Pixel 3 + Marvel Studios‘ Avengers: Endgame

  • Published on Apr 15, 2019
  • Google Pixel 3, now with exclusive Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame Playmoji.
    Learn more at g.co/Avengers
    See Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame in theaters April 26.
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  • Nooruddin Kachwala
    Nooruddin Kachwala 10 days ago +1


  • Gabe Rivera
    Gabe Rivera 14 days ago

    Apple:" we're in the endgame".

  • Max Li
    Max Li 14 days ago


  • Call Me Pro
    Call Me Pro 16 days ago

    0:19 hey Google!
    My Google just turned on.

  • Frank Freaksout
    Frank Freaksout 19 days ago

    Wow how revolutionary, I'm so excited.

  • Clarence Royandoyan
    Clarence Royandoyan 20 days ago

    SFO about Eddie and Venom: Ah shit. Here we go again.
    New York/Newport area: Bitch you think you got it bad?

  • Stephan Stefanus
    Stephan Stefanus 20 days ago +1

    I'm counting this as cannon

  • S8 Karmaz
    S8 Karmaz 21 day ago +1

    0:22 what's that song?

  • Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo

    Very good

  • jokins for gamers
    jokins for gamers 25 days ago

    Es infiniti war no end game

  • ianmerenguez
    ianmerenguez 25 days ago

    Name of this movie especially infinity War

  • Sincere Orellana
    Sincere Orellana 25 days ago +1


  • Jared Jensen
    Jared Jensen 25 days ago

    Hey Google, Please tell me that this is the last Marvel movie! They are so lame.... they are all the same thing with different packaging. Hollywood has completely run out of stories to tell.

  • Manju s k
    Manju s k 25 days ago +1

    What are they gonna drown Thanos in that bathtub notch??😂

  • cool skeleton XD
    cool skeleton XD 25 days ago +1

    If you thought that Google pixel will come with end game full movie. Press like

  • XxNinjaTheProxX
    XxNinjaTheProxX 25 days ago

    I see you in Avenger Endgame.... Why... I know i have bad phone

  • sunshinexmoon
    sunshinexmoon 26 days ago

    now THAT is amazing fucking marketing 😌

  • Dark's Designer
    Dark's Designer 26 days ago

    Hey google! I would like to know if the application of the camera of the pixel 3 will go out to android? for different cellphone brands?

  • Big Box
    Big Box 27 days ago


  • Rayner Lee
    Rayner Lee 27 days ago

    "Hey Google, share with me the spoilers."

  • Fariz Rahman
    Fariz Rahman 29 days ago +1

    Back widow kiil thanos the gun

  • Vu Huynh
    Vu Huynh Month ago

    Hey Google. Fuck off.

  • Rwaggy Rwuper Rwinstincts

    Google Employer: We need to advertise our pixel 3 before the end of the month.. come on guys give me ideas, what's trending right now?
    Google Employee: say no more

  • iOttieOfficial
    iOttieOfficial Month ago

    Thanks for featuring our Easy One Touch 4 Car mount!

  • Ultimate News Cp
    Ultimate News Cp Month ago

    Lmao infinity war normal people life

  • xametict
    xametict Month ago

    My Google Assistant was activated during the video 0.46

  • ChandSlam
    ChandSlam Month ago

    Where's Ned?

  • Aakanksha Nanda
    Aakanksha Nanda Month ago

    Never in my life I've seen such a realistic ad... I mean.... Actually if alien invasion takes place (n superheroes were real) , there will still be lots of dumbass people who are gonna take selfies instead of running for their lives

  • Nick gurr
    Nick gurr Month ago

    I hope thanos joins the good side

  • Bilal Ay
    Bilal Ay Month ago

    Bi bok anlamadım amk

  • fr10wi
    fr10wi Month ago

    This is the most bad advertising from Google

  • Daryant Al-Solomon
    Daryant Al-Solomon Month ago

    Genius advertising

  • grtdred
    grtdred Month ago

    Shitty people ....
    Avengers are dying to save them and they just don't care.... fuck them😂

  • Omar junior castillo polanco

    No puedo esperar el 25 para ver el estreno. in my country it opens on the 25th

  • Xander Ysasi
    Xander Ysasi Month ago

    0:15 why does the kid have 2 right hands

  • ᗰ I ᑎ ᑎ T ᑕ ᗩ ᑕ T I

    All these people got dusted

    XENOX Month ago

    says its in my theater on 25th , weird. i live in bay area.

  • Arizona Guerilla
    Arizona Guerilla Month ago


  • Roda
    Roda Month ago

    i asked assistant what do we do now.... I am disappointed..

  • R Spacefly
    R Spacefly Month ago

    Yet another avengers partnership ad

  • Aaron Mijail Herrera Castro

    *Ok, this went dark really fast*

  • miniswansealdo
    miniswansealdo Month ago

    All those clips are from infinity war so y is it in the title avengers endgame

  • Rekhil alias Paulose

    Hey google I'm lazy i need a job
    I completed SAP/ERP9 and BBA
    I know HTML,Python,CSS programming languages

  • Samara Kohn
    Samara Kohn Month ago

    Well now I want a pixel 3

  • YNW It's Fun
    YNW It's Fun Month ago

    Me :hey Google! What do we do now
    Assistant: sorry I can't find anything on your calendar for then

  • sunonrun
    sunonrun Month ago

    When it said "Hey google", my google assistant popped up 🤣
    Anyone else? XD

  • Isthatmufidah 17
    Isthatmufidah 17 Month ago

    Wkwkwkkw... Lol dikit, tapi spectacular and this is awesome dude. I swear

  • Saikek
    Saikek Month ago +1

    *Me : Hey google, how much is the population of the universe now?*
    *Google : I don't feel so good*

  • Gabriel Lima
    Gabriel Lima Month ago +1

    Alphabet please buy Disney

  • Something New
    Something New Month ago

    I was just watching it and when that kid said to take selfie, my Google Assistant also took a selfie for real.. #whateverittakes

  • rifat sahriar
    rifat sahriar Month ago

    0:45 and my Google assistant became active!!

  • thepokekid01
    thepokekid01 Month ago

    This makes me not feel so bad about all the regular people that died in the Snapture if this was what was normal for the average person in the MCU... (lol)

  • Iraj Nayeb
    Iraj Nayeb Month ago

    My Google assistant was activated when the video said hey Google

  • nandakishore k
    nandakishore k Month ago

    0:46 "Hey google..." just paused my video

  • Anshu Chourasiya
    Anshu Chourasiya Month ago +1

    0:12 it's an Indian boy

  • windseekervideo
    windseekervideo Month ago

    This is so HTC.

  • Vortex
    Vortex Month ago

    Google... I don't feel so good...

  • Naveen Chaurasiya
    Naveen Chaurasiya Month ago

    Lol earth is in danger and these guys only wanna sell their crap pixel phones
    Who is here just for ENDGAME and uses apple 😀

  • OoWeE Comics
    OoWeE Comics Month ago

    This is exactly how New York would react in an alien invasion lmao

  • Prayagraj Yadav
    Prayagraj Yadav Month ago

    Hey Google, give spoilers for endgame
    Google: calling 911

  • Gogobenji
    Gogobenji Month ago

    Apple: Google I don’t feel so Good....

    MICKEY THOMAS Month ago

    i feel like ppl wld have been deadass doing dis when ebony maw invaded

  • Alexandre Perron
    Alexandre Perron Month ago

    Who is gonna watch if they are in Infinity war ?

  • Kawmik Kein
    Kawmik Kein Month ago

    uuuuuh spoil alert. they showed thanos snap

  • ProDoucher
    ProDoucher Month ago

    Cool and all. I won't buy Pixel

  • Andrea Robles :D
    Andrea Robles :D Month ago

    I just imagine people doing this during the movie😂

  • foxroano9t
    foxroano9t Month ago

    A playmoji....no wallpapers or special theme.....

  • Agustín Brunero
    Agustín Brunero Month ago

    Basically, if you have a pixel 3 you give a shit that aliens are destroying your fucking city

  • Felipe Araos
    Felipe Araos Month ago

    *lo unico que les falto fue una app para evitar que te conviertas en arena :"U*

  • JammyDodgerguy
    JammyDodgerguy Month ago

    Great just infinity war footage

  • SoulRebel
    SoulRebel Month ago


  • Jdudhe Bsisjow
    Jdudhe Bsisjow Month ago

    Pixel 3 x Avengers Endgame
    *shows Infinity War footage*

  • TeeSoar
    TeeSoar Month ago +1

    Bring back new design of Gboard.

  • Vineet0k
    Vineet0k Month ago

    Ok nows a good time to use pym particles to reduce that notch

  • Agrios Clan
    Agrios Clan Month ago

    All this footage is iw scenes

  • Swey Wayne
    Swey Wayne Month ago

    Hey Google.. Save the Avengers.

  • MikaelDeBabel
    MikaelDeBabel Month ago

    Suck it apple

  • Spedicious
    Spedicious Month ago

    Everybody gangsta

    Till Thanos snaps his finger

  • Иисус Христос

    БЛЯТЬ, Гугл призывает меня делать селфи во время того, как инопланетяне уничтожают родной город, и размазывают по стенке величайших героев Земли, ещё одна попытка роботов уничтожить человечество, ставлю свой НЕ-пиксель 3 на то что это все проделки Альтрона

  • Well w
    Well w Month ago

    Hey Google, alien invasion, should I run or take a selfie. Gosh sometimes I miss the 90's

  • Ujwala Sri
    Ujwala Sri Month ago

    Imagine their posts on Face Book or Twitter
    #my bro turned into dust

  • Beqa Mikautadze
    Beqa Mikautadze Month ago

    It activated my Google asistant when he said ,,hey Google" tf😂😂😂

  • Brett Blakemore
    Brett Blakemore Month ago

    How not to react in an alien invasion

  • joseHDgame
    joseHDgame Month ago

    Aprovechando el bug

  • Jesús Xochihua
    Jesús Xochihua Month ago

    Cómo si esas cosas pasarán 😂

  • qyng 95
    qyng 95 Month ago

    Damn... now I want a Google Pixel 3!

  • Airøspace
    Airøspace Month ago +1

    Nobody wants to buy your trash ass pixel 3 Google.

  • MajoraOfTime 64
    MajoraOfTime 64 Month ago

    Lol the hey google at the end set off my google

  • L 0 l 1
    L 0 l 1 Month ago

    The Avengers ask to google what they can do to kill Thanos... Fantastic!

  • Bansraj Kumar
    Bansraj Kumar Month ago


  • Margad Gereltbaatar

    3 birds with 1 stone

    DINAL LA Month ago

    "Hey Google... why google putting 90% of the footage from Infinity War and calling it Endgame?"

  • Nick X
    Nick X Month ago

    If this was after the snap half of them would have technicaly dies

  • Krishiv Karan
    Krishiv Karan Month ago

    So this was what some morons were doing while the Avengers were fighting Thanos...

  • BOOSLAYF mı Abi
    BOOSLAYF mı Abi Month ago

    Bizim burda 25 nisanda giriyor vizyona :D

  • Parzival
    Parzival Month ago

    I am so poor that I probably would've picked up all those pixel 3s after those people disappeared.

  • Bikezer
    Bikezer Month ago

    click here ---> 01:00

  • Aditya Aziz
    Aditya Aziz Month ago


  • El Frank
    El Frank Month ago

    Esta con madre

  • Spyros Tselios
    Spyros Tselios Month ago

    When it said "hey google" my voice command google opened .😂