5 "Impossible" Things That Can Happen On Other Planets

  • Published on Mar 2, 2017
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  • Ronnie Fleming
    Ronnie Fleming 7 months ago +3909

    the more I learn about outer space, the more I realize what a gift our planet is.

    • Yang Ong
      Yang Ong 8 days ago

      Theoretically they are all gift card codes. So yeah.

    • Ardi8
      Ardi8 18 days ago

      @Anne Neville Yeah like water might be too.cold for them, they would live suitably on temp over 100°C to

    • Locnar
      Locnar 2 months ago

      @Rat Boi
      "You could argue that destroying the planet is the most human thing we’ve done"
      Agreed ! NO animals would ever do it !

    • Jamie Vonstein
      Jamie Vonstein 2 months ago

      The world is nice yeah but the humans killed all

    • I'm Going Supersonic
      I'm Going Supersonic 2 months ago

      @Imani Gods work. Not sure which God you're referring too. Have a good day regardless.

  • Nowajish Muhtadee
    Nowajish Muhtadee 9 months ago +1596

    Scientists naming Planets in our solar system : "I am gonna name it by the name if a Roman goddess Venus"
    Also then naming planets outside the solar system: " *Bangs keyboard mercilessly*

    • Hello There
      Hello There Month ago

      Sounds like how people name electronics like TVs lol

    • Locnar
      Locnar 2 months ago

      @abcdefg hijklmnop
      Correction : We use Roman's ngods names !

      MUSIKALIDAD 3 months ago

      Actually. The scientist slaps the keyboard of their computers after they proved that the object they saw in their telescope is a planet. And and the computer permanently registered it the system. And what comes on the screen from banging the keyboard is will gonna be the planets name.
      From since then. This is a trend now.
      Just a funny thoughts of mine

  • GaloreCross
    GaloreCross 8 months ago +2924

    "There is oil in titan"
    Americans: pack your bags bois

    • यश चौहान
      यश चौहान 20 days ago

      No Funny stop it

    • arbygames659
      arbygames659 2 months ago

      All I need is special suit BIG BAGS and boiiiiiis and rooooooooockeeettttttttt

    • arbygames659
      arbygames659 2 months ago


    • Silver Ice
      Silver Ice 2 months ago +1

      *several manned spaceships land on Titan's surface*
      Titan: "Sind Sie das Essen?"
      Space colonists from America, Russia and Elon Musk: "NEIN, WIR SIND DIE JÄGER!"

    • Legendary Bro
      Legendary Bro 5 months ago +1

      @Arash Rezaee Freedom for Titan!

  • cartman
    cartman 7 months ago +610

    I would like to know how we are able to know that exactly how the weather is, on a planet that is 63 light-years away

    • I'm Going Supersonic
      I'm Going Supersonic Month ago

      @FilosofoCA Care to explain how it's b.s.?

    • FilosofoCA
      FilosofoCA Month ago

      Is a bunch of bs lol

    • 100lrczQ
      100lrczQ 2 months ago

      Mostly chemistry and our knowledge of particles in weather on earth

    • Emperor Xitler
      Emperor Xitler 2 months ago

      @Your local flat iron 🤌 I'm not sure, but if you google how far 1 lightyear is and then multiple it you will know more than I.

    • I'm Going Supersonic
      I'm Going Supersonic 2 months ago

      @Your local flat iron 🤌 A lightyear is a measurement of time, not distance.

  • aritan
    aritan 10 months ago +2546

    being dropped alone in that ocean planet is the alternate version of hell

    • S
      S 18 hours ago

      I got reminded of subnatica when he talked about it

    • Yarden
      Yarden 16 days ago

      @Bryan R.26 Let it stay that way... I am terrified of these hypothetical creatures

    • Blake Frazer
      Blake Frazer 17 days ago


    • TheEvilDuckyTater
      TheEvilDuckyTater Month ago

      Subnautica moment

    • Metadragon
      Metadragon Month ago

      Davy Jones' Locker.

  • Jaye
    Jaye 7 months ago +209

    How is multiple shadows supposed to be considered "impossible"?
    I mean sure, it would be a bit weird to suddenly have 2 suns in our sky, but even simply standing between two street lights has basically the same effect

    • The Me
      The Me 2 months ago

      I had a friend name Naruto and I've seen him with thousands of shadows using some technique called shadow clone jitsu

    • Emerald Unicorn
      Emerald Unicorn 4 months ago

      @2022 TheXvid comments . . . A single sun's center of mass is naturally in the center of it. Two or more suns have a center point of mass between them. The planets orbit around that point.

    • Silly MnM
      Silly MnM 6 months ago +4

      @2022 TheXvid comments . . . with binary star systems, the two stars actually orbit around eachother and then the planets orbit around their orbit

    • D. K.
      D. K. 6 months ago +4

      My opinion is.. That even if we would have two stars, we wouldn't have two shadows. The two stars have to be on opposite sites. When they are next to each other like in the video it would be one big light and not two.

    • 2022 Youtube comments . . .
      2022 Youtube comments . . . 6 months ago +12

      the fact that the planet orbits two stars is far more interesting than the two shadows thing, like how does it really orbit? one full circle on each star? or just a big one around both of the stars?

  • AsheySoap'sOpera
    AsheySoap'sOpera 7 months ago +484

    "Theres a massive planet that is all covered in ocean"
    Subnautica players: *"First time?"*

    • Junior Moscato
      Junior Moscato 4 months ago +2

      @DarkBanana _1 SAME

    • Vranxx zen
      Vranxx zen 6 months ago +5


    • Joel Roy
      Joel Roy 6 months ago +4

      Me a pirates of the Caribbean and One Piece fan 🤩

    • Adam Gonzales
      Adam Gonzales 6 months ago +6

      Interstellar Fans: seen worse

    • Victorbrine Yt
      Victorbrine Yt 6 months ago +6

      When I saq that planet I went to the comments just to say if someone thought the same as I 🤣

  • ItsActual Gold
    ItsActual Gold 7 months ago +328

    "Mommy, I wanna fly like a bird!"
    "I'm sorry sweetie, its impossible to fly like a bird."
    Titan: "Hold my beer"

    • Light Of Heaven
      Light Of Heaven 2 months ago +1


    • greg
      greg 3 months ago

      More like
      Phobos:hold my gravity

    • AlexandruP
      AlexandruP 6 months ago +1

      people keep using this "hold my beer" joke wrong. You're supposed to use it as a way when someone has more confidence to do something because of the alcohol. Like "I can ride that 100 meter wave too, hold my beer while i do it"

    • Rainskillz
      Rainskillz 6 months ago +1

      @Shahzada SIDDIQUEE like yours but bigger

  • Jack Tyrrell
    Jack Tyrrell 7 months ago +98

    Starts out with: "The ocean is deep"
    4 minutes later: "It rains glass...... sideways"

    • rana
      rana 4 months ago


  • kth_lithe
    kth_lithe Year ago +3912

    so flying for humans isn’t technically impossible, we just live in the wrong planet

    • Science Being
      Science Being 2 months ago

      @Roland Király I don't really think you would be levitating on something like titan though.

    • Rewatee Deshmukh
      Rewatee Deshmukh 7 months ago

      We live on the right planet!!
      That's the reason why we live!!!

    • electro speedy
      electro speedy 7 months ago

      coooooooool, so, we got the short end of the stick

    • Taehyun' s Last Brain Cell
      Taehyun' s Last Brain Cell 7 months ago

      @Eevee Of All Trades more like floating

    • Mohammad Waheed
      Mohammad Waheed 8 months ago

      Flying isn’t possible because our bodies can’t handle it. We weigh too much . On other planets with lower gravity it’s easier to get out

  • UnqüeRäe
    UnqüeRäe 7 months ago +240

    “39 humans long!”
    Man Americans will use nothing other then the standard measuring system

    • Jordan Lim
      Jordan Lim 6 months ago

      17 Disney World wide

    • UnqüeRäe
      UnqüeRäe 6 months ago

      @Shahzada SIDDIQUEE I have no idea what that means

    • Shahzada SIDDIQUEE
      Shahzada SIDDIQUEE 6 months ago +1

      Sun is actually 4 quadrillion iphones long

    • UnqüeRäe
      UnqüeRäe 7 months ago

      @Uni Playz you’ve gotta be kidding me

  • Harshit Puri
    Harshit Puri 7 months ago +57

    Should we name the planet numbers or word?
    Astronauts: Yes.

  • Mr FatRat ERA
    Mr FatRat ERA 7 months ago +30

    Its not impossible to have 2 shadows, actually its really easy you just need 2 flashlights and a dark room.

    • Spongebob
      Spongebob 5 months ago

      They are talking about other than that

    • psst No
      psst No 5 months ago

      @Mr FatRat ERA jenius

    • Mr FatRat ERA
      Mr FatRat ERA 7 months ago +1

      Actually im in my room and there is 3 shadows of me

  • Stud Lord
    Stud Lord 7 months ago +16

    If the two separate light sources are at similar angles then you would have multiple shadows, but if the separate light sources are at highly opposed angles, then you would have NO shadows, assuming the light sources are of comparable intensities.

  • creativeCipher
    creativeCipher 2 years ago +34688

    If we had two suns there would probably be memes about how your shadow is less lonely than you.

    • Ryan Adams
      Ryan Adams 2 months ago

      Dude I was about to type this lol XD

    •  enimu 🐧🌸
      enimu 🐧🌸 2 months ago


    • LandhynXSkates
      LandhynXSkates 2 months ago

      @Taylor Cheney cringe

    • creativeCipher
      creativeCipher 2 months ago

      @Taylor Cheney How do you explain the shadow you get underneath 2 lightbulbs lol

    • Taylor Cheney
      Taylor Cheney 2 months ago

      You actually wouldn't have any shadows, a shadow is a place where light doesn't reach. With two suns, the suns will cancel out the shadows they cast on you.

  • Rap Vines
    Rap Vines 7 months ago +1

    In looking for other planets that we would possibly be able to live on, we would have to find the planet in the “Goldilocks zone” where the planet is perfectly far enough from their sun or star to be able to inhabit life. Though all of the other factors of if we could survive there, or if there is any life forms to keep us living would depend on the planet.

    • Shahzada SIDDIQUEE
      Shahzada SIDDIQUEE 6 months ago

      If it have all habitat features I am pretty sure life is already there

  • YaBoiCrowny
    YaBoiCrowny 7 months ago +56

    "titan rains oil"
    Every Country : "Write that down. WRITE THAT DOWN I SAY."

  • Pavel
    Pavel 7 months ago +17

    Imagine getting a weight tied to your leg and dropped on the planet full of water.. would you down first ? Or would something lurking on there kill you (despite that the water is toxic)

    • -
      - 6 months ago

      gotta keep an eye out for reapers

    • Shahzada SIDDIQUEE
      Shahzada SIDDIQUEE 6 months ago

      Both are terrific

    • Vulcan Raven
      Vulcan Raven 7 months ago

      Pavel: that is the most interesting planet of those listed imo. But if it has life that'd be cool

    • Noodle
      Noodle 7 months ago +1

      Or would the pure pressure crush your body before you could even think about breathing

  • Konstantin Zhuravsky
    Konstantin Zhuravsky 7 months ago +24

    I guess "flying" on Titan will feel more like diving, with less outside pressure of course

  • andrea andrea
    andrea andrea Year ago +1574

    Imagine what kind of creatures live in that whole water planet

  • Riven
    Riven 7 months ago +31

    GJ1214-b be like: "Detecting multiple leviathan class predators in the area, are you sure whatever you are doing is worth it?"

    • Cyborg_Lucas
      Cyborg_Lucas 7 months ago

      Yea pretty much just rename it to 4546B now we just need alterra and trans-govs lol

  • Joel Roy
    Joel Roy 7 months ago +15

    Fun fact: Jupiter and Saturn rains diamonds at least once a year

    • Joel Roy
      Joel Roy 6 months ago +1

      @Toshie The kitten So? People say random facts all the time, even if the specific you knows.
      We don't do it for you or the people who knows, we do it for fun, and it would be educative to those who don't know

    • Toshie The kitten
      Toshie The kitten 6 months ago +1

      I decorverd this ages ago

  • ouvie
    ouvie 6 months ago

    i've had 3 shadows before, i stood in front of some street lamps and it was pretty cool. might be related differently though

  • Troy Warren
    Troy Warren 7 months ago

    So by impossible you mean very possible and extremely obvious?
    The "liquid rock" which is just lava also is a theory. We don't know for certain this is a case. It is a best guess scenario.
    Rains glass sideways? You mean extremely fine particles of silicate are blown by extreme winds. Which is not rain.

  • Skyman1218
    Skyman1218 2 years ago +2066

    Titan: US, come over
    US: I can’t, it’s too cold
    Titan: it rains oil
    US: It does W H A T N O W ?

    • Harambe
      Harambe Year ago

      titan needs some freedom

    • SketchUp Studio
      SketchUp Studio 2 years ago

      Are the images of these earth-like planets real or art?

    • Sree
      Sree 2 years ago

      And I guess US does face all the pandemic situations bravely in films and newspapers only.. coz they aren't brave when facing corona like all usually see in movies.

    • Demonwater Demonwater
      Demonwater Demonwater 2 years ago

      Send robots send space drones

  • Boby G
    Boby G 4 months ago

    Just imagine, waking up in an ocean, going up to the surface, looking around and seeing nothing for miles, just a gray cloudy sky

  • James Brierley
    James Brierley 7 months ago +133

    “There is a planet that is a massive ocean”
    Subnautica players: •reaper flashbacks.

    • Crusade Thugs
      Crusade Thugs 6 months ago +3

      The screeches, they're coming back, get your stasis rifles bois.

    • Nora NA
      Nora NA 7 months ago +2

      I remember the war...

    • GalaxyGAM3R 360
      GalaxyGAM3R 360 7 months ago +1

      I was about to make a comment about this

    • memes
      memes 7 months ago +2

      The noises it's back

    • SCP Void
      SCP Void 7 months ago +7

      Even worse
      *ghost leviathan flashbacks

  • Galotti
    Galotti 7 months ago +2

    ok hear me out, i’m pretty sure earth’s surface used to be just water until lava came up and created land, so what if the GJ12 planet is another earth?

  • J H
    J H 7 months ago

    the whole 2 shadow thing is entirely possible and happens all the time when walking at night under lampposts

  • Cesar Joughin
    Cesar Joughin 2 years ago +3531

    Having two Shadows isn't that mad, apparently someone's never been in a room with two lights in it

    • The Johnson Fam
      The Johnson Fam 2 years ago

      finally someone understands it.

    • Lon3ly Spo_n
      Lon3ly Spo_n 2 years ago

      Cesar Joughin I’m pretty sure he meant naturally two shadows.. not shadows produced by man made materials

    • nico
      nico 2 years ago

      Zaid Arsalan so like two vehicles are planning to run you over or what

    • Kevin Zhao
      Kevin Zhao 2 years ago

      Has anyone every actually seen 2 shadows even in rooms of 2 lights cause I literally see one.

    • Koreanname
      Koreanname 2 years ago

      I have a room with 5 lights

  •  enimu 🐧🌸
    enimu 🐧🌸 2 months ago

    Learning about planets are so cool. Imagine 4 suns. Extreme heat. 3 freinds four your shadow. Just, awesome.

  • Joseph 09
    Joseph 09 7 months ago +2

    I’ve never heard of such an amusing thing as a “rock cloud” lol

  • Luffy
    Luffy 9 months ago

    you can use two different light sources on earth, whether it be a lamps or candles, to emulate the "2 shadows" experience

  • sound18
    sound18 7 months ago +36

    "Titan Rains Oil"
    Americans : *proceeds to land on the moon with oil mines*

  • Rgan Wi no j
    Rgan Wi no j Year ago +1877

    “You would think that you could only have 1 shadow”
    Me who walks between two lampposts: my goals are beyond your understanding

    • Porko Amy
      Porko Amy 2 months ago +1

      I have once had zillions of shadows

    • Juuce
      Juuce 4 months ago


    • Kaanjel
      Kaanjel 4 months ago +1

      Yeah, it happens all the time in soccer stadiums. Alot of times you get 4 😂

    • Axalea
      Axalea 4 months ago


    • blu3bxrri__
      blu3bxrri__ 5 months ago

      I was about to comment this 😭

  • Rayne Gruber
    Rayne Gruber 5 months ago

    "You shadow on earth is ALWAYS alone and you are ALWAYS used to seeing it this way."
    False On earth there are more lights than just one. I have had multiple shadows many times. It's not uncommon to have 2 shadows on earth. Like standing in a doorway with a bright sun visible outside. The sun casts one shadow, and a light source inside can cast a shadow at a separate angle.

  • Gnarly Marlszz
    Gnarly Marlszz 7 months ago +5

    Something I don’t understand is how do astronomers and scientists know how hot a planet is and know what the weather is like there just from looking at a telescope and just remember these planets would be SOOOOOO far away I just don’t get how they know this

  • Ines Vandevelde
    Ines Vandevelde 3 months ago +2

    I can’t even fathom how they got this information, let alone fathom what else might be out there.

  • _lucian
    _lucian 7 months ago +3

    Can u do another one of these it was really interesting and cool! 🙏

  • Ooh Sorry
    Ooh Sorry 10 months ago +1741

    How to fly.
    Step 1: Cover yourself in water.
    Step 2: Somehow travel to Titan
    Step 3: fly.

    • Jesus has given you all. Repent or die.
      Jesus has given you all. Repent or die. 7 months ago

      Repent to Jesus Christ!!
      ““Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”
      ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭7:7‬ ‭NIV‬‬

    • Sky
      Sky 7 months ago

      /gamemode 1

    • sai the sainosaurus
      sai the sainosaurus 7 months ago

      @Jones Abraham LMAO

    • Oooof Oooof
      Oooof Oooof 7 months ago

      @Blend ya sorry wrong command

    • Blend
      Blend 7 months ago

      @Oooof Oooof/gamerule falldamage false

  • Gaming BloxTom
    Gaming BloxTom 7 months ago +3

    Me who has seen 3 shadows of mine: My goals are beyond your understandings

  • D0N_3k
    D0N_3k 7 months ago +18

    "Titan has rivers and lakes made of liquid methane"
    Energy companies: 🤑

  • Cristiano 7
    Cristiano 7 2 months ago +1

    0:39 you can do this if you are between 2 lampposts or anything that emits light, so it's possible on earth

  • Wonderland
    Wonderland 7 months ago +3

    Titan has almost perfect conditions for living it just needs reasonable temperatures

  • iAAi
    iAAi 5 years ago +10222

    Imagine all this combined on one planet

  • Helo
    Helo 7 months ago +1

    It’s cool that some day titan could be an escape plan or a new horizon for mankind because of its earth like resources

  • A account
    A account 8 months ago +1

    I like how it's earth but split into 6 types and changed the wind speed

  • vincent velasquez
    vincent velasquez 2 months ago

    But wait.. depending on the brightness wouldn't the light emitted from the stars cancel each other out? Maybe a a dumb question but giving there is two sources of heat the humidity would be different therefore the reflection of the light passing through the atmosphere I don't know just a lot of variables?

  • JustATurtle
    JustATurtle 7 months ago +10

    "In that region alone, there is hundreds of times more natural gas and oil than is located on all of earth"
    USA has joined the chat-

    BCCS IVXX-XXIV VII Month ago

    Curious how the hell they know all this, or if they really do or if it's all theories. How would they know the depth of the oceans and speed of the wind?

  • Music fan 11
    Music fan 11 6 months ago

    Your channel is absolutely awesome @reallifelore

  • crooc ernie
    crooc ernie 4 months ago

    Makes me wonder if mankind will ever have the capacity to reach such great distances. For lack of better word, within the next 1000 years so long as we don't manage to screw things up hating each other. If that day ever did come, imagine the ride that would be and the scenery. It really boggles the mind to think about it. I'm sure merely 500 years ago man would of never imagined reaching the moon in they're lifetimes but were probably procrastinating and talking about future generations having the capabilities to perform such a feat.

  • Nobody asked
    Nobody asked 7 months ago +4

    Video: “A planet just completely made of water”
    Subnautica players: *Just like the simulations*

  • Phroug
    Phroug 5 years ago +377

    I would love to *SEE* a planet with all sorts of different, huge, and terrifying creatures... Obviously I would not go there, but like if I could just somehow spectate a planet and just watch and gaze at the possibly GIGANTIC animals... I have always loved how we barely know anything about our ocean, because I sometimes wonder if there is anything huuuuuuge in our own oceans that we don't know about, like massive beasts 50x bigger than blue whales... idk some shit like that... it would be SOOOOOOOOOO cool to see....

    • The Mighty Pickle Rex
      The Mighty Pickle Rex 5 years ago +2

      giant monsters on our planet would be impossible. aside from that huge size making neural communication and other bodily functions difficult to synchronize, something like that would be very noticeable for it's huge impact on local ecosystems.

    • Lisa Dooley
      Lisa Dooley 5 years ago +1

      Savi -That Guy- watch Darwin four

    • Ryunero
      Ryunero 5 years ago +1

      -scientifically proven-

    • Game and Movie Community
      Game and Movie Community 5 years ago +4

      well 50x bigger than blue whales is impossible on our planet.

    • Ekmek Arası Klavye
      Ekmek Arası Klavye 5 years ago +6

      Play or watch playthroughs of Subnautica, it's the perfect game for you!

  • Derrick Williams
    Derrick Williams 7 months ago

    I know it’s 2021 and I love space and am very open minded but I’m SO curious to know how we know ANYTHING at all about planets light years away. So unrealistic

  • A puupet
    A puupet 5 months ago

    Imagine other lifelines on another planet talking about how they think earth looks

  • C
    C 6 months ago +1

    How do they record wind speed on other planets? Those speeds are just unimaginable

    • -
      - 6 months ago +2

      because using the kepler space telescope which can record infrared data, they managed to get a heat map of the planet, and realised that the hottest area of the planet wasnt the area directly facing the star, it was to the side, which seems counterintuitive at first and they realised that this can happen if there was really fast wind going around the planet, which by the time the gas heats up, it gets closer to the other side of the planet. thats why the hottest area of the planet was located at the side and not directly facing the star, because the gas that was directly facing the star hadnt heated up yet since it was only recently in the planets cold side due to the wind. then calculating the wind speed is simple, measure the location of the hottest part of the planet and its distance to the part directly facing the star, and calculate the orbital distance of the planet, done using newton's equations for gravity, and then calculate the energy delivered to the planet, which would give an indication of how quickly the gas is heating up, which is also the time it takes the gas to move from the part of the planet directly facing the star to the hottest part, then using trigonometry to get that distance, then just use speed = distance/time to get wind speed

  • Tuholy 2004
    Tuholy 2004 9 months ago

    How do we know the temperature, wind speeds and that it rains glass and rock on planets that we have only ever seen throught a telescope?

  • Hussein Duvigneau
    Hussein Duvigneau Year ago +545

    I want an episode explaining how we know the weather on planets so far away.

    • Neil Chattopadhyay
      Neil Chattopadhyay Month ago +3

      @Jason Cooper1313 because prediction and observation are not the same thing. Due to the mathematics of weather prediction, it is almost impossible to predict the weather past 1 week. Comparitively, when finding out the weather in planets far away, all it requires is careful observation of the planet itself to find out its weather. With modern telescopes allowing us to see millions of light years away, this is more than possible.

    • A Slice Of Cheese
      A Slice Of Cheese Month ago

      telescopes, very, very powerful telescopes

    • Ν Β
      Ν Β 2 months ago

      @Jason Cooper1313 we can

    • David Tran
      David Tran 2 months ago

      @Jason Cooper1313 It’s soooo much more than trillions of miles. If we shine a bright light, it would take trillions of years to reach some planets

    • Jason Cooper1313
      Jason Cooper1313 2 months ago +5

      We can know the Weather on other planets trillions of miles away yet we can't predict the weather on Earth more than a week in advance?

  • Arclight
    Arclight 4 months ago +2

    RealLifeLore: Who knows what can be lurkind down there if you crash landed your spaceship there.
    Me: sEbNauTiCa

  • Shotzy
    Shotzy 7 months ago

    So… HD189773-b, with wind MANY times the speed of sound. If you were to, for whatever reason, enter the atmosphere would it feel like you’re being pushed and pulled without hearing the wind? Just a planet that makes you think you’re under someone’s influence of the Force, constantly.

  • Legendary Bro
    Legendary Bro 5 months ago +1

    "in about 20% of Titan's surface, there are 100's of times more natural gas and oil than on Earth"
    USA- Did you say oil? We're going to Titan!

  • could it be butter?
    could it be butter? 7 months ago +1

    Imagine being in a sinking sub in an ocean and you have oxygen so you just slowly sink

  • DageLV
    DageLV 4 months ago

    the first impossible thing.
    What would happen... if you brought in another light source in a room? 2 shadows? Reality starts to crask? Add third lamp, the universe starts to collapse in on itself?

  • Birb
    Birb 7 months ago

    Big thanks to the camera man who went to these planets to tell us what it’s like

  • N.Cole
    N.Cole 7 months ago +1

    The water planet GJ would have life significantly larger than the biggest mammal on our Earth. The bigger the space the more life adapts to take it up said space

  • Jayden Yetman
    Jayden Yetman 3 months ago +2

    You probably wouldn't see 2 shadows, 1 sun would cancel out the other shadow

  • Aixa Mercado
    Aixa Mercado 5 years ago +1345

    I have always been fascinated with space and the deep ocean. Both are places full of secrets 😍

    • PlasmaNitro
      PlasmaNitro 2 years ago


    • Sand Fajita
      Sand Fajita 2 years ago

      Man it would be so cool to see what’s under there. Wonder if plants grow on the bottom, if there are cliffs and trenches, or the ice 7 is all there is...

    • Meeb
      Meeb 4 years ago +2

      I like space and the ocean their mysterious. but when they collide that's just scary.

    • BigSchmidt 77
      BigSchmidt 77 5 years ago

      Aixa Mercado did you know we know more about space than our own ocean and more importantly it's creatures

    • Permas Paniyaram
      Permas Paniyaram 5 years ago

      Aixa Mercado are u Jennyln Mercado's sibling?

  • Michal Szilagyi
    Michal Szilagyi 7 months ago +1

    you can´t have 2 shadows, shadow is just absence of light, that means that you would have less shadow on planet with 2 stars then on planet with 1 star

  • Depressoclinical
    Depressoclinical 7 months ago +7

    2 shadows arent really impossible on earth lol just get 2 light sources in a big room and boom you have 2 shadows

  • justacauseldog
    justacauseldog 6 months ago

    Somebody has to make a game where you travel to planets like this and build bases like a moon base

  • Ilan Schertell
    Ilan Schertell 7 months ago +1

    I would be too scared to go on titan, just seeing saturn would scare me enough, and even though flying is cool I would be so parnoid I would think I would fly out of the atmosphere

  • Norky
    Norky 2 years ago +1333

    Video: We have only 1 shadow!
    Me standing in middle of two lamps: *Im 4 parallel universes ahead of you*

    • Norky
      Norky 2 years ago

      Le me sits on lamp:
      *I see no god up here*

    • ur dad sonic
      ur dad sonic 2 years ago

      23456789087654321345678976543213456 me's stand around 1 lamp

    • Norky
      Norky 2 years ago

      @Zeki ok boomer

    • Zeki
      Zeki 2 years ago

      If you have many lamps they will be one and you"ll only have one shadow

    • Norky
      Norky 2 years ago

      *eats a lamp*
      Shut up boomers

  • GTW
    GTW Month ago

    Anyone who's been on stage with more than one spotlight on them already knows that you can have more than one shadow - even here on earth.

  • Alvin Chipmunk
    Alvin Chipmunk 2 months ago

    It would be great if they had actual names to the planets like they do in our own solar system. For instance Alvin.

  • Skater Girl
    Skater Girl 6 months ago

    ive actually had two shadows before it was kinda scary lol

  • Lotte x
    Lotte x 7 months ago

    But how do we know?? We’ve only been to the moon, how do we know that these planets have these things?

  • Celinqq
    Celinqq 2 years ago +1186

    If 2 suns exist:
    Antarctica: I don’t feel so good

  • DG
    DG 2 months ago +1

    Two shadows are possible though. For example if you’re in a room with multiple lights, or under multiple fog lights or street lights.

  • Ohh to be a Gooner
    Ohh to be a Gooner 2 months ago +1

    Imagine being a viking on GJ-1214B's oceans

  • HeyImLove
    HeyImLove 5 months ago

    " *Imagine having 2 shadows* "
    Me who's house has a light every 6 feet: *we did it bois*

  • Christopher Hernandez
    Christopher Hernandez 5 months ago

    POV: you already experienced 2 shadows because you were once flashed with two different flashlights.

  • Peachiiisims
    Peachiiisims 2 years ago +440

    he could literally say anything about other planets and i would probably believe it

    • Dennis Austin
      Dennis Austin 2 years ago

      What If?

    • Zayn Beheilu
      Zayn Beheilu 2 years ago

      Fuck that im still going to study

    • Maxfield
      Maxfield 2 years ago

      @Buli StiK AT least the ocean Planet exists, ive done Research

    • Fardeen Raza
      Fardeen Raza 2 years ago

      On other planets the aliens eat square shaped pizza

  • Lucadatboisus
    Lucadatboisus 5 months ago +1

    what if you are in a dark closed off room and there were 2 light bulbs, would you have 2 shadows?

    • cin
      cin 5 months ago

      yeah try that

  • rando
    rando 7 months ago

    Raining glass sideways is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard that is also true.

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel 6 months ago

    How would the orbit work for a planet with two suns wouldnt it tear the planet in half?

  • alinette
    alinette 7 months ago

    actually you can have multiple shadows in our planet, by passing the light on the streets etc

  • TheUnpopularGuy
    TheUnpopularGuy 2 years ago +5252

    Titan: *has oil*
    America: knock knock, its the United States

    • Felipe F da costa
      Felipe F da costa 6 months ago +1

      america is not just the united states bro

    • IloveRumania
      IloveRumania 7 months ago

      @f_ joyce There was really nothing they could do, so they signed a paper letting the United States, Britain, and Russia visit the country whenever they want.

    • IloveRumania
      IloveRumania 7 months ago

      With huge boats with guns (gunboats).

    • Thạnh Phạm
      Thạnh Phạm Year ago

      Stupid science
      Science doesn't know
      Jupiter growing up to create the Sun.
      The Earth is about to have two Suns

    • Madison Stoner
      Madison Stoner Year ago

      Open. The planet.
      Stop. Having it. Be closed.

  • Norbert Nagy
    Norbert Nagy 2 months ago

    2 shadows are easy on earth as well. And happens with many people in the cities every day. You just have to walk by a store with big windows in daylight.

  • JB
    JB 7 months ago

    I just want to know how scientists discover those things about the planets who are light years from earth

  • KaxOfier
    KaxOfier 5 months ago

    This is my favorite video especially the sideways glass tornado (and ice7)

  • mickdestroy 87
    mickdestroy 87 7 months ago +4

    Having multiple shadow is perfectly possible on earth, I’m not sure if it was between line when you were talking about the two sun tough

  • TryEasy
    TryEasy 7 months ago

    me with multiple lights in my room and having 5 shadows: I am four parallel universes ahead of you

  • Old Sport
    Old Sport 7 months ago +18

    no one:
    Titan: is called Titan
    Marvel fans: * Vietnam war flashbacks *

  • Javier Pena
    Javier Pena 7 months ago

    How can anyone know the windspeed on some distant planet?

  • potatochips
    potatochips 7 months ago

    how'd they know all of this if these planets are light years away? the weather and such?

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Scientist: Hey, name this planet.
    Raging gamer: *Slams face into the keyboard*
    Scientist: That'll do. Thanks.

    • Zeke Gonzalez
      Zeke Gonzalez 11 months ago

      @Azra Bahadur then you're not in comment sections enough.

    • Aaryan Singh
      Aaryan Singh Year ago

      Im the 2000th like

    • Azra Bahadur
      Azra Bahadur Year ago

      Everyone is saying that this guy is everywhere when I have never seen him.

    • Waldo Kleynhans
      Waldo Kleynhans Year ago

      Bruh this is stolen, also why are you everywhere

    • FallerTaller
      FallerTaller Year ago

      Wait your in every SINGLE VIDEO?!?!?

  • potatochips
    potatochips 7 months ago

    how'd they know all of this if these planets are light years away? the weather and such?

  • nutron_gaming_stw
    nutron_gaming_stw 7 months ago

    I've looked at the ground once and i had like 4 shadows

  • Nameless.
    Nameless. 7 months ago

    What if the 2nd sun was across from the other sun?