$1 Eggs Vs. $89 Eggs • Japan

  • Published on Oct 7, 2018
  • "Compliments to the chef, who is the chicken."
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Comments • 18 237

  • Techie Lopez
    Techie Lopez 4 hours ago

    7:55 Wow!

  • Paul Park
    Paul Park 12 hours ago

    11:33 no happiness to absorb here

  • Piano Fry
    Piano Fry 15 hours ago

    For a minute I thought Steven had his shirt inside out :)

  • Caine Tey
    Caine Tey Day ago

    there's a hungry "ghost" watching , waiting for a bite. 0:52

  • VoltZ
    VoltZ Day ago

    Kichi kichi omellete is the mixture of omellete, fried rice and scrambled eggs

  • Kiana Kaslana
    Kiana Kaslana Day ago

    Tomato in Japanese means your moms a dog in chinese

  • Gusion Holy Blade

    DisneyLand 😅😍😘💙💕

  • Not Lord Gols
    Not Lord Gols Day ago

    that chef's STAND is kichi kichi

  • Jesse Tulee
    Jesse Tulee Day ago

    Yeeee Adam for liking tongue

  • Xx_Epic Luigi_xX
    Xx_Epic Luigi_xX 2 days ago

    Egg fact the more you know

  • Edwin Perez
    Edwin Perez 2 days ago

    Matthew McConaughey at 8:16 runs the kichi kichi restraurant.

  • Fussiest Goblin
    Fussiest Goblin 2 days ago +2

    The first guy is like a Japanese version of Stan lee (his voice kinda sounds like him even though he’s talking Japanese)

  • Nishili
    Nishili 2 days ago

    0:04 the girl behind watching them like "wtf is going on" because they keep repeating "egg" HAHAHAHA Lovely

  • Aleaaah
    Aleaaah 3 days ago

    Matcha is my favorite flavor too, wHERE IS THIS PLACE

  • KKKillerWolf
    KKKillerWolf 3 days ago

    Es porque somos muy huevones

  • Nad Nahar
    Nad Nahar 3 days ago

    Malaysia is such a small country to be the no 1 egg consumer. Like, how? But also i eat like 6 eggs a day, why am i so suprised 😅

  • Andrew Nguyen
    Andrew Nguyen 4 days ago

    I wish you good health and success on your business chef Yukimura 👍👍👍👍

  • Sink water
    Sink water 4 days ago +1

    Tirami-sous(soo) chef

    I cant

  • How to Cook
    How to Cook 4 days ago

    Wow looks delicious 😋. Nice 👍 eggs 🥚

  • Kaneki Ken
    Kaneki Ken 5 days ago

    Kichi kichi chef = soma ?

  • Savannah Beaudoin
    Savannah Beaudoin 5 days ago

    so its safe to eat raw egg?

  • StickMation Games
    StickMation Games 5 days ago

    Is it weird that I put ketchup on rice and eat it too 😂

  • Swavy Alex
    Swavy Alex 5 days ago +2

    Turn on captions 😂
    The part where the guy talks in a different language

  • Fran Tesla
    Fran Tesla 5 days ago

    24 dollars for omurice. Paying for rice,chicken,sauce and eggs. Price of ingredients 7-9 dollars even less.

  • R.s
    R.s 5 days ago

    0.57 that girl in background

  • Everyone is an Angel
    Everyone is an Angel 5 days ago +1

    0:01 “Watashi Wa Tamago?” -Jessica Soho (hi mga Pinoys, kahit luma na, wala lang, skl, naalala eh)

  • Bint Musa
    Bint Musa 6 days ago

    Japanese are into quality always it's electronics or food doesn't matter.

  • musicalpanda10
    musicalpanda10 6 days ago

    i freakin love Adams lil smile

  • Blake Kutsin
    Blake Kutsin 6 days ago +6

    “Yeah that makes sense” casually doesn’t understand

  • sato Uchiha
    sato Uchiha 6 days ago

    Rie is so beautiful. Her laugh is adorable.

  • Tristan Gibbs
    Tristan Gibbs 6 days ago

    That first guy they talked to sounded like Stan Lee

  • Pjaap Pjaap
    Pjaap Pjaap 6 days ago

    first dude sounds like a japanese stan lee.

  • Mr X
    Mr X 6 days ago

    Does anyone notice the woman in the background creeping??

  • Warrior Asura
    Warrior Asura 6 days ago

    Girl at the back Look them "I stalk you...."

  • Warrior Asura
    Warrior Asura 6 days ago

    Tamaco YourMother

  • Cirayu
    Cirayu 6 days ago

    7:54 excuse me ?!?

  • Parsa Shirali
    Parsa Shirali 6 days ago

    Yukimura san looks like such a passionate and nice man

  • Mobalogy
    Mobalogy 7 days ago +1

    Tat girl at back is so beautiful

  • Leonie
    Leonie 7 days ago

    Andrew's t-shirt looks like Phineas one

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation

    Kichi Kichi man is a God

  • turmat01
    turmat01 7 days ago

    Somebody should explain to the JAPANESE guy that it's "itadakimasu" and not "idatakimasu"... he said it wrong at least 3 times so far, I'm only midway though the video...

  • turmat01
    turmat01 7 days ago

    24 USD is quite expensive for omurice though! Dirty rice and eggs costs next to nothing! I would gladly pay that price for THAT GUY's omurice though. But I wouldn't pay that kind of price anywhere else!

    • turmat01
      turmat01 7 days ago

      @Jelly Bean lol careful guys, we got internet police in the house!!

    • Jelly Bean
      Jelly Bean 7 days ago

      You've already commented twice and none of it are good comments. Take your negativity somewhere else.

  • Angelo Barrera
    Angelo Barrera 8 days ago

    Hm there's an egg with its mouth open and cheek pressing the floor....IN JAPAN🤔🤔

  • Rimuru Tempest
    Rimuru Tempest 9 days ago

    Freaking love how dense that yolk is, he could literally pick it up from the white.

  • Bex Paints
    Bex Paints 9 days ago +1

    ohh thats why they were called Tamagochi

    • OhGodNo
      OhGodNo 8 days ago +1

      Bex Paints 🤯

  • Mike Francis Cabatino

    Joel Villanueva

  • Christine Cecilia C
    Christine Cecilia C 9 days ago

    When he said Malaysia, i was like what but then I realised nasi lemak, kuay teow goreng.....

  • Sid Chhettri
    Sid Chhettri 10 days ago

    0:52 the girl is like what the f... have u never ate egg ever

  • TrueLife
    TrueLife 10 days ago

    That kichi kichi guy is clean with it. Man flipped the egg on to the rice and it perfectly folded.

  • Teja Lane
    Teja Lane 10 days ago

    I honestly have watched this video way too many times.. Time for a part 2 (;

  • M M.A
    M M.A 11 days ago

    1:23 The pin looks like koro sensei from Assassination Classroom

  • Ryusi Chan
    Ryusi Chan 11 days ago +1

    I can say that I ate more eggs than a Japanese person. In a year. 2019 was worth something. My egg addiction

  • N4tural / D4NK
    N4tural / D4NK 11 days ago

    WHY DID THEY HAVE TO MASK THE TEXT AND THE PERSON PASSING THROUGH AT 1:11 (im an editor so it surprised me)

  • Michael Sun
    Michael Sun 11 days ago

    i cant handle how white andrew is

  • TheJustbored05
    TheJustbored05 12 days ago

    Japanese people love ketchup (Thinks of Twice's Mina)

  • Kiki & Anna Vu
    Kiki & Anna Vu 12 days ago


  • miistigris
    miistigris 12 days ago

    Sup!! I visited Japan recently and made it to kichi kichi!
    Stuff to know:
    1. You need an appointment. I didn’t know this and almost didn’t get in.
    2. If you get stuck waiting on the line like me, the wait can be 30-60 minutes, and you have a better chance of getting in if you go alone.
    3. Although, the experience is better with more people.
    4. One regular sized omurice is amount $27USD. The half size was about $14USD. And the regular size is kind of big.
    5. The sauce is quite bitter. It has a sweet undertone but it wasn’t really my thing.
    6. Chef motokichi is as great as the video makes him look. Also his hair was purple when I went.
    7. Hope you get to visit kichi kichi too! Have a good rest of your day. :)

  • Alice_ Cloud
    Alice_ Cloud 12 days ago +1

    The omellet guy make the dish look soo delicioussss

  • Weird wakoo
    Weird wakoo 12 days ago

    8:29 his hair is kinda purple right or am i blind?

  • Luke Permana
    Luke Permana 12 days ago

    17:32 compliment to the chef who is the chicken.. lmao