Shaed - Trampoline

  • Published on Sep 5, 2019
  • Shaed perform Trampoline on Jimmy Kimmel Live
    Trump Has “Never Heard” of a Category 5 Hurricane

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    Shaed - Trampoline
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 121

  • MŘ. X
    MŘ. X Day ago

    zayn is the boss level literaly no one can pass him

  • Vineet Agarwal
    Vineet Agarwal 2 days ago

    *i never feel so bluffed by lip syncing*

  • tejas rane
    tejas rane 3 days ago +1

    Iphones should be getting some credit for this song: P

  • Leonid Kozyrev
    Leonid Kozyrev 4 days ago

    Great job at The Sinclair! What a show! Come back to the Met (Rhode Island)!!

  • javier moreno
    javier moreno 4 days ago +3

    imagine yourself in the future singing with zayn live

  • Shazam X
    Shazam X 4 days ago +1

    I just covered this song can u guys leave ur opinion there 🙏🙏

  • Michael Rio
    Michael Rio 5 days ago


  • Akshat Sharma
    Akshat Sharma 5 days ago +6

    She completely rely on autotune
    Her actual voice is so different from the song
    If u think the same then give a like

  • Akshat Sharma
    Akshat Sharma 5 days ago

    She completely rely on autotune
    Her actual voice is so different from the song
    If u think the same then give a like

  • Karanveer Singh
    Karanveer Singh 5 days ago

    Anyone plzz tell me where is zayn??

  • sabia khan
    sabia khan 7 days ago +3

    She looks so much like courtney cox (monica from friends)🤨🤨

  • asfi eline
    asfi eline 7 days ago +5

    I'm missing Zayn!

  • DeNeen Williams
    DeNeen Williams 7 days ago +1

    She sounds good live 👍

  • Emma-Lee Fortune
    Emma-Lee Fortune 7 days ago +4

    She sounds great but to me, her type of voice and singing sounds like other female the point it's just a different artiste name with the same voice and style of singing

  • Nandini Mehta
    Nandini Mehta 7 days ago +9

    Is it just me or does she look like Naomi Scott at times?

  • Victoria Lamas
    Victoria Lamas 8 days ago +2

    Now with Zayn PLEASEEEEE

  • firstclasspassenger
    firstclasspassenger 8 days ago +1

    Cute in a Felicity Jones type of way.. just wow!

  • Raven
    Raven 10 days ago +11

    So I'm one of those who aren't here because of zayn

  • Hamza Hamzaoui
    Hamza Hamzaoui 11 days ago +13

    Wait if I’m on fire
    How am I so deep in love?
    When I dream of dying
    I never feel so loved 🔥🔥🔥

  • alej barrios
    alej barrios 12 days ago +1


  • MrSpeedyNYC
    MrSpeedyNYC 13 days ago +1

    I love Shaed! Great performance, Chelsea!

  • Rechee
    Rechee 13 days ago +6

    god I love this song, it's so peaceful

  • flower power
    flower power 13 days ago +15

    she sounds so different live , like completely different

  • music stan
    music stan 14 days ago +24

    i can't wait to see them perform this song with zayn!! that would be amazing

  • Lina lina
    Lina lina 15 days ago +67

    It's becoming more good with Zayn's voice 👽👽👽

  • Sakshi Mudgal
    Sakshi Mudgal 15 days ago +7

    Someone please throw Zayn on the stage👄👄

  • bad girl ikon
    bad girl ikon 15 days ago

    Who else thinks she resembles to emma Roberts

  • chami
    chami 17 days ago +7

    this song is literally a dream

  • Deeksha Verma
    Deeksha Verma 17 days ago +102

    Who is here after they released the one with Zayn???????? Zayn is on FIRE!!!!!!!!

  • Neeraj Bahuguna
    Neeraj Bahuguna 17 days ago +1


  • Zaynab Azam
    Zaynab Azam 17 days ago +43

    After Zayns x shaed trampoline?

  • S S
    S S 17 days ago +4

    Heavenly. Love this performance.

  • N X
    N X 18 days ago +4


  • C I Ndy Carpenter
    C I Ndy Carpenter 21 day ago +3

    How does this only have 20,000 Views and 71 comments?

  • Paige Jordan
    Paige Jordan 24 days ago +43

    she’s such a sweetheart in person !! she’s my old singing teacher!

  • Kayla Mckinsey
    Kayla Mckinsey Month ago +11

    Why doesn't she have alot of followers? She deserves it

  • HotHeaded Productions
    HotHeaded Productions Month ago +6

    I heard this song on the radio and liked it. Thought I'd check it out. Holy wow, I sat there with my mouth open the whole time. She is insanely gorgeous. Like fr😍

  • Nayops 18
    Nayops 18 Month ago +117

    With the new haircut she’s like a mix of Halsey and Dua Lipa🤔

    WOWZERS ! Month ago +15

    Great Song ❤
    Her Voice is Magical 😍

  • littlebluedaewoo
    littlebluedaewoo Month ago +4

    So very proud of the three of you...!! You Guys Rock..!!!

  • Miss LoLo
    Miss LoLo Month ago +3


  • iworms
    iworms Month ago +8

    Chelsea's look here is much better than in the official music video IMHO

  • Mrjlee93
    Mrjlee93 Month ago +4

    They are from DC!!!

  • vikram goud
    vikram goud Month ago +4

    Welcome to Atlanta sep 14

  • SpymanTIVC
    SpymanTIVC Month ago +10

    I love the lead singer. She is my kinda girl.

  • Nikki Loves
    Nikki Loves Month ago +3

    Don't forget what you are singing about! Love You!!! ♥️Your sound is dimensional ...

    • Mikie Roddy
      Mikie Roddy Month ago

      Nikki Loves what is she singing about?

  • AirlessMICRO
    AirlessMICRO Month ago +38

    Her voice sounds very different live from their songs. I wonder if she's trying to not strain it.

  • Angelina Teixeira
    Angelina Teixeira Month ago +7

    Shaed is Greatness

  • Musical Commentary
    Musical Commentary Month ago

    I like it.

  • Product Avakin
    Product Avakin Month ago +7


  • Emmanuel Morales
    Emmanuel Morales Month ago +10

    This song is so beautiful

  • Haley Faragalli
    Haley Faragalli Month ago +9

    I saw them a few years ago when they played at my school

    SHAED Month ago +359


    • Karanveer Singh
      Karanveer Singh 5 days ago +1

      Plzz tell me where is zayn?

    • Amol Jaiswal
      Amol Jaiswal 6 days ago +2

      This girl used to be my student. But unfortunately I've to make her stand out cos she scream so hard. And look where she ran.

    • harryjustin445678
      harryjustin445678 17 days ago +1

      SHAED I’m in love this song🥰

    • Kayla Mckinsey
      Kayla Mckinsey Month ago +4

      You're so underrated

    • Trisha Patel
      Trisha Patel Month ago +2

      INCREDIBLE PERFORMANCE. U GUYS ARE MY FAVORITE BAND, love u guys and i can't wait to see y'all conquer the world😍🤩

  • Alex leBlanc
    Alex leBlanc Month ago +2

    tap that

  • Francis Songstar
    Francis Songstar Month ago +4

    Awesome singing, vocals and artistery... Jimmy Kimmel Live rocks 🚣

    • house9120
      house9120 Month ago +1

      frankie4you2013 it’s absolutely ‘live singing’. You are hearing exactly what the studio audience heard, live. Not pitch correction plugins, no editing in post. There are some live FX like reverb and delay, and some background vocals on tracks. Her lead vocal is absolutely live. I would know, I literally mixed this show.

    • frankie4you2013
      frankie4you2013 Month ago +1

      You are insane LOL " Awesome singing, vocals " By the way, it´s not "live" singing

  • Artemis a
    Artemis a Month ago

    If I were you I would stick to the modern world, the world so opposed to the Ancient one, the one I love, because I can mirror myself in it, while you're at the opposite poll. For you sexy woman is tall, if not tall big boobs mother image, or narrow hips no ass no boobs. What you glorify is what those wise Ancients regarded as very unattractive in a woman.
    For your information they only loved short, thick slim and most of all wide hips with big shaped round bottoms, pretty much something rare like Beyonce, and of course small boobs! See they were very detailed when it came to beauty! To them it truly mattered.
    And as the statues shows, men had to be tall fit and with muscles, here you share the same view, with me also.
    I do not mean to offend anyone, I simply speak the facts, though all you do is ofend me with lies.
    Look at it from this point of view , we live in the modern world and you are the winners here. So, why would you care what I think? I am one lime, lonely soul who finds herself living in the wrong time, and tries to keep the truth alive.
    I know in my view the best looks so different than the one from your view, but even if I hold the truth, I have nothing to offer except those rare human values I stated above, which you probably can't even see.
    So you see, money is power and you can use them as you please.
    And so you do!

  • Lord Rayden
    Lord Rayden Month ago +5

    Anyone seen the Apple ad ?

  • Terrificten
    Terrificten Month ago +18

    Reminds me of the Apple MacBook Air advertisement

  • DDMco123
    DDMco123 Month ago +32

    Crazy to think they’re from DC. Just furthering the fact that the DMV has a lot of talent

    • Denise Sanchez
      Denise Sanchez 23 days ago +2

      WB Wayne Haha. No ... D.C, Maryland, Virginia ...

    • WB Wayne
      WB Wayne Month ago +6

      And I used to hate the department of motor vehicles.

  • Jennifer Bureau
    Jennifer Bureau Month ago +78

    This song has been on my Spotify playlist since I heard it on the Apple commercial ages ago. Love it!