Sub-Zero’s Head Shatter | The Science of Mortal Kombat

  • Published on Feb 18, 2019
  • Sub-Zero is known for his ice-cold deadly fatalities in Mortal Kombat, but is the frozen feat actually possible in real life? Kyle gets help from MMA champion Daniel Cormier and Sufficiently Advanced’s Allen Pan to find out in The Science of Mortal Kombat!
    The Science of Mortal Kombat is a co-production between Legendary Digital Networks and WB Games.
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  • Because Science
    Because Science  3 months ago +2032

    Thank you all so much for watching! I really hope you enjoy the series -- we put a ton of work into it. For the next 11 weeks, there will be a behind-the-scenes video one week, then a full episode the next. If you liked the video, share it, watch it, social about it, and it will go a long way in making sure we can do another series like this. And of course, this is all on top of the regular BS content each week! -- kH

  • AJ!
    AJ! 2 hours ago

    9:23 Here, I saved you some time.

  • lz Champ
    lz Champ 7 hours ago

    He looked so happy to have the chance at destroying a skull

  • Nicolai By
    Nicolai By 7 hours ago

    Like 'cuz of DC.

  • P. K.
    P. K. 8 hours ago

    I feel like sub Zero doesnt shoot cold air. Having something cold is simply taking the energy away from it. What if Sub zero is actually sucking away the energy from objects?

  • MistaGoodTime
    MistaGoodTime Day ago +1

    Compare the DC & CM Punk videos & you’ll know who the real mma fighter is

  • Samuel Dalat1
    Samuel Dalat1 Day ago

    Haha guys i have a funny drink game. Everytime his eyebrow goes up you drink a shot. 🤣🤣🤣 dont do that its just a joke

  • Playback PxB
    Playback PxB Day ago

    When did THOR become aware of science????

  • André Muricy
    André Muricy Day ago

    Sub Zero must be able to get way lower than -180c though. Doesn't he go to pretty much -273?

  • /KiLzx x
    /KiLzx x Day ago

    10:42 feels bad dude

  • charlie rivera
    charlie rivera 2 days ago

    Just sitting here for months shitting on mortal kombat huh

  • Phillip Dang
    Phillip Dang 2 days ago

    Daniel "Double Champ" Cormier

  • LukeWarmAlcohol
    LukeWarmAlcohol 3 days ago

    This guy is the next fucking bill nye i love it

  • Tejas Bhandare
    Tejas Bhandare 5 days ago

    Sub zero is not freezing heads all the way through the blood inside is liquid

  • YuNg CaSh ReGiStEr
    YuNg CaSh ReGiStEr 6 days ago

    However sub zero can be much colder than what food industries use. And he punches alot harder than any real person.

  • Daron Rice
    Daron Rice 7 days ago

    Bad ass intro!

  • OatGuardian
    OatGuardian 7 days ago

    Life hack, just send the thing you want to freeze into space!

  • Jack Glassborow
    Jack Glassborow 7 days ago +1

    Who else thinks he looks like 4

  • GGamer [GG]
    GGamer [GG] 7 days ago

    Rose's are red
    Violets are blue
    9:18 is what you should go too

  • Carameru Dee
    Carameru Dee 8 days ago

    Im mmmm im not sticking my head in the freezer anymore

  • brad potts
    brad potts 8 days ago

    as you can see he does not freeze the head solid. the blood is still in liquid form and the jaw moves after it was smashed without splitting the gum walls on the side of the face, showing flexibility.

  • Joseph Figueroa
    Joseph Figueroa 8 days ago

    Absolutely epic!

  • Gandalfdawhitekid
    Gandalfdawhitekid 8 days ago

    "Oh hi kyle"

  • Clydesdale Curtis
    Clydesdale Curtis 9 days ago +1

    At first I thought this one would be a same o same o miscalculated (poorly done really) test that gets everyone upset (including me) but this time the test was done nicely ... You're starting to gain my respect Because Science, well played

  • Kalin Daskalov
    Kalin Daskalov 9 days ago

    Wtf is this garbage?

  • Ben Lamptey
    Ben Lamptey 10 days ago

    Stipe may be rethinking his request for a rematch after this video

  • Ben Lamptey
    Ben Lamptey 10 days ago

    DC in the thumbnail is the only reason I watched this.

  • Jonnhy
    Jonnhy 10 days ago

    Thank you for the information, thor

  • SFG YM
    SFG YM 10 days ago

    This nigga smart or I’m I just dumb as hell ??!

  • Daniel jackson
    Daniel jackson 11 days ago

    So it takes u forever to open up a head from its wrap 😡 😡

  • NOLA Ghoul
    NOLA Ghoul 12 days ago

    If you’re trying to recreate what SZ did, the head has to be PERFECTLY steady, so solid grip and full force behind a punch straight forward. Gloves give padding that will ultimately “dampen” the punch, so I’d try something closer to hand wraps. Solid punch with knuckle protection

  • Cyrus McWind
    Cyrus McWind 12 days ago


  • Jorge Bocaranda
    Jorge Bocaranda 12 days ago

    Remamber sub zero be able to really doing it that fast

  • Josh Sten
    Josh Sten 12 days ago

    Oh no dc why’d they do this to you

  • Jaguarlibre Jr.7
    Jaguarlibre Jr.7 13 days ago

    I believe if it were colder the head may have shattered better

  • jun ior
    jun ior 13 days ago

    You should've had Anthony Johnson do that

  • Angel Alcantara
    Angel Alcantara 13 days ago

    1:38 I guess u can say he is cold blooded

  • Phantom Blood
    Phantom Blood 14 days ago +1

    I think subzero is just strong in terms of punching

  • Harleigh Sumrow
    Harleigh Sumrow 14 days ago

    In the game, the head isn't frozen all the way through because when it's shattered, you can see all the blood spatter so all you have to do is freeze the outside 2 or 3 layers

  • Fish Fish
    Fish Fish 15 days ago

    Look I like your videos but you don’t need to be a dick just sayin

  • Matthew Scott
    Matthew Scott 16 days ago

    I'm sure I'm wrong but maybe the ballistics and synthetic bone reacts different to low temperature than a human

  • Suicidal Panda
    Suicidal Panda 16 days ago

    Why did Allen sound like herbert the pervert when he said "Hi Kyle"

  • Vincent Dalida
    Vincent Dalida 16 days ago

    *I Want This Dude Brain*

  • TopLessTanks
    TopLessTanks 16 days ago

    Why was he wearing two gloves?

  • Shadow Taka
    Shadow Taka 16 days ago

    What the hell is Thor doin here

  • soap studes
    soap studes 16 days ago

    Dont sub zero frezzes his hand when he punchs the head. plus ice could probably break ice. Watch the fatality again.

  • Fernando jejeje
    Fernando jejeje 17 days ago


  • Rforgames
    Rforgames 17 days ago

    You can see that sub zero doesn't freeze the whole way through bc the blood is still liquid when the head is destroyed

    • Blaze Wing
      Blaze Wing 17 days ago

      Not only that but when he shatters the head the mouth opens as if hes feeling the pain of being shattered.

  • rzk mx19
    rzk mx19 18 days ago

    Invite me please and i show

  • rzk mx19
    rzk mx19 18 days ago

    If was me i would punch witout the gloves

  • Cesar Casas
    Cesar Casas 18 days ago

    Aka jax

  • Mason Jr XVI
    Mason Jr XVI 18 days ago

    Thor and Bruce Lee talking about skulls

  • Clock Maker
    Clock Maker 18 days ago

    that mans name is not daniel. its jackson briggs

  • Clock Maker
    Clock Maker 18 days ago

    science thor turned into shang tsun

  • Phillip [TEC]
    Phillip [TEC] 19 days ago

    Again, Sub-Zero is a cryomancer. He doesn't have to freeze things thermodynamically from the outside in. He can freeze the molecules of the whole head almost instantly and uniformaly in one shot.
    So your 10 minutes for kinda frozen he can do in seconds to completely frozen, perhaps even amplifying the thermal shock and making it that much more brittle.

  • Dayne Jah
    Dayne Jah 19 days ago

    I know this dude is smart but why does he want to look like a non athletic version of Thor? You know he for sure describes himself as “looking like Thor” when picking up ladies or men online as most nerds like me can’t do it in person.

  • Nick Moore
    Nick Moore 19 days ago

    Sub-Zero didn't use a left hook boxing punch while wearing gloves, he used a taekwando straight punch with his bare hands. The horizontal arc expends more overall kinetic energy and air resistance, whereas the straight punch is designed for maximum delivery through compactly focused movement. Due to the training that boxers go through, their fists become powerful enough to be categorized by law enforcement agencies at the *federal* level as "lethal weapons."

    This is why you'll often see them wear those big puffy gloves when fighting in the ring, the padding material absorbs enough of the impact to help prevent killing an opponent in one punch. If DC were to drop the gloves and go full-on Saitima, he could likely do a lot more damage. However, he'd also likely injure the bones in his hands and fingers, as a result of punching a massive block of ice... which is essentially what an analog ballistics head that's been flash frozen in liquid nitrogen, is.

    Small differences in technique that quickly become bigger differences in results. Either way, safety first and don't try this stuff at home, kids!

  • Kawsr Ka49999ss
    Kawsr Ka49999ss 19 days ago

    _9:04__ GERAS!_

  • Fernando Cuadra
    Fernando Cuadra 20 days ago +1

    10:48 That's the nicest thing I have ever heard haha

  • Christian Morgan
    Christian Morgan 20 days ago

    Actually you can get an get a colder temperature if you use liquid helium insted of liquid nitrogen. -270 degrees celcius 3 degrees away from absolute zero!

  • La joie Sabuni
    La joie Sabuni 20 days ago

    The moment youre waiting for 9:25

  • Silence The Truth
    Silence The Truth 21 day ago

    Brock Lesnar's prolly shitting himself right now.

  • Joe Arguin
    Joe Arguin 21 day ago

    Jesus the production got fuckin awesome since I watched this last

  • LaVeyanist
    LaVeyanist 21 day ago

    The only problem with the technique's we have for measuring the freezing time for this is just that it takes so long with liquid nitrogen and the likes, and the lore states Sub-Zero's blasts of cold are well below the scientific 'absolute zero', so getting hit with a solid blast of that could probably freeze someone instantaneously. But that's why it's magical

  • Kurai
    Kurai 21 day ago

    Not gonna lie came for DC

  • ernesto Stion
    ernesto Stion 22 days ago

    I have to criticize and say my opinion in this video, and I'm obviously a dumb guy who say something irrelevant but, as I'm what i watched, saw, and noticed to the dummy head, there was more to have that head fully frozen, and it looked like the forehead only had it dipped to the liquid nitrogen, anyone noticed it as well?

  • Charles Brossett
    Charles Brossett 22 days ago

    I'd call that a success

  • dylan milford
    dylan milford 22 days ago

    It should have been chuck "the iceman" Liddell

  • Bubble Pop
    Bubble Pop 22 days ago

    Ballistics gel is made of gelitine is that how you spell it

  • hell boy crafts
    hell boy crafts 22 days ago

    Please make soniya blades bracelets

  • rama RT
    rama RT 22 days ago +1

    You forgot something do not try it at home I hate when they put this what do they think I am going to freeze my sister's head and destroy it

  • matrixzx
    matrixzx 23 days ago

    I need the OST for the part when he crushes the frozen head!! Please!

  • armin harper
    armin harper 23 days ago

    See in the video where you tried to uppercut some1 off the ground, u should have invited Ngannou u has the highest recorded punching power in all of UFC, it still woutdn't work cuz even a robot couldn't do it but at least Ngannou wouldn't miss the chin(punk literally hit the dummies nose twice!)

  • Sauron 30511
    Sauron 30511 24 days ago

    DC takin heads

  • Steve
    Steve 24 days ago

    why a hook, when sub zero did a jab

  • Ненад Пајчин

    Man no one. an match sub zeros freezing abilities his abilities are unmatchable just like scorpions fire abilities he can freeze a full grown man within a second

  • John Rucker
    John Rucker 24 days ago

    Should have froze the head to the chin

  • BEST BOIII 3000
    BEST BOIII 3000 24 days ago

    To do that it temperature must me atleast -10°c more or less but you need tons of force and destructibility. (Not a Metaphor.)

    FIESTA FLANDERS 24 days ago

    He should have made them call him Kyle Khan

  • James McKnight
    James McKnight 24 days ago

    why the duck was I unsubscribed David utube

  • Zan Mathews
    Zan Mathews 24 days ago

    Put brock lesnars or jon jones face there and itll shatter without the ice 😂😂😂

  • Ricky Ogle
    Ricky Ogle 25 days ago

    If you look back on the image/video of subzero freezing The guys scull and punching through it you’ll see chunks of brain right and liquid blood meaning subzero did not freeze through the entire scull meaning the time it would take for the scull to be frozen would be lower the whatever the time you got also meaning you only have to flash freeze the outside of the head giving at the look just like in the video game that if freezes through

  • creepy pinny
    creepy pinny 25 days ago

    It’s not fully frozen in the fatality though just the outside

  • oscar vega
    oscar vega 25 days ago +1


  • Trace Gorum
    Trace Gorum 25 days ago

    Jon Jones left leg kick would have done much better than dc

  • Migue Ramirez Gutierrez

    DC yes CM PUNK NO!!!!

  • Little Mac Maliko
    Little Mac Maliko 26 days ago

    Ohhhhh! i wanna punch that head!

    GHXST _LIO 26 days ago

    Sorry but gotta spit some facts all I want to say is that 1subzero frezzes his hand in that frame. To harden his hands so that the skulls fracture point is higher

  • Raid Leet
    Raid Leet 26 days ago

    Lord Kyle, God of the Void

  • Hungry Waffle
    Hungry Waffle 26 days ago

    I've seen a mathematician work out that to freeze a body in seconds you would need temp's of around -420 degrees C which is a temp that can't exist (that's for a whole body though not a head)
    Though I guess magic can apply the temp to the inside of the head at the same time as the outside negating the need to coax the heat out :/.......Magic XD

  • King Jasper
    King Jasper 26 days ago +1

    In Jason X, Jason soaked a women's head in liquid nitrogen for about 4 seconds and smash it on the table

  • Ethan Clarin
    Ethan Clarin 27 days ago

    If Thor and Deadpool had a baby... It would be Kyle.

  • Honda Civic
    Honda Civic 27 days ago

    so, there is no way for subzero to "freeze" someone that fast by cooling just cooling him down. But mayme subzero is not freezing stuff, but drains all (heat) energy out of his target in a blink of time. Or he can affect the movment of atoms or electrons by will... ?

    • BEST BOIII 3000
      BEST BOIII 3000 24 days ago

      I like your comment but he's not godly like raiden and liu kang.

    • BEST BOIII 3000
      BEST BOIII 3000 24 days ago

      I like your comment but he's not godly like raiden and liu kang.

  • Simon Says
    Simon Says 27 days ago

    When did cobain come back from the dead?

  • KC The savage
    KC The savage 28 days ago +1

    Btw liquid oxygen is much colder

  • Raúl SG
    Raúl SG 28 days ago

    Why did Thor became a surfist mortal kombat's staff xD

  • Androxus The Godslayer

    I'm a simple man, I see DC I click the video

  • Marshall morris
    Marshall morris 28 days ago

    Why don't they use pig skin?

  • shiv
    shiv 29 days ago

    U should call boxer for punches

    • hunter S
      hunter S 28 days ago

      Dc has some pretty crazy power...

  • Believe Nothing Question Everything

    I like your videos and I’m not trying to hate or anything but I don’t see these minions as being professional at what it is that you’re trying to attempt at doing. For instants when you have a test of scorpions spear why are you not using an expert or at least an amateur semi-efficient in the art of using a spear tip chain. And maybe when you do these exhibitions when it comes to Such as could you uppercut someone off the ground maybe you should use a professional boxer. Or when it comes to shattering something why don’t you use a professional break break her or icebreaker or someone who’s competed in any kind of tournaments.I believe the reason why I see a lot of failures it’s probably because you don’t have anybody who is skilled in the art of these things. If I’ve never served before or just one occasion and then I did a video where are said is it possible to be able to do a 360 in the air on a surfboard then I saw another video game nine times out of 10 I’m not going to be able to do that but if you go to a professional and present the idea I’m pretty sure he could pull it off before I could. That’s all I’m saying is that you use actual people who are familiar with the techniques as opposed to regular average every day people because that’s not fair. Because as this video shows certain things are very capable to achieve win this is your craft