Ready Player One - Steven Spielberg's Q&A + Spoilers!

  • Published on Mar 29, 2018
  • The Audience Q&A session with Director Steven Spielberg & the Cast of Ready Player One, plus our original Spoilers Discussion!
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Comments • 658

  • Ally-C-83
    Ally-C-83 2 months ago

    Random Angry Movie Review playthrough Day 9 review 97 20/07/19 great job guys keep it coming

    IGRETRO 2 months ago

    This movie is 6/10 for me.
    My 10 goes to "Saving private Ryan"

  • Texx Mexx
    Texx Mexx 4 months ago

    Tig ol bitties

  • Adrijana Radosevic
    Adrijana Radosevic 5 months ago +1

    Maybe because I'm not this huge nerd like the target audience I suppose should be... but I was at some point actually bothered by all the references contrasting the blandness of the few original things. I mean, wouldn't people playing this game want to create some more original stuff? I mean sure, I know many people would wanna be a character they know... but I mean SOME people might wanna be unique and original, avatar vise.
    Another thing I had a huge issue with is Sorrento's avatar. I mean, you hire this very flexable actor who acts with every inch of his skin and you give him an immovable plastic CGI blob to work with. WHY??

  • Tucker Crackle
    Tucker Crackle 6 months ago

    Thank you for pointing out the Pulse Rifle sound effect! I probably should let it go, but I'm ashamed to say it really bothered me haha

  • Andy Lopez
    Andy Lopez 6 months ago


  • lifeloverNorris
    lifeloverNorris 7 months ago +1

    Looking back, the script is really quite bad, and relies too much on references and nostalgia.

  • TheVJProduction
    TheVJProduction Year ago

    cgi acting on point, actors acting was garbage.

  • SUPER.NoVa
    SUPER.NoVa Year ago

    I loved seeing all the Spartans leading the charge at the end, Halo was my childhood!!

  • Ninjaish Productions 2.0

    I love how the boss was basically EA. But i only gotta wait 7 years til the oasis comes out.

  • Arti Son
    Arti Son Year ago

    This movie stole my heart. A tribute to my childhood with some important life lessons along the way. And i just have to say it: when i say the Iron Giant on screen i practically cried. Great movie. A must-see for sure.

    NATIONX TV Year ago

    08:41 why was that girl obscured out of view when that lady motioned the guests to move forward on the stage? lol

  • futuremovieactor
    futuremovieactor Year ago

    I loved this movie, it was a lot of fun.

  • futuremovieactor
    futuremovieactor Year ago

    As Dom said in one of his videos Joe: "Annoying on purpose is still annoying." That nerdy nitpicker voice was driving me crazy. Please don’t do it again.

  • futuremovieactor
    futuremovieactor Year ago

    Then I’ll give it away: "OH THAT'S FUCKING CHUCKY!" That’s dumb to not want to spoil something in a spoiler free video. Someone else should have said something.

  • jigglybean
    jigglybean Year ago

    I missed the movie at the cinema and have just seen it so many times now. I love it. A place to escape, have fun, so many easter eggs, the music and Ben Mandelson is brilliant - looks like he really enjoyed his role

  • Aaron Brown
    Aaron Brown Year ago

    I just watched this on bluray last night and WOW! The sound was amazing. I hope it disturbed the patrons in the upper apartment. Visuals were great, great story but for me the sound mix was fantastic.

  • sabdude 63
    sabdude 63 Year ago

    Alex go for joe’s neck, and balls. You don’t interrupt people like that.

  • MetalMan2k
    MetalMan2k Year ago

    Great Review with spoilers! Stephen Spielberg is so Humble. And what a genius. Never heard of the book before until movie. Now I am anxious to read the book.

  • Andrew Ramos
    Andrew Ramos Year ago

    I just wish the film had a tiny scene showing T.J. Miller's character I-Rok or the person playing as the avatar I-Rok, as a freak out reaction in the "real world" when he lost 10 years of shit! Lol

  • Callahasha Merorem

    too bad i already watched a pirated vision of ready player one. I should have went to the theater instead.....

  • Shattered Knight
    Shattered Knight Year ago

    This movie is great, but I can't say the same about the directing. I do think Spielberg is a great and influential director. Just not in this. The way this film was presented, everything was way overly rushed. Like way way. From super terse exposition. To nonstop glib shot after glib shot all the way through. And it's not even a minor problem. It's an enormous thing appening constantly that gets in the way of it from being a better movie. Thus on top of really really gaping holes in the story that aren't just improperly fleshed out. But totally just not possible in a well written story. Yet a glaring aspect of any story/show/movie that is cheaply written. Thee keys? OK - obvious trilogy. Thus solving all of these problems. Improved shot durations for much better filmmaking. More fleshed out story and characters so things make better sense with improved writing overall. Thus a 6-8 hour trilogy for a movie with much better filming and story.

  • Gnatz Parker
    Gnatz Parker Year ago

    Holy hand grenade could have been from worms game by the by.

  • SavageVR
    SavageVR Year ago

    PS... check out the Oasis VR Beta! It is an early beta but pretty awesome so far. Free early access.

  • SavageVR
    SavageVR Year ago

    The ending message... "Reality is the only place where you can get a decent meal".

  • The bandit from konoha

    jo girl next to you is beautiful,sory cant help my self to say it

  • MBT808
    MBT808 Year ago

    There was a typhoon gunship from aliens as well in one scene

  • krypticavalanch
    krypticavalanch Year ago

    this vr is more dangerous than pokemon go. there were kids punching n kicking with vr and not one went walking into the roads.

  • commandercody1945

    I wonder how this movie is going to age, I think fan service can be fun to see, but it's just distracting and kinda annoying when rewatching the film, I know many of you like fan service, but this is just my opinion

  • Bibzuda7
    Bibzuda7 Year ago

    The main thing I really hated (just saw this today) as a difference from the book was that they didn't at all try to portray Wade's struggles with being low level and having no money in the OASIS. In fact they don't even mention the levelling at all i don't think which I feel added quite a bit to the story of the book, like how he couldn't hunt as much as others etc

    BAT BOY Year ago

    who is the person on the right?

    BAT BOY Year ago

    nice tits

    BAT BOY Year ago +1

    not a good movie. have absolutely no desire to watch it again.

  • Louis Odell
    Louis Odell Year ago +1

    was I the only one that was super cringed out by the way they tried to make so many pop culture references? idk i just thought it was weird

  • Plower of Farce
    Plower of Farce Year ago +1

    This movie sucked.

  • Deus
    Deus Year ago

    The movie that EA doesn't want you to see

  • 『Alt-F4』
    『Alt-F4』 Year ago

    This movie joins my VERY VERY short list of movies I HAVE to own a physical copy of. I've already pre-ordered it from Amazon, can't wait until it finally releases and gets dispatched. I feel like I have to show my dad this movie since he was quite the nerd (like me XD) back in the day, he'll probably spot more older references than me.

  • JubiTheVille
    JubiTheVille Year ago


  • Joshua McClellan
    Joshua McClellan Year ago

    The best movie of the year.

  • Ben Harmer
    Ben Harmer Year ago +1

    I read the book and saw the movie. Spoilers... I was really missing the hunt for the gates and the original challenges from the book. For instance the first key quest is a DND module that ends in a game of Joust vs a Litch king and the 1st gate challenge is acting out the movie War Games.
    The romance between Art3mis and Wade was done better in the book too. Each challenge takes place and then there's a big gap of time before the next. They get time to know each other and Wade saying he loves her does not come out of left field. They also don't meet face to face IRL until the very end, which adds to an emotional payoff much more.
    All that said I enjoyed the film a lot. It did capture the spirit of the book well. I particularly enjoyed Mark Rylance as Halliday. His acting was top notch and I really felt for his character. I think most people may like this film more if they haven't read the book first, but I am an exception. I liked it despite its differences. The book and the movie are both experiences that while somewhat different carry much of the same message. They both should be checked out and experienced with an open mind.

  • Garrett Admire
    Garrett Admire Year ago

    Was i the only one who kept seeing characters from BattleBorn, why were they there lol i cant imagine anyone in the future remembering that game

  • Michael Stringer
    Michael Stringer Year ago +1

    The only thing that I don't get is the first challenge if you know that no one makes it past kong then your weren't ment to. Like no one just sat around at the starting line to see what happens....or try different things

  • JJ 1696
    JJ 1696 Year ago

    Don’t forget my boys, the ninja turtles!

  • David Brenner
    David Brenner Year ago

    I approve Joe shitting on Alex. Please keep it up.

  • Sea Panther
    Sea Panther Year ago +1

    Loved the move.......but it became pointless when.....
    Creator of the Oasis: you should live in reality more.
    Me: then why did you create a game for people to obsess over, enslave people over, and murder other people over?

  • cold
    cold Year ago

    It was really an amazing film!

  • Red Skull
    Red Skull Year ago

    Heh should I add more Easter Egg, it's auto thots.

  • Mr. Hippopotamus
    Mr. Hippopotamus Year ago +1

    As someone who never read the book, I thought it was just a fun movie pretty much all the way through. Halliday was 12/10
    But I refuse to believe no one drove backwards on the race. Shit would have been done in the first hour. People are also crazy smart at figuring shit out. The Elite Dangerous community once figured out where a set of alien ruins were among 400 BILLION systems with who knows how many planetary bodies because they used to stars from the dev stream to coordinate a map to it.
    That's pretty much my only gripe. The did have the best use of "fuck" a pg13 movie can get away with. I haven't snort laughed in a while

  • branaa09
    branaa09 Year ago

    It was awesome! I got all of the references because Im 28. The Delorean yes, but my car was Christine. Always has been. 1958 Plymouth Fury. The other references Chucky, Colecovision, Atari, Terminator, Goldeneye, Duke Nukem and all of those Nintendo Powers!

  • penzoil302
    penzoil302 Year ago

    What an awesome event to be part of!!

  • Captain85
    Captain85 Year ago

    @mattlarocca16 well his family WA literally a piece of there was no love loss when they died.

  • Jahseh Onfroy
    Jahseh Onfroy Year ago

    Spoilers for the book below

    I really wish they kept Daito’s death in the movie, it made IOI a lot more despicable. Plus it gave a reason for Shoto, who piloted the gundam in the book, to sacrifice himself

  • mattlarocca16
    mattlarocca16 Year ago

    My only gripe was when his family died and in literally the next scene he's trying to romance the girl lol... "My family just died, I love you." Kinda seemed out of place imo.

  • FeroxX
    FeroxX Year ago

    Didnt Joe recognise that the avatar of the villain of the movie looked a hell lot like a buffed out evil Superman? :D

  • Nasur Akhtar
    Nasur Akhtar Year ago

    I loved the message of the movie.
    It’s to play the game and enjoy it. It don’t matter if you complete it or get the highest score. It’s about having fun.

  • 12chapin
    12chapin Year ago

    The only challenge that was the same, now that I remember, was the playing of the Adventure game.

  • 12chapin
    12chapin Year ago

    It would have been cool if they had included the part where Parzival had to go through the whole WarGames movie to complete a challenge. None of the challenges from the movie were on the book. Also, in the book there wasn't just a challenge to get each key, but there were also challenges to open each of the gates. So there were 6 challenge total in the book. There were also riddles the characters had to solve to find out the location of each key and gate. Which weren't in the same place.

  • Lightly Salted
    Lightly Salted Year ago

    It was a 9/10. I can't fault them for doing it this way, but when the final battle was happening and you see people playing in the streets, they never run into the wall or something in the real world that doesn't correspond with the Oasis. It's not the same as running in place with that stationary treadmill.

  • Megaton Aaron
    Megaton Aaron Year ago

    I thought the final challenge was awesome. As soon as they said it was an Atari game I said "Adventure! It has to be Adventure. First Easter Egg!"

  • Lil x Mac
    Lil x Mac Year ago

    doesn’t parzival look like the fierce deity mask from Legend of Zelda majoras mask