• Published on Mar 17, 2019
  • Which mob does not belong?!
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    Map: www.minecraftmaps.com/puzzle-maps/the-odd-mob-out
    In this 1.14 Odd Mob Out Mini-Game:
    We must choose which mob in the group does not belong! There will be 1 that is different from the others that we must figure out in this challenge!
    Intro by: thexvid.com/user/calzone442
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  • Kylie J
    Kylie J 49 seconds ago

    U know nothing about minecraft

  • Jana Krekova
    Jana Krekova 3 hours ago

    The XP orb spawns when you kill an animal .

  • Blue 1996
    Blue 1996 5 hours ago

    it can shear the pumkin head of the snow golem

  • kavithaolivia thomas
    kavithaolivia thomas 6 hours ago


  • Leslie Aquino
    Leslie Aquino 8 hours ago

    It was a tropical fish beacuase that is the only one that does not do damage

  • Green Pants
    Green Pants 10 hours ago

    hey Pat it is the Mule because it is that is not a mob

  • Green Pants
    Green Pants 10 hours ago

    Pat you're character is lichking on dota and it is cool

  • Jordyn Green
    Jordyn Green 11 hours ago

    jen: why is this only in 1.13
    me: 😶
    jen: does he turn out bi or something
    me: "dying laughing"

  • Xegron
    Xegron 11 hours ago +1

    bro you can respawn the ender dragon by using the end crystals

  • TheReap Games
    TheReap Games 12 hours ago

    the so called "green genie" is a drowned.

  • LaTrece Sweat
    LaTrece Sweat 12 hours ago

    the green thing is a drown

  • gamingcrystofer chanle
    gamingcrystofer chanle 13 hours ago


  • Plush Friends
    Plush Friends 18 hours ago

    u can respawn the ender dragon

  • Jessie Schoonover
    Jessie Schoonover 19 hours ago

    The green and blue is a droun and the gray is a piligir

  • The Princess
    The Princess Day ago +2

    Pat: *Looks at armor stand* Can you ride this?!

  • emmanuelle llagas

    snow golem shers because to get her head

  • emmanuelle llagas

    no not a skin he spawn 0.01perset you didn't nwo that lololo

  • Baby Kitten
    Baby Kitten Day ago

    Stay away for it in less it is blocks and tnt

  • Cayden Kirk
    Cayden Kirk Day ago


  • Beth Castongia
    Beth Castongia Day ago

    It a drowned 😠😠

    ASGH ROBLOX Day ago +1

    The Green And Blue One Is "Drowed"
    The other is an "Pillger"

  • Beth Castongia
    Beth Castongia Day ago

    If you can't even read go back to school😎😎

  • The Gaming plush channel

    You are right but, change your fake voice.

  • the Diamond eye
    the Diamond eye Day ago

    How do l send a map to you

  • Hayley fitzjohn
    Hayley fitzjohn Day ago

    For one of them with the mooshroom sheep snowgolem and bunny I said sheep because it's the only one that eats on its own

  • Harleigh Moore
    Harleigh Moore Day ago

    13:05 and 13:33 it is called drowned and it is a drowned zombie not a skeleton or green genie

  • Nathan Hux
    Nathan Hux Day ago

    Played Minecraft since 1.0.0

  • Neeraj Sharma
    Neeraj Sharma 2 days ago

    I suck at writing

  • xXBlueMoon xX
    xXBlueMoon xX 2 days ago

    No, Its not the only one with no skin also I died because of laughing 😂😂😂

  • rebecca dicker
    rebecca dicker 2 days ago

    It’s a illigerbeast

  • Alesha&ted Xx
    Alesha&ted Xx 2 days ago +10

    Roses are red
    Apples are too
    I got my first like
    Wait why is it blue

  • Hunter Stevens
    Hunter Stevens 2 days ago

    Why does pat have 100 levels?

  • Over Time
    Over Time 2 days ago

    13:37 Those two end ones are called drowned and pillagers there are both pretty cool. If a zombie drowns it will turn into a drowned. A pillager is a new addition to Minecraft in the new update :D IT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!! 😎

  • Abbygonny
    Abbygonny 2 days ago +1

    THEY DON'T KNOW WHAT'S A DROWN!?!?! AND A....... I forgot what the other bad villagers called

  • Mitchell Zielke
    Mitchell Zielke 2 days ago

    31:34 who else wanted to scream pat and Jen that’s a cave spider. It’s a baby spider. Comeon

  • Brothers Simons
    Brothers Simons 2 days ago

    the rhino is the beast

  • audreyalbum
    audreyalbum 2 days ago

    My favorite mob in minecraft is the enderman beacuse it can teleport

  • audreyalbum
    audreyalbum 2 days ago

    Who can sheer snow golems????

  • Landontube
    Landontube 2 days ago

    That’s not Jens mom that’s a giant.

  • Landontube
    Landontube 2 days ago

    You really don’t know about the 1.14 update.

  • Landontube
    Landontube 2 days ago

    They are not a green Jenny in Minecraft that is a drond basically it’s a zombie that drownd and that’s not Waldo’s bro it’s a pilager and they spawn with a crossbow.

  • Landontube
    Landontube 2 days ago

    That’s not a rino.

  • LPS_Mine_Craft
    LPS_Mine_Craft 2 days ago

    You can shear the snow mans pumpkin of

  • Jen Sale
    Jen Sale 2 days ago

    Yes u. Yes1 🇳🇿

  • Fortnitenoob 1.0
    Fortnitenoob 1.0 2 days ago

    You can shear his head

  • Trường Phan Văn Trị

    it’s not a snow golem it’s a snowman

  • Trường Phan Văn Trị


  • Trường Phan Văn Trị

    no skin is the skeleton horse

  • Chaosleader and friends

    Look at the dude its a big rhinocerous
    Me: thats a ravager

    Edit: **hint shows up** ITS THE SQUID!!!!!!!

    Edit 2: jen:ok so this one throws BALLS **trying not to die of laughter**

  • Umbreon Nightcore
    Umbreon Nightcore 3 days ago +1

    You can sheer the Snow Golem
    *it will reveal their faces :)*

  • Andie _ish_a_ BLINK
    Andie _ish_a_ BLINK 3 days ago +1

    Jen: So, uh, that is a green gennie
    Me: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Claudia R
    Claudia R 3 days ago

    Found room different

  • Madeline Wallace
    Madeline Wallace 3 days ago

    Minceraft? Like if you saw it too

  • Amythst Girl
    Amythst Girl 3 days ago +1

    Odd Mob out, eh....?

    *kinda reminds me of someone...*

  • I. Woodcock
    I. Woodcock 3 days ago

    who else noticed general info said "minceraft" not 'minecraft'
    also 13:19 the drowned is a zombie

  • Claire De Jong
    Claire De Jong 3 days ago

    the first the one that was different has white

  • alpaca plays
    alpaca plays 3 days ago

    I have 1.14 and ender an are not albino

  • perry osuna
    perry osuna 3 days ago

    you can sher snow galoms head of so its a snow man

  • Maham Imran
    Maham Imran 3 days ago +1

    32:52 room 1 is 1 block behind room 2 and 3

  • Kalem Justus
    Kalem Justus 3 days ago +2

    Pat:I think it the enderman because it has black skin
    Me: WHAT YOU SAY M8 YOU BEING RACES(don’t know how to spell it but you get the point)

  • Random Chicken
    Random Chicken 3 days ago +2

    3:36 but what iF I HAVE NO LIFE?!

    MIKE OUTBACK 3 days ago

    I thought this was odd mob out not odd object out

  • Bening Prastowo
    Bening Prastowo 3 days ago +1

    ACTUALLY ghasts OPEN they're EYES
    when they shoot FIREBALLS sorry pat

  • António Silva
    António Silva 4 days ago


  • K Star
    K Star 4 days ago

    Drowned zombie

  • DominicDekker
    DominicDekker 4 days ago +1

    The mob that you thought was a rhinoceros was actually an illager Beast

  • Nathan Rodriguez
    Nathan Rodriguez 4 days ago

    Wait so you summon the wither with blocks and snowman with blocks

  • Cakestar
    Cakestar 4 days ago

    the mob out more like the odd ones out

  • Professor Animator
    Professor Animator 4 days ago

    The solution...means the solution in the previous question

  • Kathleen Krohl
    Kathleen Krohl 4 days ago

    You can shear snow goloms pumpkins off

  • Gaming WithLunarEclipse

    13:06 it’s a DROWN JEN xD 13:34 a drown is a under water zombie not a skeleton if you spawn a zombie underwater for a good amount of time in 1.14 or 1.13 (I think) the zombie will turn into a drown

  • Harley Draughn
    Harley Draughn 4 days ago

    Yes it’s the only one without skin

  • Sam Olson
    Sam Olson 4 days ago

    Do dad's t fr we see the GSff

  • Jtb247
    Jtb247 4 days ago

    it is not called a green genie its a drownt and next to it is a vindcater and the drownt is a zombie that drowned in water I know minecraft more than you

  • CuteKitteLoves Me
    CuteKitteLoves Me 4 days ago

    You can share a pumpkin by trying to share it like a normal shape except you get the pumpkin head and they turn into a derby face snowman

  • Vicky Price
    Vicky Price 5 days ago

    Pat in a subscriber voice: yes

  • Angelica - #AA SPIRITS

    Pat that’s not a rino. That’s a bull.

  • Trường Phan Văn Trị

    thunder lightning thunder an the lightning

  • Trường Phan Văn Trị

    ahhhhhhh cloud where are u

  • Zillah 16
    Zillah 16 5 days ago

    That green Will Smith is called a drowned, Jen

  • ahvheth rodrigo
    ahvheth rodrigo 5 days ago

    yes your right pat

  • batbotextreme6
    batbotextreme6 5 days ago

    You said mum

  • Teresa Rojo-branch
    Teresa Rojo-branch 5 days ago

    I subscribed and i no someone who built the whole U S in there world

  • tab t
    tab t 5 days ago

    that jellyjeans its not called that its a drownd oh and waldo's brother can't member

  • eden dela cruz
    eden dela cruz 5 days ago

    I think it was the mine cart because its the only one that is made of iron

  • Chocolate_Donutツ
    Chocolate_Donutツ 5 days ago


  • Rick Cadiente
    Rick Cadiente 5 days ago

    That skeleton donkey was a skeleton horse

  • Yada Benjangkakul
    Yada Benjangkakul 6 days ago

    Did the map creator accidentally put the acacia door on the wrong side of the other rooms

  • Bea Cassandra Golong

    Ok haf to play a game like dis popular

  • Bea Cassandra Golong

    End i love your minecraft

  • Bea Cassandra Golong

    You end jen harto play a game like dis popular end my riel name es justin

  • Yurilyn Galang
    Yurilyn Galang 6 days ago

    You can shear the snow golem

  • Yurilyn Galang
    Yurilyn Galang 6 days ago

    They dround and illager and the one is illager beast that big thing

  • Yurilyn Galang
    Yurilyn Galang 6 days ago

    It's illager that big thing

  • Makenna Baker
    Makenna Baker 6 days ago

    Omg is roped watching for like 6 months but now I watch it again and it is like the best thing ever

  • Austin Harmeyer
    Austin Harmeyer 6 days ago

    I think number 1 was the one you said because it was the only one that had white eyes

  • xXenoniteXx GT 9670
    xXenoniteXx GT 9670 6 days ago


    Only the wither skeleton is short ranged

    The guy at the very right(idk wat da name) holds a crossbow
    Drowned holds a trident
    And a skeleton holds a bow


    Wither because wither cant be found in the end

    Ender dragon can be found in the end obviously..

    End crystals is what heals the enderdragon

    XP orb could be found anywhere anytime

  • Landon Garner
    Landon Garner 6 days ago

    Yes pat it is!🙄Jen is not right

  • aria hughes
    aria hughes 6 days ago

    The big "rhinoceros" is acually one of the new minecraft mobs. And YES YOU CAN RESPAWN THE ENDER DRAGON look it up i cant explain it

  • xTraFilms
    xTraFilms 6 days ago

    the boat is the only thing you cant put stuff iin aswell