Tenacious D - Post-Apocalypto - Chapter 1 (Hope)

  • Published on Sep 28, 2018
  • Post-Apocalypto Chapter 1
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  • Jon Brett
    Jon Brett 7 hours ago

    Ah man... so good!! I saw them do this live a few months back! I’d love to put on a production like that with my music. These guys are legendary!

  • Natural86
    Natural86 9 hours ago

    So majestic

  • Handsomeknight
    Handsomeknight Day ago

    This is not age restricted.. Awesome.

  • Rhys Cater
    Rhys Cater Day ago

    im here from hot ones lol

  • moaren
    moaren Day ago

    I hope an animator take this as concept art and makes something cool with it

  • Icicle The Polar Bear

    That radiation must have been hella strong! To make a pterodactyl in like five seconds!

  • SuperLucho9999
    SuperLucho9999 4 days ago

    Better than Fallout 76

  • stefan w
    stefan w 5 days ago

    Shits garbage

  • ThePurpleFoot
    ThePurpleFoot 8 days ago

    13 years since the Pick of Destiny and the rent is still an issue

  • no u
    no u 8 days ago +1

    What console u using??

  • andrew nichols
    andrew nichols 8 days ago

    I love what you guys do watching and listening to you two makes me feel so much better about this world . You guys are fucking awesome .

  • Bob Javis
    Bob Javis 8 days ago +1

    This "animation" makes episode 1 of south park look like fucking Spirited Away.

  • Shnoogiedogg
    Shnoogiedogg 8 days ago

    Sometimes the mic quality is too good and this sounds like ASMR. I'm not complaining though

  • Blender Dumbass
    Blender Dumbass 8 days ago

    The Fringe joke was the MOST JEWISH THING EVER... It's a reference to a Tenacious Jew Harrison Ford saving his life in a a movie by Steven The Spielberg-jew with Shia Labeouf also in it... JUST DO IT... THE MOST TENACIOUS THING EVER

  • Blender Dumbass
    Blender Dumbass 8 days ago

    Better then Panda Kung Fu

  • Mark Barker
    Mark Barker 8 days ago

    Hot ones. Yo jb ,kg you need my help and or kg ,jb you nee tck

    MILOSH SAUVAGE 10 days ago

    I'm from France, fan of Tenacious D since ~10years
    You're amazing because your band still have a future even your age. Getting old are really sad, I wish Tenacious D to survive centenaries

  • He Cap
    He Cap 13 days ago

    I don’t get it

  • Pablo Tavares
    Pablo Tavares 13 days ago

    this is so shitty, I LOVE IT!!!

  • dorihako
    dorihako 13 days ago


  • Pace Pascual
    Pace Pascual 14 days ago

    Here from jablinski del gato video

  • kyra lewis
    kyra lewis 15 days ago

    This fills my soul

  • kyra lewis
    kyra lewis 15 days ago +2

    Who's here from FBE

  • geocraftsman
    geocraftsman 15 days ago

    I like to listen this without the video and think of it as a weird radio play.

  • michrobi
    michrobi 16 days ago

    That was something.

  • Reamasaurus Rex
    Reamasaurus Rex 18 days ago

    "Hope is a doggie, a sweet doggie, standing next to a rose" (tears)

  • MarioPro65
    MarioPro65 18 days ago

    I worked very hard to make some Dutch subtitles for this episode but they still haven't been accepted yet... Do I have to translate the entire series before it gets accepted?

  • Animated scum studios
    Animated scum studios 18 days ago +2

    honestly lip syncing isn't that hard

  • Animated scum studios
    Animated scum studios 18 days ago +2

    if you could get the frame number into double digits this would be good

  • momo azizi
    momo azizi 18 days ago

    so wheres part 2

  • Nudist Priest
    Nudist Priest 19 days ago

    Make a tenacious d 2 with post apocalyptic album as the story, make them stumble into a freeze chamber or something and then wake up in a post apocalyptic world. They find cave lady’s and scientists and etc, and the evil villain behind it all should be the devil from the first one

  • no name
    no name 19 days ago

    The horror

  • dantopper123
    dantopper123 20 days ago

    The struggle to pay the rent continues.

  • Carl Deutsch
    Carl Deutsch 21 day ago

    RageKage is my first and only man crush

  • Matthew Peebles
    Matthew Peebles 22 days ago

    I want to pour this on my naked body while bathing in the blood of mine enemies.

  • Ichronic _
    Ichronic _ 23 days ago

    the single greatest piece of gay romantic literature of all time.

  • TheIsaiahPLG
    TheIsaiahPLG 23 days ago

    Long live the D!

  • Michael Harvey
    Michael Harvey 23 days ago

    This is fucking gash

  • Isabelle Mcanally
    Isabelle Mcanally 23 days ago

    I just cried

  • Souped Soup
    Souped Soup 23 days ago

    I'm watching this at 3a.m. and I'm lovin it

  • GabrielGiovanni
    GabrielGiovanni 23 days ago


  • OnSwiftWings
    OnSwiftWings 23 days ago

    Hot Ones sent me here.

  • Nacho-Demon TV
    Nacho-Demon TV 24 days ago

    Haha haha so glad I started watching their new show. Jack Black and Kyle told me to check it out when they went on Hot Wings Show Lmao

  • Joaquin Ruesga
    Joaquin Ruesga 25 days ago

    I actually think there are too many frames maybe turn that down a bit

  • PSVR 777
    PSVR 777 26 days ago


  • Brentan Llewellyn
    Brentan Llewellyn 26 days ago

    At least the animation is better than their music.

  • Chongo Bongus
    Chongo Bongus 27 days ago


  • Chongo Bongus
    Chongo Bongus 27 days ago

    This is shit

  • Anthony Kenny
    Anthony Kenny 27 days ago

    I watched hot ones and now I'm here

  • Wolf Slayer613
    Wolf Slayer613 27 days ago

    4:28 to 4:38 had me cracking the fuck up man 😅😅😅😅🤣😂😂😂

  • crazypfunk
    crazypfunk 27 days ago

    Anyone notice when the say "find the grail" it's actually the ark of the covenant they show. Including the fridge its 3 Indiana Jones references.

  • Todd Copeland
    Todd Copeland 28 days ago +1

    This is awful

  • Aaron Matheos
    Aaron Matheos 29 days ago

    I just watched Jack Black Mutant Ninja Turtles(and Kyle).So the idea of a Tenacious D and ArhyBes mashup its blowing my mind.

  • JakeSatz
    JakeSatz 29 days ago

    This truly is art, I can't believe youtube would censor such amazing content just because it doesn't fall within their guidelines. smh youtube smh

  • Daniel Ross
    Daniel Ross 29 days ago +1


  • sik sak
    sik sak Month ago

    Yes brothers we claim this place too.

    YUNG DISNEY Month ago

    nigga isnt tha Devil sposed to be paying yall rent🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Desmanta
    Desmanta Month ago

    They literally jumped the shark

  • Josepii Games
    Josepii Games Month ago

    Please live action

  • Violet
    Violet Month ago

    I would love to see someone try to reanimate this genius and fail; it would be interesting to see someone try to get to this level of animation genius;

  • Maxwell Fullerton
    Maxwell Fullerton Month ago

    tenacious D is awesome! if you guys liked this then check out my trailer here - thexvid.com/video/o2qskghjuvs/video.html

  • GMT
    GMT Month ago

    I mean it's fully coloured, that's pretty impressive.

  • Thane Of Celts
    Thane Of Celts Month ago

    Hell yes Pick of Destiny was part of my childhood/preteen thing like awesome. JB is still one my favorite people of all time

  • Marguerite Bryant
    Marguerite Bryant Month ago

    More Please! :)

  • Video game Youtubechannel

    Song is sick

  • Video game Youtubechannel

    They have to pay the rent, not anymore, not anything

  • Maulen. IDC Florez
    Maulen. IDC Florez Month ago

    And I just thought Kaya was just being a dick.

  • Mad Zilla
    Mad Zilla Month ago

    I guess we have to write another album
    Ughhh, dude, thats gonna take us like 5 more years 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • konrad vesterberg
    konrad vesterberg Month ago

    This is fucking amazing

  • Daniel Peghini
    Daniel Peghini Month ago

    If anyone else got the chance to watch this live on there tour just wow

  • Melvin Sewell
    Melvin Sewell Month ago

    Hey I love this! Brings back memories of the pick of destiny.
    I started a web series on my channel with my buddy. Check it out if you have time guys!

  • RustyDiamondback
    RustyDiamondback Month ago

    This better be the story for Fallout 5

  • LonelyCrow
    LonelyCrow Month ago

    jack please hire an animator

  • Top 10 Archive
    Top 10 Archive Month ago +74

    Who's here because they've followed Tenacious D before the followers from the "H3" podcast were even born?

    • RobbysGirlAlways
      RobbysGirlAlways 5 days ago

      +t77snapshot I downloaded their first music from Limewire... But then found out they're awesome and bought the album! I was also 19 in 02! :D

    • t77snapshot
      t77snapshot 5 days ago +1

      I bought their first album on cd back in 2002, I was 19.

    • Wolf Slayer613
      Wolf Slayer613 6 days ago

      Been a fan of Tenacious d since 2006 baby 😄

    • RobbysGirlAlways
      RobbysGirlAlways 8 days ago +1

      Me I'm old as fuck and have loved them from the start

    • meseyc
      meseyc 12 days ago

      Pick of destiny my friend

  • Griffyn Margetts
    Griffyn Margetts Month ago

    The big lez show is the best example of what good lowbudget animation can look like. Theres zero excuse here.

  • Lisa Drottar
    Lisa Drottar Month ago

    Roflol Oh so adult-themed; refreshing to have found these guys- you're SO FuNnY. Thanx!

    EZG EZG Month ago

    One Wipers

  • sir henry motherfucker

    I thought Kaya was exaggerating, holy shit

  • Farith Aidil
    Farith Aidil Month ago


  • Welldoneyou
    Welldoneyou Month ago +1

    This is actually quite shit. Shame really.

  • Aidan Elliott-Perreault

    This is actually terrible man.

  • Tyler Figueroa
    Tyler Figueroa Month ago +1

    God this is awful...

  • Aecacolo
    Aecacolo Month ago

    Nice powerpoint, used this for my 2nd grade passion project!

  • Trey Osborn
    Trey Osborn Month ago

    People seem to love this. I love the D but I can’t help think how shit this actually is. Came in with modest hope and left a lot more disappointed

  • Gabriel Araújo
    Gabriel Araújo Month ago

    Is it the new animation from disney?

  • Grooviiness
    Grooviiness Month ago

    “The wha?”

  • Breadadict Cumberbatch

    I'm here from the official podcast

  • HarleyAMV
    HarleyAMV Month ago

    I really hope they got like a 12 year old super fan to make this in MSPaint or something because if they actually paid an adult to draw this I'm a little disappointed.

  • ink
    ink Month ago

    This post made by Kaya Gang

  • MaskedHero
    MaskedHero Month ago

    10/10 for the Unreal Engine default chest opening sound for the fridge.

  • Don Mega
    Don Mega Month ago

    you guys have found the not so elusive market. that is entertainment for potheads and/or californians!

  • Unironically Jello
    Unironically Jello Month ago

    who’s here from the official podcast

  • Brian Adams
    Brian Adams Month ago

    So glad I found adults react to Tenacious D by FBE on my Facebook, on recommended to bring me to this awesomeness!!!!!!

  • Jolty_
    Jolty_ Month ago

    this isnt brutal legend 2

  • a bagel
    a bagel Month ago

    Wow what an interesting slide show.

  • Jake Ward
    Jake Ward Month ago +77

    An Official Boys here?

    • Obi Ron Cannoli
      Obi Ron Cannoli 26 days ago +2

      That's the only reason I'm here😂

    • Jolty_
      Jolty_ Month ago +2

      the officialest

    • Grey McConnachie
      Grey McConnachie Month ago +4

      "I like this cartoon son, bUt wHaT iF iT wAs mE?" - Jack Black, 2019

  • edward
    edward Month ago +1

    this shit sucks b

  • ‒jim
    ‒jim Month ago

    was this made with ms paint?

  • LastSliceOfBread Apples

    The frame rate is to good I think I might have to switch to a computer because my phone can’t handle it

    ELXFIN. Month ago

    Very well done.