GLOW: Season 2 | Main Trailer [HD] | Netflix

  • Published on Jun 11, 2018
  • GLOW big or GLOW home. The girls are back in town June 29th.
    Revisit GLOW Season 1 ahead of new episodes.
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    GLOW: Season 2 | Main Trailer [HD] | Netflix
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Comments • 392

  • Ruth Weeks
    Ruth Weeks 5 months ago

    Hopefully people know about the original glow wrestling

  • mushy
    mushy 6 months ago +1

    Allison Brie does bad ass promos you STOOPED AMEREKENS!
    And that Russian outfit is so sexy and bad ass looking. That stupid coked up bitch liberty bell can die!

  • Matthew G
    Matthew G 6 months ago +1

    why dont these teasers have AT LEAST 2 MILLION views?

  • Gabi Babinsky
    Gabi Babinsky 6 months ago +1

    This Show gives me live

  • thesoftsquid
    thesoftsquid 7 months ago +1

    Just binged watched both seasons. Highly recommend this show!!!

  • Finnegan Gooding
    Finnegan Gooding 7 months ago +2

    I remember talking about this show with my brother while I was watching the first season and saying “You know what? They should play Holding Out For A Hero in this show.” The next day, I watched this trailer and was thrilled. Can’t wait for Season 3

  • Bambi Pardis
    Bambi Pardis 7 months ago

    I will never watch Netflix 2011 you destroyed my concerts on Facebook with fans social media I am pissed

  • mylo The Virus
    mylo The Virus 7 months ago +1

    I hate Debbie! She's such a bitch.

  • Frankie B
    Frankie B 7 months ago

    i only watch to see that gorgeous asian piece of ass prancing around in skin tight spandex

  • majed8192
    majed8192 7 months ago +1

    That seasons is so so good way better than the first season hope they keep it up in the third if there is gonna be one

  • Pauline Ward
    Pauline Ward 8 months ago +1

    This second series is dynamite. I especially love the scene with Ruth and Sam's rant about Grant at the film festival. Well done Netflix. Please put that clip on TheXvid so we can share it, should go viral.

  • Juan Cruz Bravo
    Juan Cruz Bravo 8 months ago +1


  • Tomayonaise
    Tomayonaise 8 months ago +1

    Fucking Phenomenal

  • Caramel Gazelle
    Caramel Gazelle 8 months ago

    They cancelled gypsy for this shit? Netflix get your Shit together.

  • hasan Borazan
    hasan Borazan 8 months ago

    Can someone tell me what was the name of the song in the scene where Ruth was leaving Tom's Hotel? The song was so amazing, It made that scene 10 times better.

  • Juanita Peters
    Juanita Peters 8 months ago

    I think season 3 will have male wrestlers

  • Cooli Highh
    Cooli Highh 8 months ago

    The end of episode 6 and episode 7 ruined the show for me they made Ruth a super pushover got her foot snapped an ain’t do shit forgave her after all that and the chick who snapped her leg aint get her just dues Smh you guys had a great show 😫😫😫

  • yosef vega
    yosef vega 8 months ago

    jesus and mary chains right at the start of season

  • Doudou Ba
    Doudou Ba 8 months ago

    OMG ! What is the title of the song playing from 1:23 ??? SOMEBODY PLEAAASEEE

  • Tony Nguyen
    Tony Nguyen 8 months ago

    Trailer looks boring.... Nah..I'll skip

  • Zarahemla Dela Cruz
    Zarahemla Dela Cruz 8 months ago +1

    Spoiler: I really thought Ruth and Bash would end up together -_-

  • Amanda Gonçalves
    Amanda Gonçalves 8 months ago +1

    GO, RUTH!!!

  • Charlie Cruz
    Charlie Cruz 8 months ago +16

    I hope they'll make a 3rd season. I finished this season in 2 days

  • Kaneda
    Kaneda 8 months ago

    season one was really good. season two is pure shit.

  • lylah dee
    lylah dee 8 months ago +5

    I am not ashamed to admit I've watched this season all in one day, then the next day watched it all over again. Seriously a masterpiece. I CANNOT wait for season 3 already.

  • Stephanie Cross
    Stephanie Cross 8 months ago +2

    This show is fucking amazing!!!

  • Daniel Fountain
    Daniel Fountain 8 months ago +7

    *Can't wait for Season 3..*
    *Episode 10 was* 🔥🔥🔥

  • Elise Hewitt
    Elise Hewitt 8 months ago +1

    binged watched the entire first season yesterday. brilliant program

  • Pamela B
    Pamela B 8 months ago +3

    I LOVE this show! Binged watched the first season and just finished season 2. Love all the ladies and Marc is awesome. I’m so glad he’s on this show because he’s one of my favorite comedians. I’m only sad that I’ve watched the second season so quickly because I want more of this show. It’s sooo good and can’t wait for the next season. Season 2 rox!

  • Luca Savino
    Luca Savino 8 months ago +1

    Episode n.8 wins it all... :D

  • The Daily Dose
    The Daily Dose 8 months ago

    best damn show!!!

  • Mtn Man Jeremiah Johnson

    Ep.6 was great. I loved the dead milkmen shirt. Great job.

    VIVA CHE 8 months ago

    just finished season 2 and episode 7 was the best!

  • DeathByBlunderbuss
    DeathByBlunderbuss 8 months ago +4

    That final episode was damn good but there's still a whole lot of story to tell! Here's hoping for Season 3!

  • PaulMichaels2010
    PaulMichaels2010 8 months ago +1

    OMG this show is soooooooo good. I'm switching between this and the newly landed "Good Girls" for the ultimate girl-intensive binge watch. Pay particular attention to Kia Stevens in Glow season 2's fourth episode. Utterly superb. I simply can't get enough of this. No surprise at all that Jenji Kohan is attached.

  • Jay Anthony
    Jay Anthony 8 months ago +7

    So sad. Florian died of HIV complication

    • Brick Brick
      Brick Brick 2 months ago

      Woah, really? I didn't guess that but it makes sense...

  • Fetty Swagg31
    Fetty Swagg31 8 months ago

    Betty Gilpin 😍😍😍

  • Alexander Tolivaisa
    Alexander Tolivaisa 8 months ago

    I did not like this season. It just wasn't fun to follow.

  • Karolina Pyć
    Karolina Pyć 8 months ago +2

    Am I only one who watched already whole season 2? ;---;

  • MilkshakeRetro
    MilkshakeRetro 8 months ago +1

    I love seasons 2 very much ,wait for Seasons 3.

  • Maggie Doggie
    Maggie Doggie 8 months ago

    Almost through 2 - and LOVE it! Great show, well done ladies (and guys)!!

  • Miguel avitia
    Miguel avitia 8 months ago

    Guy died of AIDS nobody wants his body

  • mester Manchester
    mester Manchester 8 months ago

    Love this show.

  • Clay .C.
    Clay .C. 8 months ago +1

    Season 2 sucks. Just a bunch of bash on white men bullshit.

    • John Who
      John Who 8 months ago

      Oh no, the SJW snowflake is upset by a TV show :(

    • Rohit Rajagopal
      Rohit Rajagopal 8 months ago +1

      Well, they made Debbie make mistakes and misjudge her man.. They showed how execs asked for sex to further an actor's career which was part of that time's system. I don't know what else was there in this season that could trigger white men.. It was a solid season if you remove that white men bias BS from your head..

  • bastiisalive
    bastiisalive 8 months ago


  • Gotta Blast
    Gotta Blast 8 months ago

    Binge the whole season 2, I want more already!

  • adrian flynn
    adrian flynn 8 months ago +1

    No ellen wong nude no alison nude u suck

  • Ucraino 16
    Ucraino 16 8 months ago


  • M S
    M S 8 months ago

    Just watched Season 2 it was great!!!

  • Susana Mosquera
    Susana Mosquera 8 months ago

    I just finished watching the 2nd season, so fucking good and creative, this show is genius!

  • Shana Rosskelly
    Shana Rosskelly 8 months ago

    Sam's definitely my favourite hahahaha 😂😂

  • Elcid Abiera
    Elcid Abiera 8 months ago

    season 2 was great! Bash is ❤

  • bikamek1
    bikamek1 9 months ago +1

    Season 2 kinda sucked in the beginning 2 episodes but then it got really good.
    I hope next season there’s more wrestling more wrestling characters and etc..
    Would be cool to see some more cameos maybe from some women if it’s possible:)

  • A disappointment to everyone I met

    I'd watch it if you guys didn't bombard me with ads of it.

  • Ana Sofia
    Ana Sofia 9 months ago +10

    Second season was even better then the first one! I saw all episodes straight!

    KALANGKANG 9 months ago +1

    GLOW Season 2

    THOMAS 9 months ago

    Great Show, i just watch the season 2 on

  • Kris Smith
    Kris Smith 9 months ago +1

    "No. We're not there."

  • Joseph Espitia
    Joseph Espitia 9 months ago

    Awesome kong and knives chau!!! I can't wait !!!

  • Nátali RCA
    Nátali RCA 9 months ago

    Uhuuuuuuuuu é amanhã/tomorrow ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Andy Garcia
    Andy Garcia 9 months ago

    Tomorrow ❤️❤️

  • ODD Anderson
    ODD Anderson 9 months ago

    My body is ready

  • Jonssonwesslen Jonssonwesslen

    Yes yes yes

  • Yasmine A
    Yasmine A 9 months ago

    this is such good content

  • Marcel Wolke
    Marcel Wolke 9 months ago

    I love love love the show. It's amazing!

  • FuzzzWuzzz
    FuzzzWuzzz 9 months ago

    Is Gittel the Orthodox Warrior coming back?

  • Life-Row-Toll
    Life-Row-Toll 9 months ago +2

    I hope the show doesn't go too super SJW.

  • The Mighty Mulqueeny
    The Mighty Mulqueeny 9 months ago

    I loved the first series it just screams 80's cheese.

  • Hi There
    Hi There 9 months ago

    Why is Carmen holding a bong…

  • SirJambon
    SirJambon 9 months ago

    When she's older she won't talk about it with her therapist, she'll talk about it with a shoot interviewer 😁

  • DIY Dan
    DIY Dan 9 months ago

    Can't wait! Big 80's guy here!

  • Griselda Sainez
    Griselda Sainez 9 months ago

    i had this crazy thought that Nina Dobrev was in glow

  • P A R I G O N 0w0
    P A R I G O N 0w0 9 months ago


  • mike johnson
    mike johnson 9 months ago

    Funny how much more you notice agendas being displayed in tv and movies now. So blatant. And in “time pieces” it makes it harder to believe. Hope they havent ruined a fun show with politics

    • bhhb njkbh
      bhhb njkbh 8 months ago

      mike johnson The fuck are you on about

  • Devilus Advocatias
    Devilus Advocatias 9 months ago

    When are they going to rap the GLOW Theme?
    Do they have the rights to it?

  • El gzoe
    El gzoe 9 months ago

    Fuck yea

  • Ian Westart on IG
    Ian Westart on IG 9 months ago

    Horrible trailer, but that doesnt knock down my faith in the show one bit, super juiced.

  • Richard Upton
    Richard Upton 9 months ago

    Yay loved the 1st series.

  • Cleopatra Anthony
    Cleopatra Anthony 9 months ago

    Will deffo renew Netflix for this.

  • Aalaysia Seals
    Aalaysia Seals 9 months ago

    I love watching that shit for some reason and born in 2001 lol. I'm young

  • Rokibat Adepoju
    Rokibat Adepoju 9 months ago

    “ what you are my favorite, i can see that”

  • Andy Garcia
    Andy Garcia 9 months ago

    I can’t wait omfg

  • mkleejr34
    mkleejr34 9 months ago

    My costume smell like Beer and she saying is the costume is DEPLORABLE. I know too soon wrong decade.

  • Darkwing Dave
    Darkwing Dave 9 months ago

    I didn't think it was possible BUT it looks like Season 2 is gonna SMOKE the first season. I FUCKING love the first season (seen it 4 times & counting in it's entirety), this trailer... FUCK, FUCK, FUCK... Looks AMAZING!!!!

  • Larry Torralba
    Larry Torralba 9 months ago

    0:51 😂😂😂😂

  • Julia Costa Warken
    Julia Costa Warken 9 months ago

    "Critically acclaimed" = "it didn't get to de Emmys and we don't even have good quotes from the alleged amazing reviews".

    • CJ Meano
      CJ Meano 9 months ago

      Julia Costa Warken it did make it to the Emmys.

  • Abs Sagoz
    Abs Sagoz 9 months ago

    Yaaaaas!!! Bring on the 29th!!

  • Maddy Mussen
    Maddy Mussen 9 months ago +73

    I can already tell that this season is gonna tackle some #MeToo issues and I'm HERE FOR IT because I know this show will do it RIGHT

    • Phantasm HQ
      Phantasm HQ 8 months ago

      general population won't watch this shit.

    • Teh LaughingMan
      Teh LaughingMan 8 months ago

      Yeah sure this show is great at retro virtue signalling.

    • LunaticReason
      LunaticReason 8 months ago

      I watched most of the season and I thought they did a really good job at tackling the #MeToo issue that made me sympathize more with the victims however I also felt there where criticism about it that where addressed. The sleazy executive was an obvious parallel to Weinstein and the situation that most female actresses go through and the Ruth character handled it perfectly by getting her ass out of there.
      The criticism I have are of those taking advantage #MEtoo not the movement is seen through the dialog and behavior of her frenenemy Debbie who gets mad at Ruth for not sleeping with the executive and ruining things for the group. She talks about these things as acceptable in the industry and that its expected, that she should have just flirted and lead the executive on. Also note the executive was also drunk not a complete excuse for what happened but definitely that could be argued in court to create doubt at his guilt.
      My criticism is not of the movement but those who defend this type of behavior in women, as if this isn't what also happens in the industry, the exploitation sexuality for gain, the selling of ones soul and dignity. I sympathize and applaud greatly for women who handle the situation like Ruth and less so for people like Debbie although its not a position I would want either women or any women to be in nor do I defend the actions of the creepy executive only that find some people are more innocent then others and some are less victims then others.

    • Devilus Advocatias
      Devilus Advocatias 9 months ago +1

      mike johnson Even then, I did have feelings of weirdness about the the actual GLOW show. It never felt right to have a character named Palestina and have her be a terrorist. Or headhunters playing up the whole elbow thing with Susie Spirit. A lot of the stuff GLOW had was fun, it was like Barbie dolls in the different getups fighting; but truth be told, a lot of it was misogynistic and objectifying.
      I think today’s issues are the accumulation of issues that we just allowed 30 years ago.

    • mike johnson
      mike johnson 9 months ago +5

      isthismaddy thats the problem im seeing tho. Theyre pushing a modern day agenda into a time period over 30 years old now. Hope it doesnt ruin show and theyre honest about how it was. Think that would send more of a message than them overcoming. I like the show tho. Was fun. And i was a glow fan as a kid lol

  • JJohnWords
    JJohnWords 9 months ago

    Not gonna lie...I thought I would of hated this show as a wrestling fan....But i thought it was pretty good. Also the fact Kia is in this gives this some legitimacy...i'm sure she wouldn't of done the show if it looked bad for the business.

  • James Darbyshire
    James Darbyshire 9 months ago

    Kate Nash is so beautiful

  • AthensG6
    AthensG6 9 months ago

    I love these girls! Can't wait to see them again ❤️

  • Marcos Carlos 32
    Marcos Carlos 32 9 months ago

    Omggg 😍💗😍💗💗😍💗😍💗💗😍💗😍💗

  • Witch Daddy
    Witch Daddy 9 months ago


  • skinny
    skinny 9 months ago +2

    IM READY NOW. I just finished watching it all

  • Genni Glassglow
    Genni Glassglow 9 months ago

    ▌ ▌ ▌ ▌ ▌Jesus Christ said only believe, that He is the Son of God.
    He will give you the free gift of eternal life
    He will also heal your body!

  • Jordacar
    Jordacar 9 months ago

    Best show of 2017. Can't wait.

  • Hong Kong Hermit
    Hong Kong Hermit 9 months ago

    I need that second season ASAP. Feel free to drop it a couple weeks early Netflix. Such a great show, absolutely joyous stuff.

  • Otto Frank
    Otto Frank 9 months ago

    The only thing that needs a season two is the Great Shoah, so there are more survivors of white people's crimes: all the more reason to send immigrants over and outbreed them.

  • Vash Starwind
    Vash Starwind 9 months ago

    Rawrrr!!! Get em gorgeous ladies of Glow!!

  • Mikael de Freitas
    Mikael de Freitas 9 months ago

    Can't wait, can't wait. Watching this trailer until the release of sesaon 2.