Species Profile : Spinosaurus | Jurassic World Evolution


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  • BestInSlot
    BestInSlot  10 days ago +156

    Spino clearly has two roars in this by the by, well at least the one when it's squaring up to the T.rex sounds different to the one from the introduction to me. Either way I love it and want to inject it straight into my veins.

    • Christopher kb24
      Christopher kb24 6 days ago

      i just pre ordered the game it said it comes out july?

    • MrGoldmine36
      MrGoldmine36 9 days ago

      BestInSlot I’ve made a Facebook group called JW evolutions creators club to show off y’alls Park creations. Come join

  • Sasuke Fanboy101

    Sorry but I think spino would beat Trex

  • kenpoarniceguy1
    kenpoarniceguy1 Day ago

    Is there breeding?

  • Patiko Balavadze

    it looks incorrect. real life spino walked on four legs. had tiny back legs and also much bigger spine bones. it was aquatic predator

  • Mr Shadowman
    Mr Shadowman 4 days ago

    Now we can have a T rex spino rematch

  • beartrappr
    beartrappr 5 days ago

    The spino wasn’t uncoordinated, it was moving its body so that it appeared bigger to intimidate the rex. it stepped sideways and lowered its head so its large sail could face the rex. This is pretty common display to deter competitors.

    JORDAN BRIGHAM 5 days ago

    They should have the real life spinasauras

  • Jacky LP
    Jacky LP 5 days ago

    I dont know why but i think T-Rex wins 1 time and then the spino wins a battle 1 time you know what i mean ? I hope so because i dont like it when a Spino is dying so fast haha ;D

  • XxdarkrangerxX 48
    XxdarkrangerxX 48 5 days ago +1

    So Cool!!

  • Rexy Gaming dinosaur


  • Leon Trotsky
    Leon Trotsky 6 days ago

    I love how this is on trending

  • multisturge
    multisturge 6 days ago

    spino is the best. I prefer the roar from JP3 though because it was more distinctive and terrifying.

  • Jess Gibbs
    Jess Gibbs 6 days ago

    Trex profile please.......

  • Eddie The Enjoyer
    Eddie The Enjoyer 6 days ago

    I bet i'll really enjoy this game! Dinosaurs are pretty cool.

  • standardleft
    standardleft 6 days ago

    Jesus the depictions of the dinos are so out of date.

  • Kyrie Fan
    Kyrie Fan 7 days ago

    T.rex and Spino have the same animations.

  • Miguel Francesco Hogar

    I thought the Spinosaurus’ roar sounded like a bit of a duck’s quack

  • Jason Savage
    Jason Savage 7 days ago

    Spinosauras FTW!

  • DinoCoat the Gaming Tyrannosaur

    It was Maiasaura for a mother's day Easter egg

  • Acquaintance
    Acquaintance 7 days ago

    They absolutely nailed the look and animations. Not too much of a fan of the new roar at the start, but it seemed to have the old roar when squaring up to the T-Rex.

  • Paolo Hilasaca
    Paolo Hilasaca 7 days ago

    Can’t wait for the game to come out

  • Thomas Anthony
    Thomas Anthony 7 days ago

    What if we get 2 spinos?
    This one and the more accurate one.

  • Roblox Hater1. Gojifan9000.

    This Spino looks like it's gonna be a quadruped from time to time..... (YAY! (: )

  • Deathwish026
    Deathwish026 7 days ago

    not enough references to operation genesis

  • Captain Sam
    Captain Sam 7 days ago +2

    What would also be cool would be if the Spino used its huge front arms and claws in battle. Those things are a lot bigger than a T-rex's arms and could be useful at getting some clawing action on the body of the opponent. Just a thought!

  • Captain Sam
    Captain Sam 7 days ago +2

    I have seen a lot of people say that the T-rex is bigger than the Spinosaurus by weight, but that isn't true. In fact, the average T-rex weights less to about the same as Spino. The T-rex weight about 9 to 16 tons where as the Spinosaurus weighted about 9.9 to 23 tons.

    • Captain Sam
      Captain Sam 7 days ago

      Just realized those numbers are a bit extream. So I looked it up in a handy dandy Dino book of mine. In the book, a T-rex weighted about 6-7 tons, although Sue weighted about 9 tons. Spinosaurus, on the other claw, could haved weighted about 6-9 tons. So either way, a Spino could be larger than a T-rex. Welp, that's all. Spino super fan, AWAY!

  • Ruben Raj
    Ruben Raj 8 days ago

    The skin look the same as the jpog spinosaurus 👌

  • Necessary Casualties Airsoft

    I kinda like the roar from Jurassic World the Game and Jurassic Park Builder more😂 this one sounds like a goat😂

  • Nomen Dubium
    Nomen Dubium 8 days ago

    Elhslfhsqkwxhcnskakwlfucmlalallw - I'm drooling from excitement- 🤤 Be still my heart.

  • koil rooberts
    koil rooberts 8 days ago

    oh my god, i love spino, i am so glad this species profile was made

  • redbird tb
    redbird tb 8 days ago

    Sub to meeee

  • Christopher Kavooras

    What if the Spino and Baryonyx had a crocodilian attack. Where they wait underwater until prey goes to the waters edge to drink, then they strike.

  • muhammad izzan
    muhammad izzan 9 days ago

    To me the spinosaurus roar sounds like the v-rex roar from the 2005 king kong

  • A. P.
    A. P. 9 days ago

    The animation and model quality in this game is amazing! I just wish the physics were more realistic. _Spinosaurus_ could _not_ lift an animal the size of that hadrosaur off the ground. I know this is _Jurassic Park_ and that the developers of this franchise take many liberties in recreating dinosaurs, but I am pretty sure they've kept their weights relatively equal to that of their real-life counterparts. In the movies, the dinosaurs' movements felt _real_ because they moved with weight (for example, the _T. rex_ in the movies, while its design isn't very accurate, was portrayed moving at a speed it likely would have in real life, and it felt _heavy_ like anyone would expect an animal of that size to be).
    That scene in the _Spinosaurus_ species profile reminds me a lot of the scene in the _Jurassic World: Evolution_ announcement trailer where the _T. rex_ breaks out of its enclosure (seriously, did they even sedate it while they had the electricity off? If so, they didnt't use enough tranquilizing drugs. If not, did they seriously expect the _T. rex_ to just stay a safe distance away from them for all the time they were working on the fence? I don't know if this applies to the _Jurassic Park_ universe _T. rex_ or not, but the real _T. rex_ most likely had superb senses of hearing, smell, and vision, meaning it could have easily sensed the workers and have gone after them if it wanted to. Even if it doesn't apply to the _Jurassic Park_ universe _T. rex_ , I think they should've at least taken the precaution of sedating it; they were working on a giant predator's enclosure from the inside while it was awake and in said enclosure, and they weren't exactly being quiet about it), chases the _Parasaurolophus_ , takes its neck in its jaws, and lifts it off the ground in its (triumphant) attempt to overbalance it. It just made the scene feel fake---at least for me, that is (and many, many palaeontologists). The _Parasaurolophus_ is portrayed as this huge, herbivorous animal in the franchise (which it was) and then it's swept off its feet just like that.
    This physics problem doesn't just apply to the _Jurassic Park_ franchise, either. I've seen it in _Kong: Skull Island_ whenever Kong moved (he was just too fast for his size; there was also the fact that the water flow wasn't correctly animated in his hands. It would not have been that foamy; there wasn't enough pressure being exerted on the water to make it flow so fast. At least Peter Jackson's _King Kong_ got these issues down) and many, if not all, of the live-action _Transformers_ movies (how do they move so fast?! They're too big for that speed!).
    Anyway, despite what I just said, I'm really excited for this game. I'm definitely going to get it if I can so I can enjoy the wonderful animation, models, and artificial intelligence it has to offer. Products of this quality are things to aspire to make. I also want to analyze the heck out of this game's development so I can use it as inspiration for the games I want to make.

  • HypnoGaming
    HypnoGaming 9 days ago

    Not a big fan of the JP III sounds being taken out, but other than that it looks awesome

  • MD Diablos
    MD Diablos 9 days ago +2

    For people passing by, It was dissproven that Spino only walked on four legs and scientist found evidence that it also ate meat rather than just fish. It was also very large. Larger than T-Rex (T-Rex was actually pretty short for a large Therapod)

  • Just Some Guy Ok
    Just Some Guy Ok 9 days ago

    Would be cool if they made it aquatic like it actually was

  • robert martinez
    robert martinez 9 days ago

    I love the spinosaurus he is so cool!!!!!!!!!

  • Nicolas Ahumada
    Nicolas Ahumada 9 days ago

    00:27 sipinosaurus breaks its jaw and looses half of its teeth

  • goku black lopez
    goku black lopez 9 days ago +1

    wow spinosaurus, nice

  • MichaelMyers07
    MichaelMyers07 9 days ago

    Ah yes finally! I have been waiting for this since the game was announced. This game, if not before, has become a must-buy. Hope Spino has its JP3 roar in the final game tho. Dont know what to do with the roar of the profile reveal other than that everything looks amazing!

  • YaBoiOof
    YaBoiOof 9 days ago

    The physics of it is just awful

  • A.J. Zalar
    A.J. Zalar 9 days ago

    This is my favorite dinosaur ever in jp so excited it’s here

  • Dino Nerd7
    Dino Nerd7 9 days ago

    The only thing bad I could think of was that when the spino grabbed the hadrosaur the spinos jaw was loose and the hadrosaurs neck wasn't clamped it slid in the mouth, but it would be an easy fix that probably won't be seen in the final game

  • Deus Vult
    Deus Vult 9 days ago

    I just hope there's a sandbox mode.

  • James Hetfeels
    James Hetfeels 9 days ago +1

    Spino is so much cooler than T-Rex imo. More unique design and not overcrowded in media. T-Rex is in every single game/movie etc and they always ignore cooler dinos

  • molly oldfield
    molly oldfield 9 days ago

    So happy !!! While this Dino is the topic of a lot of debate I think everyone can agree that it's an awesome animal in the series :)

  • Miguel Ledezma
    Miguel Ledezma 9 days ago

    I Cant Wait for the release!!! The first time i ever heard about the game being under development, i was so excited. And once the trailers started roling out along with the pre-order trailer, i jist Had to go out ad pre-order the Game! From the Time i write this there is 30 days, 15 Hours, and 35 min left until I can Play Jurassic World Evolution!

  • Vladimier Bronen
    Vladimier Bronen 9 days ago

    Since they have a fondness for the more obscure dinosaurs the hadrosaur might be a brachylophosaurus or as they nicknamed it Leonardo

  • Ben Weston
    Ben Weston 9 days ago

    It’s got a head crest so I think it’s a Edmontosaurus? Prove me wrong please

    • Ben Weston
      Ben Weston 9 days ago

      Jacob Geshel i think it’s possible to be a new animal but it’s too big to be a Miasaura

    • Jacob Geshel
      Jacob Geshel 9 days ago +1

      Definetly not. We've seen what the edmontosaurus looks like, that does *not* look like the edmontosaurus, even if it was a different colored skin.

  • Nick Harper
    Nick Harper 9 days ago

    time to rematch

  • david sims
    david sims 9 days ago +1

    Anytime there’s an update to evolution this is the first page I go to!
    Bestinslot... you are my number one youtuber, please continue to be more and more energetic/excited and observant/analytical of these videos. I look forward to seeing you go over every little detail!
    Also IGN released the documentary thing with hella clips and there is a snip if either a camarasaurus or apatosaurus walking away from the camera so give me a “❤️” if you read this please!!!!

  • Atom Alexandra
    Atom Alexandra 10 days ago

    Man... its been such a long time since i watched your videos.... almost 2 years actually. I discovered you through your operation genesis videos. I forgot how much i loved you and dinosaurs ~

  • Dakota Morgan
    Dakota Morgan 10 days ago

    I just want to let it loose and have it kill people !!

  • Darthzilla 1987
    Darthzilla 1987 10 days ago

    There come's a point where a man could die knowing he has gotten what he wanted but not actually being able to hold it.
    That is how i feel for i fear that i cannot play evolution... crappy laptop... not much else to say so Connor! do me a favor and make a spino in your playthrough.
    I and other spino fans would love it.

  • Dinosaur King
    Dinosaur King 10 days ago +1

    Spino in its rex fight looks like it’s intimidating the rex with her sail, proving she is clearly the bigger Apex predator

  • oMegA PhOeNIX
    oMegA PhOeNIX 10 days ago

    Unleash the Beast

  • Kaiju Conspiracy
    Kaiju Conspiracy 10 days ago

    I'm certainly pretty hyped about this. Although I pre-ordered the game on PS4 (I know, I know, probably should of got it on PC) I've been itching for a RTS / Simulator game like SimCity or Roller Coaster Tycoon. And not gonna lie, I like Jurassic Park, I love Dinosaurs, so when I got paid a few weeks ago, I said "Screw it, I'm gonna pre-order the Deluxe Edition) Primarily so I could have "Everything."
    But one thing's for sure I'm gonna do, rather it's in my main run of the game or a side game... I'm gonna breed A LOT of Spinosaurs, and on a full public day of my glorious park with hopefully minimal problems... well as minimal as Jurassic Park and Jurassic World can get, I'm gonna willingly release ALL THE SPINOSAURS! Oh sure I'll go bankrupt and be sued to high hell in the game... but I wanna cause some massive carnage with Spinosaurs.

  • Logan Craig
    Logan Craig 10 days ago

    When it roared at the T-Rex it sounded like it did in the movie but that first roar doesn’t, they should have had that roar from when it was attacking the plane in the movie

  • Aspiring Marauder
    Aspiring Marauder 10 days ago

    I like the new roar. Really accentuates the amount of mutation conducted on the embryos.

  • gastly foxes
    gastly foxes 10 days ago

    In reality the Rex would win not only is the spinos bite specifically made for fishing in swamps the trexs bite force is much stronger

  • Aspiring Marauder
    Aspiring Marauder 10 days ago

    JP Spinosaurus was the first hybrid, real life s. aegypticus likely swam and walked on all fours and ran on two, hunting and living in the water, lying in wait like an alligator for passing fish and carrion.

  • SirFreddyWonder
    SirFreddyWonder 10 days ago

    Hate That Roar Smh

  • Season Thapa
    Season Thapa 10 days ago

    it looks really realstic but if it would walk mostly with its all four limbs. And use only two during Hunting or fighting. You know what i mean When on two linbs it would bend one side and it would give him extra boost while running

  • Km Neteler
    Km Neteler 10 days ago

    Honestly in my opinion the roar sound more crocodile like (of course crocodiles don’t have any vocal cords so they can’t roar)

  • Casey Rainey
    Casey Rainey 10 days ago

    This gives me hope for the depictions of other spinosaurids in the game. Looking at you croc baryonyx and blue suchomimus...
    I love how the models in Evolution actually shift their weight when they move. It's so gorgeous 😭

  • dstorm eightzerothree
    dstorm eightzerothree 10 days ago

    i wonder if they will do a profile for the indo rex

  • Gusti Ayu Fathima Sukaryati


  • Elmar A. Hannah
    Elmar A. Hannah 10 days ago

    I think the reason the Spino was roaring like that was to show of it's sail. Most paleontologists I have heard from think that sail was mostly for display. Not just mating but to intimidate predators. I think that is exactly what it is doing. It is not as big (It's longer but not really "bigger") and muscular as the T-Rex but with that sail it could appear larger and stronger to it's opponent.

  • jbroti 004
    jbroti 004 10 days ago

    I was really hoping it was an iguanodon. At this point, there’s already 4 confirmed hadrosaur species. That’s plenty enough.


    The t rex is green by the way, maybe means it could be older, age appearance changes perhaps? Or maybe simply a skin. Looks beefier then the past rexys provided to us.

  • Mitchell Jenkins
    Mitchell Jenkins 10 days ago

    so hyped, booked time off work on release. going to stream for as long as my 5 days off as i can!

  • Tyrannosaurus Rulez
    Tyrannosaurus Rulez 10 days ago


  • Awesome Dakka
    Awesome Dakka 10 days ago

    Hyped af for that Rexy vs Spino moment on Nublar.

  • LordOfThe Flightless
    LordOfThe Flightless 10 days ago

    Holy shit!! Was not expecting this, looks great, IS THAT A MEIOSAURA CLEARLY BEING HUNTED!!!

  • All Roads Lead to Rome

    The Spinosaurus was using the sail for display as a method of intimidation during the fight with the rex, as mentioned in the species profile. Holy shit, they have paid so much attention to detail, I am actually astounded.

  • Doopiethedog
    Doopiethedog 10 days ago

    Is that a maiasaur? 0:28

  • Birdy Birdy
    Birdy Birdy 10 days ago

    BestInSlot, you frogot to mention that the spinosaurus in the first clip had scaring on it and to me I think it is a old spinosaurus.

  • Sergio sney
    Sergio sney 10 days ago

    oso jaja

  • Spicy Lil Kitten
    Spicy Lil Kitten 10 days ago

    Not a big fan of the roar. I prefer the one that would sound more like JP3, as it sounded terrifying, loud and practically mimicked a scream. This one sounds more like a throaty groan. But other than that, I like it.

  • Dominik Luki
    Dominik Luki 10 days ago +1

    Yeah Spinosaur reaveled! Next Tyrannosaurus(of course it was on the game)

  • NargacugaKing
    NargacugaKing 10 days ago

    When this game is out i will make a mega spino and let it lose

  • johegenius 888
    johegenius 888 10 days ago

    no me jodassss....!!!!

  • Jose Chavez
    Jose Chavez 10 days ago

    Thank you for another brilliant JWE video I already pre ordered the deluxe edition on my ps4 and I am really excited. Also both this game and fallen kingdom come on the same month as my birthday :D

  • Tyrant Odinson
    Tyrant Odinson 10 days ago

    Thats prettttttty awesome.

  • Hyper Nic
    Hyper Nic 10 days ago

    In all seriousness, I am overjoyed by seeing this.

  • Jakolay69 xD
    Jakolay69 xD 10 days ago

    Welp all my dreams have come true

  • Ubercorn
    Ubercorn 10 days ago +3


  • Gandalf the Tsaagan
    Gandalf the Tsaagan 10 days ago

    I'm surprised that you didn't mention that Spinosaurus killed the Maiasaura in the exact same way as the T. rex does to the Parasaurolophus in the first trailer of the game
    Pointing out that this is a kill animation that large carnivores have when killing certain prey

  • Dayerex
    Dayerex 10 days ago +1

    BestInSlot been watching you for years now, and after endless dinosaur game releases, this is going to be the one, I feel it..

  • Bryar Duncan
    Bryar Duncan 10 days ago

    Thats edmontosaurus, fucktard.

    • Jacob Geshel
      Jacob Geshel 9 days ago

      Bryar Duncan No, it isn't. No need for name calling (especially when you're wrong). We've seen what the edmontosaurus looks like, that's not edmontosaurus. Also to your other comment, listen to the clip with the rex. You can hear a more classic JP3 spino sound effect, so there you go.

  • Bryar Duncan
    Bryar Duncan 10 days ago +4

    Disappointed in the roar. Not accurate to JP3 at all!!!

  • Alius Raptor
    Alius Raptor 10 days ago

    No JP3 style roar tho

  • Ryan Draeger
    Ryan Draeger 10 days ago

    I'm so hyped right now. I can't wait for this game to come out!

  • A Axolotl
    A Axolotl 10 days ago

    So many butt hurt people in the comments bring up spinosaurs and drama floods in as if god just called in a flood sheesh :/

  • Kiryu The Dragon Warrior

    To be accurate the Spino could never do that like what it did with the hadasuar and don't say it could because u know the truth but that's real life not Jp in Jp they can do.some crazy stuff

  • galaxiesaver
    galaxiesaver 10 days ago

    I really dont like the roar. They shouldve went for the JP3 one.

  • Taylon Fitch
    Taylon Fitch 10 days ago

    Thumbnail, not “fumnail”. Three, not “free”. Through, not “frough”. Goddamn I hate Brit dialect, you sound like a four year old with a speech impediment.

    • Jacob Geshel
      Jacob Geshel 9 days ago

      Taylon Fitch People talk differently. Again, deal with it.

    • Taylon Fitch
      Taylon Fitch 10 days ago

      Jacob Geshel I just hate impurity in areas it shouldn’t exist unless you have a medical issue.

    • Jacob Geshel
      Jacob Geshel 10 days ago

      Oh boo hoo. You can still understand him just fine, deal with it.

  • Light Strike
    Light Strike 10 days ago


  • Nether Smasher
    Nether Smasher 10 days ago

    But I don't really care SPINO!!!