Tenacious D - Post-Apocalypto - Chapter 1 (Hope)

  • Published on Sep 28, 2018
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    Tenacious D in Post-Apocalypto
    Chapter 1: HOPE
    Album Out November 2!
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  • Dangerous Dan
    Dangerous Dan 10 hours ago

    marlon brando - pissed myself laughing

  • RighteousBruce
    RighteousBruce 11 hours ago

    flamin gold

  • Siza Maweni
    Siza Maweni 13 hours ago

    Deeply humane

  • Korbin Smith
    Korbin Smith 13 hours ago

    So great needed this

  • Mango Thief
    Mango Thief 13 hours ago

    This is awesome. :D Nice video game sound for the chest opening, is it fallout or skyrim?

  • cassidy gonzalez
    cassidy gonzalez 13 hours ago


  • Octaler
    Octaler 14 hours ago

    This looks like Kanye West drew it.

  • JAL
    JAL 14 hours ago

    The drawing looks like GARBAGE! Did you enslave children to draw this because you have no money for rent?

  • PattyMalarchy
    PattyMalarchy 15 hours ago

    Can’t wait for this to be animated

  • Stopmoesean
    Stopmoesean 16 hours ago

    BEST Band in the world! Best show on TheXvid!

  • booney69
    booney69 18 hours ago

    It was like a Daniel Johnston poster came to life!!! lol. loved it..

  • EpixDevo
    EpixDevo 18 hours ago

    That one dick beast

  • Be Better Tomorrow
    Be Better Tomorrow 18 hours ago

    Better love story tham twilight.

  • Shannon+Kyle
    Shannon+Kyle 19 hours ago

    Wait a freaking minute. Jason Becker is putting out an album as well in November.

    November’s gonna be lit

  • eyeh8eternal
    eyeh8eternal 20 hours ago

    don't get me wrong here, I have all the respect for JB and KG, but damn this is one animation or what ever it is, it is boring and stupid, I would rather watch Pick of Destiny again then this, or listen to Master Exploder like 5 times in row, and I am sorry guys I really wanted to dig this, but I just find it lacking and boring, if the animations were like cleaner looking and their was actual animated movement like an actual cartoon then yeah I would probably enjoy it a lot more but just as it is with still pictures that looks like it has been drawn by a 5 year old and just your voices to the pictures, just doesn't cut it for me, you guys can do a lot better then this

    • TakeTheJurny
      TakeTheJurny 10 hours ago

      eyeh8eternal If you dont like Master exploder or Pick of destiny, why the shit you think you were gonna like this dumbo??? xD

  • O3KEER
    O3KEER 20 hours ago

    this is no time for fucking imitations lol

  • Aidan Curedale
    Aidan Curedale 20 hours ago

    Man this fallout 76 beta footage lookin good

  • Josh Golden
    Josh Golden 20 hours ago

    "One wipers" lmaoooo good start

  • Devin Henning
    Devin Henning 21 hour ago

    Finally, a video compatible with my IPotato

  • Lillian Swaim
    Lillian Swaim 21 hour ago

    What am I watching!

  • N.O.W.
    N.O.W. 21 hour ago

    There's gotta be a Tenacious D fan out there with some thorough animation skills that could take this up a notch...

  • John DeMoulin
    John DeMoulin 21 hour ago

    awesome guys!

  • Laura Brown
    Laura Brown 21 hour ago

    Absolutely brilliant. Love you guys!

  • Santiago Morales
    Santiago Morales 21 hour ago

    Always choose the shark

  • Kyle Morgan
    Kyle Morgan 22 hours ago

    This shit is so bad but I love it so much

  • senkotsu mcgi
    senkotsu mcgi 22 hours ago

    Came straight here from hot ones. Good shit. lol. Still workn that delicious?bodacious?

  • Christopher Kennedy
    Christopher Kennedy 22 hours ago

    Love it my dudes!!!!

  • RandomTuber782
    RandomTuber782 23 hours ago

    From two guys who don't smoke, this is so stoner. This is also some first album drive through shit.

  • RyanCooper101
    RyanCooper101 23 hours ago

    This if fucking amazing

  • PPGxSQueeKS
    PPGxSQueeKS 23 hours ago

    How much would a real animation cost ffs. This would be 100% better with real animation

  • Beats by Clover
    Beats by Clover 23 hours ago


  • The Musical Maestro

    I liked before I watched hell yeah

  • Rob W
    Rob W Day ago

    Guess The D will have to lead as two kings. Just watch out for potato famines KG.

  • NocturneTV
    NocturneTV Day ago

    We need another Tenacious D TV show. I miss that shit so much. Rock on guys.

  • Jace Causey
    Jace Causey Day ago


  • Luca gabe
    Luca gabe Day ago

    At first this was god but then they just really jumped the shark.

  • Davide de Muro Dominijanni

    3:10 ... whoever did play Fallout 4 {and our pals Tenacious D do that, believe me....if you don't just keep watching} already knows what's happening here... the citation is clear as a Nuka Cola bottle filled with purified water. If you know what I'm talking about just et me know {spoiler alert for FO4 players}!

  • Cliff Threadgold

    So this show jumped the shark and nuked the fridge in the first episode. Do those two curses counter each other? - also, can someone please do Fallout Machinima to this series... That would be amazing!

  • Joe Wakeford
    Joe Wakeford Day ago

    Who's here after Jonesy's Jukebox?

  • sbryans123
    sbryans123 Day ago

    Was totally expecting them to quote the doors at that point.
    "What have they done to the earth?
    What have they done to our fair sister?" The Doors, When The Musics Over

  • David Findlay
    David Findlay Day ago

    This isn't bad for getting the point across. If some studio throws a bunch of money at you this should be really good. Good luck dudes.

  • Paul TheSkeptic
    Paul TheSkeptic Day ago

    Episode 2. Kyle and Jack slowly succumb to radiation poisoning.

  • Paul TheSkeptic
    Paul TheSkeptic Day ago

    Well, at least they jumped the shark on their first episode.

  • Lechuga 1815
    Lechuga 1815 Day ago

    "and then after the smoke has cleared, and the rubble has been swept away. Me and KG will peak out our heads."

  • rohit mynam
    rohit mynam Day ago

    Did jack's kids draw this?

  • Apples The Hero
    Apples The Hero Day ago

    This is not an animation.

  • Tim Cook
    Tim Cook Day ago

    Why isn’t KG wearing shorts!!!!!!

  • videogameobsession

    Climb upon my faithful steed...

  • WadeInnRoad
    WadeInnRoad Day ago

    Sexually has 2 Ls. If I can be of further service, please go to DamonAcademic.Org

  • videogameobsession

    "Our turds are perfect" - Tenacious D 2018

  • Atrocious Nightmare

    That was somehow heartwarming. You guys rock so hard \m/
    I can't believe you snuck in the Voter Hero thing! That's awesome!

  • David Hall Cain
    David Hall Cain Day ago

    that song is beautiful :')

  • onehappynegro
    onehappynegro Day ago

    cmae here from first we feast then tear eyed from fbe adult reacts to tenacious d. i have been a fan of jack black for years.
    his two best preformances is in shadow hal and d-train. but as jason stateham pretty much all jack black movies are good.

  • lutascheier
    lutascheier Day ago

    In this day and age, you might think you could get a decent graphics guy for a couple of bucks.

  • Tzu
    Tzu Day ago

    Every good Tenacious D story starts with trying to pay the rent...

  • William Trejo
    William Trejo Day ago

    a show about eating fucking hot wings brought me here...

  • Izham Roslan
    Izham Roslan Day ago +1

    This is better than Netflix adaptation

  • Sunny Go
    Sunny Go Day ago

    The Best Band in the World.

  • Jake Meke
    Jake Meke Day ago

    I'm not sure what kind of effect this was supposed to have on me. Had a good laugh, then started to tear up while the song was going. Not sure why entirely, but JBs singing was spectacular. Looking forward to the next album

  • steve30536
    steve30536 Day ago

    2:13 "Dude, we are so FUH-KUH-TUH"

  • Global Moose
    Global Moose Day ago

    That was beautiful! I cried! 😢

  • UnknownZodiac
    UnknownZodiac Day ago

    I came here because of hot ones, just wanted to let you know the spicy food you ate was not for nothing lol.

  • がまろう
    がまろう Day ago

    It's good to be watched twice, one for the animation and the second as podcast, it feels completely different experience, both are worth

    SVTWRC Day ago

    It’s like the best and worst trip you’ve ever had all at once !

  • Michael Rossi
    Michael Rossi Day ago

    I dont like the animation...

  • Scott C.
    Scott C. Day ago

    Lmfao gold

  • David H
    David H Day ago

    These Game Grump animations seem a little less polished than usual.

  • Adrian Esteban Rincon Eraso

    4:27 I was laughing so hard!!!

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob Day ago

    I honestly think less frames would be bare minimum for adult swim they just need to pitch it to them

  • The PotFather
    The PotFather Day ago

    This needs to be picked up by adult swim

  • Franklin Nogueira

    I love It!!

  • Surreal Supercell

    You know this isn't the worst thing i've seen, but it is one of the worst.

  • Lurking
    Lurking Day ago

    I'm sorry, but really? I'm happy for the album and everything but really? The amount of money you guys have and we get a paint "animation" series? talk about a disappointment.

  • Fuck Google+
    Fuck Google+ Day ago


  • Faith Dodge
    Faith Dodge Day ago

    Thank you Hot Ones.
    I didn't even know that Tenacious D even had a channel.
    I love Jack and Kyle 🖤

    AKILLHAOK Day ago

    hot ones?

  • James D. Chamberlain III

    Her red shoes doh

  • Swedish Otaku
    Swedish Otaku Day ago

    "Animation" XD

  • Raymo Cruz
    Raymo Cruz Day ago

    Here from Hot ones!!! Glad I watched that episode! You guys fuckin rock!!

  • Arcade Alchemist

    when the rent is due the D will serve up another LP.
    NEVER BUY A HOME guys!

  • Dr. Bringus
    Dr. Bringus Day ago

    Here from Hot Ones

  • professorchaosX94

    Tenacious D 2? Movie

  • PSpurgeonCubFan
    PSpurgeonCubFan Day ago

    thumbs up for the opening content warning

  • The Mega Mike Show

    The world: Old style flash animation newgrounds style comics and cartoons are dead
    Jack Black: *casually rocks it back from the grave*

  • Rayvin
    Rayvin Day ago +2


  • isaac cardenas
    isaac cardenas Day ago

    I feel like this would be an amazing podcast

  • Ken Arvid Selnes

    Doubt you will read this, but i love you guys. Your music is so epic, especially your first album ❤️

  • faithie flower
    faithie flower Day ago

    Watched this directly after the Hot Ones 🔥 🍗
    Omg what a money move making the songs available from the episode from the get-go! Amazing I fucking love everything they do with music and humor

  • OccyDotAndy
    OccyDotAndy Day ago

    This is so shit I love it

  • Mile High Zach
    Mile High Zach Day ago

    It’s always about paying the rent lol

  • Rok Karlič
    Rok Karlič Day ago

    kind of looks like paranoid android

  • Jεε¥☯ñG
    Jεε¥☯ñG Day ago

    Please be a pitch for a future Adult Swim show!

  • Jεε¥☯ñG
    Jεε¥☯ñG Day ago

    These guys need animators so bad! lol

  • ian sutton
    ian sutton 2 days ago

    I made it halfway through before I realized this was animated! Well done gentlemen!! Huzzah,

  • Selina Slasha
    Selina Slasha 2 days ago

    This is all I wanted n more ❤

  • Stylistic Future
    Stylistic Future 2 days ago

    This is sooo awesome

  • vinlethal1
    vinlethal1 2 days ago

    Love it! Just wish it was a actual show or film.

  • Gotejjeken
    Gotejjeken 2 days ago

    Wow, serious ThreeBrain vibes

  • Joshua Honarmand Photography/ART

    this could be somthing cool look at southpark :D

  • James Jo
    James Jo 2 days ago +1

    OK NERDS ! / BANDWAGON FANS !!!!! - AND IM SORRY IF I OFFEND THE HARDCORE FANS - //// BUT !!!!!!!! look at the classics .... wonder boy / tribute / rise of the finx/ kickapoo.maaster exploder........ look at the views...... guess what....................!!!! those songs was not cringe songs about sex or fuking ...... sorry but this album is for the kids . the D had funny songs about sex and ect but it was classy ....only some of them .... every song i heard from this new album is made for kids ...HAHAH SEX... GET IT... ITS FUNNY HE SAID SEX AND HE WANTS TO FUCK ...HAHAH GET IT............! - this is not the true D-.