Akinfenwa recreates CLASSIC England World Cup goal!


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  • Rayan Master
    Rayan Master 4 months ago +259

    Football's coming home

  • Jhonatann Macedo
    Jhonatann Macedo 7 days ago

    Só eu de Brasileiro

  • SuperKiko112
    SuperKiko112 14 days ago

    Legend says he is still trying...

  • Iggytommy
    Iggytommy 24 days ago

    pretty poor. he ought to have spend more time practising football than lifting weights in the gym.

  • William King
    William King Month ago

    Hes not bad but hes no jamie bullard

  • Muhammad Ali Bheda
    Muhammad Ali Bheda Month ago +1

    World class finish at 1:08

  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 months ago

    Give him his due, that was a sweet shot to get it in.

  • OV O
    OV O 2 months ago

    Pwoah dats terrible

  • Gabriel Godinez Alonso
    Gabriel Godinez Alonso 2 months ago

    Nice shot man😎😎⚽⚽🥇

  • Mohamed Machrouhi
    Mohamed Machrouhi 2 months ago


  • El Martins
    El Martins 2 months ago


  • Aaa Bbb
    Aaa Bbb 2 months ago

    dats terrible. I cleared the roof. "Hello?!" 😂😂😂

  • Xavier Beliën
    Xavier Beliën 3 months ago

    There should be a mini-game in fifa 20 with akinfewa trying to recreate famous goals

  • Alpcesur Kepceoglu
    Alpcesur Kepceoglu 3 months ago


  • Adam Greeman
    Adam Greeman 3 months ago

    Who’s Terry Bull? Did he used to play for England?

  • Matthew Ohnona
    Matthew Ohnona 3 months ago +1


  • Boris Boris
    Boris Boris 3 months ago

    Try zlatan's bicycle kick vs England😉😉😉

    X PACKUS X 3 months ago

    'Oh that's terrible'

  • isaac newt
    isaac newt 3 months ago

    Could show a clip of the goals they're recreating before

  • BaiTTankZ
    BaiTTankZ 3 months ago

    Nar that’s terrible

    ALEX WARD 3 months ago

    Now you can see why he’s got bad fifa stats

  • Alexis Gill Rehmat
    Alexis Gill Rehmat 3 months ago

    He says exactly 10 tomes 'awwh that's terrible lol

  • Anu
    Anu 4 months ago +1

    *D I S A P P O I N T M E N T*

  • Ben Games
    Ben Games 4 months ago

    xD terryble

  • Gagah Bayu
    Gagah Bayu 4 months ago

    Recreates CLASSIC England World Cup goal after 42 SR

  • Moh'd karim Ben
    Moh'd karim Ben 4 months ago +1

    King kong plans

  • Accelerator level6
    Accelerator level6 4 months ago

    MAN I SWEAR !!! This akinfenwa recreates series is legit one of the best things on this channel !!! Seriously keep more of this coming I can wait for more recreations !!! What a humble and nice guy akinfwena is , love the vid !

  • RedxJG
    RedxJG 4 months ago +1

    Drinking game:
    Take a shot every time he says, “Dats terrible”

  • Kris Kickers
    Kris Kickers 4 months ago


  • Aleksandar Stefanovic
    Aleksandar Stefanovic 4 months ago

    How many kgs?

  • Baruch
    Baruch 4 months ago

    And this is why he’s playing for Wycombe

  • Jules Trent
    Jules Trent 4 months ago

    Take a screenshot every time when he says ow 😅

  • José Dourado
    José Dourado 4 months ago

    Stick to the chicken wings 😁

  • Omar Thomas
    Omar Thomas 4 months ago

    Rumour has it the producers got tired of waiting and got a green screen instead lol.

  • David Davies
    David Davies 4 months ago

    Maybe because you are terrible

  • Jim Capsey
    Jim Capsey 4 months ago

    That's terrible!

  • Dobbs Mill
    Dobbs Mill 4 months ago

    Remember the lengthage and heightage.

  • David Harris
    David Harris 4 months ago

    Aaaaaaah that's terrible

  • Jake Marc
    Jake Marc 4 months ago

    Argh thats terrible.

  • Ard
    Ard 4 months ago

    Can we have a terrible count 😂

  • dakota krueger
    dakota krueger 4 months ago

    Always an excuse

  • dirty girl
    dirty girl 4 months ago

    What's terrible is his skills . he should study Van Basten

  • Freshsoulzz
    Freshsoulzz 4 months ago

    Take a shot every time he says ‘that’s terrible’.
    You will die.

  • Daniel Kitson
    Daniel Kitson 4 months ago

    t h a t s t e r r i b l e

  • Josh B
    Josh B 4 months ago

    0 tekz

  • Lucy Mooney
    Lucy Mooney 4 months ago

    How many times did he try to score the same goal

  • Nonono9797
    Nonono9797 4 months ago

    This conclude the dude perfect video

  • MrChimpeh
    MrChimpeh 4 months ago

    Das Terribull

  • Haroon Idrees
    Haroon Idrees 4 months ago

    *_A H T H A T ' S T E R R I B L E_*

  • 1,000,000 subscribers with no videos

    A drink every time he says “that’s trrrible”

  • NathanLOL
    NathanLOL 4 months ago

    27th on trending 👍 😂

  • Clazzo Vloggo's
    Clazzo Vloggo's 4 months ago

    Terrible ting

  • Clorox Modz
    Clorox Modz 4 months ago

    I was gonna ask what your workout was but now I know 😂😂😂. Keep it up m8 footballs coming home

  • kenzie starr
    kenzie starr 4 months ago

    Ye england have won

  • Ariel Grande
    Ariel Grande 4 months ago

    *ah that’s terrible*

  • İzzet Fatih Yücel
    İzzet Fatih Yücel 4 months ago

    na na na ovır mı

  • Alex Dove
    Alex Dove 4 months ago

    So shire the fat chode

  • John Cooper - Art of Social

    Can’t they get a pro footballer to do this

  • nukroturk Europe
    nukroturk Europe 4 months ago

    Like a in-shape big narstie

  • What choo Lookinat
    What choo Lookinat 4 months ago

    3/10, could play for Scotland.

  • Fawad Khan
    Fawad Khan 4 months ago

    He plays like he's got timberlands on

  • Tim Morgan
    Tim Morgan 4 months ago

    That’s why he plays In the lower league

  • TicTac
    TicTac 4 months ago

    How is this guy a professional football player

  • Dylan Hughes
    Dylan Hughes 4 months ago

    Love the guy but is it just me that looks at his feet and stance and just thinks he kicks like my little brother or something???

  • george brown
    george brown 4 months ago


  • Shifty Broccoli
    Shifty Broccoli 4 months ago


  • Shifty Broccoli
    Shifty Broccoli 4 months ago


  • haroon mahmud
    haroon mahmud 4 months ago

    so crap

  • Ely Diablo
    Ely Diablo 4 months ago +5

    *Dats terrybull*

  • Adrian Hryniewicz
    Adrian Hryniewicz 4 months ago

    And he used to be a professional footballer....

  • ben powell
    ben powell 4 months ago

    Only took 42 attempts from a Footballer lol love the guy though but should be doing better

  • Sam  Leppard
    Sam Leppard 4 months ago +3

    He struck thise like a true wycombe player

  • Dark Fire
    Dark Fire 4 months ago

    Dats awesome

  • Fourth World
    Fourth World 4 months ago +5

    this video is terrrrrible

  • Matthew Hughes
    Matthew Hughes 4 months ago

    How soccer am...has gone down hill sooo much

  • Drake Powered
    Drake Powered 4 months ago

    *Dats terrible*

  • Shuvam Pyakurel
    Shuvam Pyakurel 4 months ago

    That's terrible 😂😂

  • Josh Dunn
    Josh Dunn 4 months ago

    Football fans are the worst. England isn't gonna win.

  • Hanh
    Hanh 4 months ago

    *D A T S - T E R W I B L E*

  • Itzbrooksy
    Itzbrooksy 4 months ago

    New drinking game:
    Every time you hear ‘uh’, ‘oh’ or ‘dats terrible’ take a shot of vodka

  • Global Critics
    Global Critics 4 months ago +4

    Dude Perfect in a Nutshell

  • DarylProStriker 7.5
    DarylProStriker 7.5 4 months ago

    So What Are You Waiting For, Get Him *NOOOOOOOOW*

  • Blind Hitman
    Blind Hitman 4 months ago

    Every time he says ohhh thats terrible take a sip of water

  • Exploring with Byron
    Exploring with Byron 4 months ago

    Get him at Reading, we need a some more crap to go along with the rest of our team

  • WoolFlannel
    WoolFlannel 4 months ago


  • Muhammad Ali Waheed
    Muhammad Ali Waheed 4 months ago +9

    Fifa 18... Strength 99... Shot accuracy 42

  • Muhammad Ali Waheed
    Muhammad Ali Waheed 4 months ago +4

    He recreated it at his first attempt and then he had to record around miss attempts then editing guy put the first one at the end ... respect

  • Martin Adedolado
    Martin Adedolado 4 months ago


  • Kanesh Dattani
    Kanesh Dattani 4 months ago

    He looks like a revolving fridge.

  • Gauntlet
    Gauntlet 4 months ago +2

    He has a really unpleasant vibe.

    ARN RZI 4 months ago


  • Stevie Gray
    Stevie Gray 4 months ago

    How much time dose he say terrible hh

  • Divinefist 90
    Divinefist 90 4 months ago

    Gareth Southgate should of call up akinfenwa

  • Brandon Hedge
    Brandon Hedge 4 months ago

    He's sounding like an old man bending over after each shot

  • Joe
    Joe 4 months ago

    Y'all think England's gonna win this coup? I have hopes after Germany lost

  • Ah447
    Ah447 4 months ago

    Wow he's so shite 😂

  • David Smith
    David Smith 4 months ago

    2.45 thank me later

  • Larry Streak
    Larry Streak 4 months ago

    Gotta be the least technically gifted pro in the game

    JBDHBD 4 months ago +1

    visualize it.....naaa dats terrible😂

  • Kino Zomby
    Kino Zomby 4 months ago

    Oh my dayz bruv