$163 Chipotle Burrito Taste Test | FANCY FAST FOOD

  • Published on Sep 18, 2018
  • We joined Mythical Chef Josh in the kitchen to bring a $163 Chipotle Burrito to life, and give our personal orders the fancy fast food treatment. GMM #1381
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Comments • 5 027

  • Lyn
    Lyn 7 months ago +6694

    "We're fine and we're fine and we're calm and we're fine."
    Josh is the best.

    • Zeretox Gaming
      Zeretox Gaming 19 days ago +1

      Josh looks left out and innocent, man I feel bad for Josh, he needs more attention

    • Atlas Z
      Atlas Z 3 months ago

      Lyn Just like talking to two startled old men🤣

    • Aspecct
      Aspecct 5 months ago

      Lyn jesh

    • Dang Duong
      Dang Duong 7 months ago

      Yum n we we

    • Jill
      Jill 7 months ago +1

      This is me talking to myself on the daily.

  • Nicholaus Mcdowell

    Fancy Wendy’s Baconator

  • Gianna Andrea
    Gianna Andrea Day ago

    13:05 this is how i see josh💕

  • Kevin Calderon
    Kevin Calderon Day ago

    Make a fancy pizza from pizza hut?

  • Stargirlshay
    Stargirlshay Day ago

    My teacher :
    Me : 6:15

  • Sam Sandwich
    Sam Sandwich 4 days ago

    4:18 you actually set off my Alexa lmao

  • HY281
    HY281 6 days ago

    They Jurassic Parked a pig might be one of the best sayings ever. lol. :)

  • A
    A 8 days ago

    Josh is living the dream. He gets to really explore culinary

  • A
    A 8 days ago

    This show is just like "Let's boost Josh's ego"

  • A
    A 8 days ago

    "Only the best at-" *checks tag* "Joshpotle"

  • A
    A 8 days ago

    This kitchen is my dream 😍😍

  • Ethan
    Ethan 8 days ago +1

    I need that duck smoker for my.....smoke.....😂😂

  • Shadow
    Shadow 8 days ago

    props for actually letting josh eat while he was there, i sometimes see other shows where guests don't even get to eat the food they spent their time and effort making

  • Carrie Simpson
    Carrie Simpson 9 days ago

    I love the absolute joy on Josh's face when he sees the absolute joy on Rhett + Link's faces from eating his food.

  • Fenn Reeder
    Fenn Reeder 9 days ago

    did anyone elses alexa tell them a joke bc of rhett? lol

  • xNational Anthem
    xNational Anthem 10 days ago

    When you said hey google my google started playing Elvis Presley 😂

  • The First World Problems

    Make more fancy fast foods!

  • Evan Johnson
    Evan Johnson 11 days ago

    Am I too late to say Michael Cera

  • anicasme
    anicasme 12 days ago

    Rhett: this is amazing
    Link*gets a knife
    Rhett: *second links grabs knife* NOPE

  • James SAP
    James SAP 12 days ago

    Is it just me or is the lighting different in this video?

  • sitella
    sitella 13 days ago

    Bruh when he said ok Google cook duck my phone searched up cook duck my phone heard itself and went to google I'm dead 😂😂

  • The Asher Show
    The Asher Show 14 days ago

    When he said something about Alexa mine started talking

  • Trevor Otto
    Trevor Otto 15 days ago

    Set my Alexa off 😂

  • Animal channel And beyond

    Only if I could try them

  • NightHawk Nation
    NightHawk Nation 16 days ago

    How about doing a expensive KFC famous bowl go an idea

  • Beanie Monster
    Beanie Monster 16 days ago

    Fancy or not chipotle always makes my day

  • William Yates
    William Yates 17 days ago +1

    They should fancify Panda Express

  • Hailee None
    Hailee None 18 days ago +1

    I love josh so much, he is such a treasure. Don't ever lose him GMM!

  • Deryk Stearns
    Deryk Stearns 18 days ago

    Who forgot to color grade the LOG footage during the fancy part?!?!?

  • Rival Racer Gaming
    Rival Racer Gaming 18 days ago

    Yo they hot boxed a duck

  • Álvaro Serrato Mendez

    I was dying when he shoved the whole temolote full of guac in his mouth! 🤣😂

    REDSKITTLZ 19 days ago

    And we are clam and we are fine

  • Mustafa Şahintürk
    Mustafa Şahintürk 20 days ago

    Did you just post thr raw footage? O.o

  • Frank Ayy
    Frank Ayy 20 days ago

    and now....my google home is trying to tell me how to cook duck...

  • fish burt123
    fish burt123 21 day ago

    Link: i feel emotional
    Rhett: i feel ashamed
    Josh: i dont feel ashamed at all

  • fish burt123
    fish burt123 21 day ago

    Damn dey fancy with meat...kobe beef

  • ron zeckariei
    ron zeckariei 21 day ago

    you need to pet dry the duck before searing..... Amateurs

  • Charlotte Brackney
    Charlotte Brackney 22 days ago

    Who else wants mythical chef josh to have his own cooking show on gmm

  • Hem Rainsford
    Hem Rainsford 22 days ago

    7:37 👍 ditto

  • blake odom
    blake odom 22 days ago

    why not an arbys beef and cheddar?

  • Skylar Noire
    Skylar Noire 22 days ago

    Joshpotle 😂😂

  • Abid hossain
    Abid hossain 22 days ago

    why cant you hold a knife or lighter link?

  • Dylan Green
    Dylan Green 22 days ago

    If they had a taco truck and sold this stuff on random street corners.... they could be way more successful than chipotle. This looks amazing, chipotle isn’t too good

    RY PRODUCTIONS 23 days ago

    What do they do to have a tour

  • Help me
    Help me 23 days ago

    When you guys were saying ok alexa mine opened and I was super confused

  • Silky
    Silky 23 days ago

    When he said Alexa my Alexa went off lol😂

  • Irving Salas
    Irving Salas 23 days ago

    Im the bean man. Get at me

  • WeNeverWin
    WeNeverWin 23 days ago

    Who else’s Alexa responded at 4:25

  • Skyler Jones
    Skyler Jones 23 days ago

    your videos are awesome and funny too

  • Jonas Rothmann
    Jonas Rothmann 25 days ago

    creme fraiche is sour cream right? There is only creme fraiche in denmark??

  • Graham Stevens
    Graham Stevens 25 days ago

    when he said alexa, my alexa started talking

  • Parker Snow
    Parker Snow 25 days ago +2

    What do you do when you have the flu?
    Binge watch GMM. That makes it feel better.

  • XWhiTeBuFFaLoX
    XWhiTeBuFFaLoX 26 days ago

    Anybody else Alexa turn on?! Lol!

  • Usrnot found
    Usrnot found 26 days ago

    why does it look so washed out?

  • I eat chicken nuggets only when I do Popo

    I think link just sucked “wood”

  • Andrew Delta
    Andrew Delta 26 days ago

    Guys please do fancy street tacos!!!

  • BlockHeadBros - Gaming and funny moments

    4:47 Rhett looks evil with that knife.

  • Barrett
    Barrett 26 days ago

    call this "137 dollar beef in a 23 dollar burrito"

  • Landon Toth
    Landon Toth 27 days ago

    Everyone loves josh

  • MegaJesusFucker
    MegaJesusFucker 27 days ago

    You made my alexa go off...

  • Angelica C
    Angelica C 27 days ago

    4:15 lmao my alexa responded

  • alecx francisco
    alecx francisco 27 days ago

    Link set off my google :/ haha lol

  • Shlappy
    Shlappy 28 days ago +1

    i want to see Gordon Ramsay react to mythical chef Josh's fancy food.

  • randallracer
    randallracer 28 days ago

    i just had chipotle too

  • Jeremy Turcotte
    Jeremy Turcotte 28 days ago

    Do you think they had that serving station just around the studio for craft services or whatever, or they rented it special for that bit?

  • Dustin Bourg
    Dustin Bourg 29 days ago

    Do the big Buford or the whopper.

  • Lavender Pickles
    Lavender Pickles 29 days ago

    My Alexa "That can not be converted" 🤣

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith Month ago

    9:19 hello link

  • Cohen Rooney
    Cohen Rooney Month ago

    4:27 I have a google home in my room and it just told me how to cook duck

  • Griffin Tuttle
    Griffin Tuttle Month ago

    When he said ok Google my phone activated

  • Mr Flow 744153
    Mr Flow 744153 Month ago

    Rhett: josh I want to kiss you right now. But I won’t
    Josh: thank you
    12:55 they wrote their own fan fiction

  • aisea havea
    aisea havea Month ago

    "Did you log your miles?" "Low Key Panic*

  • Zoe Bowman
    Zoe Bowman Month ago

    Thank you Link for setting off my google 😂

  • Zoroark3496
    Zoroark3496 Month ago


  • syan
    syan Month ago

    my alexa went off talking about fahrenheit smh

  • pcy pls
    pcy pls Month ago

    9:20 needs more mustache he says

  • jo smith
    jo smith Month ago

    9:17 thank me later

  • Gloria Germann
    Gloria Germann Month ago

    My Alexa responded to their questions

  • Robert Young
    Robert Young Month ago +1

    FIRE ........ LMAO

  • ChronicAlchol 420
    ChronicAlchol 420 Month ago

    am I the only one who strangely wanted to watch "how to crochet an autumn poncho for a dog" right after this video was done

  • UntetheredGaming
    UntetheredGaming Month ago

    Wow! in the background is a Ernie Ball Musicman Stingray Bass!!!! You guys have great taste in basses!

  • idgaf what u call me

    Isn't agave the tequila plant?

  • Andrew Henning
    Andrew Henning Month ago

    Link said ok google and my phone responded.

  • Jude Moore
    Jude Moore Month ago


  • mathe1811
    mathe1811 Month ago

    shoulder burrito lol

  • josh ong
    josh ong Month ago

    Link: Alexa what is 25 cm in Fahrenheit
    Lmao its Celsius= Fahrenheit
    Centimetres= Inches

  • Nick Franco
    Nick Franco Month ago

    $163 chipotle burrito? Hm...guess they doing a budget episode

  • Tygris Cunningham
    Tygris Cunningham Month ago

    I am hungry and jealous

  • Aidyn Mcmurtrie
    Aidyn Mcmurtrie Month ago

    Thanks for asking the google home in my room about duck recipes but hey it sounded really good.

  • Oliver Bridge
    Oliver Bridge Month ago +1

    my google home actually went off :) 4:21

  • Aaron Jo
    Aaron Jo Month ago

    my google home went off f u guys

  • EZ Tay
    EZ Tay Month ago

    4:21 “Ok Google *CoOk DuCk*
    Everyone With Google Homes: UGH NO I DON’T WANT A DUCK RECIPE

  • Dugeez No Cap
    Dugeez No Cap Month ago +1

    I’m chillin at 3 Volume in another room from my Alexa and she still replied to link saying centimeters to Fahrenheit and now I think it thinks I’m stupid

  • randomawesome dude
    randomawesome dude Month ago +3

    3:34 *UUUUUUUUGGGGHGHHHH* yo these oats are hitting me haaaaaard *cough*

  • Wwitkovsky
    Wwitkovsky Month ago

    When you said “ok google” my google home went off😂😂

  • Danny Mo
    Danny Mo Month ago

    I loved everything about it!

  • The Fungal Attack Is Imminent

    Woah. A live event in Connecticut. Woah

  • Jacob Griego
    Jacob Griego Month ago

    Can you do something fancy from subway

  • Agent Waffle
    Agent Waffle Month ago

    Josh The Magical Man.

  • valeria R
    valeria R Month ago

    At 4:21 my Google found me a duck recipe