• Published on Feb 21, 2019
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  • Ramiro Munoz
    Ramiro Munoz 2 hours ago

    Ramiro is my last name

  • Erika Hernandez
    Erika Hernandez 7 hours ago +1

    Tom Brady is a pussy😂😂😂
    Can't argue

  • Kianna Rose
    Kianna Rose 9 hours ago +1

    I really started crying from this video :(

  • TheBlurbs D.
    TheBlurbs D. 12 hours ago

    David is my favorite TheXvidr!!

  • Arny Guadalupe Clark
    Arny Guadalupe Clark 13 hours ago

    Finally subscribed ❤️

  • mia graham
    mia graham 17 hours ago

    i don’t know why.,.,, but it kinda pisses me off that she came on to a funish joke type thing and started to say her life story like there is a time and place and that is NOT it

  • Jesus Antichrist
    Jesus Antichrist 23 hours ago

    that girl looks a bit too thick to be homeless

  • Rattana Phongsavath

    Natalie is most gorgeous girl in the world

  • Alice Nash
    Alice Nash Day ago

    I came here to laugh not cry, but okay

    3.1M views Day ago

    It does seem a little weird that she went there with the talent of "surviving". Like what use is that to the vlog? Just seems a little susp.

  • Lina Yousif
    Lina Yousif Day ago

    You are The nicest person ever David. You are meant to be where you are .

  • Col 44
    Col 44 Day ago

    Yes Jen!!!! That’s the shit that makes this channel worth it

  • Aaliyah Finley
    Aaliyah Finley Day ago +1

    Davids laugh completes me..

  • Lano Butler
    Lano Butler Day ago +1

    David inspires me to be better with every vlog😭😭😭😭

  • Samia Ahmed
    Samia Ahmed 2 days ago

    Can I marry David dobrik ?😭😭😭❤️❤️

  • afoolaloof
    afoolaloof 2 days ago

    this is extremely in-character for Suptic's dad

  • EnIbeen
    EnIbeen 2 days ago

    10,000$ is 6 times more in denmark .... this is insane

  • Marissa Chavez
    Marissa Chavez 2 days ago

    Is it just me or he's the nicest boy what he thinks he is a man

  • iris lamprey
    iris lamprey 2 days ago

    I'm from Boston and when he said that Tom Brady is a pussy I felt personally attacked LMAO.

  • Sam Jones
    Sam Jones 2 days ago

    Has that girl uploaded anything yet??

  • Kate Gorham
    Kate Gorham 2 days ago +4

    How dare Trisha compare David to the likes of Ted Bundy! He is such a giving, caring person!

  • b r i i i i
    b r i i i i 3 days ago

    i cried

  • Brittany Alyssa
    Brittany Alyssa 3 days ago +2


  • Kevin Carroll
    Kevin Carroll 4 days ago

    Yo stop giving shit away like damn lol like wish i was in L.A. lol my lifes been pretty shitty rip mom dad and most recent my grandpa 22 years on this earth and shit all to show for it

  • Sky Fly
    Sky Fly 4 days ago +2

    Did I hear that right?
    Auditions for people to be in yalls group? Lol. What.
    How do we audition haha.

  • Griffin Hankins
    Griffin Hankins 4 days ago

    bachelor 2 is fucking steven suptics dad

  • obi-wan wokenobi
    obi-wan wokenobi 4 days ago

    Can you say "scripted"?

  • Madeline Voelkel
    Madeline Voelkel 4 days ago +4

    The fact that she asked if she could get ADVICE from them shows how wholesome Jen is oh wow I wish you the best bbg!!

  • Madeline Voelkel
    Madeline Voelkel 4 days ago +3

    Jen and David’s hug was so precious

  • TheBestSkyrim
    TheBestSkyrim 4 days ago

    shit Natalie is actualy realy hot

  • Cassidy Katzer
    Cassidy Katzer 4 days ago

    I can’t find the pink hoodie

  • Aramis Flores
    Aramis Flores 4 days ago

    Natalie’s pretty thick

  • Notbabyblue
    Notbabyblue 5 days ago

    You are a fucking god

  • Rachel DeSimone
    Rachel DeSimone 5 days ago

    why do those guys all look like guess who characters

  • Nick Acker
    Nick Acker 5 days ago

    Natalie's kinda got a nice ass

  • Sara Cano
    Sara Cano 6 days ago

    I love u guys I are so helpfull

  • verona
    verona 6 days ago +4

    Why does she remind me of ElleOTheMills? ;(

  • Jimmy Ojeda
    Jimmy Ojeda 6 days ago +3

    How come david can find attractive girl but no attractive guys

  • Jessica Lizeth
    Jessica Lizeth 6 days ago +1

    ok but like why didn’t i watch you sooner?? i’m living for this! 😂

  • SpookySkulll
    SpookySkulll 6 days ago

    That bitch saying her talent is surviving... Come back when you're a starving kid in nigeria, refugee from syria, or white farmer in south africa.

  • Jailyn Muniz
    Jailyn Muniz 7 days ago

    Tell Natalie that does she have a sister

  • Sophie Blackhurst
    Sophie Blackhurst 7 days ago

    so cute omg

  • moony0205
    moony0205 7 days ago

    So how old were Carly and Erin waiting? Till the age of 13 or so?

  • Keandra Chong
    Keandra Chong 7 days ago +25

    David Dobrik, your friendly neighborhood Ellen

  • LexxxxiM127234
    LexxxxiM127234 7 days ago

    She’s like thanks for the money and laptop i could’ve bought 10 of on my own if I would’ve gotten into the vlog squad
    Hahaha jk

  • Rebecca Thomas
    Rebecca Thomas 8 days ago

    I love David so much that when I got an add I was so happy and watched it all

  • Lara Yousif
    Lara Yousif 8 days ago

    OMG! David, i love your vlogs so much. You literally have the best vlog squad and life ever and you’re so fucking kind to everybody besides big nick🤣 but still i’ve probably watched all of your videos and i love every single one of them. I use to sit in my room by myself and cry every time you do nice things to your friends, fans and family. i just wanted you to know that you are my big inspiration and motivation to work hard because hard work pays of❤️

  • Kelvin Rivas
    Kelvin Rivas 8 days ago

    Dude nat got a fat a** shes so wifey

  • Heyyy Reyes
    Heyyy Reyes 9 days ago +1


  • Erik Kobura
    Erik Kobura 9 days ago

    #2 forever

  • Sam M
    Sam M 9 days ago +3

    so no one's gonna comment about how david holds auditions haha

    • Sky Fly
      Sky Fly 4 days ago

      Sam M So I did hear that right! Auditions? Lol

  • Jehry Euceda
    Jehry Euceda 10 days ago

    I respect you guys so much for helping those in need. I love you guys! Come to Boston! I need to meet the Vlog Squad one day :(

  • Unknown
    Unknown 10 days ago

    Just handed 10,000 bucks just there.

  • Vanessa Rodriguez
    Vanessa Rodriguez 10 days ago

    He’s not just a 22year old kid lol

  • jp curi
    jp curi 10 days ago

    why isn't James in every vlog???

  • Ashley Hernandez
    Ashley Hernandez 10 days ago


  • Sarah
    Sarah 11 days ago

    I know nothing about her but Jason's mom is 200% from Boston with that thick ass accent

  • Fred Gaming
    Fred Gaming 11 days ago +1

    I love your bunny so much ❤️😁

  • Its Just Mimi
    Its Just Mimi 12 days ago

    Dude.. Apart from making me laugh out loud A LOT, you've made me cry so much! So kind & genuine! If only there were more of you . Keep up the great work !!

  • Hope Jones
    Hope Jones 12 days ago

    I love how David gives to people in stead of using all of his money for himself. He is such a kindhearted person and he's so pure I literally love him so much wtf

  • Piper Nixon
    Piper Nixon 12 days ago +1

    Why does David have James's TheXvid channel in a link 😂

  • Gutetama Plop
    Gutetama Plop 12 days ago +3

    I ship David with SeetGeek

  • Ugly Animal
    Ugly Animal 12 days ago +2

    You’re bunny is the most amazing thing I’ve ever laid my eyes on 💖 (I read the description 😂)

  • Rafael Ramos
    Rafael Ramos 12 days ago


  • Vanqish esports
    Vanqish esports 12 days ago

    What is her TheXvid?

  • Mordaacai
    Mordaacai 13 days ago

    What’s her TheXvid channel

  • Ali Llamas
    Ali Llamas 13 days ago

    Josh: I feel really bad for not getting you anything I think this has six bucks on it. I'm DeD xD XD

  • Jen James
    Jen James 13 days ago

    I started to get annoyed by hearing the word Se KEEk *said know one*

  • Izuku midoriya
    Izuku midoriya 13 days ago

    Omg James Charles is in here

  • RiOT music producer
    RiOT music producer 13 days ago

    I'm not crying. You're crying!!!

  • Yetunde Rachael
    Yetunde Rachael 13 days ago

    Whaaaaatttt 10k😩😩David I’m crying. You are the best

  • Lily Mueller
    Lily Mueller 13 days ago

    David should definetly do a follow up video lol I wanna subscribe to her❤❤❤

  • lee drage
    lee drage 13 days ago

    Bless you guys and gals, honestly had me tearing up

  • rosy garcia
    rosy garcia 14 days ago

    Filllmore hmmmm

  • UWotMete mette
    UWotMete mette 14 days ago

    If DACA and obamas torturous immigration policies never existed, there would be so many more immigrants coming in the U.S. without needing so much help. The only reasons they need help is because of the issues that came with the confusing bs that Obama made up in order to slow the flow of legal immigrants.

  • recatogaming
    recatogaming 14 days ago

    Classic james

    EGO HATCHET 14 days ago +14

    She played them. She went on the "talent show" and told her "sad story" because she knew they would give her something.

    • whatwhen999
      whatwhen999 8 days ago

      Frida Contreras i mean i completely believed her until david said that shes been on her own since the 8th grade. if her parent(s) had died, or were incarcerated she wouldve been put in foster care immediately. also i find it a little hard to believe that no one, in 4 years, realized that she was homeless and needed a legal guardian.

    • Luna Moon
      Luna Moon 9 days ago

      Wow. You are really pathetic.

    • Frida Contreras
      Frida Contreras 9 days ago

      EGO HATCHET Do you have any proof? And if it's false you're just making up rumors that won't affect you in any way at all so why even say it?

  • Advancedgem 56
    Advancedgem 56 14 days ago

    Omg Natalie is so damn beautiful

  • Manda Heath
    Manda Heath 14 days ago

    Josh at the end LMAO

  • Odalys G.
    Odalys G. 15 days ago +1

    Hey David.. I’m legal and single.. just throwing that out there.

  • Briana Avila
    Briana Avila 15 days ago

    Natalie is the most normal person in every video

  • Isabel
    Isabel 15 days ago

    what was the original vlog where they interviewed people?

  • Mikey Garcia
    Mikey Garcia 15 days ago +1

    If I could of audishend for the vlog squad I would of I am a vloger

  • Sadie Rounds
    Sadie Rounds 15 days ago

    ok this one actually made me tear up

  • taylor manke
    taylor manke 15 days ago +1


  • Ariell Toussaint
    Ariell Toussaint 15 days ago

    I love these vlogs so much!!!
    I’m addicted 🤗

  • ChOgIwA !!
    ChOgIwA !! 15 days ago

    Natalie and david is dating ?

  • MikesMom 60
    MikesMom 60 15 days ago

    Whoa I was literally eating a Ferrero Rocher when Jen gave them the box of them, and I haven't had them in years

  • Aaron Kiely
    Aaron Kiely 15 days ago

    Joshes voice at 0:01

  • Ayumi Allen
    Ayumi Allen 15 days ago

    Damn he’s an angel wearing a mask of demon but seriously, tots an angel

  • NotJustVick
    NotJustVick 15 days ago

    Yo Natalie is so sexy 😍😍😍😍 marry me please

  • Vanessa Avila
    Vanessa Avila 15 days ago

    Put her in the vlog squad!

  • tM Drippy
    tM Drippy 16 days ago

    David come shoot me with your paintball gun for the vlog, I live near you

  • Stephanie Loggins
    Stephanie Loggins 16 days ago

    With all the craziness going on in the world- when I feel the weight of my everyday life I watch your vlogs. All of them make me laugh, thanks David

  • Gabrielle Berry
    Gabrielle Berry 16 days ago

    Sister shook I see sister james

  • Bryan Luna
    Bryan Luna 16 days ago

    Why do I feel like David is like mr.beast

  • Turtleliny602 Gaming_kid


  • Turtleliny602 Gaming_kid

    Ever one go sub to her

  • Anush Ghukasyan
    Anush Ghukasyan 16 days ago

    SeatGeek is in debt because of David Dobrik

  • Eddy Montes
    Eddy Montes 16 days ago

    We need more videos like these David 😭😭