Nam Ji Hyun thanking Ji Chang Wook | All my love ♥ [BTS]

  • Published on Jan 8, 2018
  • "The drama turned out so beautifully because he looked after me so beautifully"
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    I mean I HAD TO. I don't really care too much about awards. They're a nice symbol of appreciation but an award doesn't make you better than you already were. It doesn't make one better or worse, its just a token of appreciation from one's community and it's nice, that's it.Our love for them is the biggest award they can recieve so let's not be disappointed guys. But hey! NJH did end up winning a major one nonetheless and I was super proud and happy for NJH. Winning the Excellence Award ooh la la xD but JCW presence was MISSED so BADLY * sigh * only makes you wonder how beautiful that night could have been had he been there. Anyway, I managed to edit something due to my stirred up FEELS for these cuties, I hope you guys like it.
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  • Ilkana EXO-L
    Ilkana EXO-L Year ago +48

    Thanks for this awesome mv! I miss them a lote! I don't move on! Save me 😂❤️ I love all your MV! Your fan from Russia 🎉

    • daehwajae
      daehwajae 3 months ago

      О божеее,я не одна тут русская😂❤

    • bpwinces!
      bpwinces!  Year ago

      Awwww super sweet of you! Спасибо большое ;) Would love to visit one day ❤
      You should give the drama "I'm not a robot" a try, promise It'd be worth it :)

  • Dawn Nicca
    Dawn Nicca 12 days ago

    This song fits perfectly .

  • Bevilyn Tafeyi
    Bevilyn Tafeyi 18 days ago

    Miss theme both

  • sophie lewis
    sophie lewis 28 days ago

    Omg i hope they end up together

  • blue rock
    blue rock Month ago

    2:66 is the award for which drama?

  • Jane Palma
    Jane Palma Month ago

    Oh my i want them again together they looked inlove for each other thats song pleas tell me what is the title

  • Laurent Hamel
    Laurent Hamel Month ago

    I think he is just a good partner drama for her no more.

  • Mei Oh
    Mei Oh 2 months ago

    bpwinces, you sound such a nice person from your introductory comments. Thank you for this lovely video.

  • Laurent Hamel
    Laurent Hamel 2 months ago +1

    Who will win the heart of JCW in 2019.|||||||||

  • Laurent Hamel
    Laurent Hamel 2 months ago

    Just the partners dramas , that’s all.

  • 양희 임
    양희 임 2 months ago +4

    2017년우수연기상수상 하는모습을 이제야봤는데요♥♥♥ 어쩜 그렇게 아름답고 지혜롭게 소감 얘기하는거 보고 또 반하네요★★★ 작년 홍심으로 지현님을 알게되었고지금은 수상한파트너 봉희에 푹 빠져있네요~~~ 어쩜그렇게 사랑스럽고찰지게연기를 잘 하는지 계속 무한반복하고있는중~~~ 한드라마 안 에서 어쩜그렇게 다양한 얼굴로 연기를 하는지 봐도봐도 빠져들까요!!! 앞으로 정말 보기드문연기자가될거 같아요. 계속응원합니다♥♥♥♥♥

  • taba jirpu
    taba jirpu 2 months ago +1

    This is simply beautiful😮 & I end up watching ur mv's again and again🙌

  • Mila Dalapo
    Mila Dalapo 3 months ago


  • Yesica Bang
    Yesica Bang 3 months ago +1

    Serían una hermosa pareja!!!😍😍

  • Akbota Kelgenbay
    Akbota Kelgenbay 3 months ago


  • 양희 임
    양희 임 3 months ago +5

    정말자태가천사가 따로없네요♥♥♥ 미모 갑, 인성 갑,행복 갑, 미소 갑,자존감 갑인 남지현배우 진정사랑합니다★★★★★

    • 이인선
      이인선 3 months ago +1

      임양희 동감이에요^^

  • faradila gumilang
    faradila gumilang 3 months ago +1

    Beautiful serendipity i love them so much 💜

  • Анна Касабян
    Анна Касабян 3 months ago +2

    This is Fantastic vm 😍😍👍👍👏thanks. Love this couple❤

  • kawtar aziz
    kawtar aziz 3 months ago +2

    i love him so much and by watching him how much he loves her i wish for them to be together

  • Aurea Nascimento
    Aurea Nascimento 5 months ago

    lindí sou de câncer igual a ele..ele esta apaixonado por ela...e ela por ele.....

  • Hope Smile
    Hope Smile 5 months ago +2

    I remember Boong ask him
    Did we do it he didn't know what to say.
    He later then said yes we did it I'm not a saint 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Laurent Hamel
    Laurent Hamel 5 months ago +2

    Who is the real love for JCW , NJH or HJW?

  • Le Nguyen
    Le Nguyen 5 months ago +4

    Love Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Huyn

  • Evan Playz
    Evan Playz 6 months ago

    Yoona is better

  • Keyiraile Ndang
    Keyiraile Ndang 6 months ago +31

    Their chemistry is just amazing. Perfect couple. Sorry to say but I don't find any couple better than this jiji couple.

  • Bevilyn Tafeyi
    Bevilyn Tafeyi 6 months ago +1

    someday they make drama again both historical

  • aileen villanueva
    aileen villanueva 6 months ago +1

    Beautifully made video. I miss them. Thank you.

  • Alaa Elnour
    Alaa Elnour 7 months ago

    Hi , I looove the video and the song it just perfect for them you killed it amazing but who is the singer please.

    • bpwinces!
      bpwinces!  7 months ago

      Thank you so much ❤❤❤ I don't remember sadly but its mentioned at the end of the video :)

    BLACKPINK BTS 7 months ago +1

    Thank you for making this MV and this JiJi couple look very nice.

  • fe divina
    fe divina 7 months ago +4

    I am really thier avid fan..i love them both..thier pair have no comparison..but anything can happen in 2 years..God bless U Wookie n Nam Ji hyun..💖💚💖💚💖💚💖💚💖💚

  • Pangit Monaba
    Pangit Monaba 8 months ago +1

    miss u i hope u make drama again both of u for ever also

  • Jeanelyn Tabaranza
    Jeanelyn Tabaranza 9 months ago +1

    I only ship them!!! I love them so much! 💖💖💖

  • iiistokwa aaa
    iiistokwa aaa 9 months ago

    hope you make another one using SP's dcut bts. :)

    • iiistokwa aaa
      iiistokwa aaa 9 months ago

      bpwinces! there were clips on ig but theyre all taken down now. :(

    • bpwinces!
      bpwinces!  9 months ago

      I'm yet to get hold of the Dcut clips :/ any idea where I can get them? Then SURE xD anything for this wonderful couple that I truly miss :3

  • GingerWritesItDown
    GingerWritesItDown 10 months ago +7

    omg I'm SUPER late to the JiJi/NamJi/JiBong ship because I just finished watching SP a few weeks ago and I am officially in LOVE with these two! I can't even tell you how many times I've watched this vid. Sigh. Love them as much as I love ChaeYoo. Girl, as always your vids are ON POINT! Your vids are ALWAYS my favorites to watch. Much Love

    • bpwinces!
      bpwinces!  9 months ago +1

      Awwwwww * dies * this comment made my day, night, month, YEAR xD (did I just sing FRIENDS theme? 😂) no but really thank YOU so much, I can't stop smiling :') Hard work pays off with such words * hugs * late or never I'm so glad you found them :D All we need now is for Wookie Oppa to come back asap xD Sending you LOTS OF LOVE ❤

  • USAFarmgirl
    USAFarmgirl 10 months ago +2

    This is just lovely thank you!!!

    • bpwinces!
      bpwinces!  9 months ago

      ❤ Thank YOU for watching :)

  • Wan Nurdiana
    Wan Nurdiana 10 months ago +24

    I can see her tears when she said thanks to Ji Chang Wook oppa...Omygoshh I can feel their chemistry😘...Jiji couple 4 ever...

  • Jovelyn Baguio
    Jovelyn Baguio 10 months ago +3

    Super cute couple im really hoping that someday in there true life both of them will be together and forever real

  • Katia Quesada
    Katia Quesada 10 months ago


  • squishy
    squishy 10 months ago +3

    She looks teary eyed while watching the clip from SP 😳

  • Cristina Calaguas
    Cristina Calaguas 10 months ago

    What is the title of the song

  • Lina Sta. Maria
    Lina Sta. Maria 10 months ago +1

    BP Winces, thanks much for this beautiful video of various SP episodes and the sweet music. Love and still miss this couple.💖

  • shane gal
    shane gal 10 months ago +1

    why koreans show don't do luvteams, permanent pair? i'm tired seeing different pairing of actors to another different person. hay. these two is gud combination . jiji couple .i ship them

  • Florianne Acosta
    Florianne Acosta 11 months ago

    I like the video and the song can i know the title and te singer of the song?

  • Gaoshoua Thao
    Gaoshoua Thao 11 months ago

    Still my favorite couple 😍😍😍😍

  • Rems Silva
    Rems Silva 11 months ago

    I love them #jijicouple 💚

  • Judd Mauricio
    Judd Mauricio 11 months ago

    Who is the singer of the song "All my love"??? Please Thank You And Iam Really this MV..♥♥♥♥

    • bpwinces!
      bpwinces!  11 months ago

      Thanks! :)
      The band is called "The Icarus Account" x

  • Mey liem
    Mey liem Year ago

    Love u both ❤

  • Risa Guiang
    Risa Guiang Year ago

    I love that sound background it's so perfect for them both.

  • Risa Guiang
    Risa Guiang Year ago +2

    Nam Ji Hyun and Ji Chang Wook I like them both. I hope they're going to have an upcoming drama this 2018.

    PRAKASH SINGH Year ago +1

    so beautiful video

  • Latifah Mc
    Latifah Mc Year ago +5

    i love this video,, Njh very cute,,Jcw very cute too,,,i hope,, jiji real dating

    • bpwinces!
      bpwinces!  Year ago

      Thanks! :) let's be hopeful ^^

  • Istvánné Diák
    Istvánné Diák Year ago

    szeretem ezt a videot, tele vn érzéssel.

  • Marz Travel
    Marz Travel Year ago +1

    I miss them so much..

  • Istvánné Diák
    Istvánné Diák Year ago

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  • khushboo shafi
    khushboo shafi Year ago +1

    the way he look at her or hug it ❤

  • Bao Bao
    Bao Bao Year ago +1

    This is too beautiful to be miss! Thanks for making this!

    • bpwinces!
      bpwinces!  Year ago +1

      I'm glad to hear it :3
      pleasure is mine

  • Vivian Brianyuuj
    Vivian Brianyuuj Year ago +1

    I hope their relationship lasts 4ever i really2x love them 💪💪💪❤❤

  • farah atiqah
    farah atiqah Year ago +1

    i love this

  • iiistokwa aaa
    iiistokwa aaa Year ago +10

    hope y'all are voting for them in soompi awards. :)

    • Norliza Kamalruddin
      Norliza Kamalruddin Year ago +3

      I’ve been voting everyday . Hopefully they will win any one of the categories.C’mon Jiji shippers lets show our love and support by voting them.💕💕💕

    OLIN OCHA Year ago +1

    Miss you... So much

  • Liza Lorena Reyla
    Liza Lorena Reyla Year ago +1

    I really love this couple😍😍😍

  • nelia sparks
    nelia sparks Year ago +2

    I miss this couple.

  • 홍숙박
    홍숙박 Year ago +7


  • hilman yong
    hilman yong Year ago

    may i know what song is this?

    • bpwinces!
      bpwinces!  Year ago

      hilman yong its called "All My Love" mentioned fully at the end of the video :)

  • Warda Ghani
    Warda Ghani Year ago +1

    I miss ji chang wook😘😍

  • Arshi Nadeem
    Arshi Nadeem Year ago +2

    Love from INDIA

    • bpwinces!
      bpwinces!  Year ago

      Been to India last year :)
      BEAUTIFUL country

  • Arshi Nadeem
    Arshi Nadeem Year ago +12

    Best couple.

  • Sonal Sinha
    Sonal Sinha Year ago +8

    Wow, I miss them so much! Thank you for making yet another beautiful JiJi video!!

    • bpwinces!
      bpwinces!  Year ago

      Hey thanks! :D It's my pleasure to edit them :'3

  • Meghna Mungur
    Meghna Mungur Year ago +1

    I miss them. They should do another drama.

  • Rohani Rohman
    Rohani Rohman Year ago


  • Tabassum Parvin Nela

    Cute couple....

  • SeokJinSky Kim
    SeokJinSky Kim Year ago +7

    Woohhh the way he look at her😻😻💏💑jiji couple😻😻😻

    • SeokJinSky Kim
      SeokJinSky Kim Year ago +1

      Khushboo Ansari exactly😍my god wookie are killing us😻😂

    • khushboo shafi
      khushboo shafi Year ago

      SeokJinSky Kim agree .....his look is killing 💘

  • Rebeca Ferdous
    Rebeca Ferdous Year ago +2

    Can't express how much I loved it!!!😍😍😍Thank you so much for making such a beautiful video!!!😇😇😇 Missing #JiJi couple!❤️❤️

  • ARMY'S Poor BIAS list.

    i love their drama especially the lead actress.And my ji wook always a cutie.😘😘😊😋

  • Legend Angel
    Legend Angel Year ago


  • Legend Angel
    Legend Angel Year ago +6

    you're the best

    • bpwinces!
      bpwinces!  Year ago

      Legend Angel aw ❤ BIG thanks! ;)

  • jezzamine jacob
    jezzamine jacob Year ago +2

    omo this video is awesome..thank you for this beautiful video.jiji shippers fighting!

    • bpwinces!
      bpwinces!  Year ago

      jezzamine jacob aw my pleasure ❤ thanks for watching! :)

  • Ac Ac
    Ac Ac Year ago


  • yoongismile uwu
    yoongismile uwu Year ago +11

    I can't explain how much I love them....Thanks for the vid❤️❤️❤️

    • bpwinces!
      bpwinces!  Year ago +1

      yoon minjin aw you're welcome :) 💕

  • Baby Ben
    Baby Ben Year ago +13

    Thanks for making this video update... this is so good remiscing SP all behind scene!!! The Best Couple of 2017!!!

    • bpwinces!
      bpwinces!  Year ago +1

      Baby Ben you're welcome ❤ thank you for watching :)

  • Pooja Kumari
    Pooja Kumari Year ago +4

    Both r awsm together .....I want to see them again 💝💝💝💝😘😘😘

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    Sami Sio Year ago +5

    Oh what a beautiful and loving drama because of you two jiji couple. Can't wait to see you two in real life as a couple. More blessings to you both ❤💑❤❤

  • Applella Au
    Applella Au Year ago +5

    Thanks very much for making this beautiful video. The song matches so well 👍... Really love this couple ...⭐️💞🌙

    • bpwinces!
      bpwinces!  Year ago

      cheng sylvia thank YOU ❤ I'm glad you liked it :)

  • jyoti sharma
    jyoti sharma Year ago +1

    Can anyone tell me the song pls pls..?

    • bpwinces!
      bpwinces!  Year ago +1

      All my love by The Icarus Account :)

  • lodivinaalmario
    lodivinaalmario Year ago +12

    I really missed this couple jcw njh🙌🙌🙌🙌💑💑❤❤❤

  • Norliza Kamalruddin
    Norliza Kamalruddin Year ago +27

    Your work are superb 👍😘Eventhough Wookie and Jihyunnie did not win couple award..the are still winner in our heart.Please continue to support these two lovely person with yr next beautiful video to come.Thank you.

    • bpwinces!
      bpwinces!  Year ago +1

      Exactly!!! :)) Thank you ♥ I will make more soon but other fandoms await too :3 do appreciate your support though, truly xx

  • cebsjc98
    cebsjc98 Year ago +90

    Very nice video... I can't wait to see them together after the military service of Ji Chang Wook. I luv this couple very much. Thank you to the video owner & the uploader. Cheers to all Jebong couple - JiJi couple.

    • Nunung Nurhayani
      Nunung Nurhayani Year ago

      i agree with you chingu

    • bpwinces!
      bpwinces!  Year ago +2

      I am both the owner and uploader xD
      Thank you for watching ♥ and agreed! :)

  • Shuifong Kwok
    Shuifong Kwok Year ago +1


    • Applella Au
      Applella Au Year ago

      難道你和他襯? 🤣🤣🤣

  • mrss xx
    mrss xx Year ago +9

    This is so beatiful, thank you for the beatiful video ❤️❤️ i really miss them

    • bpwinces!
      bpwinces!  Year ago

      Aw thank YOU for watching, I'm glad you liked it :)

  • Love Villanueva
    Love Villanueva Year ago +24

    Wow.. beautifully made!! Perfect for NJH & JCW!!! I ship them hardcore!!!

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    VampireKnight1972 Year ago +4

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    Stinna Creations Year ago +9

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    Fion Eliana Ting Year ago +10

    Thank you for this beautiful video 👍💗
    I ❤ this precious couple. They look so comfortable with each other. Theirs hearts sailing in the same frequency.

    • Fion Eliana Ting
      Fion Eliana Ting Year ago

      Looking at JiJi couple made me love ❤ & smile ☺ for them.

    • bpwinces!
      bpwinces!  Year ago

      loved the way you said it xD
      My pleasure of editing them ;)

  • Haru Mai
    Haru Mai Year ago +4

    Thank u thank u

  • Raili Salleh
    Raili Salleh Year ago +6

    Love d video...thanks bp....

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    Abigael Santos Year ago +8

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  • stvrrytae
    stvrrytae Year ago +20

    Ahhhdiewofjr I love this so much it's so soft and precious and I love that you used an icarus account song, they're so underrated :')

    • bpwinces!
      bpwinces!  Year ago +1

      Hey thanks so much lovely :D and I know! They deserve more, I fell in love as soon as I heard them :3

  • aathompson19
    aathompson19 Year ago +14

    Your work is always so awe-inspiring, thank you!💖💖💖

    • bpwinces!
      bpwinces!  Year ago +1

      My pleasureee :))

    • bpwinces!
      bpwinces!  Year ago +1

      aww HUGE compliment! Thank you so m u c h ♥

      PATRICIA DRAGON Year ago +1

      aathompson19 ... I agree with you.. Beautifully edited Video n Song... Thank You bpwinces

  • Sakura Mizuki
    Sakura Mizuki Year ago +36

    This is soo beautiful 🌸 ✨ I miss them. Hope we'll see interactions after ji chang wook comes back