The "Hustlers" Cast Finds Out Their Exotic Dancer Songs

  • The cast of "Hustlers" (Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B, Constance Wu, Lili Reinhart, and Keke Palmer) sit down to find out which iconic song is their true pole dancing jam...and the results are maybe a little *too* accurate.
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Comments • 80

  • Taniqua Raddle
    Taniqua Raddle 4 days ago

    Okay so um I didn’t see slit off cardi b in the movie so....

  • Isabelle Kimpiob
    Isabelle Kimpiob 4 days ago


  • MissyStylee
    MissyStylee 10 days ago

    woowww keke! I love her!!

  • idk me i guess
    idk me i guess 11 days ago +1

    It’s sad how Lili like never talked, I love her voice, it makes me calm in some way..

  • spirit yeeted away
    spirit yeeted away 13 days ago

    Why they put nicki in a video wit cardi b 😂😂😂

  • elisa _ dimarcc
    elisa _ dimarcc 15 days ago +1

    Lili didn't tell to us the last answer

  • chantall meyer
    chantall meyer 18 days ago

    So we're just gonna gloss over the Asian girls answers homeglirl is a G

    XVII. VXI 21 day ago

    Cardi: I'm definitely chaotic

    At least she's self aware

  • Daze Baker
    Daze Baker 22 days ago

    i got gimmie more by britney lmao

  • André Faria
    André Faria 22 days ago

    If looks could kill Cardi would've been dead by now ahah

  • Pranking with jequon
    Pranking with jequon 23 days ago

    Awwwnnnn cardi

  • Love Morgannn
    Love Morgannn 24 days ago

    When Nicki popped up as a option I was just looking at Cardi like ... 😯👉🏽👈🏽

  • Mariam Ali
    Mariam Ali 24 days ago

    1:33 lol look at Lili in the back

  • lavender shitass
    lavender shitass 25 days ago

    Ngl they funny asf

  • Waxkyl
    Waxkyl 25 days ago

    Keke is so underrated but she so great, she deserves the world

  • Artemicion Kupo
    Artemicion Kupo 25 days ago

    I love their energy together. Okay Imma go see the movie.

  • Aash
    Aash 25 days ago

    their energies go so well together i love their vibes

  • Brittany Rodriguez
    Brittany Rodriguez 25 days ago +1

    The rest of the cast look lowkey annoyed wit cardi

  • Kaiden Davis
    Kaiden Davis 25 days ago +1

    Cardi actually quiet rn?

  • Santana Apiata
    Santana Apiata 26 days ago

    I am in Love with the vibe all these ladies giving off together in this vid. Was not interested in watching "Hustlers" but now...I am defz gonna 😏🤣😂🤣 #favBuzzfeedVid2date

  • Ramie Rivera
    Ramie Rivera 26 days ago

    I wouldn't have thought that anyone of these girls would even stand a inch next to each other
    That's what I like about this movie

  • Samantha Lopez
    Samantha Lopez 26 days ago

    I didn't see cardi B in it?

  • Dreamy_Peach
    Dreamy_Peach 26 days ago

    Is cardi even speaking English?

  • Chillies Maybe
    Chillies Maybe 27 days ago

    You see all them hyped up n stuff then lili is just sitting there 🙍‍♀️

  • Chillies Maybe
    Chillies Maybe 27 days ago

    Lili looks uncomfortable

  • Veronica Rodriguez
    Veronica Rodriguez 27 days ago

    Wish they brought lizzo on

  • Swiftsarah 777
    Swiftsarah 777 27 days ago +1

    Lili looking BOMB 😍

  • Amerly De Los Santos
    Amerly De Los Santos 27 days ago

    i loved cardi b's giggle after saying steal their tips

  • Kat Hubbard
    Kat Hubbard 27 days ago

    The leader (JLo) The crazy one (Cardi) The cool one (Keke) the shy one (Lili) and the right hand (Constance) iconic friend group

    SKAR RED 28 days ago

    This bitches know Nicki was looking good on that blue dress, stay hating hoes, kissing Cardi's ass 🙄 JLo a hater for no damn reason too.

  • Ale
    Ale 28 days ago +1

    I like how everyone look at cardi so scared every time she is going to say something lmao

  • Ale
    Ale 28 days ago

    lili is that new person at school who sits at any table so she doesn't feel alone

  • Annadxscent
    Annadxscent 28 days ago

    There all so different omg. Keke and Cardi are the most alike tho

  • Annadxscent
    Annadxscent 28 days ago

    Wow I didn’t know Cardi was in hustlers

  • Sloane Terrill
    Sloane Terrill 29 days ago

    Why is cardi in this she was only in the movie for like 2 min?

  • Michael Maestri 05
    Michael Maestri 05 29 days ago

    Where's Lizzo

  • Alyssa Luna Jaime
    Alyssa Luna Jaime 29 days ago


  • Josephine Ng-Lee
    Josephine Ng-Lee 29 days ago


  • Fa Li
    Fa Li Month ago

    4:26 does no one see v from BTS like that is iconic

  • Justin Cooper
    Justin Cooper Month ago

    What I think is funny is how they bring Nicki and Mariah while J.lo and Cardi right there that's just awkward

  • scvr angxl
    scvr angxl Month ago

    Am I the only one here for Lili-

  • Lola Tee
    Lola Tee Month ago

    Im only here for Cardi

  • Majid X
    Majid X Month ago

    It’s Britney Bi#%h

  • The Dreamer
    The Dreamer Month ago

    I love how Keke is trying to include Lili. So sweet. 🥰❤️

  • Rose Menon
    Rose Menon Month ago

    Look, people keep commenting about Lili’s “vibe” but the thing is, we don’t really know how she feels tbh. She could be totally comfortable and we might not be seeing it, or she’s a little uncomfortable (seeing as she’s described herself as an introvert) for whatever reason. I’m sure there’s no beef/drama with anyone here.

  • Allie Marlow
    Allie Marlow Month ago

    The way that Lilli looked when Cardi was talking tho

  • Ø
    Ø Month ago

    I like how Nicki Minaj name was called many times in this vid and Cardi B played it off so cool.....

  • Sam M
    Sam M Month ago

    Keke is a full on mood

  • Jewel Hamilton
    Jewel Hamilton Month ago +1

    I love them alll together 😍😍

  • juliana g
    juliana g Month ago

    “Per say, yeah that’s what i mean” -JLo

  • varun dhawan
    varun dhawan Month ago

    Why didn't lili picked a male?

  • Ned Cooper
    Ned Cooper Month ago

    Didn't Cardi say she had been hypnotised with her eyes?

  • Saif Mahmud Ishtiak Shushaan

    JLo is old enough to be Shawn Mendes' mom lmao

  • Gucci Gorilla
    Gucci Gorilla Month ago

    Lili’s song is Mad World because she stripped on Riverdale to that song.

  • Milli W
    Milli W Month ago +2

    I feel you Cardi lol “nuh uh my husband gona see this” id be afraid to answer too lol bc both my man and i are hella jealous 😂

  • Emily h
    Emily h Month ago +1

    Cardi just straight up said “”I bought it”” lmao

  • Daniel Budik
    Daniel Budik Month ago

    Cardi looks like Nikita Dragun in the thumbnail.

  • Yokell Dedmon
    Yokell Dedmon Month ago

    No they showed nicki I know cardi was thinking about day shiii 😑

  • Maggie Jordan
    Maggie Jordan Month ago

    The movie had such natural vibes and now i know why. You all work great together & vibes all click. Hope to see a part 2 if possible. ❤

  • Isabela Carvalho
    Isabela Carvalho Month ago

    Lili: and I'm just blonde
    HAHAHA felt that

  • Vinicius Augusto
    Vinicius Augusto Month ago +1

    JLo is annoying

  • Anj
    Anj Month ago +1

    Jennifer was the only one professional

  • Mixed girl Carlie
    Mixed girl Carlie Month ago

    They all were funny. Cardi B was like I’m not tellin you which man I choose cause my husband will see this😂🤣

  • Rishabh Goswami
    Rishabh Goswami Month ago

    All of their faces lit up when lili got Gimme More!

  • Bailey Winter
    Bailey Winter Month ago +1

    lilli and cardi are the definition of opposites 💀

  • CaptainTAE
    CaptainTAE Month ago +1

    That’s how y’all know you like drama. People can’t even simply look at someone without someone else trying to say some “Y’all see how she looking at her, omg tea.”

  • hia
    hia Month ago

    my ass i bought it

  • NarutoBaby94
    NarutoBaby94 Month ago

    Cardi is awesome and hysterical 😎
    Plus I got her song

  • Bilge
    Bilge Month ago +1

    Oh my god Lili is so damn mature.

  • W Tungsten
    W Tungsten Month ago +1

    It's awkward when jlo and cardi saw nicki and mariah on the choices lol

  • Mar
    Mar Month ago +1

    Goes to show how real cardi is when she gets herself 😂😂

  • Marie Novak
    Marie Novak Month ago +1

    These ladies are all bad as hell lmaooo

  • Pearl
    Pearl Month ago +1

    Now i wanna know which song Constance Wu had in mind at the beginning of the video.

  • Quyen
    Quyen Month ago +1

    Omg i thought this was jlo in the 2000s

  • adriana dreaaamer
    adriana dreaaamer Month ago +1

    Keke made me feel comfortable and I ain't even there

  • Teddy
    Teddy Month ago

    Buzzfeed so shady putting Mariah Carey and Nicki minaj😂

  • Trần Bảo
    Trần Bảo Month ago

    “These not best look” from Jlo
    Mariah “ I dont know her”

  • jori 837
    jori 837 Month ago

    keke is so cute

  • Suriya Ryan
    Suriya Ryan Month ago +1

    Cardi’s face at 3:07

  • O-Robi -swaan
    O-Robi -swaan Month ago

    Jlo tells Cardi « don’t tell us which one you pick » while watching without discretion at the screen