Tenacious D - Post-Apocalypto - Chapter 1 (Hope)

  • Published on Sep 28, 2018
  • Post-Apocalypto Chapter 1
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  • Brian Wene
    Brian Wene 12 hours ago +1

    Oh Man Tenacious D needs to release new music!! KG & JB are the most important individuals in this current state! #KyleNJackKnowTheWay

  • Ki Y Kim
    Ki Y Kim Day ago

    Love this!! BTW this is perfect example of without great audio visual can’t hold its own. (on a motion picture sense)

  • Big Sukie
    Big Sukie 3 days ago

    I thought the devil was paying your rent.

  • Philip Argo
    Philip Argo 4 days ago

    Loved it, as usual! Until they brought in politics...for a moment I'd escaped the reality and omni-presence of politics, right until the end. I still like it but I'm disappointed they had to bring that into it.
    It's sad they felt the need to go there.

  • Brandon James
    Brandon James 6 days ago

    That's one way to not have to pay rent.

  • James Flames
    James Flames 7 days ago

    what the fuck was this...

    JORDAN CONGDON 9 days ago

    This is no time for imitations

  • tj spry
    tj spry 10 days ago

    W.T.F XD

  • jellyfisken
    jellyfisken 11 days ago

    Watching this live in concert was boring and horrible. Not worth the ticket. But all the greatest hit afterwards was fucking awesome.

  • Frank Martinez
    Frank Martinez 12 days ago

    KG in socks and sandals lmao

  • Jenna Gien
    Jenna Gien 13 days ago

    We're an animation studio from South Africa and we would kill to be a part of this series! mindseyecreative.co.za/

  • tunamayo
    tunamayo 16 days ago

    Tenacious D in Home Movies

  • Chris Amburn
    Chris Amburn 17 days ago

    Anyone else getting serious Lisa: The Painful vibes?

  • Ben Upson
    Ben Upson 19 days ago

    Fuck is chaper 2 bitches? Letting Jumanji get in the way of The D!!!

  • Luke DaBoi
    Luke DaBoi 22 days ago +1

    the two heads of hope share one penis

  • Kalle72
    Kalle72 24 days ago

    They jumped the shark.

  • Nick
    Nick 24 days ago

    This is giving me some Green Lovers vibes......

  • Heather Lynn I’ll Be Your Mirror Stamulis

    Nicolas Flamel 🔮⚜️⚜️🔮

  • doctor what
    doctor what Month ago


  • LJ SquidNigga
    LJ SquidNigga Month ago +1

    *official podcast*

  • Sterny George08
    Sterny George08 Month ago


  • joenoseph
    joenoseph Month ago +1

    Hope is a doggy

  • Micha
    Micha Month ago

    This reminds me of like a adult regular show kind of thing and I fucking love it with a burning passion ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Keelin M
    Keelin M Month ago +1

    Best anime opening ever

  • Jackie Toong
    Jackie Toong Month ago

    came from fine brother. haha tenacious D is awesome!

  • MK Krisis
    MK Krisis Month ago

    Hot Ones brought me here 🙌🏼😂

    BRIAN CHEN Month ago

    God damn this shows how a good plot and talented singing can make something good regardless of how good the art is visually.

  • sally kilby
    sally kilby Month ago +1

    These are geniuses, great music , awesome voices and hilarious scripts. Love Tenacious D. 🙌🙌👏👏💟💗💖💝💞❤💙💛💚💜✌😎

  • The League Of Extraordinary Breakdancing Gentlemen

    I'm Pheonix Jackson hi i made these two separate tracks i made the words 4 guitars and bari sax parts thexvid.com/video/NmvxoBHtjS8/video.html thexvid.com/video/drb5roT8xoU/video.html

  • Chris wallace
    Chris wallace Month ago

    This is awesome😂😂😂 came here from the ep where they were on that hot wings show lol. Tenacious D fackin rocks🤘🔥🔥🤣

  • Ping
    Ping Month ago +1

    “We made it... to save the world”
    - Jack on h3h3 podcast
    Is he... watching the same thing?

  • Trickster Rickster
    Trickster Rickster Month ago

    Ur bad at golf

  • Oscar Valenzuela
    Oscar Valenzuela Month ago

    Love this album 🎸

  • Dakota Bull
    Dakota Bull Month ago

    *Intense internal fangirl screaming*

  • Jackson Langford
    Jackson Langford 2 months ago

    this is so trash lol

  • Barely Me
    Barely Me 2 months ago

    I remember when this came out and I wonder if the movie has been demonetised

  • Amero
    Amero 2 months ago

    1 frame every 3 seconds

  • Hailee Turner
    Hailee Turner 2 months ago

    Just ask Satan to pay your rent. That's his job

  • Tom Pope
    Tom Pope 2 months ago

    You could honestly make a religion out of this

  • Józef Hofmann
    Józef Hofmann 2 months ago

    Holy shit this is fucking horrendous...

  • Jeff Lee
    Jeff Lee 2 months ago

    Good music... tired theme.

  • Bigotemushroom
    Bigotemushroom 2 months ago

    1:35 when you realize this is jablinski games before it

  • Steve Stuff
    Steve Stuff 2 months ago +1

    KG doing Brando was the turning point for me.

  • X4 Silent
    X4 Silent 2 months ago

    Imagine this as a anime

  • FunkyTown Jedi
    FunkyTown Jedi 2 months ago

    Love it lol

  • Sandra Orellana
    Sandra Orellana 3 months ago

    Omg so funny

  • Sandra Orellana
    Sandra Orellana 3 months ago


  • Trestan Ray
    Trestan Ray 3 months ago

    That feel when you run out of money from your first sucess

  • Someone Else
    Someone Else 3 months ago

    Man...I love Tenacious D but this shit isn't even worth watching...

  • Jaxo Kream
    Jaxo Kream 3 months ago +1

    Bro I love Jack black, but this is garbage

    • TimothyDoes Gaming
      TimothyDoes Gaming 3 months ago

      Yeah you are right but it's your opinion so I won't mind it and sorry for insulting your opinion.

    • Jaxo Kream
      Jaxo Kream 3 months ago

      @TimothyDoes Gaming doesn't change the fact

    • TimothyDoes Gaming
      TimothyDoes Gaming 3 months ago

      Ya Boi Jax AKA TFVS Dude they didn't hire anybody to do this they did this themselves.

  • Ричард Великий

    Я живу в России и я блядь обожаю ебаный тинейшес ди

  • Rex Huston
    Rex Huston 3 months ago +4

    I like how instead of taking the motorcycle they just make a run for it

  • Nina Moore
    Nina Moore 3 months ago


  • ManlyMan TheMan
    ManlyMan TheMan 3 months ago


  • Devon Sterling
    Devon Sterling 3 months ago

    They didn’t even try with the animation. I love tenacious d but they could’ve tried a little harder

  • Cara Matheson
    Cara Matheson 3 months ago

    Fucking love this!!! 😂😂

  • Benjabola
    Benjabola 3 months ago

    The animation on this project is just a whole nuther level.

  • aaacat
    aaacat 3 months ago

    this is really fucking bad

  • Andrés Barriga
    Andrés Barriga 3 months ago

    This is the best comment section on youtube.

  • David Hanger
    David Hanger 3 months ago

    That explosion reminded me of the one that blew up KG in Jacob's Ladder. It's good to see he recovered from that.

  • Max Zatlin
    Max Zatlin 3 months ago +2

    how is this not age restricted, when Reasons how I knew a hot girl liked me is?

  • PinkFloydrulez
    PinkFloydrulez 3 months ago

    who's here? anyone? i'm so alone

  • Jon Brett
    Jon Brett 3 months ago

    Ah man... so good!! I saw them do this live a few months back! I’d love to put on a production like that with my music. These guys are legendary!

  • Natural86
    Natural86 3 months ago

    So majestic

  • Handsomeknight
    Handsomeknight 3 months ago

    This is not age restricted.. Awesome.

  • Rhys Cater
    Rhys Cater 3 months ago

    im here from hot ones lol

  • moaren
    moaren 3 months ago

    I hope an animator take this as concept art and makes something cool with it

  • Icicle The Polar Bear
    Icicle The Polar Bear 3 months ago

    That radiation must have been hella strong! To make a pterodactyl in like five seconds!

  • Luciano
    Luciano 3 months ago

    Better than Fallout 76

  • stefan w
    stefan w 3 months ago +1

    Shits garbage

  • ThePurpleFoot
    ThePurpleFoot 4 months ago

    13 years since the Pick of Destiny and the rent is still an issue

  • Elenny420
    Elenny420 4 months ago +1

    What console u using??

  • andrew nichols
    andrew nichols 4 months ago

    I love what you guys do watching and listening to you two makes me feel so much better about this world . You guys are fucking awesome .

  • Bob Javis
    Bob Javis 4 months ago +1

    This "animation" makes episode 1 of south park look like fucking Spirited Away.

  • Shnoogiedogg
    Shnoogiedogg 4 months ago +1

    Sometimes the mic quality is too good and this sounds like ASMR. I'm not complaining though

  • Blender Dumbass
    Blender Dumbass 4 months ago

    The Fringe joke was the MOST JEWISH THING EVER... It's a reference to a Tenacious Jew Harrison Ford saving his life in a a movie by Steven The Spielberg-jew with Shia Labeouf also in it... JUST DO IT... THE MOST TENACIOUS THING EVER

  • Blender Dumbass
    Blender Dumbass 4 months ago

    Better then Panda Kung Fu

  • Taylon 360
    Taylon 360 4 months ago

    Hot ones. Yo jb ,kg you need my help and or kg ,jb you nee tck

    MILOSH SAUVAGE 4 months ago

    I'm from France, fan of Tenacious D since ~10years
    You're amazing because your band still have a future even your age. Getting old are really sad, I wish Tenacious D to survive centenaries

  • He Cap
    He Cap 4 months ago

    I don’t get it

  • Pablo Tavares
    Pablo Tavares 4 months ago

    this is so shitty, I LOVE IT!!!

  • Coldoh86
    Coldoh86 4 months ago


  • Pace Pascual
    Pace Pascual 4 months ago +1

    Here from jablinski del gato video

  • kyra lewis
    kyra lewis 4 months ago

    This fills my soul

  • kyra lewis
    kyra lewis 4 months ago +2

    Who's here from FBE

  • geocraftsman
    geocraftsman 4 months ago

    I like to listen this without the video and think of it as a weird radio play.

  • michrobi
    michrobi 4 months ago

    That was something.

  • Reamasaurus Rex
    Reamasaurus Rex 4 months ago

    "Hope is a doggie, a sweet doggie, standing next to a rose" (tears)

  • MarioPro65
    MarioPro65 4 months ago

    I worked very hard to make some Dutch subtitles for this episode but they still haven't been accepted yet... Do I have to translate the entire series before it gets accepted?

  • Animated scum studios
    Animated scum studios 4 months ago +2

    honestly lip syncing isn't that hard

  • Animated scum studios
    Animated scum studios 4 months ago +5

    if you could get the frame number into double digits this would be good

  • momo azizi
    momo azizi 4 months ago

    so wheres part 2

  • Nudist Priest
    Nudist Priest 4 months ago

    Make a tenacious d 2 with post apocalyptic album as the story, make them stumble into a freeze chamber or something and then wake up in a post apocalyptic world. They find cave lady’s and scientists and etc, and the evil villain behind it all should be the devil from the first one

  • no name
    no name 4 months ago

    The horror

  • dantopper123
    dantopper123 4 months ago

    The struggle to pay the rent continues.

  • Carl Deutsch
    Carl Deutsch 4 months ago

    RageKage is my first and only man crush

  • Mattyapeebles 1223
    Mattyapeebles 1223 4 months ago

    I want to pour this on my naked body while bathing in the blood of mine enemies.

  • Ichronic _
    Ichronic _ 4 months ago

    the single greatest piece of gay romantic literature of all time.

  • TheIsaiahPLG
    TheIsaiahPLG 4 months ago

    Long live the D!

  • Michael Harvey
    Michael Harvey 4 months ago

    This is fucking gash