$163 Chipotle Burrito Taste Test | FANCY FAST FOOD

  • Published on Sep 18, 2018
  • We joined Mythical Chef Josh in the kitchen to bring a $163 Chipotle Burrito to life, and give our personal orders the fancy fast food treatment. GMM #1381
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Comments • 5 081

  • Lyn
    Lyn 11 months ago +7568

    "We're fine and we're fine and we're calm and we're fine."
    Josh is the best.

    • JC Denton
      JC Denton 2 months ago

      Josh liked hearts this

    • MarioZeldafan42
      MarioZeldafan42 2 months ago

      We're still good! xD

    • Zeretox Gaming
      Zeretox Gaming 4 months ago +2

      Josh looks left out and innocent, man I feel bad for Josh, he needs more attention

    • Atlas Z
      Atlas Z 7 months ago

      Lyn Just like talking to two startled old men🤣

    • Aspecct
      Aspecct 10 months ago

      Lyn jesh

  • Mantas Valatkevičius
    Mantas Valatkevičius 17 hours ago

    lithuania made it into gmm i feel awsome

  • Rachael Ramjit
    Rachael Ramjit Day ago

    seeing them fight over the fire made me realize their just kids in old people bodies

  • Jason Rosales
    Jason Rosales Day ago

    “Welcome to Joshpotle, how may I help you.”

  • Crimson Allen
    Crimson Allen Day ago +1

    This episode made my google home look up a recipe for roast duck.

    • Mr. Jish
      Mr. Jish Day ago +1

      Yeppppp same here. As soon as he said "Hey Google" I was like "Dammit, here we go"

  • Wolfii Songs
    Wolfii Songs Day ago

    Josh always seems to enter new scenes in such an awkwardly shy way lol

  • Yazan Yazan
    Yazan Yazan 2 days ago

    When link started eating the guacamole

  • Jax
    Jax 2 days ago

    @ 13:54 josh's face 😂 meant what he said!!

  • Jericko Craig Yraola

    Why does the mythical kitchen look gloomier here?

  • Zen
    Zen 4 days ago

    I wish to recive the joshpotle apron or shirt

  • Zen
    Zen 4 days ago

    I wish to recive the joshpotle apron or shirt

  • CM99501
    CM99501 5 days ago

    I love they said, "I feel emotional..." "I feel ashamed."

  • Kaitlyn J.
    Kaitlyn J. 10 days ago

    Rhett: what is this ghost?
    Josh: what are we doing?
    Link: just say i love you
    Josh: i love you
    Link: ditto
    Rhett: ditto ditto

  • Mech WARRIOR57
    Mech WARRIOR57 11 days ago

    love the shoutout to burritos la palma, they are an amazing place with amazing burritos

  • Andrew smith
    Andrew smith 12 days ago

    9:20 .. sus asf 😭.

  • Spencer Shortt
    Spencer Shortt 13 days ago

    Is it just me or does the whole kitchen segment look super unsaturated and not at all colour graded

  • Autumn Swift
    Autumn Swift 13 days ago

    They were in CT? Damn

    INFYRNO 14 days ago

    When he said ok Google my phone actually replied

  • Nathaniel Jauregui
    Nathaniel Jauregui 14 days ago


  • Jacob Andersen
    Jacob Andersen 16 days ago

    Welcome to joshpotle how may I help you

  • KindOfEmo ButNotReally
    KindOfEmo ButNotReally 16 days ago +1

    You can really tell how much pride josh takes in his job, he's so giddy about them eating it. Good job josh.

    THENOOBYGAMER45 17 days ago

    Josh = Gordon Ramsay 2.0
    Also, get Ramsay on da show guys FOR VIEWS AND GOOD CONTENT

  • Ilia Morshed
    Ilia Morshed 18 days ago

    More then a day to make a freaking burrito and eat it in 5 minutes..life is sad

  • Shelby Traughber
    Shelby Traughber 18 days ago

    Welcome to Josh-potle, how may I help you.

  • Whybutter Vlogs
    Whybutter Vlogs 18 days ago

    That smoker the og bong

  • J.C Stromberg
    J.C Stromberg 19 days ago +4

    04:21 thanks for activating my Google Home 😂😂

  • owen wilson
    owen wilson 19 days ago

    Imagine going to college for cooking just to make a fancy Chipotle burrito

  • Superchuyito 1195
    Superchuyito 1195 19 days ago

    Gwaca mole

  • Mr Youtube
    Mr Youtube 20 days ago

    I was gonna go but the tickets were 90$

  • Keegan Kipke
    Keegan Kipke 20 days ago

    Chipotle is fast casual

  • Toby Leighton
    Toby Leighton 21 day ago +1

    Now Gordon Ramsey needs to taste it

  • Marion Sousa Graça
    Marion Sousa Graça 21 day ago

    Does Josh have a youtube channel?

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross 21 day ago

    Rhett: how hot is that?
    Josh: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh



  • p9ris
    p9ris 24 days ago

    9:20 Thank Me Later

  • Rogelio Mora
    Rogelio Mora 24 days ago

    Chipotle not real mexican food fyi

  • D1sc0de
    D1sc0de 24 days ago

    I feel really bad for josh.

  • Justin Jeremy Jase
    Justin Jeremy Jase 25 days ago

    Why has no one tagged 3:21 😂😂😂

  • Isaac Wambach
    Isaac Wambach 25 days ago

    When link said "ok Google" it activated my Google

  • Demon Eon
    Demon Eon 25 days ago

    Josh-Potle. I kinda feel bad for Josh.

  • Calvin Poole
    Calvin Poole 27 days ago

    it bugs me how josh who made this stuff has to sit there and hope for scraps from Rhett and Link

    they should make a show where josh makes all this stuff for himself imagine how happy he would be

    • Zachary Morin
      Zachary Morin 26 days ago

      Calvin Poole I love Josh but that’s also his job. They pay him to do that

  • Rachel Long
    Rachel Long 28 days ago

    My Google Home tried giving me a recipe

  • KCKFilms
    KCKFilms 29 days ago +2

    When link said “Alexa” my Alexa next to me answered his question

  • Carrus Brick Productions
    Carrus Brick Productions 29 days ago +1

    “Alexa what is 25 centimeters in Fahrenheit”

  • Martin Fulp
    Martin Fulp Month ago

    Do a fancy whopper

  • Falcon
    Falcon Month ago

    Alexa, what is 25 cm in Fahrenheit?
    -Link Neal

  • aaron paz
    aaron paz Month ago

    Whats the music @9:32?

  • Dark Slayer14
    Dark Slayer14 Month ago +2

    My brain during a math test: Rhett at 5:44

    xAC3GAMINGx Month ago

    9:20 ... you’re welcome.

    xAC3GAMINGx Month ago

    Can josh be my therapist? “And we’re fine, and we’re calm, and we’re fine and no one got hurt.”

  • Trey Sullivan
    Trey Sullivan Month ago

    Wow my Google just played a whole recipe for cooking duck

  • owen wilson
    owen wilson Month ago

    I tried guac once i tasted nothing

  • 420 SplashDaddyUnlovable

    Mythical Chef josh really is mythical

  • alabama country girl5229

    I have never tried there food before. am i missing anything?

  • SamuariSam
    SamuariSam Month ago +2

    Link *shakes a garlic clove like a mad man* “how’s my hair?”
    I felt that man

  • Aj Brandt
    Aj Brandt Month ago

    Gonna need one of those smoker things in case I'm ever incubated, for... reasons.

  • Droopy
    Droopy Month ago +1

    Anybody else feel like the smoker with the hose thing has multiple uses...🤔

    • Keith Elam
      Keith Elam Month ago

      Im in the comments looking to see if anyone else is thinking the same thing lol

  • Junior D
    Junior D Month ago

    Josh funny af

  • The emerald Panther
    The emerald Panther Month ago +1

    When link said hey google Cook duck my google home mini activated

  • joseph boyd
    joseph boyd Month ago

    At 4:21 my Google home gave me a recipe for 🦆

  • The Fandom Queen
    The Fandom Queen Month ago

    “Welcome to joshpotle how may I help you”

  • clint brunke
    clint brunke Month ago

    watching this video actually activated my alexa . in case your curious 25 centimeters is 9.84 inches

  • Chris Lloyd
    Chris Lloyd Month ago

    Get me on gmm and i would eat anything but spiders as they are my fears

  • Mimosa Amelia
    Mimosa Amelia Month ago

    Link tasting the guacamole gave me life

  • Wormings
    Wormings Month ago


  • Wednesday my Dudes
    Wednesday my Dudes Month ago


  • Waffle Duck
    Waffle Duck Month ago +1

    How is Link still alive at this point?

  • Julia Narvaez
    Julia Narvaez Month ago

    I miss fancy fast food

  • Pandazsleeping
    Pandazsleeping Month ago

    Is it just me or the guy on the right looks like Taylor Swift

  • Madyson Reed
    Madyson Reed Month ago

    I’ve never had chipotle

  • Useless Fish
    Useless Fish Month ago +1

    I swear did he just say boof when he opened his burrito

  • jjanae TV
    jjanae TV Month ago

    Why’d link put tht in his mouth😂

  • Marcus_Sux_ Sox
    Marcus_Sux_ Sox Month ago

    If link likes it I like it

  • Ringo Jiro Nicolas
    Ringo Jiro Nicolas Month ago

    I wish they do another version where the colors are nicer

  • Tim Theailen
    Tim Theailen 2 months ago

    Did josh even get to try that burrito

  • Stanley Huynh
    Stanley Huynh 2 months ago

    this video activated my google home