Benicio Del Toro dishes on 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'


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  • Carr Rexx
    Carr Rexx Month ago

    Going on these sh*t shows has got to be down side of celebrity.

  • aladdinoscopy
    aladdinoscopy 3 months ago

    Solos borderline nihilism seems to be present though DJ

  • KSfan4ever
    KSfan4ever 5 months ago

    He doesn't look like himself...did he have fillers or botox or something?

    • Magy Viveros
      Magy Viveros 3 months ago

      KSfan4ever I think it’s the hairline

  • Yoselin Hernandez
    Yoselin Hernandez 5 months ago

    Que hombre mas bello

  • Pablo South
    Pablo South 5 months ago +1

    When a kid falls sleep for a so call Disney "movie for the kids" you realize how bad this movie was.

    Well at the least Han Solo ripped the benifits.. by getting hammered 😂😂😂

  • ThOth SumAntra
    ThOth SumAntra 5 months ago

    Notice how he barely touched that white woman, but he went and touched, and blew that nice kiss to the black woman? Yeah, Beni, know who he likes.

  • Andyamo46
    Andyamo46 6 months ago +1

    In the movie he dont give a fuck, in the real life he still dont give a fuck

  • Dorsey m
    Dorsey m 6 months ago

    I like him more with face hair.

    • Dorsey m
      Dorsey m 6 months ago

      Andyamo46 I have never watched a SW film-(that may or may not be an official abbreviation for the film's.but I'm gonna use it). I was just watching a few clips from the hunted,and this popped up. bdt is a dilf either way.

    • Andyamo46
      Andyamo46 6 months ago

      he was the best character in that shitty movie, and yes facial hair on

  • Ken Pudsey
    Ken Pudsey 7 months ago

    Did you know he turned down the role of Darth Maul in 'The phantom Menace' because he said that the character didn't have enough dialogue..what a dick,I'm glad he did though because I couldn't imagine anyone else playing Maul better than Ray Park!

  • jeffs1000
    jeffs1000 7 months ago +1

    he looks like Brad Pitt punched in each eye.

  • Alexis Mayer
    Alexis Mayer 7 months ago

    Really like him as an actor but his scenes on TLJ were absolutely pointless.

    DMC HUNTER777 8 months ago

    Honestly I thought he was still the collector here like his early career

  • lovely armdrz9407
    lovely armdrz9407 8 months ago

    I love Benicio Del Toro!! Just love him....

  • Antheee
    Antheee 8 months ago

    Blip bloppity bloop

  • 02 S L
    02 S L 9 months ago

    I honestly liked his character i hope we get to see more of dj in the future

  • Courtney OmegaDeLancy
    Courtney OmegaDeLancy 9 months ago +1

    He looks awful. Wtf

  • The Nado Nation
    The Nado Nation 9 months ago

    His daughters cousin is smokin hot

  • Socially Deprived Gamerz

    Not going to lie, I was hoping that he was going to reveal himself as Boba Fett . Disney could of came up with a reason for his stutter, the fact that his clone genetic structure was breaking apart due to his aging progress .

  • sycospart10
    sycospart10 9 months ago

    I think he bleaches his skin

  • b1rdkeeper S
    b1rdkeeper S 10 months ago

    If Elon Musk and Brad Pitt had a baby it would look like Benicio Del Toro

  • Diego Pisfil
    Diego Pisfil 10 months ago

    Combo of Cara Delevingne and Elon Musk

  • Franky Shipton
    Franky Shipton 10 months ago

    I'M NOT TYLER DURDEN! - you said you would say that sir!

  • MCH1N1
    MCH1N1 10 months ago

    Stupidest character ever. I’d rather they bring jar jar back. DJ and the entire canto bite section of the movie were horseshit. HORSE. SHIT.

  • A. T.
    A. T. 10 months ago +1

    Is it me of did Benicia get like Botox or shit done? he looks horrible in here! And usually he's so cute!

  • Spooky AxelBoi
    Spooky AxelBoi 10 months ago


  • paco ramon
    paco ramon 10 months ago +2

    That guy could had been Darth Maul.

  • Kiwi MGTOW
    Kiwi MGTOW 10 months ago

    I present to you Taneleer Tivan the Collector

  • sheets0f metal
    sheets0f metal 10 months ago

    Dude looks like he smokes that purple afghan kush

  • Leon D
    Leon D 10 months ago

    This movie sucked..

  • Thomas Anderson
    Thomas Anderson 11 months ago

    Rian 'Biggs' Johnson by Real Neo (HD)1080p

  • Damon Cross
    Damon Cross 11 months ago +1

    Banicio del the teaching of Don juan...that's a quadrillgy

  • Brian Hayne
    Brian Hayne 11 months ago

    Ha, his daughter has good taste in movies. I too fell asleep too during that abomination.

  • Slime me world World
    Slime me world World 11 months ago +1

    This guy is a heck of an actor. Folks like him and Tom Hardy (and a few others) are a notch or two above the rest.

  • Richard Guzman
    Richard Guzman 11 months ago

    Political correctness ruined this franchise!!!!

  • Iguana Divergent
    Iguana Divergent 11 months ago

    I loved his character. His character served to elaborate the corruption within our own society. He portrayed an excellent character that stands symbolic for greed, corruption and manipulation.

  • Doom
    Doom 11 months ago

    Quick money grab for this guy..but I respect that . The movie was shit

  • cobain/ vedder
    cobain/ vedder 11 months ago

    Del Toro is a great actor subjected to bad writing Screw the last Jedi hated that movie! They destroyed Luke Skywalker Disney will never see my money again

  • Stefan Zeke
    Stefan Zeke 11 months ago

    More pointless of a character than Rose. His only role in the plot is selling out Finn and Rose so we could get a brief, disappointing fight with Phasma.

  • Motor7Mike
    Motor7Mike 11 months ago

    I still dont know what hes doing in that Movie ? Hes is the new Jar Jar

  • Purefoldnz
    Purefoldnz 11 months ago +2

    W-w-w worst character in the movie.

  • Mars Mulder
    Mars Mulder 11 months ago +1

    This is the problem with the modern Star Wars movies. Small characters like DJ and Phasma are being used in promotion and with interviews like this. Get's people hyped for those characters and then be let down with them.

    • Elijah Zu Bailey
      Elijah Zu Bailey 10 months ago

      Yeah, I see the marketing/merchandising/movie content disconnect too.

  • christopher corvino
    christopher corvino 11 months ago

    guy looks like he hasn't slept in weeks.

  • John Q
    John Q 11 months ago +4

    He kinda looks like Elon Musk.

  • obsuron13
    obsuron13 11 months ago

    Totally inrelevant Character. .

  • Pien Mash
    Pien Mash 11 months ago +1

    He looks like a combination of an older DiCaprio and the old cartoon version of Humphrey Bogart in BugsBunny.

  • El Titiritero
    El Titiritero 11 months ago +1

    Is too desperate to say that he could be Rey father?

    THE BANDIT THE BANDIT 11 months ago +9

    What a waste of a good actor.

  • Jim Mozart
    Jim Mozart 11 months ago

    Nice commercial.

  • Luis
    Luis 11 months ago

    His character was a Lando Calrissian ripoff (scoundrel who sells them out).

  • Luis
    Luis 11 months ago

    Lmfao! His daughter fell asleep! That’s how bad Last Jedi was!!

  • Tony From Syracuse
    Tony From Syracuse 11 months ago

    his christmas commercial was the most awesome ever

  • Jesse ?
    Jesse ? 11 months ago +1

    Oh it was Benicio.. I can't remember his name. Just the Del Toro part. Wow.. fo fo for geget it again.

  • Newt Origami
    Newt Origami 11 months ago +3

    terrible film and even worse star wars film designed by guardians of the galaxy style jokes, im not a troll or a critic i was a longtime fan of star wars until i saw the the last jedi, corny jokes- like guardians of the galaxy which sucks by the way, a character prank calls another character, and luke milking a goat walrus thing, stupid sideplot about animal cruelty, and the fact that a mary sue is the most underdeveloped character like finn and poe, speaking of which every guy in the film is either dumb or flawed to the extent that they are dehumanized. There are better ways to spend your time than seeing an overwrought pc film that was written by a director that thinks expansion can only happen with destroying the past or jar jar abrams producing reboot after reboot. No thanks Disney, and Mark You did your fans a service by saying how you felt. Thank you, The Last Jedi SUCKS!

  • JDMusic
    JDMusic 11 months ago +2

    I loved his character but I hated the fucking stuttering

    GO L.A RAMS 11 months ago +1

    What the hell that forehead hahaha

  • zambot3
    zambot3 11 months ago


  • Mychael Perez
    Mychael Perez 11 months ago

    He has a big forehead!

  • Ruben Makaya
    Ruben Makaya 11 months ago +8

    "With my Help, i can easily get you to Snoke's b-b-boudoir",- DJ

  • Eyaura Eya
    Eyaura Eya 11 months ago +15

    I would be more exited for a DJ movie than a Solo movie :))

  • Luis V Cabrera
    Luis V Cabrera 11 months ago +7

    Why does he always look like a baked vampire?

  • Ben V
    Ben V 11 months ago +20

    I hope we never see DJ again.

    • jay crow
      jay crow 11 months ago +6

      We fucking better. Completely loose pothole on how a master codebreaker who could break himself out of prison just decides to be there and escape when finn and rey show up. Nah he better make a showing again that provides background on how he knew they would be there. Like a force sensitive type of person.

  • eazy14
    eazy14 11 months ago

    this role was badly written, he had no choice, another great actor who was wasted for nothing, fuck you katleen and fuck you rian

  • slickcross
    slickcross 11 months ago +6

    She feel asleep because the movie was boring. Worst Star Wars movie ever.

    • ClandestineOstrich
      ClandestineOstrich 11 months ago

      They all kind of suck. Good ideas but ... those horrible, horrible lines in every single one.

  • HatredPrime
    HatredPrime 11 months ago

    holy fuck he looks like a corpse that had powder on face before funeral.

  • tom hanks
    tom hanks 11 months ago +25

    I m excited about Sicario 2 and not Star Wars

  • UltraAtomic
    UltraAtomic 11 months ago

    I heared it 😂 or the last?? Orrr not lol

  • banuna1989
    banuna1989 11 months ago +14

    he look like an older version of Elon Musk

  • Spanish Inquisition
    Spanish Inquisition 11 months ago +24

    He should have been a Sith lord or something. It was an insult to Benicio.

    • paco ramon
      paco ramon 10 months ago +1

      He was originally casted as Darth Maul in episode I

    • Henry Caspersen
      Henry Caspersen 11 months ago +2

      Everything about this movie was an insult. The "critics" were too afraid to say something bad about it. The only people that really liked it were Kathleen Kennedy, Rian Johnson, and 20 porgs. I'm sorry, you're right. They aren't technically real people. And I guess technically neither are the porgs. ;)

    • Jim Mozart
      Jim Mozart 11 months ago +5

      Spanish Inquisition deserves so much better.

  • King J-dub
    King J-dub 11 months ago +4

    What's up with his forehead.

  • thegr8rambino
    thegr8rambino 11 months ago +19

    he always looks high as shit lmaooo

  • Christian Stoleski
    Christian Stoleski 11 months ago +1

    I went to sleep to

  • Christian Stoleski
    Christian Stoleski 11 months ago +1

    Movie sucked he point less

  • It'sAlexForShort
    It'sAlexForShort 11 months ago

    obviously he did a bit too much partying the night before

  • Dale Weber
    Dale Weber 11 months ago

    Dj is also a nickname if you're named after your father or if your First name first and middle name has d & j.

  • Gil Terrero
    Gil Terrero 11 months ago +3

    They were trying to make him The Lando Calrissian of this trilogy.

  • naenae boy
    naenae boy 11 months ago +40

    One of the worst and most pointless characters in star wars history.

    • LoveIsBlind
      LoveIsBlind 9 months ago +3

      That’s where you’re wrong though. I found DJ to be one of the ONLY interesting characters in the last movie. They are making a one-shot comic of his character and it’s pretty good. He only /seems/ pointless because there wasn’t enough background on him. He was meant to be a 2D character for this film.

    • Pacino Heat
      Pacino Heat 11 months ago

      naenae boy In its worst movie

    • naenae boy
      naenae boy 11 months ago +7

      turinreza haha is that a joke?

    • turinreza
      turinreza 11 months ago +2

      naenae boy he is meant to fill Han solos role

  • apolo apolon
    apolo apolon 11 months ago +2

    what happened with his freaking hair?

  • R Tripp
    R Tripp 11 months ago +34

    My Goodness your character was pointless and lame

  • Denys Rys
    Denys Rys 11 months ago

    Poor astronauts.

  • inside this craft of mine

    Maybe DJ stands for Dark jedi

    • inside this craft of mine
      inside this craft of mine 11 months ago

      Brando Jenkins lol yeah I know but wouldnt it be cooler if it stood for Dark Jedi too, wishful thinking

    • Brando Jenkins
      Brando Jenkins Year ago +3

      It stands for "Don't Join." he says "Life free, Don't join"

  • Duran Bodasing
    Duran Bodasing Year ago +12

    SPOILERS - OK SHORT & SWEET - All Johnson had to do was tell us that Rey was the lost daughter of Luke's and her mother died tragically on the island (Luke standing at her grave in TFA) when Kylo & The Knights of Ren took the place down. Luke freaks out at the death of his wife with little Rey screaming, panics AND WIPES HER MEMORY and sends little Rey to Jakku with Lorne Sen Tekka (on that ship) with his Jedi USB and R2 (turned off) with the other half go the map and drops him off with Leia. Meanwhile - Kylo & The Knights of Ren joined Snoke & built the first order together as a one big gang of bad asses. TFA ends as it does perfectly setting it all up. NOW CUE TLJ - Luke and Rey reunite after all these years crazy emotional scene - he begins her training, at the tree they both meet Yoda ghost together, form a plan, hook up with Leia, Chewy, R2 & 3P0, board the Falcon like old times (classic shot of all of them) and sneek onto Snokes ship and take them all out in a blaze of glory. Snoke kills Leia in front of everyone and Luke saves everyone else by sacrificing himself with the most bad ass force move seen in any SW film. Rey & Kylo have it out - he realizes she is his cousin. Everyone watches it and Kylo pulls a fast move & escapes into space in his ship, followed by an injured Snoke and a few remaining bad guys.
    IX - 3 years pass - Rey, Finn & Poe reform the Rebellion with new blood, get a hint where Kylo & Snoke are hiding and then go after them. But before that - Rey gets a visit from Obi Wan (ewan), Anakin (hayden) & LUKE. They teach her some new moves and tell her that a new age of Jedi are being born around the galaxy (the little broom boy etc) Rey sets out to discover some of these kids, forms her OWN GANG and along the way she runs into LANDO, he heard about Leais death and hans passing, Chewy hugs Lando and gives him the DICE from the Falcon (tie its origin in SOLO) Lando is almost in tears. He helps them get to Snokes hiding place. They arrive and confront Kylo & the remaining Knight of Wren & an army of troopers. Massive battle ensues and it ends up In front of Snoke in classic SW style, Rey goes for him hard & has to choose to save her cousin from the clutches of Snoke and turn him good. We see Kylo turn to look at Snoke freeze holding Rey with force lighting - all of a sudden Kylo get a message from Leia ghost appears in silent to him "Mother!?" and she gives him the courage and love to turn her son to the light - HE TURNS AND GRABS TWO SABRES & SLICES SNOKE IN HALF. He picks up Rey and they all bolt together before the whole place lights up in flames.
    Cue drone shot end scene of the whole gang at Reys new school on the island celebrating. Shot of Luke, Obi Wan, Anakin, Oui Gon, Yoda AND LEIA! A New Order of Jedi is born!

    • Antheee
      Antheee 8 months ago

      That is the actual movie scrips

    • Leon Artmann
      Leon Artmann 8 months ago

      nah, that's awful fanfiction

    • Bodie Lindsey
      Bodie Lindsey 10 months ago +1

      Duran Bodasing lmaooo enjoy things for what they are not what you want them to be aka life young sith

    • intheskymusic
      intheskymusic 10 months ago

      Duran Bodasing nice

    • Peter Jason Wheatley
      Peter Jason Wheatley 11 months ago +1

      Love this version better. Well done.

  • Jordan Baird
    Jordan Baird Year ago +7

    2:29 "Oscar Eye Sack."

  • Niall murray
    Niall murray Year ago +5

    Dj as in ‘Don’t join’
    Something he says in the movie

  • Specialist in Failure
    Specialist in Failure Year ago +10

    rubbish movie, dont waste your money

    • TheBaconWizard
      TheBaconWizard 11 months ago

      Alternative, everyone can make their own mind up without referring to your expert opinion first.

    • JPQ Stevens
      JPQ Stevens Year ago

      I thought it was good average film

  • chinchowpowpook
    chinchowpowpook Year ago +1

    Damn his hair look Frankenstein’s

  • JesusSavedJoshua
    JesusSavedJoshua Year ago +34

    You play a dumb pointless needless character - sorry Sir.

    • okochannel
      okochannel 11 months ago +1

      still played well

    • JPQ Stevens
      JPQ Stevens Year ago +3

      JesusSavedJoshua wait till the next movie

    • Corey Crossman
      Corey Crossman Year ago

      how would the first order found out about the escape pods

  • David Edmon Jr.
    David Edmon Jr. Year ago +9

    Don't waste your money...

  • PurpsOnNugs
    PurpsOnNugs Year ago +1

    if he would ever become a villain he would be a bad ass character....but fuck me disney

  • Pandas are cool
    Pandas are cool Year ago +33

    Benicio did NOT get enough screen time. He was awesome in what he had.

    • EitherEndof August
      EitherEndof August 8 months ago +1

      This GMA appearance is about as long as his entire part in SW:TLJ.

  • Kama Jiu-jitsu
    Kama Jiu-jitsu Year ago +7

    D.J is Jason Todd! The D is for the last two letters of "Todd" and "J" is obviously for Jason!

  • Billy Du
    Billy Du Year ago +81

    DJ means DON'T JOIN

    • SilverNrGy985
      SilverNrGy985 4 months ago

      your right the entire movie fucking sucked!! i think honestly its sad that they ruined an entire star wars saga

    • Henry Caspersen
      Henry Caspersen 11 months ago +3

      Fuck, ... you have got to be kidding me. That's what it means??? Was this movie written by a 9 year old? And approved by a goat?

    • Kenny Bania
      Kenny Bania Year ago +8

      shit, youre right just remembered that line.

  • Benjamin
    Benjamin Year ago +17

    Did I sssss stutter

  • Scott Rogers
    Scott Rogers Year ago +17

    Wtf though Disney did a # on his look

    • SilverNrGy985
      SilverNrGy985 4 months ago

      rogue one actually looks far better then the last jedi, i heard many people say this. Last jedi was garbage and an insult to the fan base !

    • Scott Rogers
      Scott Rogers 11 months ago

      Desideria Prehn no u get f@&-d. You prolly thought rouge one was great

    • Salix
      Salix 11 months ago

      Scott Rogers Get fucked retard

    • Scott Rogers
      Scott Rogers 11 months ago

      Desideria Prehn oh get bent

    • Salix
      Salix Year ago +2

      No one understands your nonsense so shut the hell up

  • Scott Rogers
    Scott Rogers Year ago +10

    Jesus Christ could his plastic surgery & Botox be more than carbon freeze lol

    • Andrew Hope
      Andrew Hope 11 months ago

      Scott Rogers not to mention the dyed hair!

    • The Tragic Master
      The Tragic Master Year ago +2

      Lucas Cruz: Yeah man, that haircut caught me off guard. Looks like they shaved his hairline back a few inches.

    • Lucas Cruz
      Lucas Cruz Year ago +7

      Wtf? He looks like he's had nothing done. He's still wrinkly as fuck. He looks like he's working on a movie. Judging by the odd look. Pale, odd haircut.

  • Christian Puente
    Christian Puente Year ago +10

    Looks like thanos did beat the shit out of him for "selling" the reality stone lmfao!

  • Adam Manuel
    Adam Manuel Year ago +27

    There is something more to his character.....anyone else find his character behaved familiar...or like he was not who he is acting to be....or what about that weird stuttering?

    • Terry Cupboards
      Terry Cupboards 11 months ago +1

      what if he was actually one of the Knights of Ren pretending to be someone else

    • Tom Yang
      Tom Yang 11 months ago +2

      He thought of bringing some Roger Rabbit qualities into the Star Wars Universe. Smart move!

    • Valorath
      Valorath 11 months ago +2

      Benecio Del Toro explains in another interview that he made the stutter up for the character

    • emcee009
      emcee009 Year ago +4

      Licking metal objects and plugging them into electric circuits might account for the stutter. Maybe he took a few too many jolts in his career.

    RA SOLISA Year ago +16

    He was crap in the movie

    • Ruben Makaya
      Ruben Makaya 11 months ago +2

      RA SOLISA I hated the movie, but i gotta admit, DJ was one of the only characters i like in this horrible trilogy.

    • Lyon Lyon
      Lyon Lyon 11 months ago

      Damn owned

    • TheBaconWizard
      TheBaconWizard 11 months ago +4

      You're a moron, he completely stole every scene he was in.

    • Juan García
      Juan García Year ago +9

      or maybe you are too stupid to understand his words

    • Salix
      Salix Year ago +28

      And your comment is crap as well bitch

  • Jolene Bruno
    Jolene Bruno Year ago +25

    R2-D2 is more Assessable. Like if you Agree.

  • Annisa Febriyanti
    Annisa Febriyanti Year ago +58

    Never doubt his performance in any type of role he played. He absolutely killed it as DJ!

    • Fam 1st
      Fam 1st 4 months ago

      Annisa Febriyanti The last Jedi was fucking Awful!

    • J.C. L.
      J.C. L. 11 months ago

      SpydermanGST, I do, whatever the fuck I want. You don't like it snowflake? Suck it up.

    • SpydermanGST
      SpydermanGST 11 months ago

      @J.C.L. why do you keep spamming almost every comment? no one cares. go be annoying somewhere else

    • J.C. L.
      J.C. L. 11 months ago

      In TLJ he gave his WORST performance yet, even the vietnamese gal acted better than Del Toro. And thats taking out the awful forced stutter.

    • J.C. L.
      J.C. L. 11 months ago

      What the fuck are you talking about, Daisy Ridley acted better than him.

  • Annisa Febriyanti
    Annisa Febriyanti Year ago +5

    Here's before 13 likes and 200 views

    • ItsKapow
      ItsKapow 9 months ago

      What did you win?