Steven Universe Future - Official First Look Clip


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  • PUBG warriors live
    PUBG warriors live Month ago

    Bro i watch the 4 new episode

  • Magaly MuΓ±oz
    Magaly MuΓ±oz Month ago

    Al least they dont turned steven into to monster

  • Alichiong2627
    Alichiong2627 Month ago

    Steven was ur hands! You touch the plunger then lick ur hands to heal ewww

  • Alichiong2627
    Alichiong2627 Month ago


  • Jesus Eduardo Cortez Oseguera

    Im waiting for the spanish translation >:v

  • Evening Cicada
    Evening Cicada Month ago

    Sees that Stevens shirt is now yellow and black*
    Me:there comes a time in every teenagers life......

  • Dragzilla 66
    Dragzilla 66 Month ago

    I still believe this show failed with the whole Rose/Pink Diamond being the same person concept and that the diamonds were a bunch of softies. What the hell happened to Emerald!?

  • Upup Binweevils
    Upup Binweevils Month ago

    anyone know where i can watch this episodes

  • Cherry Quartz And Larimar


  • Gacha Stars
    Gacha Stars Month ago

    Haha first

  • Poppy Williams
    Poppy Williams Month ago

    You & Your *NEW HORNS*

  • Karin Blum
    Karin Blum Month ago

    Wait is this the same voice actor for Steven???

  • Mauricio Monzon
    Mauricio Monzon Month ago

    I already seen the show:(

  • Buttercup Neon
    Buttercup Neon Month ago +1

    Steven didn't wash his hands after touching the gross part of the toilet plunger... πŸ’€

  • VPLS
    VPLS Month ago +1

    "You & Your New Horns"
    Sounds like a distance relationship for me

  • Casual Owl
    Casual Owl Month ago

    Can... can I have a pdf copy of You & Your NEW HORNS? Please? I want to read it.

  • KawaiiCuteChan
    KawaiiCuteChan Month ago

    *I Hope There Is More Gemstone Rarely In Steven Universe Future*

  • Snakelights
    Snakelights Month ago

    I thought this show was over

  • Spook- Kane
    Spook- Kane Month ago

    More like Steven Universe Shippudden

  • Luma Zuria
    Luma Zuria Month ago

    Nobody expects the Spanish Gemquisition!


    Also if we get to see Steven and Connie kiss more then I’m all up for this

  • kenisha Diamond
    kenisha Diamond Month ago

    Whoa I like steve

  • pΓΈtatΓΈ Uwu
    pΓΈtatΓΈ Uwu Month ago

    That creep me when pink lasanga said just hello

  • Jesse Chavez
    Jesse Chavez Month ago

    I can’t wait...

  • MoonO' Star
    MoonO' Star Month ago +1

    You're lucky you could watch the premiere 😩

  • Master Jai
    Master Jai Month ago

    Is this jasper? Is he healed?

  • dante wilson
    dante wilson Month ago

    He just touched that plunger & he didn't wash his hands........

  • Cha Eunnie
    Cha Eunnie Month ago

    Im quite lost. So does the Steven Universe Future can be watch on Cartoon Network? When is it showing?

  • Npm137 Boi
    Npm137 Boi Month ago

    Wait is a new season coming?

  • LaChauntis Washington

    The episodes were amazing. The Rose Bud and Volleyball episode were sweet and emotional for me

  • Reptile Habbits
    Reptile Habbits Month ago

    I just finished watching the first released episodes and OMG im dying!

  • Ace YT Gaming
    Ace YT Gaming Month ago

    Why does the pink gem sound like jasper? HmmmmπŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

  • Ken Hoang
    Ken Hoang Month ago

    Looks like corrupted Amythests

  • Vav Aryeh
    Vav Aryeh Month ago

    0:18 Is that a weapon?

  • leni loud
    leni loud Month ago

    i want to watch it full in youtube uhuhu

  • Miguel angel Sanchez monarca

    Es real uuuu

  • Miguel angel Sanchez monarca

    Omg es real

  • Gowther Sin
    Gowther Sin Month ago

    Steven's neck is now longer than yellow.

    ALBAN Month ago


  • alaliessia 24
    alaliessia 24 Month ago


  • Nasaruddin Zainalabidin

    "Both in English and Gemlif" what kind of gem language is Gemlif?

  • Andrew Knowles
    Andrew Knowles Month ago

    πŸ–πŸ•πŸ‘ΆπŸ»πŸ§ΈWhat kind of Sonic monster did she πŸ–πŸ•turn into?πŸ–πŸ±

  • Vainlory Cool
    Vainlory Cool Month ago

    Do you have more of these video

  • Aeflare
    Aeflare Month ago

    cute! looking forward to it!
    steven's "reading material" line sounded cut off.

  • LaChauntis Washington

    can't wait to see it

  • Slayer
    Slayer Month ago

    I think it's the Lion

  • Wayverlee Soulsong
    Wayverlee Soulsong Month ago

    Take that country banning!

  • TrungBoy Animation
    TrungBoy Animation Month ago


  • Batata Frita
    Batata Frita Month ago

    So...nobody is going to talk about the diamond authority in "era 3 & me!" Cover?

    • KlitKlat
      KlitKlat Month ago

      they look like baby cartoon characters

  • yams1
    yams1 Month ago +1

    Me: Why did this pop up in my recommended I don't even watch Steven universe
    Also Me: proceeds to watch video

  • Random Person
    Random Person Month ago +1

    ;-; i is happy

  • CMBgamer 2018
    CMBgamer 2018 Month ago +1

    I'm at Great Wolf Lodge right now, and I just saw this on Tv

  • a panda
    a panda Month ago

    I already like it

  • Jolly
    Jolly Month ago

    *You & Your NEW HOrnS*

  • Keith Pierson
    Keith Pierson Month ago

    Steven lost a crap-Tom of weight πŸ€”

  • SourJam
    SourJam Month ago

    No more villain

  • FRITZEL not german
    FRITZEL not german Month ago

    Wait Steven Universe is still an ongoing series!?

  • sxcial media
    sxcial media Month ago


    nO tHaTs tHe sHoWS nAMe..

  • Mymy Seaforth
    Mymy Seaforth Month ago

    (: omg its 6:13 pm!

  • t.j kleinert
    t.j kleinert Month ago

    This a color off rose quartz