Dropping Samsung Galaxy Fold vs iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Nokia 3310 Down Spiral Staircase - 20 Stories

  • Published on Oct 18, 2019
  • I dropped the most iconic smartphones of 2019 to see which one holds up the best in this durability drop test!
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  • Çılgın Oyuncu
    Çılgın Oyuncu 12 minutes ago


  • İnci Gedikoğlu
    İnci Gedikoğlu 27 minutes ago

    Türkler koşun koşun😂😂

  • Walter Perez
    Walter Perez 46 minutes ago

    No lo dañen mejor regalemelo porfavor que no cell :(

  • Vojta Novák
    Vojta Novák Hour ago

    You are idiot

  • Just Fantastic
    Just Fantastic Hour ago

    The question I’m asking is how the fucking ass did u get up there

  • Ruffe
    Ruffe Hour ago


    torilla tavataan.

  • ThePinguinoGamer
    ThePinguinoGamer Hour ago

    I think it's time to banned Techrax from ever buying a phone whatsoever

  • Shivani Gupta
    Shivani Gupta 2 hours ago

    Great experiment

  • Mohammed Ismael
    Mohammed Ismael 2 hours ago


  • Totz skie
    Totz skie 2 hours ago

    I want phone..please can you gave me..

  • Totz skie
    Totz skie 2 hours ago

    Why you destroy that..can you gave me phone..please dont destroy..send me one..

  • al di
    al di 2 hours ago

    Apa cuma gua yg orang Indo 🤔🤔

  • Ashok Vala
    Ashok Vala 2 hours ago


  • Kartik Bhatia
    Kartik Bhatia 3 hours ago

    Hey I want to ask you that why drop that much expensive phones. If you didn't want you can give us who can't afford to buy costly phones.

    VOLK DEMAN 3 hours ago

    Я один русский

  • Dbwheelie.crew
    Dbwheelie.crew 3 hours ago

    The nokia would work if you put it back together so its better

  • rj jonem
    rj jonem 4 hours ago

    just like throwing money 😏

  • Yashwanth Reddy
    Yashwanth Reddy 4 hours ago

    I can get your contect number plece

  • Hamza Hamza
    Hamza Hamza 4 hours ago

    Que tonto eres ataba retando los teléfonos

  • Hasin Mesbah
    Hasin Mesbah 4 hours ago +1

    WHAT IS THE FU##ING POINT......!!!!

  • cc salisa tantisak
    cc salisa tantisak 4 hours ago


  • Maming Amin
    Maming Amin 4 hours ago

    Just give me the phone it are more kind

  • Jack Murrmassa
    Jack Murrmassa 6 hours ago

    ''the iphone was showing signs of but the samsung isn't"

    no shit it fell like 50 more feet

  • Asrini Yulia
    Asrini Yulia 6 hours ago

    hiis daripada dijatoh"in mending untukku😭

  • Cute kawaii bunny!
    Cute kawaii bunny! 6 hours ago

    You wasting too much money

  • Ro Ro
    Ro Ro 6 hours ago


  • tiktok prime
    tiktok prime 7 hours ago

    Thank me later

  • Machifa!!
    Machifa!! 7 hours ago

    1 min. Ago- I was walking down the staircase.
    Now- I am in Heaven.
    When I was walking down the stairs, I got a headshot by iPhone 11.

  • Enriq's Buzz
    Enriq's Buzz 7 hours ago +1

    No one can destroy the nokia 3300
    I thing samsung and apple paid you

  • mel bermundo
    mel bermundo 7 hours ago

    The mass of samsung fold is different so commonsense guys.

  • Nahian's Arena
    Nahian's Arena 8 hours ago

    Don't do this bro

  • Almonther Aljabri
    Almonther Aljabri 8 hours ago

    بعام عجل والله

  • Blackbird
    Blackbird 8 hours ago

    Don' t waste money. .give to the poor.

  • Ellyas Jaw
    Ellyas Jaw 9 hours ago


  • Shariful Islam Khan
    Shariful Islam Khan 9 hours ago

    Just insert a battery and you will see nokia is still functional.

  • Blue Shield s
    Blue Shield s 9 hours ago +1

    You waste money
    You have to give these money to kids in Africa that have no food

  • ALI Rt
    ALI Rt 10 hours ago

    سلامون عليكم

  • nasa adiwerna tegal
    nasa adiwerna tegal 10 hours ago +1

    ㅐㅐ ㅡㅛ ㅎㅁㅁㅇ.,

  • officials video of Himanshu Kumar

    Bhai ine paison se kam se kam jakar Kuchh log garibon ki madad kar le

  • Alan Barnes
    Alan Barnes 10 hours ago

    Another video just for the shit of doing it. Hero

  • channel 08
    channel 08 10 hours ago +1

    Yang dari Indonesia like 👍

  • Jan Arsola
    Jan Arsola 10 hours ago +1


  • RSGIO24 Royal Dreamers Team

    Brother, you ruin your mobile, give me a mobile please.

  • Abir Mahabub
    Abir Mahabub 10 hours ago

    are u rich?

  • Nur Nahar Feruja
    Nur Nahar Feruja 11 hours ago

    Why don't u jump?

  • Drexx&Tats GAMING
    Drexx&Tats GAMING 12 hours ago

    Akin nalang sana ung samsung galaxy fold sayang eh

  • Aryan Mehta
    Aryan Mehta 12 hours ago

    The nokia 3310 was the fake one because the real one would have crushed the surface

  • khim chay
    khim chay 13 hours ago

    I want to experience original cellphone please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • khim chay
    khim chay 13 hours ago

    Can i have 1 phone please before you drop it 😊🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • ayam tambatan
    ayam tambatan 13 hours ago

    baik bagi aq je

  • Goudamn C.R
    Goudamn C.R 14 hours ago

    Costliest test

  • crowthereal188
    crowthereal188 14 hours ago

    This hurts

  • Daniel oguejiofo
    Daniel oguejiofo 15 hours ago

    Bruhhhh not lying I felt the hit of the Nokia over here the moment he dropped it

  • sans adapt xx
    sans adapt xx 15 hours ago

    I have a Android whatching this makes me cry

  • Burned Nugget08
    Burned Nugget08 15 hours ago

    You could’ve just have given me the fold

  • Benjammin'
    Benjammin' 15 hours ago

    What a God damn waste. I get that they can easily afford these devices because of their channel and followers, and they're viewing the durability, but seriously....why?

  • Артур И Соня
    Артур И Соня 15 hours ago


  • Yessenia Toribio
    Yessenia Toribio 16 hours ago

    I want ifone

  • Buty Gallardo
    Buty Gallardo 16 hours ago

    Le doy Like por qué rompió algo muy costoso

  • the terra tech person 1

    You should LG tribute danisty