• Published on Dec 12, 2017
  • TIME TO SPILL THE TEA... and find out the TRUTH about the new Kylie Cosmetics $360 makeup brush set! Are they worth it and do they actually work??? I have ALOT of questions about this product and tried to be as through as I could! Let me know in the comment section what you think of the packaging and performance! Thank you for watching... LOVE + LIPSTICK
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  • Katherine Wilkins
    Katherine Wilkins 2 years ago +14599

    For $360.00 those brushes should float out of the pack and apply the makeup on your face

  • Fran Santiago
    Fran Santiago Year ago +1714

    For $360...I would like to see the packaging in a hard case.

    • griscelda telles
      griscelda telles 3 months ago

      Plus tax & shipping & no returns

    • Cass Reynolds
      Cass Reynolds 6 months ago +2

      If she had done a black hard case with the silver brush handle. (Chefs kiss) This packaging ain’t it

    • Noman Abdullah
      Noman Abdullah 6 months ago

      @Nebelung yes 😂

    • DreamBelief
      DreamBelief 7 months ago +5

      I would prefer a hard case, but I have seen some soft cases that I feel would actually be worth that price point (of course, they look nothing like this cheap rip off trash)

    • Robert K
      Robert K 9 months ago

      And a bottle of Dom Perignon! Tellin ya! 🙄

  • Be with Noor
    Be with Noor 2 years ago +1136

    *People can hate on Jeffree but brands need to put a 'Jeffree star approved' tag in their product description*

    • Andrea Manning
      Andrea Manning 4 months ago +1

      @CaptnJack Calling people n****rs is pretty nasty 🙄😒 however, I did get two of his eyeshadow palettes before I found all that out, and they are the best in my collection.....he does have damn good makeup I don't think anyone could argue that

    • Rosalina Star
      Rosalina Star 6 months ago

      @Gourab Mukherjee people who use to be friends with him say it’s all a facade & that he’s still the same person behind the scenes

    • Taebreeze ღ
      Taebreeze ღ 6 months ago

      @CaptnJack _Idk him being associated with that blood on the dance floor guy rubs me the wrong way- but still his reviews are the only ones I trust-_

    • User 1290
      User 1290 6 months ago

      Right 😂😂

    • Thrift'Z'3 Millien
      Thrift'Z'3 Millien 7 months ago

      I second the motion.

  • Bob The Actual Fish Queen

    My sister bought this set (Yeah - I know), but she didn't want them anymore so now I use them to create my paintings and water colors!

    • Antny.25 🌊
      Antny.25 🌊 2 months ago +1

      Well damn at least that $360 didn’t go to waste 🎨 🖼

    • Iva _
      Iva _ 2 months ago

      Do they work for art at least?😅🤣

    • Hannah Lacy
      Hannah Lacy 2 months ago


    • Yair Medina
      Yair Medina 4 months ago

      Is your sister Ok??? Like??? 😳😳😳😳😳

  • Khursadze
    Khursadze 9 months ago +197

    This video will always remain ICONIC. The way Jeffree states arguments, does comparisons, talks bussiness side, etc is just incomparable. This is a fucking masterclass. Such a scorpio.

  • Hayley Massingham
    Hayley Massingham 2 years ago +14723

    I can literally feel the cheapness of that packaging through the screen😂

  • Alison Farmer
    Alison Farmer 2 years ago +1252

    No one:
    Kylie Jenner: Says she tried to make the brush set as cheap as possible and prices them at $360.

    • 아렠산드라 Alexandra the ARMY
      아렠산드라 Alexandra the ARMY 7 months ago +2

      I can literally order a brush set of 20 brushes on amazon and get it for 20€ (23,20$).Better packaging and better brushes,not this tin foil that people use for getting a tan.

    • Kathleen Tyler
      Kathleen Tyler 9 months ago +9

      The price isn't cheap, but the brushes are.

    • M o o n
      M o o n 10 months ago +6

      @Lily Kaene nice!

    • Arupkumar Mitra
      Arupkumar Mitra 11 months ago +18

      Gurrll she was the talking about making the quality as cheap as possible.. iykyk.

    • Lily Kaene
      Lily Kaene 11 months ago +15

      @M o o n i'm having a 24pc Synthetic brush set
      And its just 2$ and the Quality it is so good and the Packaging is great!!

  • Ky Gal
    Ky Gal 11 months ago +152

    I love how brutally honest Jeffree is. As a consumer I really appreciate this. Haters gonna hate. Keep on keepin it real honey!

    • 아렠산드라 Alexandra the ARMY
      아렠산드라 Alexandra the ARMY 6 months ago +1

      I'd rather buy a set of 12 brushes from BH cosmetics and the bag is better quality.
      I love how blunt he is and doesn't give a fuck,eventhough he's a hill away from Karjenners.A lot of people dragged Kylie for that cheap ass packaging,and they said when Jeffree said the packaging feels cheap,he wasn't kidding.

    • Joe Ritter
      Joe Ritter 11 months ago +1


  • Patricia Salazar
    Patricia Salazar 2 years ago +550

    I've come to a point in my life where I absolutely will not buy anything makeup related unless it's Jeffree Star approved. I'm not giving a dime of my money to Kylie's "self-made" company.

    • Olivia Lierman
      Olivia Lierman 7 months ago +2

      @Marie I would but I'm 14

    • Syco Dude
      Syco Dude 7 months ago +1

      @Marie that wasn't the point but ok 😂

    • Olivia Lierman
      Olivia Lierman 9 months ago +8

      In my opinion all the rich people need to give a LOT of money to the people who don't have homes,cars,clothing,FOOD,WATER, and everything else they need to LIVE. Because people are dieing because people like the Kardashians are greedy. And they don't even care.

  • Lena
    Lena Year ago +349

    Jeffree is the only one I go to for makeup reviews since he brutally honest😂

    • s
      s 7 months ago +1

      Same. And it is calming for me somehow to watching his rewies 😂

    • Lena
      Lena 11 months ago +1

      @RandomVidzz💛 frrrr

    • RandomVidzz💛
      RandomVidzz💛 11 months ago +6

      That's why I looove watching his makeup reviews. I like honesty...and he is so fucking honest and don't hide anything... I like that

  • Israel Hernandez
    Israel Hernandez 2 years ago +5709

    My respects to Jeffree instead of saying “buy my brushes” or self promoting himself, which he could of. He said “um I can recommend to you a lot of other affordable brands” says a lot about him ❤️❤️

    • no
      no 2 years ago

      Ugh no i dont have respect for him anymore i hate him. He bought a knock off product that wasnt the real product.

    • Louise Foster
      Louise Foster 2 years ago +11

      Exactly, he's a multi millionaire and still remembers that us regular people have a budget of maybe $30

    • Dionna ly
      Dionna ly 2 years ago +12

      Israel Hernandez
      Jeffrey Star became rich all on his own. He knows what’s it like to buy affordable/cheap make-up

  • Yuumi Daily
    Yuumi Daily Year ago +106

    Kylie: I always fight for the lowest price of my products
    also kylie: launches a brush sets for 360$

  • Haru
    Haru Year ago +210

    I'm so obsessed with jeffree star,his personality, the way he talks and his hand gesture, I'm living for it😂

  • Unicorn Sprinkles
    Unicorn Sprinkles Year ago +131

    I love that when you spend $360 at Kylie cosmetics for these brushes you get cheap crappy packaging, spending $52 at JSC you get a bomb formula, gorgeous packaging and even a high quality box that the palette comes in!

    • Anna Rosado
      Anna Rosado 4 months ago +2

      Absolutely! That's one quality about Jeffree that I really appreciate: he's a SELF-MADE billionaire that understands what actually is and isn't affordable for most people. I feel like people who are born with a silver spoon in their mouths and a family thats loaded with money, cant understand that.

    • SinSitySinderella
      SinSitySinderella 7 months ago +4

      Damn right!

  • gabriela o
    gabriela o Year ago +94

    I watched this when it first came out, and now it’s 2021 and Im still cackling at the audacity Kylie thought she had to market these at $350+ s&h 😂😂😂

  • marilynn maldonado
    marilynn maldonado 4 years ago +3425

    Ive said this plenty of times and I’ll keep saying it. The price of those brushes is a fucken Car payment. (For us regular shmegular people) these brushes are nothing but repacked brushes with her brand on it. Call me a hater idgaf. She need some milk.

    • Savage Queen
      Savage Queen 3 months ago


    • Erik H
      Erik H 4 months ago

      Famous kids who were born into a rich family, who have never experienced how it is to be part of a mid - low income family doesn’t realise that though. They don’t understand that regular working people can’t afford shit like this

    • Andrea Manning
      Andrea Manning 4 months ago

      That doesn't make you a hater, you're absolutely right 360 dollars.....FOR MAKEUP BRUSHES!!!!!

    • Angeline Montemayor
      Angeline Montemayor 4 years ago

      A fucking men sister!!!!

    • bitch what
      bitch what 4 years ago

      marilynn maldonado I could get better packages at Walmart for a quarter of her price :l

  • Connie Carmona
    Connie Carmona 2 years ago +5669

    Anyone watching this while in Quarantine 2020 Hi! How are ya?😭

    • Meg S
      Meg S 3 months ago


    • Lizet García
      Lizet García 5 months ago

      i'm from the future, the pandemic is still going on but this video is still relevant lol

    • AAKM284
      AAKM284 7 months ago

      I’m doing alright

    • Michael Donovan
      Michael Donovan 8 months ago

      2021 hi! How are ya?

    • Julia theilgaa
      Julia theilgaa 8 months ago +1

      Im fine, here i am watching this a little to late😅

  • Kamogelo Pilane
    Kamogelo Pilane Year ago +53

    3 years later and I still agree with you, the packaging does look very cheap and I’m pretty sure it feels cheap too but the brushes..very cute, could be more cute if the bag was a different colour even black would make them stand tf out

    • 아렠산드라 Alexandra the ARMY
      아렠산드라 Alexandra the ARMY 6 months ago +1

      I'd rather spend 30 dollars on a set of 12 brushes from BH cosmetics.Also the bag that comes with them is better quality.I remember a lot of people said whatever Jeffree said was 100% true.The brushes are like any typical brush,nothing special,and the cheap ass packaging felt cheap and it looked like it was going to fall apart.The price was not worth it.

  • Gilmour11
    Gilmour11 9 months ago +23

    There’s a reason Jeffree is so successful. Because he’s as good a communicator as anyone who ever lived. He MAKES you like him. Every time I watch one of his videos I genuinely come away liking him.

  • Wavy BLKQueen
    Wavy BLKQueen 2 years ago +592

    This is why I have a hard time buying celebrities products because I'm not paying for your house in Calabasas or your trip to Turks and Caicos boo boo. Kylie tripping

    • JᴇᴏɴCᴀғᴇ_ɪɪ
      JᴇᴏɴCᴀғᴇ_ɪɪ 5 months ago +3

      @CaptnJack for me it's kinda different I like gucci, chanel and other expensive brands because I like their stuff and not for showing off or anything. But yeah i do get where you come from.

    • That Lendy
      That Lendy 7 months ago

      HELP 😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • ɪ ᴊᴜꜱᴛ ᴘᴏᴏᴘᴇᴅ
      ɪ ᴊᴜꜱᴛ ᴘᴏᴏᴘᴇᴅ 9 months ago

      @blv nothing happened

    • xxniiccccc
      xxniiccccc 9 months ago

      Lmfaoo yesss sis

    • CaptnJack
      CaptnJack 10 months ago +2

      There are people that will always pay more for 'perceived value' rather than actual. Gucci bags. Jordacheh jeans, CK underwear, etc. Its because that 'label' lets them assume that they can show others they are better than others or have more money, etc. Its always an ego trip. (even if your just trying to fit in with a similarly shallow peer group)

  • Medrea Washington
    Medrea Washington 3 years ago +2551

    Tbh whenever Jeffrey does a review he doesn't make me feel poor once in one of his videos makeup was about 28$ or something and he was like THATS WAY TOO MUCH FOR SOMETHING LIKE THIS and I can actually appreciate that how he gets on my level lol

    • Michelle Tetzke
      Michelle Tetzke 3 years ago

      @I LOVE BTS _ oops. Thanks.

    • I LOVE BTS _
      I LOVE BTS _ 3 years ago

      Medrea Washington it’s Jeffree not Jeffrey

    • Michelle Tetzke
      Michelle Tetzke 3 years ago +1


    • Le GLaM
      Le GLaM 3 years ago +1

      He knows the struggle 👏

    • Wendy Wang
      Wendy Wang 3 years ago +17

      I think that’s because $28 doesn’t match quality, if it’s hundred bucks for one thing but the quality match it, he’s not gonna say things like that. Same thing, if the quality is extremely low but it’s selling $28, he’s going to say that it’s expensive for something like that.

  • chloe is here
    chloe is here Year ago +76

    I love how Jeffree talks to us like were his best friends because i stan 💅🏻

  • INK
    INK Year ago +43

    This packaging is like those 2$ brush sets I’d buy of eBay when I was extra broke like its literally exactly like most of the brush sets from there, from the way the brushes look to the weird glue it’s just like that im shook

  • LadyShip
    LadyShip 11 months ago +22

    I like how Jefree matched Kylie's cadence...she compared her brushes so he compared her brushes in his review...this is how you do a review.

  • Mariah Delapenia
    Mariah Delapenia Year ago +71

    The review that proved to us that Kylie and her PR team can’t handle criticism. 😭😂 The saltiness.

    • Khoral Burcalow
      Khoral Burcalow 2 months ago

      @Yair Medina must feel nice to be a fan cuz u sat here an wrote that whols thing🤣🤣

    • Khoral Burcalow
      Khoral Burcalow 2 months ago

      @Yair Medina u need some milk

    • Fleepy Floops
      Fleepy Floops 6 months ago

      @Emma :p ah right. I thought there was some fallout online or something lol

    • Emma :p
      Emma :p 6 months ago +1

      @Fleepy Floops they took Jeffree off their PR list 💀

  • aesthetic asmr
    aesthetic asmr 3 years ago +2873

    Even though $360 is probably NOTHING for Jeffree, I love how he is still honest and is so relatable still

    • Central Elegance
      Central Elegance 3 years ago +4

      Another ASMR Kid it is absolutely nothing for him but he knows exactly what it means and what its like to be poor. Thats why he’s still relatable cause he hasnt lost touch with his roots.

    • Crispy and Dank Memes
      Crispy and Dank Memes 3 years ago +16

      He understands how $360 can be a lot to most people because around 5 or 6 years ago he was in debt and struggling so he knows.

    • P4Stalot
      P4Stalot 3 years ago

      I appreciate him soooo much

    • LLafo
      LLafo 3 years ago

      Why did you comment twice lol

    • Midi Retro
      Midi Retro 3 years ago

      You right, you right

  • Leila N
    Leila N Year ago +194

    Jeffere : “ I have never seen this much controversy “
    Me : * watching this in July 2020 * 😳

    • DShine
      DShine 8 months ago

      September 2021

    • Luke Jones
      Luke Jones 8 months ago +2

      @Chanell💋 me watching this from my grave 💀

    • Chanell💋
      Chanell💋 8 months ago +2

      @Isabella Gonzales Me watching September 2036 😳👋🏼

  • Aqsa Shah
    Aqsa Shah Year ago +14

    I love how jeffree is so open and honest about everything. And the fact that he recommends all kind of products from affordable to expensive is so nice of him. Love his videos.

  • 111effy
    111effy 10 months ago +23

    imagine how much stuff you could actually buy for $360 rather than makeup brushes that come in a poorly made package, for $360 the least they could've done is improved the quality of the brushes a little more as well as changing the packaging and maybe lowering the price, you'd probably be able to find a much better makeup brush for less than $30 i reckon.

    • Victoria Arvizo
      Victoria Arvizo 5 months ago

      I got my 24 piece brush set for $30 and it's from bebellas cosmetics but do I also have a 12 set from BH cosmetics too and love to use both

    • 아렠산드라 Alexandra the ARMY
      아렠산드라 Alexandra the ARMY 6 months ago

      I'm gonna go and buy a set of 12 brushes from BH cosmetics.Also the bag that comes with the brushes is better quality.

  • nityavashisht
    nityavashisht Year ago +125

    The way he ✨ d r a g g e d ✨ this brush set is sending me lmao

    • xxniiccccc
      xxniiccccc 9 months ago

      I always come bak to thiss he dragged her through the mud can’t stop laughing I’m outta breath

    • MadMike
      MadMike Year ago

      LMAO he did!

    • Rukhsana Zaidi
      Rukhsana Zaidi Year ago +1

      Lmfao yes. I love it so much🤣

    • Johanne Petersen
      Johanne Petersen Year ago +1

      Right lol

  • Beth Peters
    Beth Peters 2 years ago +2831

    I dont buy unless Jeffrey approves. PERIOD

    • Irem
      Irem 10 months ago +1

      I don’t buy make up shit for 360$, idc who approves 😂

    • Diana Riverjackson
      Diana Riverjackson 10 months ago


    • ladyyuna2000
      ladyyuna2000 2 years ago

      same here I gotta have
      jeffreestar approval

    • Mauren Hernandez
      Mauren Hernandez 2 years ago

      Ur right Kylie should whatch out because Jeffrey star is testing and approving and disapproving and I think Kylie should save her money because money ain't grow she might be rich but if people stop buying her product she is going to get poor and poor stormi

    • fallinginroyaleestxx
      fallinginroyaleestxx 2 years ago


  • Weena May
    Weena May Year ago +77

    The Kardashians/Jenners are WAAAYYY above themselves. I don’t know who they think they are. They’ve milked the Kardashian name to the hilt. Their shelf life is definitely coming to an end..

    • no name
      no name 8 months ago

      @Olivia Lierman ok but sis still spend money on yourself too

    • Olivia Lierman
      Olivia Lierman 9 months ago +4

      In my opinions all the rich people like them need to give a LOT of their money to do ate to the less fortunate. Because people don't have FOOD, WATER, houses, clothes, cars, and cant pay for hospital bills and other bills. People that are rich need to stop being so greedy and only live with the money that they need and only buying the things they need. Not million dollar purses.

  • Nevaeha Handrich
    Nevaeha Handrich Year ago +11

    Jefferys reactions are truly 100% honest, and i love how he doesn’t overreact about stuff like shedding brushes and stuff like that, like i’ve seen with other beauty gurus👍🏻

  • Greeshma Mali
    Greeshma Mali 11 months ago +4

    He really explains everything in proper details.... Also tells the facts... I really respect his Sincearity.... Love from India🇮🇳

  • UNDDninja
    UNDDninja 2 months ago +3

    Love you so much Jeffrey always keeping it 100% real!!! ❤️

  • Alise N
    Alise N 2 years ago +14039

    The moment when u watch Jeffree Star because he is the only one who asks how are you

  • Daryl Edwards
    Daryl Edwards 9 months ago +3

    AMAZING as always!!!! Laughed throughout the tutorial…she’s got greet timing and WIT! Definitely agree the brushes aren’t worth $400! They should at least come in a hard case for that much money! When are you coming to daytime TV?! Get rid of Drew Barrymore and replace you anyday!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Cora Moore
    Cora Moore 5 months ago +3

    3 years have gone by and every time this video comes in my recommended I watch it because Jeffree just slays Kylie 🤣

  • Lisa Gunnison
    Lisa Gunnison 5 months ago +6

    In 2007 I bought Bobby Brown sable makeup brushes for $250. It’s 2021 and those brushes are soft, keep them clean, they never shed. Got my money’s worth. The packaging is sewn stitched black leather.

  • Jennifer Orlando Ludwig
    Jennifer Orlando Ludwig 5 months ago +11

    Almost 4yrs later and I still can't believe Kylie compared her brushes to the LEGENDARY Kevyn Aucoin 🤦‍♀️🙄I'm VERY proud that Kevyn Aucoin is from my homestate Louisiana ❤❤

  • Peter Nguyen
    Peter Nguyen 2 years ago +2385

    Jeffree: “For someone who has a line for a short time and compare themselves to an iconic legend. Girl, you better to chill.” 😂🤣😂

  • Vivi Pap
    Vivi Pap 2 years ago +2

    That review has super honest and kind for Jeffree's shade standards imho 😂. he just had his opinion and even stated that he loved some of the stuff individually. The review was made in a way that, to me, as a consumer, it gave words to what I've already thought about the price and not really having so much negative feelings about the brush set at the very end. If I had 360$+ dollars to spend and no concern over my financial situation, probably I would give them a try just for fun, even after watching Jeffree's review.

  • Patrick Bateman
    Patrick Bateman Year ago +15

    Jeffree is so honest . I love it.

  • JadaSantaTV
    JadaSantaTV 5 months ago +5

    I’m watching this December 2021 and this is still so iconic I love Jeffree

  • Isabel
    Isabel 11 months ago +14

    “Its blending cute I’m like fanesing it over & over …I’m over it “ lol 😂 You just have to LOVE Jeffree Star 💫

    • Utibe Noah
      Utibe Noah 11 months ago +1

      "i just feel like it could have been better and quicker.. "😂😂

  • Kelley Germroth
    Kelley Germroth 2 years ago +1990

    I literally came back to rewatch THIS again cause it was EPIC how Jeffrey did this review so when I need a good laugh I come back to THIS review and the Kylie skin care w jeffrey and Shane 😂😂😂😂

    • griscelda telles
      griscelda telles 2 months ago

      I do the same thing lol 😂

    • marroquinmaria98
      marroquinmaria98 3 months ago

      Same and with Shane omg even funnier lol

    • Jennifer Orlando Ludwig
      Jennifer Orlando Ludwig 9 months ago

      When I watch Jeffree&Shane's Kylie skin review I have to put on my grandmother's depends 🤣🤣🤣

    • Bonnie Howell
      Bonnie Howell 10 months ago

      I just stumbled across a "Kylie is canceled " video that played a clip of this video and just had to rewatch.

    • Fitch tumbaga
      Fitch tumbaga Year ago

      Samedt ghorl

  • jerine desouza
    jerine desouza Year ago +16

    I love how Jeffree always honest
    - this looks a 100% fucking cheap

  • Annie Gale
    Annie Gale 2 years ago +2

    Watching this back I think Jeffrees reviews are so great,.. he knows what he’s talking about. And when people get pressed over actual raw reviews, that’s were they went wrong.

  • Style By Sandro
    Style By Sandro Year ago +1

    While I do admire them for being 100% honest in this review, I also kind of think this was a learning experience for Kylie herself. Keep in mind, she released these brushes in the FIRST FEW MONTHS she was doing makeup. This is not me saying that she had every right to make the set $360. But, I will say that she had every right to compare her NAME (not brand) to other icons in those tweets....Kylie is a celebrity, therefore she is used to using more expensive brands of makeup! Want to bash her for the price? Cool, we get it. But like they said, it got the job done, and she took the item off her website, so she’s probably improving on it.

  • K D
    K D 2 years ago +18

    I always come back to this video, because Jeffree looks so pretty here even before the beat😍

  • •Addison•
    •Addison• 2 years ago +4654

    Does anyone realize that these brushes are priced higher than Gucci slides??? Kylie is crazy

    • Jesús Yair Medina Reyes
      Jesús Yair Medina Reyes 2 months ago

      But CRAZIER is the people that support her and buy her shit. PERIODT.

    • blackestcat1111
      blackestcat1111 3 months ago

      🤣🤣🤣🤣THE GUCCI SLIDES 🤣🤣🤣

    • Izzy Elrod
      Izzy Elrod 3 months ago

      with that low of quality? i think tf not

    • busta nut
      busta nut 6 months ago

      @Sarah Ahmed she’s not a billionaire, or wasn’t when she first said she was. ik this is a year ago i’m just saying

  • Elmira
    Elmira 11 months ago +5

    I can watch Jeffree Star forever, - smart, beautiful, funny, dynamic, honest, clever, sarcastic, entertaining 🔥🔥🔥

  • Bri Aronson
    Bri Aronson 6 months ago +3

    I come back to rewatch this every so often 😂 “girl you better chill”

  • Jamal Williamson
    Jamal Williamson 4 months ago +4

    I know I’m not the only one who misses the ever so iconic Jeffree Lynn on the makeup reviews 💅🏼

  • S Sailo
    S Sailo 6 months ago +4

    i kinda miss Jeffree's brutally honest makeup reviews

  • Emily H
    Emily H 3 years ago +1090

    I definitely appreciate the fact that even though he’s extremely wealthy the price point of things is still considered in his videos. He hasn’t completely disregarded that some things really are pricy and the average consumer has to consider these factors!

    • Miguel Rayo
      Miguel Rayo 3 years ago

      Emily H aabot

    • MrSparklesJD
      MrSparklesJD 3 years ago +20

      Jeffree does attempt to make his products relatively affordable. Usually you can find his products for between $12 for a lip scrub, $18 for a liquid lipstick and around $50 for a eye pallet. Thats really reasonable for mid range makeup pricing.
      Funny that you can buy Jeffree's entire holiday master collection of makeup for $332, which includes like 19 individual products. (including the eye shadow palette and 8 lipsticks.) Oh and also included free expedited shipping.

    • SlytherinKitten- // inmysoul_TLH
      SlytherinKitten- // inmysoul_TLH 3 years ago +1

      Emily H quality should match the price point basically

  • Sandra Schwartz
    Sandra Schwartz 9 months ago +4

    can I just say if anyone thought she developed or had any input into the creation and manufacturing of these products, you're smoking Crack
    she just picked colors and cheap already made products were named and packaged for "her line"
    like generic fruit loops and cocopuffs
    only she upsold the generic products that she would NEVER use herself
    that's a scam

  • Cotie Guzman
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