IS MY SUNSHINE 9 months ago

      I’m Aussie and I dot get it either 😅

  • Shaun Bradley
    Shaun Bradley 9 months ago

    Liberal media following the narrative absolute virtue signalling cucks. Disgusting

  • Giovanni Magnus
    Giovanni Magnus 10 months ago +4

    Stage 2 is the same as Stage 1, except we've got to get a move on. Basically, all the preparations we are making now is stuff we really should have thought about before even having the referendum, only now we have to get lots more done in even less time.

  • Luke Rogerson
    Luke Rogerson 11 months ago

    On the 2nd stage of Brexit Theresa sent to me a shitty deal in a tree.

  • Yosuru Shi
    Yosuru Shi Year ago

    It was so clearly a dummy when he dropped

  • Jack
    Jack Year ago

    Another pile of biased poo from smarty student types.with silly childish humour

  • Mohamud Bulle
    Mohamud Bulle Year ago +1

    As a Canadian, I don't get the Australian artist joke, help a member of the commonwealth

    • Julia
      Julia 11 months ago

      Mohamud Bulle
      I take it you've never heard of Rolf Harris?

  • Dogofwar
    Dogofwar Year ago

    The stages of brexit are withdrawal collapse and apocalypse!

  • robert .1
    robert .1 Year ago +2

    Can we replace May with mr blobby

  • toag
    toag Year ago +4

    The Uk doesn't have enough farmland to feed its population.... Britain better not expect Canada to feed the UK when they run out of food after failed brexit deal.... we kept two different generations of Brits from starving through two world wars, and the brits couldn't have been more unappreciative.

    • mandellorian
      mandellorian 11 months ago

      Toag you should learn about your subject before bullshitting, the UK could become self sufficient in food. It would require a change in what foods were eaten in what proportions but anyone on saying we don`t have enough land is frankly a moron. Go away and look up Mellanby`s explains it in fairly clear detail..the main reason the UK doesn`t produce more food than it does is its BANNED by EU quotas.

    • toag
      toag Year ago

      Also the point of the original comment wasn't about the merits or flaws of Brexit, it was actually just pointing out the UK being unappreciative of Canada keeping grandpa and great grandpa from staving nothing more... which isn't fearmongering, it's statement of historical fact..... (edit)Just interesting side not as far as the original reply comment, about Queen being sovereign of Canada... Canadian law through some loopholes and vagueness' permits our royal sovereign to be different, so Canada could Crown Prince Harry as king of Canada instead of Charles or William... could end up with a war of the lion and beaver.

    • toag
      toag Year ago

      Lol well certainly wasn't scaremongering... I'm just certain of the incompetence of politician, and their almost complete lack of ability to follow through with the 'plan'... the Jaffa cakes was just a ridiculous example to show how something that seams simple to figure out in a short time can drag on and on... I'm glad they have a plan, but they are also a minority government that has to rely on other parties and account for their wishes as well to get things done. My trust in Politicians words is far less I guess. More of I'll believe it when I see it when it comes to political promises. I'm sure the way the Brexit negotiation have gone, isn't to the they planned. The inspectors I was referring to was less about food quality, and more about how something, not directly related to food production but a manpower shortage of trained people in any necessary position can cause a disruption to the food chain. I'm not predicting this will happen, but it is a possibility, that I wouldn't just brush aside because some politicians said they have a plan. But hey if you Brits aren't that worried about it, I'm not too worried about it. Which ever political party you listen to, whatever your views I would be prepared. Just a question to the two of you, will either of you be putting a few extra items in the pantry over the months leading up to the Brexit date? Or will you rely on the plan of the politicians

    • toag
      toag Year ago +1

      Johnny: I'm not scaremongering, I was pointing out in the original post that UK doesn't have an empire to feed it like the last time a disruption to the food chain occurred, anywhere close to this level, and that UK has since then been unappreciative of that fact over the decades, and I wouldn't count on their good will and convoys of food across the Atlantic this time around. Also someone from UK should understand that 'when' refers to at or during that time... it makes no assumptions of probability or likely hood of the event... really for a colonial to have to lecture a Brit on the definition of an English word.... lol... Your the only one bent out of shape here, Mr Middleton and myself have had a wonderful rational open dialogue. Instead of critique of our conversation, maybe add to the conversation. Instead of just saying they are nonsensical, tell me why they are. I'm not from the UK and have no real skin in the game, so hard, soft, deal or no deal has little consequence to myself one way or another. so again there is no point or reason or payoff to scaremongering. But that will all change if it starts to affect my supply of Uk panel shows, Ex-on the beach and Doctor Who :)

    • Theo Beresford
      Theo Beresford Year ago

      I know the examples you provided are just that - examples - but I think the general premise behind the examples is flawed as you must remember it is the plan of many Conservative Party MPs to immediately remove all tariffs on food, clothing and footwear; which contradicts your arguments....
      ....there would be no court case on whether to apply tariffs because there would be no tariffs. In any event of confusion, WTO definitions can be used just like every other country without a bi/multilateral trade agreement does. I believe the specific example about biscuits or cakes is not only resolved in the UK, but is an internal matter on whether VAT is charged on Jaffa Cakes. If we were in such dire need of food as you predict, then the government would just zero-rate VAT on food items so there would be no conflicts.
      We have been following the EUs food safety regulations for years now, and there are no foreseeable plans to degrade their standards. There is no need for increased food inspectors as we are in regulatory alignment with the EU [European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018].
      I agree that it is important to plan for certain disruptions; evidently the government have been doing so for food and medicine which has caused a tremendous amount of unnecessary distaste for Brexit. Yet in relation to your original comment, I cannot see why any other country, including Canada, will need to send us food to cope with this fanciful food shortage; the language of your original comment does make me somewhat agree with Johnny that you are scaremongering but I am sure you would never do such a thing...

  • Sammie1053
    Sammie1053 Year ago +1

    FIFTEEN pages?
    That's adorable.

  • Alex Channon
    Alex Channon Year ago +10

    MR BLOBBY!!!

  • FreeSpeech FreeSpeech.


    • 6 months ago +1

      May you reap all the benefits Brexit will bring.

    • Giovanni Magnus
      Giovanni Magnus 10 months ago +1

      You mean where we have to pay more and have no say?

  • FreeSpeech FreeSpeech.

    500.000. more people working since the referendum..a inconvenience truth that anti democratic vote rejecting remainers cant denie..suck it up moaners.the economy is at a 20 year high boom.

  • Jack Tanner
    Jack Tanner Year ago +3

    I see the Russian troll army are out in force in the comments...

    • ufoools
      ufoools Year ago

      leftist troll using a fake pic and fake name.

  • cary bary
    cary bary Year ago

    Fuck off adam you Rolf Harris

  • Patrick Taylor
    Patrick Taylor Year ago +11

    God, every time we talk about Brexit up pops Blair again!
    Can't he just leave it alone?

  • h3akalee
    h3akalee Year ago +9

    As a UK veteran i want to make people aware that Channel 4 and all other UK News channels should be viewed with caution. People should learn what propaganda is because it's being used heavily to confuse and brainwash the general uninformed public into thinking a certain way. I suggest you use the internet and fact check your own news. You are just watching the News they want you to see not the real problems of fully corrupt governments and supposed leaders who are nothing more than actors. Wake up!

    • h3akalee
      h3akalee Year ago

      No foil has a price.

    • Steel Xcaliber
      Steel Xcaliber Year ago +3

      Does the tin foil hat come free?

    • Guncriminal
      Guncriminal Year ago

      TV is called the idiot box for a reason. The average age of the douche watching this is probably 50-60.

    • World Peace
      World Peace Year ago

      A little bit of everything well if the withdrawal is even possible. Surely nothing really is written in the Eu laws concerning this ..but that makes a withdraw somewhat of a grey zone area. It might even need a new referendum as it wasn’t a governmental decision that might change with new elections and probably will have to be accepted by the other 27 at that. I think it’s also rather unlikely to happen as this would be a bit embarrassing.
      Still I’d agree with you that people should vote on the results of the negotiations even if it means a longer exit phase or a hard Brexit if people still think it’s worth the time and money.

    • A little bit of everything
      A little bit of everything Year ago +8

      I would be interested to see what you suggest viewing/ reading?
      ALL MEDIA, public or private owned has an agenda. They have owners and shareholders which dictate policy. I have been watching the first stage of Brexit talks from Ireland. I have been very interested to see the reaction of British media. I have read the Guardian and the Daily Mail just to get the extremes.
      It is obvious if you read both papers the disparity of opinion even within the media.
      I also found from a personal point of view, the reporting of the Irish border situation, as horrific in the UK. As someone from a border town there is no understanding in the British media at all of the actual real life implication on the people who lived through the last time the border was "closed".
      I have one issue with your over-arching point. Asking people to fact check on the internet is dangerous. There are so many extremist websites out there which go unchecked. Which aren't at the mercy of an editor or public exposure which just print lies. For either side, it is easier to find propaganda parading as the truth.
      My opinion on Brexit, to give you the full picture on my views, is that the rights of UK citizens should be respected. BUT I do believe that you should have the right to vote at the end of the process. I'm not calling anyone stupid here but the end result of Brexit may look nothing like what was promised when people voted to leave. When everything is agreed, all the terms should be laid out and explained in simple English to the public. Have a vote with two options, Accept the agreement and exit on the agreed terms or reject the deal withdraw Article 50 with another vote on leaving in 2/5 years to see where Britain goes in the future.
      Sorry for the long comment, have a nice day :) Jayme.

  • Ralf Rath
    Ralf Rath Year ago

    he EU now enjoy the pure punishment of Britain. What a wonderful day! What a tragedy for the Brits - they pay the weak and sick British Pound and they had even to pay the EU BILL and not enough the pay a soft Brexit that is of course not a Brexit - we all know! - but the British people have to pay - always the British people - what else?

    • 6 months ago

      Do not drink and type

    • h3akalee
      h3akalee Year ago

      Dude you sound like you're from one of the poorest ten countries in the EU that will lose the most when we go please control your self.

    • Ralf Rath
      Ralf Rath Year ago

      Jakob - only the Brits believe that they were not punished but this is not the reality: The Brits has to pay the weak and sick Pound, the Eu Bill and the real disaster: a soft Brexit that is not a Brexit!

    • Jakob Schulze
      Jakob Schulze Year ago +4

      Ralf Rath
      Funny how different perspectives can be.
      1. The UK doesn't get punished. If you order a meal, being asked to pay it, isn't a punishment, but just fair.
      2. "The British people have to pay, ... always the British people" and this is almost unbelievable to the point of insulting out of my perspective.
      The UK has paid less than most others wealthy EU countries for years. (Right now countries like Germany/France/Belgium pay around 135€ per person, while a Brit pays only 95€ per person per year as net contribution. And if you would still have the full rebait it would be only 74€)
      The whole thing sounds like:
      We are so used to Germany/France/etc. paying more than us, when we leave, they should pay for WHAT WE ORDERED, otherwise it would be punishment.
      I will be happy if the UK finally leaves.

  • Sammich Network
    Sammich Network Year ago +1

    It'll probably be okay. Chin up

  • Zyanic
    Zyanic Year ago +24

    Even if what Farage promised was true (£300,000,000), it'd still take 133.3 years to pay off that £40,000,000,000, and the NHS wouldn't even gain from it. By that time we'll probably be back in the EU.
    Abhorrent decision.

    • Polkka
      Polkka 11 months ago

      Jakob Schulze its fone we aint getting a deal anyway

    • 0penminds
      0penminds Year ago +3

      What lies is Farage telling? And if people are stupid enough to think the Leave or Remain parties are the actual government and can implement anything off the referendum pledges/suggestions/ideas, then i guess it explains a lot about voters....

    • Jakob Schulze
      Jakob Schulze Year ago +4

      "But remainders aren't actually big on facts"
      You claim remainders aren't big on facts, cause some mix up the lies told by leavers?
      Tell the brextremists to tell less lies and it will be easier to keep track of who lied directly and who lied indirectly by not correcting a lie.
      Also Farage is telling enough lies, so no wonder people confuse it.
      He was interviewed about it right after the brexit vote, out of that reason.

    • Jakob Schulze
      Jakob Schulze Year ago +1

      Sorry but that is not true.
      Boris Johnson had the bus and the flyers and posters saying "350 million a week" and there were 2 slogans, one being suggestive and the other very specific, that that money should go to the NHS.
      Farage later said that, he always knew it was a lie, but never corrected it, cause he didn't want to attack his own side.
      Still a dishonest move, but not the same as promising it himself.

    • Zyanic
      Zyanic Year ago +3

      Are you ironically being thick, or?...
      He promised like £300m for the NHS and then resigned after the leave vote.

  • MsPurpleStuff
    MsPurpleStuff Year ago

    why isn't GBBO | Noel Fielding's Naughty Innuendos & Funny Moments Ep1! available to watch in america?

  • Kylian Mbappé
    Kylian Mbappé Year ago +12

    Are these left wing cucks still on air? They are a disgrace to Britain.

    • mangalores-x_x
      mangalores-x_x Year ago +9

      like a six year old that learnt a swear word and now use it constantly without understanding it...

  • Dixie Normass
    Dixie Normass Year ago +3

    not even funny u lefty mother fuckers make me sick !!!

  • OriginalPiMan
    OriginalPiMan Year ago +104

    Is no one concerned that Lionel Blair had implicitly been up there for weeks?

  • Joseph
    Joseph Year ago +2

    No deal!

    • 6 months ago

      May you reap all the benefits a Brexit will bring

    • MrNukedawhales
      MrNukedawhales Year ago +2

      sry mate, they chose the red box with -50bn!

  • watchmejumpstart
    watchmejumpstart Year ago +8

    This show is way too scripted for me. Can't enjoy it. They try to make it seem like their just talking their minds but its so obvious its scripted.

    • Clarissa Gafoor
      Clarissa Gafoor Year ago +1

      Just don't watch then.

    • Pork Woofles
      Pork Woofles Year ago +20

      They structure and script broadcast television? Surely not?

    • Aisha
      Aisha Year ago +4


  • Bean Éireannach
    Bean Éireannach Year ago +4

    Sorry, who was the guy who fell down?

    • JWalks
      JWalks Year ago

      Some old dude who's completely irrelevant to the youth of today 😂👌🏼

    • Bean Éireannach
      Bean Éireannach Year ago +1

      Lanie Monroe alright, calm down...

    • Bessie Belle
      Bessie Belle Year ago

      Lionel Blair, look him up if you've never heard of him!

    • Ulleskelf
      Ulleskelf Year ago

      Lionel Blair

  • Ryan Ross
    Ryan Ross Year ago +26

    Why are they so biased, kind of disappointing

    • 6 months ago

      Because they are not journalists they do not have to be. Probably they are just that bit smarter

    • zippity
      zippity Year ago +3

      There are opinion pieces on both sides with things like the daily mail taking the pro-brexit stance. You also can't ignore that some of what they say is as unbiased as it could be, like the start of the Ireland border explanation, and they also make good points, this deal is not what hard brexiters wanted

    • Michael C
      Michael C Year ago

      Why is a foetus asking about objectivity? Don't you have birth to worry about?

    • Slimelia
      Slimelia Year ago +3

      don't tarnish ryan ross's good name like this

    • Cubes117
      Cubes117 Year ago +27

      Ryan Ross because they are against Brexit because it's a stupid idea

  • Scottx125 Productions

    We don't get any sex anyway.

  • Ed Black
    Ed Black Year ago +35

    Yet more leftist propaganda trying to convince us all that Brexit is bad. Get out of the Republic of London for once and listen to what people want Channel 4!

    • FreeSpeech FreeSpeech.
      FreeSpeech FreeSpeech. Year ago

      +Debrief all surveys and gestimations that say the sums dont add up all of those pro remain reports dont allow for any income that obviously obviously come in from the non eu trade deals we are certain to do..
      so the fear about a drop in the uk economy is based on misleadin faulty surveys.

    • Debrief
      Debrief Year ago +3

      If you'd take the time to educate yourself buddy, you'd know that no outcome of Brexit negotiations will leave the UK better off. But no no by all means, keep your blinders on because you can't stand that you are part of the reason why we are fucked.

      ICE PINDER Year ago

      Lol funny one, haven't read the daily mail in years and probably never will again. Reason the government control (literally) everything is because they want cheap immigration. Brexit, tbf, is a pretty bad idea but that's not why they don't like it-it's because their cheap labour will come to an end if they don't continue to let these people in. Ironically by vilifying the people you decry as 'racists' you are supporting the very machine that is obsessed with turning these poor people into slaves. You are nothing more than a cog in the machine. TL:DR-I'm an enormous racist and I read the Daily Mail. That's for you. Now for I just need to look for any mainstream media outlet (no matter how biased and extreme it is, you'll go along with it as long as it's popular opinion and makes you feel like an 'intellectual') and I've got your opinion. No need for us to communicate any further, yours sincerely, 'the sort of person who gets offended by being told to fuck off'. Oh don't forget to pick on minor grammar mistakes and typos to 'win the argument' two. Free one for ya there, see if you can spot it in under sixty seconds :). Oh and finally don't forget to cry about dead celebrities that you've never met two (second chance :))-remember that'll definitely make you seem like an intellectual as well!!

    • Mr
      Mr Year ago +3

      Kylian Mbappé it's a comedy show you nugget, it's not their job to be impartial.

    • Andy Benji
      Andy Benji Year ago +2

      It's not that I'm against Brexit, it's that I thought this Tory government were incapable of negotiating us a good deal. And so far they're proving me right.

  • Daniel Hodge
    Daniel Hodge Year ago +17

    Stage 1 Denial
    Stage 2 Anger
    Stage 3 Bargaining
    Stage 4 Depression
    Stage 5... hmm, what's stage 5 again?

    FUCK. He made the same joke just now. Derp.

    • Emperor Charlemagne
      Emperor Charlemagne Year ago +1

      Daniel Hodge oh geeze... that must be embarrassing for you.

      Lol, just messing. Great minds think alike 👍🏻

  • F1 Bible
    F1 Bible Year ago +11

    hillarious, why doesnt brexit just go and destroy itself ;)