Do You Need A Smartphone Laptop?

  • Published on Mar 4, 2019
  • This is the Evo Type case from Tech21. It turns your smartphone into a tiny laptop like thing. This model is designed for the Google Pixel 3 XL. Is this something you'd ever consider using with your smartphone?
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy  6 months ago +1082


    • patrick star
      patrick star 27 days ago

      Me, I do this looks cool

    • Thunder Blue
      Thunder Blue Month ago

      Me Pls

    • Lionel Alva
      Lionel Alva Month ago

      Me. The tactile feel needs to be better tho.

      FROST GAMING Month ago

      I need please tell link

    • cloridan Beauchamps
      cloridan Beauchamps 2 months ago

      people who want physical keyboards to make a comeback but dont want blackberry's half-assed solutions(who the hell types in portrait mode?)

  • abdullah imran
    abdullah imran 5 days ago


  • Oscar Hernandez
    Oscar Hernandez 25 days ago

    Are y'all MFers so young y'all don't remember the Sidekick?

  • Luke Smith
    Luke Smith 29 days ago

    That looks like a iPhone 7 case

  • MJ Drakkon
    MJ Drakkon Month ago

    Do you know what I would do for one of these for the Note 10+?!

  • Jack Kraken
    Jack Kraken Month ago

    Blackberry: (Starts laughing, then cries. )

  • Syahrul Fauzi
    Syahrul Fauzi Month ago

    because you know what ? my Smartphone spec is better than my laptop. its ram And Procie

  • The High Pineapple
    The High Pineapple Month ago

    Literally for ONE model of phone? Pointless

  • Devansh Shah
    Devansh Shah Month ago

    i need something like this for the s8 because editing spreadsheets on the go is tiresome on the s8. The on screen keyboard takes up half the space. Is there any other alternative to that?

  • Alonso Gabriel
    Alonso Gabriel Month ago

    I have encountered approximately 30+ dudes in the airport whom are making work word files in a phone, using a bluetooth mini keyboard, and a bluetooth foldable mouse.

  • nico jumaoas
    nico jumaoas Month ago


  • ivanovich trosd
    ivanovich trosd Month ago

    Stop review of products that don`t exist .

  • Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi

    humans are killing earth by making crap.

  • jayrock4ya
    jayrock4ya Month ago

    I wanna a iPhone 4 with android on it, where is that in this universe???

  • mark morris
    mark morris Month ago

    That’s a good idea but bad design

  • Affan Ghe
    Affan Ghe Month ago

    Where i can buy thats

  • Achhuana Hk
    Achhuana Hk 2 months ago

    If it can install custom roms ,twrp,rooting etc like a normal pc does then it would help hugely ,if not throw it in a bin immediately

  • Anthony Matta
    Anthony Matta 2 months ago

    Review the card phone pls

  • Mohan Bilaye #MohanBilaye

    Hi I am from India,Mumbai

  • Mohan Bilaye #MohanBilaye

    Is it available in India?

  • Nomit
    Nomit 2 months ago

    Please dont tell me im the only one who noticed the phone swivel by itself,cant beleive no one else mentioned this lol @2:01

    • Nomit
      Nomit 2 months ago

      you know what nvm he touched it

  • Lala
    Lala 3 months ago

    That's interesting and all, but where can I put my credit card?

  • Ewan Prosser
    Ewan Prosser 3 months ago

    Ngl I was looking for one of those for my note 8 a while back.

  • Archfiend K
    Archfiend K 3 months ago

    I can't believe that I never came across this channel before. He is hilarious

  • Shaik Haseeb
    Shaik Haseeb 3 months ago

    S I need it pls send it

    IN A FLASH 3 months ago +1

    No, do you want it?!? Maybe

  • Mike Crump
    Mike Crump 3 months ago

    Maybe if it was not a case but a stand/keyb which you can quickly rest your phone on and use...maybe

  • White Shadow
    White Shadow 4 months ago

    2:28 when the dog has ligma

  • Rahul M. Prathap
    Rahul M. Prathap 4 months ago

    Cool tech using NFC

  • Leandro Vidal
    Leandro Vidal 4 months ago

    I miss my Photon Q, thanks that this year the Access 2019 is comming out!

  • حسين ابراهيم

    I love this man

  • Da GuvNa
    Da GuvNa 5 months ago

    Man, I remember these when I bought my first iPhone back in 2007. This is not a new thing.

  • Raymond Strunk
    Raymond Strunk 6 months ago

    When u need to type in coach class

  • Asher Grossman
    Asher Grossman 6 months ago

    I'm switching to the weird laptop case thingy for the weird google phone thingy.

  • Potatoes with sunglasses awesome Things

    They should make this 4 other phones

  • Faiz Iqmal
    Faiz Iqmal 6 months ago

    the answer 2:38

  • Gagan
    Gagan 6 months ago

    We are use to convince of a smartphone, many times we want to pick up the laptop, but it seems like a chore. So its time to bring back the netbooks, really light and small, 10 inch screen max but with decent specs, dedicated graphic chip, adequate ram and nice low power consumption processor, for windows 10 apps, multimedia capable, you know.

  • Montisaquadeis
    Montisaquadeis 6 months ago

    A keyboard for tablets could be very useful NOT so much for phones.

  • Eric Lapointe DJDeadpool

    What is the background music at 2:56 ?

  • Shivam Tiwari
    Shivam Tiwari 6 months ago

    I don't think I will use it ever.

  • kntwing.23
    kntwing.23 6 months ago

    i would buy it depends on the price...

  • Roberto Villani
    Roberto Villani 6 months ago

    This product belongs to the... does it suck? series

  • Robert McDaniel
    Robert McDaniel 6 months ago

    Short answer: no.
    Slightly longer answer: hell no.

  • diabeat diaBEAT
    diabeat diaBEAT 6 months ago

    Am I smelling the rise of........ Motorola RAZR!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yusuf Rabbani
    Yusuf Rabbani 6 months ago

    in my opinion we dont need physical keyboard on android..if you re a busy person and a lot of stuff to do you still need a laptop to work on..the android not so much..not all windows/mac/linux software supported by android..this stuff are useless to buy in the first place

  • Kenneth Barbee
    Kenneth Barbee 6 months ago

    WOW you actually unboxed something for the first time all year!?

  • Stella Dizon
    Stella Dizon 6 months ago

    What was that phone in the early 2000s that’s usually associated with T-Mobile? The one with the keyboard... idk flip? Or click?... when it’s on landscape. I remember it on Step Up 2 The Streets. Hahahaha! That’s actually how I feel with smartphones with keyboards nowadays. I hope they bring that back... with OS.

    • Leo *
      Leo * 6 months ago

      Lauren Tsai sidekick

  • English Runner
    English Runner 6 months ago

    Looking forward for the such kind of the accessory for IPhone!

  • Muhammad Nur Affiq
    Muhammad Nur Affiq 6 months ago

    just how to type emoji🤣🤣

  • Joash
    Joash 6 months ago +1

    I guess it's good for those who don't want to carry a laptop with extra weight and money when writing documents all the time.

  • that Guy
    that Guy 6 months ago

    Chinese Junk

  • ItsTheBandZGaming
    ItsTheBandZGaming 6 months ago

    Did he just played a TheXvid Vid... Outside the TheXvid App?

  • fredichon
    fredichon 6 months ago

    The quick brown fox jumpS over the lazy dog.
    NOT jumpED.
    Otherwise the pangram isn’t complete!

  • Alonzo Sanchezaltami
    Alonzo Sanchezaltami 6 months ago

    Hey in unbox did you ever hear of the Samsung Galaxy dex

  • Sloth Slotherson
    Sloth Slotherson 6 months ago


    ABDULLAH MD JAHIN 6 months ago

    It reminds me of Nokia N97!

  • Biman Basu
    Biman Basu 6 months ago

    Try Nokia 8.1

  • Mrs. Haqq
    Mrs. Haqq 6 months ago

    I like the video before it starts

  • TheShadowHatter
    TheShadowHatter 6 months ago

    Man just give me the old Tmobile Sidekick phones with the physical keyboard and I'd be on board with that in a heartbeat. I miss having a physical keyboard and being able to type paragraphs under my desk without ever having to look at the keyboard/screen.

  • carapacePLUS1
    carapacePLUS1 6 months ago

    This guy is such a soyboy.